How to calculate 6 weeks sales prior to starting of fiscal year

  • Riyan

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    I want to calculate 6 weeks sales prior to starting of fiscal year.i have date column and a condition




    i am trying to return firstdate of the fiscal year and then subtract 42(which means 6 weeks * 7 days= 42).to get the sales for 6 weeks. but i am not getting any results.

  • pietlinden

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    I think it would be something along the lines of

    CALCULATE ( [Total Sales],

    DATESBETWEEN(DATEADD("week",-6,Calendar[Date]),Calendar[Date]) )

  • Riyan

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    In this issue,FISCAL Year is dynamic date which changes every year, usually last sunday of june. For 2015-2016 fiscal year, start date is june 28th,2015. which function i need to use to return first date of fiscal year. i have date column which gives all dates of present fiscal year starting from june 28th,2015. i am trying to pick the first date of fiscal year using FIRST DATE Function then i want to substract 42 days to calculate 6 week sales.

    "6 Week sales",





    Does it works?

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