How to capture permission denied errors

  • AlphaTangoWhiskey


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    we are implementing SP 2019 and getting an error regarding permission denied on VIEW SERVER STATE.

    The error doesn't have an account name, is there a way to via a trace flag or more verbose logging level that would force these permission denied events to show in the log? This is just a test server.

    I'm not the SP guy, just trying to track down what account is getting this error.


  • Chris Harshman


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    Since the 2 errors involved, 297, 300 are just normal severity errors (16 and 14 respectively) they will not be put in the error log.  Since this is just a test server, you might be able to capture the events with an extended event session or a trace in Profiler.

  • MarkusB


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    Another option would be using an database audit specification using the SCHEMA_OBJECT_ACCESS_GROUP

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