how to write this query accordingly

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    i need this query to run against 20 instances from main server that have linked server to those 20 instances.i want to change the [@server]  to the right instance via cursor and make the SELECT statement to work.

    how can i write the query accordingly?



    declare @server varchar(50)

    set @server = 'servername\instnacename'

    SELECT N'<TD>' + ISNULL( + '<p class="datarows">' + (SELECT CONVERT(NVARCHAR(MAX),column_name) from [@server].db_name.dbo.table_name),'<p class="datarowserror">Not Avail') + N'</p></TD>'

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    Personally, I wouldn't do this through T-SQL. I'd use Powershell. Here's an example.

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    You could query sys.sysservers in master to get the linked servers, then with a cursor you can loop through them.

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    Grant Fritchey wrote:

    Personally, I wouldn't do this through T-SQL. I'd use Powershell. Here's an example.


    And then scream as the Network folks draw and quarter you for screwing up internal security.


    Lordy, Grant... did you move from subs to grey-hounds??? 😀

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