How Often Do You Give Your Server a Physical?

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  • Hey,

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge, though I suspect the "Let's Start with Architecture" link at the bottom is incorrect.  It's currently to an article from 2012 🙂

    Hope this helps.

  • Thanks! I will find out what is happening and see if I can get it corrected.

  • I check almost everything I can think of every day.

    we used to call it a daily health check.

    Every day I add a new check to the job and export the list of failures to an internal website so that first line engineers can see these issues.

    PLE, wait times, buffer cache hit ratio. etc etc, these are all as important as failed sql agent jobs

    we have a lot of servers and more databases (I guess maybe 400 distinct databases) than I can count, so centralising the data is key.

    Enabling others to say that a server might be out of our "tollerance zone" helps hugely.

    Needless to say, we have not got it right yet

    if i add a check every day, it makes my life easier when we add new servers or databases... currently i'm checking for objects that don't compile (no sense breaking builds in devops with code that doesn't work)




  • Apologies, the link is for an article due to publish in a few days. I'll remove it for now.

  • Heh... as of late and at the rate that MS is pushing versions, my answer to the question posed by this thread is... every time we're forced to do an upgrade. 😀

    More seriously though, I'm like many others... I have reports that let me know when something is starting to slip a bit or when something bad starts to happen (not the norm because of the previously mentioned reports).  But, like anyone else, I'm not perfect and so I'm very much looking forward to this series of articles to see what I might be able to do better.

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  • DBA isn't my first hat but is part of my responsibilities so I'm looking to gain something from this thread.

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