How do you Sprint?

  • How long are your sprints?  Do you do a week, 2 weeks or a month?  Or something else?

    Does every area of your IT departments follow the same sprint duration?

    Why I ask is that recently we have been asked to move to a 2 week sprint.  I'm in the data warehouse area and we have been used to doing monthly sprints.   I can see how a 2 week sprint is beneficial to application developers, but I think it's not a one size fits all approach.  I know that where I used to work we tried the 2 week sprint and after a while we went back to a monthly sprint.  And the same thing at my current employer.  Several years ago we started with the 2 week sprint and determined that that didn't really fit with the work we do on the data warehouse team.  We tend to have larger tasks that extend longer then 2 weeks.

    This leads me to my next question.  What do you use for your 'ticket' or 'work' management?  We are using JIRA.  We have been using it for a long time and I think it works really well.

    How do you estimate your work for these tickets?  Do you use hours or a point system?  We are also switching from hours to a point system.

    Now that we are on a 2 week sprint we are being asked to break down our tasks into multiple tickets.  The intent is that what we take on in a sprint is closed by the end of the sprint.

    To me this just seems to be creating more work for ever task we take on.  For the bigger task I will now have one ticket just to research the ticket.  Another ticket for my coding and testing.  Then maybe another ticket for user testing.  Another ticket to assign to a coworker to do the code review.  And yet another ticket for moving the changes to production.  So instead of having one ticket for the whole task, I will now have 4 or 5.  Jira is easy to add links to each of the other tickets so you can easily jump around as needed.  But it just seems like a lot of extra work.

    I guess I always like the KISS method or the saying 'work smarter, not harder'.

    Let me know if I'm just being resistant to change or if you think it seems like overkill.

    And yes this change has been initiated from our new CIO, who came from within the organization, but came from an application development area, where again I think this would work well for them.

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