How to run a different account using SQL Job to execute powershell script

  • Hi All ,

    I need to run powershell script which is located in other server, lets say server A . In server B , i created the SQL job ..

    What is the query that I need to put in Command area so I can run it as ( ABC\xxx ) and execute the script using that account ?

    type : powershell

    script location : \\serverA\D$\folderA\script.ps1

    default : running as sql server agent account

    i tried : runas /user:ABC\xxx "\\serverA\D$\folderA\script.ps1”

    the outcome of sql job is asking the password which is not what i expect …

    i expect to see Hello world as it is written in my simple script

    please kindly help

    thank you

  • You need to create a credential in SQL Server for the domain account ABC\xxx.  Once that is created - create a proxy account for the appropriate subsystem (Powershell or Operating System).

    For the agent job step, you can then use that Proxy account to run the script.

    Note: for a PS script - if it is stored on a network share it must be signed or you need to set the execution policy on the command line.

    powershell.exe -command "try { & \\serverA\D$\folderA\script.ps1} catch {throw $_}"


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  • Hi Jeff

    thanks so much for the response

    How do I tell SQL to use that proxy account to run the script ?

    there is no option “run as “if i choose type : powershell in SQL job

    unless the type is Transact SQL


  • WhiteLotus wrote:

    I need to run powershell script which is located in other server, lets say server A .

    I'm curious... what does the PowerShell script actually do?


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