How to check the value of database property TRUSTWORTHY?

  • Didn't figour out how to check the value of database property TRUSTWORTHY ? Anyone could light me up ? Thx.


  • i dont know T-SQL command for that.... in SSMS

    1) right click on database you want to look on

    2) select options and look for trustworthy in the list of DB options...

  • select name,is_trustworthy_on from sys.databases


  • Dear

    Thanx for reply,What is meaning of trustworthy databases...


  • check this:


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  • SELECT [name], is_trustworthy_on

    FROM master.sys.databases

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  • imrankhanm wrote:

    By enabling cross-database ownership chaining or by designating a database as trusted by the instance using the TRUSTWORTHY attribute, a trust relationship between databases can be created. The sys. databases catalogue view's is_trustworthy_on column shows whether a database's TRUSTWORTHY property is set.

    Without defining what is meant by a "trust relationship", a lot of people can make some pretty big mistakes.  To be honest, this sounds a whole lot like a too-short answer generated by ChatGPT. 😉

    Here's the link for all the nasty stuff you have to watch for with TRUSTWORTHY.

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