How to Become an Exceptional DBA

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    Brad M. McGehee

  • I suggest that everyone read this ebook. Really motivated me.

  • I whole heartedly agree with Jason. It is a very inspirational book full of some thought provoking stuff, I had never really thought about writing classes for example, so this is one of the many things I will be putting into my goal orientated career plan.

    One thing I personally find difficult is the office politics section so if possible I would love to hear a bit more on how people circumnavigate around it. Most places I have worked have this interweaved with a blame culture, at a guess this comes from IT spending 90% of their time fixing problems rather than putting in measures that prevent them from happening in the first place (I'd like to add this is more of a resource problem than a management problem).

    I believe there is a saying in the states: "Where there's blame there's a claim" in a lot of industries this could be extended to "Where there's blame there's a claim for their job" this kind of environment makes it quite difficult to try and stay neutral in. In fact it looks suspicious if you are not in one of the camps, you are almost viewed as a double agent!

    How would one distance themselves from politics? I can't see a statement like "I try not to involve myself in office politics" coming across as anything but stand-offish.

    I can't wait for the second edition, I hear Brad is working on it now 🙂


    Hope this helps,


  • Thanks for the feedback. I am indeed working on a second edition, which should be available this summer. One of the things I will be adding to this book (besides some updates) is more practical information for experienced DBAs.

    Brad M. McGehee

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