How would you deal with importing the results of a PowerQuery query etc?

  • I guess this is kind of aimed at folks in the US, because as far as I know, the rest of the world doesn't have Costco warehouses. =)

    A friend of mine owns a mom and pop sized bakery, so he buys flour in bulk through a neighbor who also buys in quantity, and the rest of the ingredients he buys at Costco. With some help, I've managed to parse that godawful SSRS hellspawn into something useful, so I can ingest it into another database/spreadsheet/whatever in order to track purchases.  According to Costco, they don't offer the ability to basically create a subscription that sends a report anytime I purchase something. My only option is to request the report and they'll e-mail me a PDF of my purchases for a given time period.

    What's the sanest way of dealing with this?  Create a really small Azure account, and run the PowerQuery query that parses the data, and then write that to a table, and then I can build something like a mini data warehouse so I can track total purchases / expenditures in something that's not going to disappear if my computer crashes?

    if I left anything crucial out, please let me know. I'm trying to give enough detail but not too much. =)



  • Thanks for posting your issue and hopefully someone will answer soon.

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