How fast does SQL restore from disk?

  • How fast does SQL 7/2000 restore data from a dump file back into a database? I haven't seen any full numbers on this and was just wondering. Trying to strike a ballance between recovery time and megabytes backed up.

  • Wes - Long time since you have posted. This is something that can't be answered specifically as there are too many variables to include such as processor, memory, server activity, operational or non-opearational database.

    However, I just did a restore of a 350MB database leaving the database operational in about 3.5 minutes. This is a Compaq Proliant 5500 with dual 450 processors and 512MB or Memory. Activity on this box is moderate so, processor and memory should not be a constraint here.

    Don't know if that is what you were looking for but if you want other specifics, shout.



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  • That will give me a base line. I've been out of the loop for a while they are relocating me 300 miles from home. I think I have the final word from MS on the exchange thing but no answer on why it is effecting my SQL mail the way it is. I'm gonna do a test load today of a fairly large db about 30 gb and get some base numbers that way too.

    As always, you guys are the greatest!


  • Disks are the big thing. You need fast drives, but more importantly bandwidth. Fibre!


  • I'm mostly worried about restores from disk. We keep at least a days worth of backups on the local disk. Our main backbone is gig and we have a deticated backup network with about 800m worth of band with. So, pulling the data off tape shouldn't be that bad plus the tape lib is all lto so they are snappy.

    I'm going to load up a test db with about 30 to 40 gig of data and run some trials with that.


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