How can I assign a sequential integer to a SELECT column?

  • I want to do this:

    SELECT Num = 1,


    FROM Employees



    where Num is 1,2,3,4,etc. on each row result.

    In SQL 2005, I think I can use ROW_COUNTER. Is there a way to do this in SQL 2000?

  • Assuming you had a way to order the table to set up the sequential number, yes - but that method is worse than the temp table method. Meaning - use a correlated sub-query and count all of the rows before this one in the ordering you pick.

    Pretty much everything else I know of involves the table itself or a temp table.

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  • As Matt mentioned, there isn't a good way to do this in SQL 2000. There are some complicated queries, but they often don't perform well. A temp table can work well, depending on your scale.

    Often, however, this is a client side issue. You run through the results, track the record you've hit.

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