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    I have been tasked with the question is there a tool that can host PowerBI reports other than PowerBi Reports Engine?  The problem I believe is licensing.  We have license for SQL Server Enterprise 2017 that includes SSRS & SSAS.


    Can we host PowerBI Reports in SSRS?  I believe I got the answer in the following post ( but that looks like desktop on demand reporting.  So the next question is can it be webhosted?  The report be a live living webpage hosted?  Would I need SSAS as well as SSRS to accomplish this?  What are my options?

    Business Intelligence is not my background, but I was asked to look this up anyway.  Any and all information you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

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    You can use Power BI Report Server - but it has to be purchased and licensed (of course).  It is separate from SSRS - but can also host standard SSRS reports as well.

    You can also publish in the cloud - and that also has licensing, but it only requires those users sharing the dashboards to be licensed.



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    if you have Enterprise with SA you can install Power BI Report Server on the same licensed server instead of the standard SSRS installation - PB RS is a superset of SSRS containing the same exact functionality as SSRS plus the capacity to host Power BI.

    If you don't have Enterprise with SA then your only option is the service based Cloud option (quite expensive) which also allows you to have a on prem server with number of cores associated with the tier you "rent" on cloud.


    Regarding your comment "like desktop on demand reporting" - PowerBI Desktop is that indeed - having PowerBI Report server is only to host it and be available for other users to use as "end users".

    Note that those deploying/publish a pbix to any Power BI Server (being on prem or cloud) also require a license for Power BI Desktop pro - around 10 Euros per month.

    For standard use on desktop there is no licensing requirements.

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