How to know if sql applies lock on linked server table

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    I have a select statement in sql 2000, with the select on a linked server (oracle) table.

    For example

    [font="Courier New"] select * from linkserver..dbname.my_table [/font]

    in SQL 2000 reportedly caused locking issues in oracle server where the actual table is located. I guess this is probably imposed by the linkedserver driver used.

    Thought this can be solved by having a view in oracle for the select and calling the view in SQL. While that works, I need to verify if calling the view has indeed prevented the lock from being imposed on the table. I mean, like knowing if lock has been acquired on a table? Any solution ?

    Also, how can i verify that the initial lock on a select on oracle table was imposed by the driver?

    Pls help

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    I'm not sure but I believe you'd need to look at locking/blocking on the Oracle side. I also don't believe that the use of a view is going to solve any locking/blocking issues. Last but not least, a SELECT shouldn't provide any blocking unless it's a part of a multi-query transaction.

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