How to Connect to an Analysis Services Database in Power BI

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  • This works for a simple situation but problems may arise in many enterprise situations.

    Many enterprises use DNS aliases for connection, as this gives a layer of indirection between PowerBI and the AS instance. In a HA failover situation it is necessary to quickly reconnect PowerBI to the new live server and aliases can help with this as all that should be needed is to update the alias. However this can be a problem.

    We found a problem that MS were not able to resolve. Most applications resolve the alias to the physical server name and generate a SPN based on the server name. The SPNs needed for this are documented and easy to set up. Unfortunately PowerBI does not do this resolution and attempts to connect using the alias name. The SPNs needed in this situation were not documented and although we tried many possibilities we could not get PowerBI to connect to AS using an alias. MS support also could not resolve this.  If anyone has tried this and got it working please add to this post.

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