How to replicate automatically any newer articles.

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    Is it possible to configure a replication (publisher) to automatically take newer articles as part of a publication? Like, let's say a user created a new table or stored procedure, I would like to make that part of the publication.

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  • Of course it's possible.....isn't everything....I'm not sure it would be wise though....


    Set up a process that monitors for new objects and schedule it...

    feed the results of the monitoring process into procs which do the sp_addarticle....

    handle the re-initialization of you publication in whatever manner you need (rebuild schema, transfer snapshot, etc...)

    Some obvious gotcha's are the number of modifications made to virtually any table, proc, etc before it becomes you really want these transferred.....the number of rebuilds going into your publications, the frequency of snapshot rebuilds, etc....

    I use a table of objects as a master for my replication builds, and loop the table to build publications, articles, and subscriptions.....then when there is a change, I just add the object name to the master table for the next rebuild....kinda keeps it manageable that way...


  • I used EM to setup snapshot replication. If we had more time to write scripts to setup the replication it would have been great.


    Can you show how to setup a process that will monitor for any new objects created in the database?

    I understand the way your replication setup. How long would it take in order to implement the solution you have?

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  • With the structures in place, and an understanding of the procs I wrote for it, not long at all.....a few hours maybe just to test the's VERY straightforward.....and I would be happy to send you the structures and's all scripted.....

    basically, it would amount to create the tables...populate the tables correctly.....schedule the proc's to run.....verify that it did what you expect....

  • Here is my email address ram4tech at

    I would change the setup if necessary to adapt to our environment.

    Thank you Scorpion.


  • I just sent them to you.....

  • Thank you, I received the scripts.

  • Hi Scorpion.. Can you send me those scripts to me also..

    my id is

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