How to Calculate Bank Routing Check Digit

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  • You can shrink this down quite a bit...

    [font="Courier New"] CREATE FUNCTION CreateABACheckDigit

    --===== Created by Jeff Moden

            (@RoutingNumber CHAR(8))




     RETURN (SELECT NULLIF(10-( SUBSTRING(@RoutingNumber,1,1)*3

                              + SUBSTRING(@RoutingNumber,2,1)*7

                              + SUBSTRING(@RoutingNumber,3,1)*1

                              + SUBSTRING(@RoutingNumber,4,1)*3

                              + SUBSTRING(@RoutingNumber,5,1)*7

                              + SUBSTRING(@RoutingNumber,6,1)*1

                              + SUBSTRING(@RoutingNumber,7,1)*3

                              + SUBSTRING(@RoutingNumber,8,1)*7)%10




    --Jeff Moden

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