Help with Pivoting Table

  • Hi all,

    Can someone please help Pivot a table.

    The table currently looks like the followingpivot1

    I would like to Pivot the table such that it looks like the following:


    The code for the table is the following:


    CREATE TABLE temptable3 (
    CurrentOpportunityStatus nvarchar(50),
    LastDateStatusChanged date,
    MontaguOwner nvarchar(50),
    OpportunityDescription nvarchar(max),
    CreatedOn datetime2,
    OpportunityName nvarchar(100))

    INSERT temptable3 VALUES
    (N'Deal -',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2022-04-20', 120),N'Catherine Parry',N'test',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2022-03-14 16:09:31.0000000', 121),N'Abbott Diabetes Care ''19'),
    (N'Tip - Anticipated',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2022-03-11', 120),N'',N'cc',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2022-03-11 09:17:02.0000000', 121),N'CC ''22'),
    (N'Deal - Won',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2022-03-10', 120),N'Edward Shuckburgh',N'Flagged by Frank L in Frankfurt. CDK is the leading provider of Dealer Management Systems (DMS) to the automotive industry globally. Frank recently met with Patrick Katenkamp (former CEO of Incadea, a competitor to CDK) who mentioned that CDK may be open to carving-out their UK business. CDK is predominantly US focussed and is understood to be considering what to do with its international businesses. Unclear on size of the UK operation, but it may be worth reaching out to better understand the company''s situation. DM first met Neil Packham via an intro from HIEC in Feb 2020.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2018-05-24 10:55:00.0000000', 121),N'CDKI ''18'),
    (N'Deal - WIP',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2022-03-08', 120),N'Sophie Hoas',N'Allegedly at 40mn USD business providing on-line training for the US bar and UK professional legal exams. Better positioned to cope with the proposed changes in training regime in the UK.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-11-24 12:48:53.0000000', 121),N'barbri ''20'),
    (N'Deal - Won',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2022-03-08', 120),N'Nicole Dixson',N'G3 / Good Governance Group is a strategic advisory consultancy which specialises in providing advice on risk mitigation, governance, cyber security and regulatory compliance. Described as a \"mini Hakluyt\" and doing £12-15m EBITDA. Reputational concerns about clients, and likely people heavy - chop.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-11-05 08:47:16.0000000', 121),N'G3 ''21'),
    (N'Deal - Won',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2022-03-04', 120),N'Christoph Leitner-Dietmaier',N'Battery-backed roll-up of ERP businesses. They have now changed management (based in the UK, former CEO and CFO of CoreHR) and started to unify previously disparate operations. €150m revenues and €40m EBITDA. Something could happen over next 6-12 months according to Nomura
    25-Oct-21 CLD: Arma mandated, Paul G mentioned that they will intro 5 parties to management pre-Xmas for process launch in the NY.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-08-03 13:33:58.0000000', 121),N'Forterro ''21'),
    (N'Tip - Anticipated',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2022-03-04', 120),N'',N'Test Opportunity',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2022-03-04 12:35:53.0000000', 121),N'19 Entertainment ''22'),
    (N'Tip - Anticipated',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2022-03-04', 120),N'',N'test',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2022-03-04 12:40:23.0000000', 121),N' ''22'),
    (N'Deal - Won',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2022-03-03', 120),N'Geeta Hirani',N'Bryan Garnier mandate \"Project Goldeneye\", this is a specialist diagnosic microscope scanner business based in Finland. Allegedly making €9m EBITDA (up from 1), growing strongly. To look into. Tip from DM.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-12-16 11:12:06.0000000', 121),N'Grundium ''21'),
    (N'Deal - WIP',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2022-03-02', 120),N'James Cann',N'Description',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2022-03-02 10:31:52.0000000', 121),N'JC training'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2022-02-07', 120),N'Geeta Hirani',N'Market-leading Nordic HR tech platform focused primarily on recruitment (c.80% of ARR), onboarding and talent management. Pure-play SaaS business with c. €20m of ARR. Created by a merger of three smaller companies by Verdane who invested in 2018. Houlihan Lokey (GCA Altium) has been mandated to run a narrow sales process as Verdane can no longer fund further M&A due to fund concentration limits. We know the CEO from Visma where he was in the Finance Director of the Enterprise Division. Potential target for EMM.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-12-15 11:25:53.0000000', 121),N'Talentech ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2022-02-02', 120),N'Catherine Parry',N'hhh',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-12-21 12:23:41.0000000', 121),N'JC Opp test 2'),
    (N'Tip - Anticipated',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2022-02-02', 120),N'',N'Test Opportunity for new EMM product',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2022-02-02 16:28:05.0000000', 121),N'Test Opportunity ''22'),
    (N'Tip - Anticipated',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2022-02-02', 120),N'',N'test opportunity',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2022-02-02 17:16:23.0000000', 121),N'New Test Opportunity ''22'),
    (N'Deal - Won',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-21', 120),N'James Cann',N'Opp',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-12-21 11:18:07.0000000', 121),N'JC Opp Reg Test'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-16', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'With our fully digitized RegTech and Capital Markets Tech solutions, our state-of-the-art technologies and in-depth knowledge of capital markets we develop your digital future.

    Our full-service solutions, proprietary Real-Time Data and comprehensive key figures help you to better manage your risks, to comply with regulatory requirements and to fulfill due diligence and reporting requirements. They support the whole pre- and post-trade processes, ensure compliance with market regulations, are cost-effective, audit-proof, easy to access and built to the highest standards.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-05-19 18:22:37.0000000', 121),N'TTMzero ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-16', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'SEGGER provides an RTOS plus communication and security software, so developers get a head start, benefiting from SEGGER''s decades of experience in the industry. SEGGER''s professional software libraries and tools for Embedded System development are designed for simple usage and are optimized for the requirements imposed by resource-constrained embedded systems.
    The company also supports the entire development process, with affordable, high quality, flexible and easy-to-use tools.
    The J-Link debug probes, with Ozone the accompanying debugger and performance analyzer, and Embedded Studio the powerful cross platform C/C++ IDE, are available to support developers in creating their own embedded systems.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-12-03 21:39:54.0000000', 121),N'SEGGER Microcontroller ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-16', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'Secusmart is a subsidiary of BlackBerry. Our core task: The protection of your confidential information. Your protection is our instinct. So that you have the freedom to make your own decisions and to be able to communicate.
    Secusmart is the global market leader in tap-proof communication, for mobile communications, landline telephony and mobile data communication.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-12-15 15:04:14.0000000', 121),N'Secusmart ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-16', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'SIV.AG is your partner-based IT software and consulting company for the German and international energy and water industries. We want to make your complex energy and water management processes easy and we develop intelligent, flexible and safe software solutions for this.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-12-15 15:12:10.0000000', 121),N'SIV.AG ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-16', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'SHL combines world-class manufacturing in Asia with global design visions and the strengths of Western management practices to offer our clients first in class products and services.

    A strategic global presence allows us to maintain close contact with our customers while ensuring streamlined management and communication throughout the project timeline. Our design centers in Switzerland, Sweden, Taiwan, and the US focus on designing and developing innovative products, and our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Taiwan and the US utilize an ISO 13485-certified quality system to manufacture and assemble them.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-03-25 12:26:53.0000000', 121),N'SHL Medical ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-16', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'Established 1921 in Switzerland, Sintetica is a pharmaceutical company delivering injectable anaesthetics and analgesics to patients worldwide, through innovative science and excellence in development, production and marketing.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-03-25 12:32:55.0000000', 121),N'Sintetica ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-16', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'Swissprime Technologies AG develops next-generation high-tech solutions that offer customers real added value and completely new opportunities.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-06-17 16:59:23.0000000', 121),N'Swissprime ''21'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-15', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'We accompany the digital transformation of your company and make your everyday work easier with automated processes. Scopevisio AG is one of the most successful cloud ERP providers in Germany.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-06-17 16:22:56.0000000', 121),N'Scopevisio ''21'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-15', 120),N'Thomas Lloyd-Evans',N'End-to-end managed data services provider, including data privacy, data insight and managed cloud services. Backed by InvestCorp and being sold by GCA off £10m EBITDA.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-02 16:26:30.0000000', 121),N'Calligo ''21'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-15', 120),N'Thomas Lloyd-Evans',N'IPHR provides a full suite of SaaS-based HR solutions to manage the entire employee lifecycle from hiring to offboarding, while its CIPHR Connect platform offers specialist (e.g. industry specific) functionalities via over 50 vendor partners. Revenues are split roughly 80:20 between software and services, targeted at the mid-market, seeing organisations with 200-5,000 employees as its sweet spot (circa 80% of its over 600 customers). Currently owned by ECI who acquired the Business from LDC in Dec-20. SK tipped and we looked back in 2019 but was too small. Accounts to Dec-20 now published - grown to £15m revenues and £5.8m EBITDA (incl. £1.2m cap R&D). Early in ECI hold but would suggest reaching out to management to establish a relationship early.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-12-02 11:14:16.0000000', 121),N'CIPHR ''21'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-15', 120),N'Thomas Lloyd-Evans',N'Authentix provides identity management software and services to a range of banks, governments etc. Came up on screen; appears largely based in Texas but with a facility in York, UK. CEO is Kevin McKenna (Texas). Prob doing c.$40m revenue now. Maybe one for Go West..?',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-12-13 15:15:14.0000000', 121),N'Authentix ''21'),
    (N'Action - 3. Date agreed',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-15', 120),N'Artur Sienczewski',N'Founder-owned platform providing pharma and CROs access to nurses who perform clinical trials at home. This activity is strictly monitored by the FDA and they have to observe high quality standards.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-07-06 11:51:40.0000000', 121),N'MRN ''21'),
    (N'Action - 3. Date agreed',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-15', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'CORONIC is a market leader in Trojan protection and the prevention of phishing attacks against the computers of German banks’ private clients. The company’s clients include over 900 German and international banks and insurance companies, as well as international corporations such as T-Systems, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen and Airbus.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-12-15 08:16:35.0000000', 121),N'CORONIC ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-15', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'Creative, ambitious scientists and engineers setting new standards for mass spectrometry performance, enabling new analytical capabilities, and supporting innovative research around the globe.

    Founded in Switzerland in 2002, TOFWERK designs and manufacturers high performance analytical instrumentation based on our time-of-flight mass spectrometry (TOFMS) technology. Their line of research mass spectrometers brings the speed and sensitivity of TOFMS to a broad range of laboratory and field applications. Additionally, their team collaborates with research laboratories and OEM customers to develop custom instrument solutions based on our modular design platform.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-02-06 16:51:20.0000000', 121),N'TOFWERK AG ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-15', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'The ANNAX Group consists of 6 companies in three different countries and traces its origin to the year 1996. Starting with a number of 10 emplyoees, the ANNAX Group has grown to employ now more than 240 people.
    The company does not prioritise short-term monetary gains, but values the sustainability of its products and employees. The ANNAX Group is a leading manufacturer of mobile and stationary passenger and customer information systems on the globe.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-04-02 15:48:20.0000000', 121),N'ANNAX GmbH ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-15', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'We are a leading provider for Business Mobility. With both car and commercial vehicle funding and management expertise, we are committed to excellence in everything we do. We also offer a wealth of experience, solidly supported by a comprehensive portfolio of products and services ranging from corporate car sharing to risk management.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-04-23 12:08:53.0000000', 121),N'Alphabet Fuhrparkmanagement ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-15', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'AfterPay has set itself the task of making paying in web shops easier, safer and more user-friendly for consumers.
    With the purchase on account from AfterPay, consumers have the opportunity to see their goods before paying for them. In addition, unlike other payment methods, you do not have to provide any sensitive bank or credit card details. We also offer additional flexibility with the purchase by direct debit and various installment payment solutions.
    Web shops benefit from increased customer satisfaction and an increasing conversion rate. In addition, web shops can significantly reduce their own risk, because AfterPay assumes the entire risk in the event of payment defaults.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-12-03 16:41:37.0000000', 121),N'AfterPay ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-15', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'We rely on various experienced and internationally recognized software manufacturers, with whom we as implementation partners can get the most out of your company. We work with technologies in the field of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) through Personal Robot Assistants (PRA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).
    We are represented at four locations in order to provide our customers with the best possible support. From our offices in Nuremberg and Hamburg (Germany) as well as Barcelona (Spain) and Atlanta (USA) we work together with our customers from the banking sector, insurance, industrial companies, pharmaceutical companies, retailers and other service companies.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-12-03 21:53:09.0000000', 121),N'Roboyo ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-15', 120),N'Tobias Weltin',N'Enterprise software. Owned by Carlyle Tech. ~€15m+ EBITDA.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-12-15 14:33:27.0000000', 121),N'SER Group ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-15', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'Our mission is to transform how people’s journeys are planned, operated and accounted for. Using big data and advanced machine learning to arrive at transformative insight, we help our customers to create sustainable mobility solutions that work for everyone, now and in the future.
    From improving journey times and making sure that mobility options are accessible to everyone, to increasing operational efficiencies and reducing environmental impact –Teralytics insight helps tackle some of the crucial mobility challenges of our time.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-01-07 15:19:20.0000000', 121),N'Teralytics ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-15', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'Businesses make decisions about their vision, productivity, survivability, and competitive stance, and these decisions impact the technology that automates business processes. But changes to applications, data, and infrastructure quickly develop into massive projects that demand enormous amounts of time and introduce potentially grave risks. This creates a gap between what the business decides and what it can implement. SNP uses a blend of services and automation from its own software portfolio — CrystalBridge® and the SNP transformation platform — that can reduce the gap between business and technology to near zero, accomplishing in days and weeks what can often take months or more. SNP also offers its unique BLUEFIELD™ approach to SAP S/4HANA integration that enables enterprises to upgrade and migrate to S/4 in a single go-live project.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-01-14 15:43:04.0000000', 121),N'SNP Schneider-Neureither & Partner ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-15', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'Digital Farming’s leading software platform.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-01-21 15:27:55.0000000', 121),N'The Climate Corporation International SA ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-15', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'3B Scientific has grown to be one of the world''s leading manufacturers of Medical and Science Education solutions. The product portfolio covers a complete and comprehensive range of equipment for simulation and skill training, anatomy, healthcare and patient education, and is continuously updated with new products and innovations.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-01-26 16:30:48.0000000', 121),N'3B Scientific ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-15', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'Calibre Scientific represents a portfolio of niche life science companies, across various key verticals, that have an unrivaled ability to address the unique challenges of their respective markets. Through a combination of acquisitions and organic growth, our global reach extends into over 53 countries, empowering customers all over the world. Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, Calibre Scientific continues to grow across a wide array of verticals and geographies, further diversifying its product offering and global footprint to laboratories around the world.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-01-26 16:37:43.0000000', 121),N'Calibre Scientific ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-15', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'Scandit enables businesses and consumers to interact with everyday objects by blending the physical and digital worlds using computer vision. Scandit technology is a unique machine learning platform combining leading-edge barcode scanning, text recognition (OCR), object recognition and augmented reality (AR) for use on any camera-equipped smart device, from smartphones to drones, wearables and robots. Scandit solutions take cost and time out of operations, and improve employee and customer satisfaction.
    Organizations across all industries use Scandit to power mobile apps. Many of the world’s most successful companies use Scandit as part of their digital transformation.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-02-04 18:51:29.0000000', 121),N'Scandit ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-15', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'SEMYOU is represented at multiple locations around the world and has a net-work of partners in order to be able to support you everywhere.
    SEMYOU is currently represented in the following countries: Germany, India, Russia, Switzerland, USA. If you have questions about our products, services or SEMYOU in general, please contact us directly.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-02-10 15:46:34.0000000', 121),N'SEMYOU ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-15', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'With a legacy stretching back to 1983, Advarra® is the premier provider of institutional review board (IRB), institutional biosafety committee (IBC), and research quality and compliance consulting services in North America. Fully accredited by AAHRPP, Advarra serves the world’s leading pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, and contract research organizations, as well as academic medical centers, health systems, investigative site networks, and therapeutic research consortia.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-03-25 13:42:14.0000000', 121),N'Advarra ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-15', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'With decades of experience, Stonebranch set out to change the IT automation market for the better. To develop the right purpose-built solutions with user experience and accessibility in mind. To provide a true orchestration engine that empowers our customers to automate any on-prem or cloud solution. To ultimately enable you with the centralized control needed to better manage and scale with your expanding hybrid IT ecosystem.

    Stonebranch is a force to be reckoned with in the IT orchestration and automation platform space. We shoot past the point where others have stopped, challenging the status quo, and exceeding expectations. We do this with the personalized service and leading-edge technology that is lacking with other providers.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-04-29 08:11:30.0000000', 121),N'Stonebranch ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-15', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'Our purpose is to empower our clients to master their digital potential.
    Our mission is to unite innovation, security and excellence to transform our clients'' technology potential into powerful digital solutions.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-06-10 16:31:32.0000000', 121),N'AdNovum ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-15', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'We develop innovative IT applications with which the work processes and the exchange between administrations, authorities, companies and the population run even more efficiently and securely. Thanks to seamless and seamless networking, our customers and the Swiss population benefit directly from digitization.
    Abraxas is the largest provider of integrated IT solutions for the public sector in Switzerland.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-06-10 20:39:00.0000000', 121),N'abraxas ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-15', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'We are an internationally operating company with an innovative startup spirit. Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Baar, Switzerland, Arviem has grown organically to become the leading service provider for real-time cargo monitoring services. We are the only service provider which offers pay-as-you-go real-time cargo monitoring services to increase visibility in global trade. During our years of operation, Arviem’s services proved their value to numerous multinational companies across several industries worldwide.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-06-17 16:37:54.0000000', 121),N'arviem ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-15', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'All founders are scientists with decades of experience in drug development. It is thanks to them, a corporate culture was installed, in which result-oriented work for our customers and quality are the top priorities. This approach has made us one of the largest GMP service providers for pharmaceutical analytics in Europe in recent decades. Since our foundation, we have been constantly adapting our GMP system to current regulatory requirements. The success of these efforts is regularly confirmed by GMP certifications and, since 2001, by inspections conducted by the US-FDA.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-07-01 17:17:44.0000000', 121),N'A&M STABTEST ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-15', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'We have started in oncology more than two decades ago and deepened our knowledge in the various cancer entities ever since. Over the years additional trials in all major indications expanded our medical knowledge.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-07-01 17:41:15.0000000', 121),N'Alcedis ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-15', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'4flow consulting assists companies from a variety of industries with logistics and supply chain management all the way from strategy to implementation. 4flow provides software solutions for network and transportation optimization as well as for delivery optimization. 4flow management handles the routine planning, optimization and operation of clients'' supply chain networks worldwide.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-07-15 08:44:30.0000000', 121),N'4flow ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-15', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'At Adragos Pharma, we offer a wide variety of pharmaceutical services ranging from formulation and analytical expertise to pilot scale and commercial production and packaging for sterile and non-sterile liquids, solids, and semi-solids.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-08-16 14:42:08.0000000', 121),N'Adragos ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-15', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'Pix4D is a market leader in photogrammetry software technology.
    Our products enable you to digitize reality and measure from images
    taken from planes, drones, phones, or any other camera.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-08-20 13:47:41.0000000', 121),N'PIX4D ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-15', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'In addition, tick-TS offers customer-specific solutions from development and implementation to the provision of hosting, trading applications and infrastructure for our customers – in cooperation with Deutsche Börse in Frankfurt am Main.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-08-25 07:46:56.0000000', 121),N'TickTs ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-15', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'adorsys = adaptive organisational systems
    Offering a range of innovative software solutions and IT services since 2006, we provide hands-on advice and support to businesses as they embark on digital transformation projects.
    With years of experience in the finance industry, our digital payment services and solutions are designed to help banks, insurances and Third Party Providers improve the customer experience and also maximise new areas of growth.
    Our digital platforms, API services, state-of-the-art IT environment as well as our partner networks give us direct access to new technologies and key players in the industry.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-07 09:25:00.0000000', 121),N'Adorsys ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-15', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'TFS HealthScience is a leading global mid-size Contract Research
    Organization (CRO) that partners with biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies throughout their entire clinical development journey.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-07 15:28:57.0000000', 121),N'TFS HealthScience ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-15', 120),N'Thomas Lloyd-Evans',N'Cambridge Design Partnership is a specialist new technologies development company. It helps manufacturers for instance in building new and better products. Fast growth over recent years, just did £36m revenue and £16m EBIT. Gifted £3m to an employee ownership trust. Appears family-backed. Internationalising. Worth trying?',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-17 14:58:24.0000000', 121),N'Cambridge Design Partnership ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-15', 120),N'Thomas Lloyd-Evans',N'Data business run by friends of TLE. Use anonymised consumer transaction data from bank / cards etc to build real-time macro pictures. Used by hedge funds, governments, media etc (much of the''s data charts around consumer data are sourced to Fable). Has been extremely successful and may seek growth capital next year. To track.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-11-08 09:25:32.0000000', 121),N'Fable Data ''21'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-15', 120),N'Mateusz Andrzejewski',N'TLE looked in 2014 and tried the CEO Stephane Besson (unsuccessfully). However, he is known to Geoffroy Durandet and so we may get an ''in'' there. Coalition is a provider of analytics and business intelligence to investment banks. It also publishes market commentary including \"Coalition Index\". It was acquired by Indian listed ratings and research business CRISIL in June 2012 for US$45m. Did £35m turnover and £13m EBITDA last year per accounts. To try again. Unclear if buyout or LTSA at this point',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-05-15 15:20:29.0000000', 121),N'Coalition ''20'),
    (N'Tip - Don''t Know',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-15', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'We are a data and services provider. We help your organization assess, monitor and reduce the environmental impacts of chemicals and plastics.
    LCA practitioners and corporate sustainability departments use our products to understand and manage the environmental impacts of chemicals and plastics.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-12-15 08:10:18.0000000', 121),N'Carbon ''21'),
    (N'Tip - Don''t Know',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-15', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'The diagene Research Institute is originally a spin-off of the University of Basel by three professors. Since 2002, the institute has focused on research in endocrinology, metabolism related to cardiovascular diseases and neurodegenerative diseases, in particular diseases with a distinct genetic basis.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-12-15 08:37:23.0000000', 121),N'Diagene ''21'),
    (N'Tip - Don''t Know',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-15', 120),N'Christian Wolf',N'We will be present in every laboratory and production environment around the world and will accelerate scientific progress by providing a full range of products and solutions for customers in drug discovery, life science and industrial markets.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-12-15 08:51:53.0000000', 121),N'DWK Life Sciences ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-14', 120),N'Julian Gresvig',N'DAFA Group is a leading provider of solutions in technical foam and rubber for a wide range of industrial applications. The solutions seal, absorb and protect and are customized by the company’s innovative development team to fit the specific needs of each customer. The largest target are wind (~35% of revenue), construction (~30%) and OEMs within HVAC, healthcare and electronics (~35%). HQ in Denmark, production in 4 countries and sales offices in 8 countries. In 2021, expects to reach +75 EURm in revenue with EBITDA margin of ~20%.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-25 16:06:15.0000000', 121),N'DAFA Group ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-13', 120),N'Nicole Dixson',N'£16m EBITDA / 110m users. Founder recently died so rumours that the banks are around it and aiming to sell next year. Has benefitted from e-learning trends, may be interesting from a GL perspective?',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-11-30 22:51:56.0000000', 121),N'Emerald Group Publishing ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-13', 120),N'Edward Kerr',N'Rumours of Orange wanting to do originally a minority deal on their Cyber business. Not sure how interesting this is as 50% is a VAR and 50% a Managed Service Provider. Worth finding out more - also do they have mre in the UK to sell?',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-12-06 11:36:47.0000000', 121),N'Orange Cyber Security ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-13', 120),N'Adam Caesari',N'Informa has announced plans to divest its Intelligence division. This includes a number of potentially interesting info service brands: (i) Pharma Intelligence; (ii) Financial Intelligence; and (iii) Maritime Intelligence. We have previously discussed acquiring the Maritime division.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-12-08 08:48:20.0000000', 121),N'Informa Intelligence Disposal ''21'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-13', 120),N'Daniel Morgan',N'Throw away comment by the CEO of Cambridge Assessment that the English Language training - which is based on IELTS could be sold. DM to meet/talk to him.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-12-06 11:28:54.0000000', 121),N'Cambridge Assessment Language ''21'),
    (N'Action - 3. Date agreed',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-13', 120),N'Hayley Winter',N'The business manufactures instruments and consumables that facilitate liquid handling, sample preparation and sample management in laboratories e.g. devices that aid non-contact dispensing from syringes to high levels of accuracy.

    According to Freshfields, the business, currently owned by Battery Ventures, is being prepped for sale off £30m EBITDA - although this needs to be confirmed as accounts on duedil suggest ~£6m EBITDA.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-30 19:00:28.0000000', 121),N'SPT Labtech ''21'),
    (N'Action - 4. Post meeting',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-13', 120),N'Adam Caesari',N'Potential carve-out from the London Stock Exchange Group. UnaVista is a web-based matching, reconciliation and data integration engine that provides matching of post trade data in a simple, automated process and also a range of regulatory reporting tools. The Business is also a Trade Repository (approved by ESMA under EMIR) across all asset classes for both exchange traded derivatives and OTC derivatives. To Dec-20, the Business was doing revenues of £54m (16% organic growth on the year before) - whilst no detail on contribution, expected to be strong margins and post standalone costs would still likely be in our size range. Nothing specifically to suggest non-core but represents only ~1% of PF group sales (post Refinitiv)',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-08 09:44:28.0000000', 121),N'UnaVista ''21'),
    (N'Action - 4. Post meeting',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-13', 120),N'Robin Sie',N'Investment management company, an existing relationship. PwC tipped Sept 2021 and expect it''ll be making £23m EBITDA next year. Pre-empting a process likely.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-16 16:18:26.0000000', 121),N'7IM ''21'),
    (N'Action - 4. Post meeting',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-13', 120),N'Ronan Tunney',N'NCC''s software escrow division',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-01 09:23:49.0000000', 121),N'NCC Software Resilience & Escrow ''21'),
    (N'Action - 4. Post meeting',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-13', 120),N'Adam Caesari',N'"BAE Financial Services business provides products and services that assist clients with KYC, AML processes and fraud prevention. The AML compliance products are sold into banks, insurers and law enforcement agencies and used to ensure regulatory compliance with anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist finance - includes end-to-end software solutions delivered through the “NetReveal” product brand (3-5 year contracts).
    We know the asset / management and did a HUM on it last year. Arma mentioned that BAE are \"thinking about doing something',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-14 16:18:58.0000000', 121),N'BAE Financial Solutions ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-13', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'SALT Solutions is your partner for digitalizing your Supply Chain. As house of SCM, they are at your side during each step along the way. Their experienced Supply Chain Management consultants will design your SCM processes and their most optimal IT support in cooperation with you. They rely on - whenever suitable - SAP systems in order to create extremely secure and effective business-critical processes for you.
    Reasons for specific supplementations of the standard or individual developments of entire systems are plentiful. They design and realize individual enterprise application systems according to state-of-the-art IT methodologies based on SAP-, Java- and Microsoft-platforms.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-02-27 15:55:36.0000000', 121),N'SALT Solutions ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-13', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'Founded in 1958 by Walter and Marlies Möckli, MÖKAH AG is today one of the leading companies in Switzerland in the field of canal and road maintenance with around 130 employees at four locations. The second generation of the company is currently managed by Jürg and Petra Möckli.

    In 2017, in order to take early on the successor regulation and to secure the further development of the company in terms of personnel, finances and management know-how, they decided to invest the Swiss investor group Ufenau Capital Partners significantly in MÖKAH AG.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-03-05 15:13:26.0000000', 121),N'MÖKAH ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-13', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'PERILS aims to improve the availability of insurance market data relating to natural catastrophes to help enhance the industry’s understanding of such risks as well as to facilitate risk transfer based on industry loss indices.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-04-02 14:14:33.0000000', 121),N'PERILS AG ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-13', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'The Hermes Hansecontrol Group was founded in Hamburg in 1982 and is now an international test and certification company with seven sites in Europe and Asia.
    The corporate group offers manufacturers, retailers and importers a comprehensive range of accredited testing and tailored consulting services ranging from product development and protection through to risk management.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-04-23 12:49:17.0000000', 121),N'Prüfinstitut Hansecontrol ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-13', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'Saturn petcare is one of the largest pet food manufacturers in Europe. However we have not grown large and successful with our own saturn brand but as a manufacturer of own brands.
    With these so-called own-brand products we supply well-known German and international retail chains in the food trade as well as discounters and drugstores. If you have bought pet food for your cat or dog there, you are bound to have picked up one of our products.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-04-23 13:12:43.0000000', 121),N'saturn petcare ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-13', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'We are a strong group of successful brands acting independently. Applying our networked solutions and experience gained from seven decades of consumption data recording and metering technology, we make buildings more climate friendly, energy-efficient and economical.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-08-27 13:56:08.0000000', 121),N'noventic GmbH ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-13', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'WFW ADVISES DEUTSCHE BÖRSE ON SALE OF REGULATORY SERVICES GMBH TO MARKETAXESS',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-09-10 10:45:20.0000000', 121),N'Regulatory Services ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-13', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'REGIS-TR was established in Luxembourg in 2010, and has since then become one of the largest European TRs for EMIR. In 2017, we became Switzerland’s first foreign trade repository, offering FinfraG reporting services under the regulator FINMA.
    REGIS-TR is a 50/50 joint venture between Clearstream, part of the Deutsche Boerse group, and the Spanish CSD Iberclear, which belongs to the stock market and financial system operator BME. We are the TR for our group entities and their clients, and through these companies have unrivalled access to in-house derivatives, securities lending, repo, collateral management and CCP margining expertise. This is reflected in our solution design and our day-to-day services.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-09-17 17:06:33.0000000', 121),N'REGIS-TR S.A. ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-13', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'Disruption is the standard, no longer the exception. Mendix is the leading low-code software development platform. We are steadfast in our belief that everyone, anywhere should have the ability to build world-class software. Our platform uses visual models and collaboration tools — opening the software development process to people with a wide variety of technical skills.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-11-25 16:48:49.0000000', 121),N'Mendix ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-13', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'MLP is your contact for all financial matters - from investments to old-age provision and insurance. Together we will discuss your ideas and show you what options you have.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-01-07 15:39:17.0000000', 121),N'MLP Finanzberatung ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-13', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'We enjoy correctly assessing risks, observing and evaluating markets, developing tailor-made insurance programmes and continuously implementing them with reliable service.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-01-14 15:46:57.0000000', 121),N'RVM Versicherungsmakler ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-13', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'At its heart, Meteomatics pursues two core values: innovative technology and improved data quality.

    In terms of the technology, companies have a requirement to better integrate consistent, quality weather data across the whole business; to empower the various business units to enhance current operational performance and to deliver business insights that drive innovation resulting in new and improved services.

    To ensure the best available data for any coordinate worldwide, Meteomatics aggregates the latest weather forecast models, satellite data, rainfall radar information and station observations from a variety of sources around the planet. To further enhance this data Meteomatics also produces its own high-resolution atmospheric model at a 1km resolution across Switzerland. This ‘Swiss1K’ model is only possible due to the improved data received from the unique Meteodrone measurements within the lowest atmospheric layers.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-02-03 16:36:17.0000000', 121),N'Meteomatics ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-13', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'NetGuardians is an award-winning Swiss FinTech helping financial institutions in over 30 countries to fight fraud. More than 60 banks, including UOB and Pictet & Cie, rely on NetGuardians’ smarter artificial-intelligence (AI) solution to prevent fraudulent payments in real time.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-03-17 17:15:21.0000000', 121),N'NetGuardians ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-13', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'Because corporate DNA is a commitment: We offer products and services that meet our clients’ expectations in terms of quality, price and security. We design individual insurance solutions with transparency and seamless transfer of risk. The clarity of our approach and our advice, including selection of suitable instruments, are essential components of our work. In this regard, we only accept mature, coherent solution concepts. This means that we are always very careful with regard to the trust that has been placed in us.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-03-25 16:35:09.0000000', 121),N'MRH ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-13', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'MIC is the worldwide leading provider of global customs and trade compliance software solutions. We specialize in the integration of global customs and trade compliance systems based on specific corporate structures and consider regional and national legal requirements. We ensure efficient customs operations and compliance within the legal frameworks. One system, one customs & trade compliance database, one Graphical User Interface (GUI), one maintenance and support service – worldwide.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-05-20 19:22:42.0000000', 121),N'MIC ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-13', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'With more than 40 years of project experience, MPDV is the market leader for IT solutions in manufacturing. The company has extensive specialist knowledge and supports companies of all sizes on their way to the Smart Factory. Products such as the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) HYDRA from MPDV or the Manufacturing Integration Platform (MIP) enable manufacturing companies to design their production processes more efficiently and thus be one step ahead of the competition.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-05-20 20:26:02.0000000', 121),N'MPDV Mikrolab ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-13', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'Quanos Content Solutions is the software specialist for creating and distributing smart information. The widely used XML authoring system SCHEMA ST4 is part of the standard equipment of every modern technical editing department, and with SCHEMA CDS smart information becomes smartly accessible. With these tools, editors can easily realize smart information and publish it in all imaginable formats and layouts.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-05-20 20:58:39.0000000', 121),N'Quanos Solutions ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-13', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'Raynet is a global software vendor with market-leading solutions and managed service provider in the field of Enterprise Software Management. Following the mission “Discover to manage”, Raynet offers the market unique products covering all technologies.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-05-20 21:11:57.0000000', 121),N'Raynet ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-13', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'SECUDE is an established global security solutions provider offering innovative data protection for users of SAP software.
    Founded as a joint venture between SAP and Fraunhofer Institute in 1996, SECUDE maintained a close SAP technology partnership and became a reliable resource for security solutions for the SAP market with ‘Single Sign-On’ for SAP, which was acquired by SAP in 2011.
    With a focus on making business process for data protection efficient and automated with little or no user interference, SECUDE’s goal is to provide ease of use while minimizing cost of rollout and operations.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-05-20 21:21:05.0000000', 121),N'SECUDE ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-13', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'ProBioGen AG is a renowned Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) and technology provider. We perform cell line engineering, process development, and GMP manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals for clients in biotech and pharma. We offer proprietary innovative technologies for optimized biopharmaceutical manufacturing and analysis. ProBioGen also provides process development services and manufacturing technologies for viral vaccines.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-07-01 17:11:48.0000000', 121),N'ProBioGen ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-13', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'In close cooperation with our customers we develop tailored products like coated microtiter plates, protein- and antibody-conjugates, sample preparation protocols and diagnostic assays for your individual product or application. Microcoat provides CRO services including assay development, assay validation and non-clinical and clinical sample testing on various technology platforms. Our services are offered as GLP, GCLP or non-GLP. Our contract manufacturing unit produces diagnostic raw materials in bulk quantities, kit components and market-ready diagnostic kits, including IVDs.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-07-01 17:13:40.0000000', 121),N'Microcoat ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-13', 120),N'Robin Sie-Verbruggen',N'Buckaroo is a payment service provider (PSP). As such, the Company processes one-time and recurring online payments for merchants. Herein, Buckaroo offers >40 payment methods including VISA, iDeal and gift cards (as of May 2021). Additionally, the Company offers credit management services for declined automatic collections. Buckaroo can also link payment data with e-commerce software (e.g. Magento, WooCommerce) and accounting software (e.g. AFAS, Exact) via plug-ins or APIs. The Company targets corporates and SMEs in the retail, fashion and charities sectors, and services >5,000 merchants per May 2021, including Videoland, Kamernet and The Ocean Cleanup. Buckaroo is active in the Netherlands and regulated by the Dutch Central Bank (DNB) under PSD2. The Company is headquartered in Utrecht (NL) and employed 64 FTEs per end 2019 (+7% vs 2018).',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-07-16 15:37:05.0000000', 121),N'Buckaroo ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-13', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'Nynomic AG focuses its business on three fast-growing markets: Life Science with a focus on medical technology, Green Tech with applications in the fields of agriculture and environmental technology, and Clean Tech with a very wide range of application fields in the entire industrial sector. In addition to digitization and automation, the growth drivers of these markets are demographic development, lack of resources and efficiency gains.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-08-20 13:38:54.0000000', 121),N'Nynomic ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-13', 120),N'Abhishek Kumar',N'Speciality pharmaceuticals company backed by Triton. Previously in the UK Atnahs, but subsequently merged with a Danish business. We would need to check about the involvement of the Atnahs founder who may have also been the founder of Auden Mackenzie and was disqualified for being a Director for 5 years. Buys tail end products focussed on four therapeutics areas. 2020 Revenue c. £300mn',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-08-25 18:23:47.0000000', 121),N'Pharmanovia ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-13', 120),N'Daniel Morgan',N'K12 premium private school group with 20+ schools in London and rest of UK. Has well known brands e.g. Eaton House and Eaton Square Schools. Majority owned by US pension fund, 30% by founder manager, keen to internationalise and do M&A (looking at Alpha Plus). Keen to speak to a few PE funds. Doing £25-30m EBITDA.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-09 16:53:02.0000000', 121),N'Dukes Education ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-13', 120),N'Daniel Morgan',N'FactSet are going through a reorganisation and are looking to sell some bits. Worth finding out more.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-22 16:24:14.0000000', 121),N'FactSet Carveout ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-13', 120),N'Michael Arnez',N'Supporting the customer as a strong partner, supporting processes in the best possible way and making companies more successful is our goal. Since its foundation in 1977, the ISD has developed into a safe and reliable partner in this area. The ISD achieves this goal by providing industry-specific knowledge, training and software. And thus the ISD offers added value for companies to develop, produce, install and maintain projects faster and easier.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-30 12:23:47.0000000', 121),N'ISD Software ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-13', 120),N'Ronan Tunney',N'Software for lease and loan management, vendor financing, asset-based lending and factoring.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-05 21:12:41.0000000', 121),N'Solifi (aka IDS) ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-13', 120),N'Ronan Tunney',N'The Midoco Group is the market-leading provider of mid-office software for all segments of travel distribution in the DACH region. Midoco’s cloud platform automates core processes of travel booking and management and is used by online and offline travel agencies as well as in-house travel agencies for tourism and business travel. Midoco increases the degree of automation in the travel industry, which is characterized by the breaking up of existing value chains and system landscapes.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-08 14:05:45.0000000', 121),N'Midoco ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-13', 120),N'Robin Sie',N'Portfolio company of Synova - provides medicinal chemistry and assay development. Too small at the moment, but one to track given the sector and potentially an attractive add on for stuff we look at in CDMO land.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-12 16:16:28.0000000', 121),N'Charnwood ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-13', 120),N'Adam Caesari',N'Contact Guru is a provider of call centre management software- they have some very good customers and partners – mostly large telcos (e.g. Vodafone) and have used partnership channels to expand to geographies outside the UK . The business is a mix of on-premise and cloud based deployments (weighing on margins). Evercore are running the sell-side. The business is doing £50m revenue, £10-12m EBITDA. SEP a minority investor currently. Evercore haven’t gone wide – they are probably discussing this with some US trade initially - DC think reason they are exploring a trade sale is that the managers want to exit the business. Might be an interesting angle with Sabio? Similar Dutch asset ABk tracking in similar space may be open to approaches (Anywhere365).',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-11-02 17:56:12.0000000', 121),N'Contact Guru ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-13', 120),N'Catherine Parry',N'Existing relationship. LTG provides workplace digital learning and talent management market. Came up on instability screen in Nov 2021 after a 10% share price decline in past month. Since our last look, LTG has acquired Open LMS focusing on higher education institutions and Bridge, a learning platform for mid-sized organisations. 2/3 of revenue from recurring software licences. In the year to June 2021, the business did £51m EBITDA on £151m revenue. Next results due 1st Dec. Worth reaching back out?',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-11-16 10:19:50.0000000', 121),N'Learning Technologies Group ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-13', 120),N'Robin Sie',N'Verisk Three carve-out. $40mn EBITDA US based growing well, like Alcumus apparently. Process too advanced for us but worth knowing about for for Alcumus',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-11-22 17:33:45.0000000', 121),N'Verisk ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-13', 120),N'Robin Sie',N'The Xeinadin Group is an extensive group of more than 2,000 advisors spanning the UK and Ireland. Xeinadin Group helps entrepreneurs, SME’s, corporations and not-for-profit organisations with accounting/other services. Claims to be AI/data-driven. Doing £35m EBITDA.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-11-22 18:05:51.0000000', 121),N'Xeinadin ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-13', 120),N'Nicole Dixson',N'According to EY £16m EBITDA P2P (~£45m last year according to Factset - to confirm), provides digital out-of-home advertising services. Chop based on advertising exposure',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-11-30 22:41:50.0000000', 121),N'Project Oxford ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-13', 120),N'Nicole Dixson',N'Sports media provider owned by Exponent, expected to come up for sale next year. Has a betting angle, chop',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-11-30 22:48:15.0000000', 121),N'Spotlight Sports Group ''21'),
    (N'Deal - WIP',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-13', 120),N'Tobias Weltin',N'Ultimus Fund Solutions is built from the strategic combination of Ultimus Fund Solutions, LLC and the Gemini Companies (Gemini), which came together in February 2019. Our combined company, operating as Ultimus Fund Solutions, is a leading provider of full-service fund administration, accounting, and investor servicing solutions to support the launching and servicing of registered funds, private funds, and public plans. We also offer customized structures designed to support the unique needs of pensions, endowments, foundations, and other large institutions. As of June 30, 2019, Ultimus services approximately $150 billion in assets under administration and over 1,000 total funds.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-07-08 12:32:45.0000000', 121),N'Ultimus Fund Solutions ''21'),
    (N'Deal - WIP',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-13', 120),N'Tobias Weltin',N'We are a majority employee-owned provider of specialized fund administration services for Managers and General Partners of private equity funds, generally: Buyout, Venture Capital, Real Estate and Fund-of-Funds.
    For new General Partners, we provide consulting services to help accelerate the launch of their funds in addition to our full fund administration services.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-11-15 12:51:22.0000000', 121),N'Standish Management ''21'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-13', 120),N'Tobias Weltin',N'Optical machines. €123m sales, >€20m EBITDA. Founded in 1986 by Gunter Schneider, the family-owned SCHNEIDER GmbH & Co. KG is one of the world’s leading companies for the development and production of machines and solutions for ophthalmics, precision optics and ultra-precision optics. The company has more than 460 employees and is located in Germany, the USA, Brazil, Hong Kong, Thailand and China. Each year, SCHNEIDER manufactures more than 500 machines in four different German production facilities.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2019-09-25 09:15:40.0000000', 121),N'Schneider GmbH & Co. KG ''19'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-13', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'MHP Management- und IT-Beratung GmbH is one of the leading consulting firms and a subsidiary of Porsche AG (81.8%).
    MHP''s special consulting approach is the symbiosis of management and IT consulting. As digitization experts, we optimize and digitize our customers'' processes across the entire value chain with the areas of management consulting, system integration, managed services and digital services and solutions.
    As an industry expert - especially for mobility and manufacturing - we offer our customers, in addition to extensive IT competence, also in-depth management and process know-how. We also transfer strategic innovations to other industries.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-11-17 13:29:14.0000000', 121),N'MHP Management- und IT-Beratung ''20'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-10', 120),N'Daniel Fischer',N'With its world-leading technology, GK Software SE is a key software partner for the retail sector offering total solutions supporting the smooth running of all business-critical processes at both store level and headquarter level.
    The company has built a strong competitive edge based on global leadership in technology and innovation, e.g. thanks to the early adoption of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, the cloud and blockchain.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-12-06 14:49:45.0000000', 121),N'GK Software ''21'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-10', 120),N'Michael Arnez',N'•Bosch carve-out
    •Likely in HY2 2022
    •Bosch is in the preparation of the carve-out of its division called BBE (Energy and Building Technology – Sector BBE)
    oMaks c.€150m sales
    oThe business relates tot he electrification of industrial companies which shift away from oil and gas to more ESG compliant energy',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-12-06 15:22:56.0000000', 121),N'Bosch BBE ''22'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-10', 120),N'Michael Arnez',N'In a unique way, we combine our own cloud solutions with the offerings of hyperscalers to create an individual managed multi-cloud. This enables our customers to always act provider-independently and retain control over their data.
    Your in-house IT can also be seamlessly integrated into your future-proof multi-cloud to enable step-by-step modernization and pave the way for digital sovereignty and innovative strength. Our services also include operation as well as regular optimization of performance and cost efficiency.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-12-09 12:12:15.0000000', 121),N'PlusServer ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-10', 120),N'Christoph Leitner-Dietmaier',N'Provides advanced reverse engineering IP services to over 200 global tech companies. Services used to prove patent infringement and understand the tech behind software and electronics. Global market leader following the merger with only competitor Chipworks in 2016. Has highly specialised engineering workforce and extensive proprietary tech database. Acquired by Oakley Capital in May ''17. Growing rapidly and did c. £22m EBITDA in 2018. Previously chopped as HQ''d in Canada. Henry Elkington is chair.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-06-03 19:30:44.0000000', 121),N'TechInsights ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-10', 120),N'Catherine Parry',N'Came across during review of LCH activities. Suite of market-leading e-trading platforms, technology, data and workflow solutions from State Street’s Global Markets division. It comprises market-leading electronic trading platforms across the foreign exchange (FX) and money market fund asset classes, including Currenex®, FX Connect®, and FundConnect® . Used by all the big banks as critical infrastructure. Unclear on size but worth investigating with UK MD. DM trying to get an intro from Paul Humphrey.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-06-19 11:05:10.0000000', 121),N'Globallink ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-10', 120),N'Katerina Turner-Soukeras',N'Aircraft tracking business has remained solid through Covid (which is in line with the previous position with the Relx competitor. Ollie at Altium knows the team well.

    9-8-21: Arma claim they are close, but sounded like Portico may get the mandate? Back-end of this year, early next year',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-01-06 14:28:08.0000000', 121),N'OAG ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-10', 120),N'Robin Sie',N'Quoted on AIM this is a large and diverse healthcare business. It has two parts to the business (i) services - running trials, data and managing compassionate use programmes (ii) products - providing access for products through buying, partnering with pharmacos. its large standalone EV of 1.3bn and EBITDA of 110mn. Lazard know he situation well. DM following up.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-03-30 12:23:26.0000000', 121),N'Project Capella ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-10', 120),N'Tobias Weltin',N'With the practical experience gained from founding start-ups, managing companies and over 200 digital projects, we know how to run digital transformation . We are Entrepreneurs for your business.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-12-02 15:43:43.0000000', 121),N'etribes ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-10', 120),N'Daniel Fischer',N'VAMED is a global provider for hospitals and other facilities in the healthcare sector. The VAMED portfolio ranges from project development, planning and turnkey construction via maintenance, technical, commercial and infrastructure services to the total facility management of healthcare facilities.
    With its range of services, VAMED covers all areas of healthcare, from prevention and wellness to acute care, rehabilitation and nursing.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-12-06 13:11:06.0000000', 121),N'Vamed ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-10', 120),N'Martin Daberkow',N'- Value-added distributor of personal protective equipment (PPE) for the decontamination, removal and construction industry in Europe
    - Also sells and leases special removal equipment
    - STS has its headquarters in Seevetal/Hamburg and operates branches in Duisburg, Berlin, Eschwege and Dällikon (Switzerland) as well as several leading specialists in France.
    - Owned by Maxburg, Altantra tipp this is coming to market',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-12-07 13:25:21.0000000', 121),N'ASUP ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-10', 120),N'Christian Wolf',N'Supporting women’s confidence to live an active life after diagnosis of breast cancer or women who are otherwise breast-shape challenged. Adapt Air, our latest premium breast care product, not only impresses our customers with its perfect fit and customized comfort, but also the jury of the renowned Red Dot Award. The Adapt Air product range was awarded the Red Dot Award 2020 in the category Product Design.
    The concept, which is designed to provide the highest possible wearing comfort and a natural appearance, was especially emphasized. With an integrated air chamber and a special pump, an Adapt Air prosthesis can be individually adapted to the chest wall and the natural silhouette of the user.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-12-08 15:04:35.0000000', 121),N'Amoena ''21'),
    (N'Deal - Lost',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-10', 120),N'Ronan Tunney',N'Provider of information services to the IT sector across three areas 1. competitive intelligence across the semicon and microelectronics secors 2. benchmarking data for the semicon industry 3. proving patent value by matching claims to their practical use. Baird said people are talking about is EBITDA remains in the 20''s and Henry Elkington chairs it. We chopped previously due to the lack of recurring revenue. Worth checking?
    CLD 1/10/21: HL mentioned that shareholders are looking at a refi this year, Evercore appointed (HL pitched) and sale next year',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-07-21 16:42:34.0000000', 121),N'TechInsights ''21'),
    (N'Deal - Lost',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-10', 120),N'Christoph Leitner-Dietmaier',N'Pirum provides a proprietary post-trade automation and connectivity software hub for the securities finance industry. £20m EBITDA, 40% margin. Jefferies mandated for sale later this year / early next.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-07-22 12:44:59.0000000', 121),N'Pirum ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-09', 120),N'Thomas Lloyd-Evans',N'Company that provides compliance software to pharma. Its main product is \"emc\" which provides accessible, up-to-date, regulated medicine information including Summary of Product characteristics and Patient Information Leaflets.

    PwC apparently know it well and think it will come to market in Q122.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-22 10:57:52.0000000', 121),N'Datapharm ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-09', 120),N'Thomas Lloyd-Evans',N'TICC business, focussed on construction (so potential challenges with cyclicality depending on the services offered). Chaired by Mark Silver, who has a track record in this space. Owned by Palatine and will come to market next year being marketed off £10mn EBITDA. Worth a quick check.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-12-06 11:45:00.0000000', 121),N'CET ''21'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-09', 120),N'Thomas Lloyd-Evans',N'Allpay is a privately-owned public sector software company in the UK. Has been flat for several years, revenue about £41m, EBITDA £6m. Provides bill payment solutions to the public housing and local authority sectors. Came up from looking into Civica adjacencies. Perhaps keep an eye on as a FS (too small for now)?',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-06-22 08:42:47.0000000', 121),N'Allpay ''21'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-09', 120),N'Thomas Lloyd-Evans',N'STAXS is the Benelux leader in value-added distribution of consumable products (hoods, spectacles & goggles, face masks, gloves, detergents, mats etc) for cleanrooms in Life Sciences (also does some laundry services). Acquired by Silverfleet lower midmarket in Dec ''18 (terms undisclosed). Accounts show strong growth to €12m EBIT on €17m turnover (per capiq) - suspect this isn''t quite right given implied margins but still, worth looking into?',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-21 15:26:33.0000000', 121),N'STAXS ''21'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-09', 120),N'Thomas Lloyd-Evans',N'Synertec is a document management software business. Privately-owned, looks like founder has brought his son on as manager. £48m turnover, £6m EBITDA and growing nicely. Solutions look pretty useful (perhaps even for us) extracting content from documents, processing, and helping customers build their own queryable data libraries hosted by Synertec. Perhaps worth a letter',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-08 14:21:43.0000000', 121),N'Synertec ''21'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-09', 120),N'Thomas Lloyd-Evans',N'ActiveViam provides a data analytics and visualisation platform that helps financial institutions with risk management and compliance, and retail companies with dynamic pricing of goods and inventory management. Clients include HSBC, ING, Nomura, Leroy Merlin, and Intermarché. Received a growth investment from Guidepost Growth Equity in June 2019. Official HQs in New York, but the CEO is based in London.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-19 08:39:51.0000000', 121),N'ActiveViam ''21'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-09', 120),N'Thomas Lloyd-Evans',N'NGR Plastic Technologies makes plastic recycling machinery; has grown quickly to €7m EBIT on €62m turnover in latest accounts. Unclear how much is maintenance versus capital equipment sales, but it is very much \"on trend\" with strong ESG creds and perhaps worth keeping an eye on as a Future Star. Ingka Group (Ikea family office?) took a 24% stake in 2018. Austria HQ',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-11-15 16:52:50.0000000', 121),N'NGR Plastic Recycling Technologies ''21'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-09', 120),N'Thomas Lloyd-Evans',N'Avinode is a software platform for buying and selling air charter flights. Remarkably it has grown every year since inception (you''d have thought it may be more cyclical) and to Dec 2020 made EUR 6.2m EBITDA on 16m revenue, growing at 35% vs 2019. Owned by World Fuel Services, a struggling listed corporate trading at 6x EBITDA. Worth trying manager?',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-11-23 16:50:22.0000000', 121),N'Avinode Group ''21'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-09', 120),N'Thomas Lloyd-Evans',N'Stark Software was looked at by KS in 2020 but chopped on size grounds. Came up on screen; to consider as EMM. Looks like it did £8m EBITDA on £28m t/o to May 2020. Does energy related data and analytics. Looks like it takes data directly from Elexon meters and sends it to suppliers. Can produce analytics too. Non-domestic. Collects around 30% of the uk''s business electricity data. Family-owned.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-11-29 12:02:42.0000000', 121),N'Stark Software ''21'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-09', 120),N'Thomas Lloyd-Evans',N'"e-Boks is jointly owned by Nets (payments mainly) and PostNord. It \"offers companies',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-12-01 12:16:04.0000000', 121),N'e-Boks ''21'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-09', 120),N'Martin Daberkow',N'-SaaS based HR management software (similar to Personio)
    -Digitises and helps companies to manager their employees from job postings, onboarding to HR controlling, time management and T&E
    -Targets small and medium sized companies in Germany
    -Doing ~30m ARR and +10m EBITDA today, fast growing
    -Freiburg based
    -EMZ and Maguar (Arno Poschik) invested in Aug 2020 (1st investment for Maguar I, a €100m fund)
    oMaguar has now substantially invested their inaugural fund after a super successful 2020/2021
    oAs they kick-off fundraising again, they need to show some realisations
    oHRWorks was their first investment and most likely candidate
    oThere won’t be much marketing, in case we’re interested we should approach them
    oQuestion mark what is on offer (majority/minority/full sale)',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-12-02 13:48:29.0000000', 121),N'HRworks ''21'),
    (N'Action - 3. Date agreed',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-09', 120),N'Martin Daberkow',N'PharmaLex has been formed in October 2015 when Yes Pharma Services and PharmaLex were merged by German PE fund Auctus.In addition Auctus acquired a UK business Wainwright and a small Spanish service provider.PharmaLex offers a broad range of regulatory services to the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. The company provides advice but also support implementation of regulatory compliance projects and registration of new therapies. Growth is driven by increasing cost focus in pharma businesses and the lack of skilled and specialised resources.PharmaLex is based in Friedrichsdorf, near Frankfurt and has c. 400 employees.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2015-10-23 15:28:00.0000000', 121),N'Pharmalex ''15'),
    (N'Action - 4. Post meeting',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-09', 120),N'Martin Daberkow',N'Developes Enterprise Service Management (ESM) software with a focus on IT. Liste on the FSE with Mcap of €88m, revenue €67m and Adj. EBITDA €4.6m (includes significant management adjustments; otherwise €(1.2)m).',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-04-02 11:06:35.0000000', 121),N'Serviceware ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-09', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'OmniVision® is an innovative, owner-managed family pharmaceutical company specialising in the field of ophthalmology.
    Their main focus lies in the development and marketing of ophthalmological medications for patients, ophthalmologists and pharmacists.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-04-14 16:53:53.0000000', 121),N'OmniVision ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-09', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'OM Pharma is the Geneva-based Biotech unit of the Vifor Pharma Group, an established global pharmaceutical company listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange and headquartered in Switzerland.
    OM Pharma today is leader in the prevention of recurrent respiratory and urinary tract infections and is also active in the treatment of vascular diseases. It operates worldwide through a strong network with international partners and continues to invest into R&D to develop immunotherapeutic products addressing acute and chronic immunological disorders resulting from infections and inflammation. OM Pharma is operating to highest GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards which rely on a high level of Biotech competencies and stable teams.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-07-02 14:52:42.0000000', 121),N'OM Pharma ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-09', 120),N'Michael Arnez',N'We are a leading institution in the field of leukemia diagnostics and research, which is characterized by a highly innovative environment. As a rapidly growing, international and interdisciplinary company, we attach great importance to the continuous training of our employees and the further development of our technological concepts. Our goal is to use the most modern molecular and information technology methods to help shape the future of hematological diagnostics and therapy.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-01 09:00:44.0000000', 121),N'MLL ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-09', 120),N'Thomas Lloyd-Evans',N'Acquired by Carlyle from Livingbridge in Mar 21, disguise is a visual effects software platform. Made £7m on £35m turnover in FY19. Nothing for us for a while therefore but could be one to monitor / sector review perhaps',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-11 15:08:57.0000000', 121),N'disguise ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-09', 120),N'Martin Daberkow',N'ReconArt provides a SaaS software solution for flexible and fully automated reconciliation of accounts and processes including bank accounts and statements, trading positions, interco recon, etc.
    - Works with any ERP, accounting system, and external data sources and connects via pre-defined APIs
    - US-based',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-13 14:09:52.0000000', 121),N'ReconArt ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-09', 120),N'Hanna Weber',N'Nispera’s data intelligence platform collects SCADA data from renewable energy assets (wind, PV, etc.) along with weather forecast data, energy market data and electricity grid data.

    The collected data is processed by Nispera’s big data analytics engine, supported by Artificial Intelligence models.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-19 13:47:53.0000000', 121),N'Nispera ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-09', 120),N'Rebecca Versteeg',N'EPIC IO is the holding company for IntelliSite and Broad Sky Networks. The company is focused on wireless connectivity and solutions powered by AI and IoT, that make its customers safer, smarter and more connected.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-19 14:51:59.0000000', 121),N'EPIC IO ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-09', 120),N'Thomas Lloyd-Evans',N'SmartCraft provides software SaaS to the construction industry mainly in the Nordics. Products include an ERP solution for craftsmen; a project management solution; software solutions and services for use in professional calculation and documentation for electricians; and a safety assurance processes software for construction companies. It''s listed and trading expensively >40x. EBITDA currently EUR 7m. One to track, perhaps. [Idea from screen].',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-11-23 17:03:18.0000000', 121),N'SmartCraft ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-09', 120),N'Thomas Lloyd-Evans',N'Idea from a screen as share price has fallen - Tristel is AIM-listed; develops, manufactures, and supplies infection and contamination control products. Main focus is Hospital Medical Device Decontamination. Making £7m EBITDA on £31m turnover. Trading at c.£190m (no debt). Fragmented shareholder base. Maybe one to keep an eye on?',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-11-29 14:17:18.0000000', 121),N'Project Tristan ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-09', 120),N'Alexander Bokhove',N'Olyslager is a data business providing information about what oil to use for vehicles to garages etc. Being sold by Baird; TLE has reached out. Idea spotted by AB. May be a bit small even for EMM. Also key question about what happens to oil need when cars go electric. To follow up.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-11-30 14:51:18.0000000', 121),N'Olyslager ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-09', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'DETAX is your specialists for medical material.
    For more than 65 years, we have been developing silicones and light-curing resins for dental and other medical applications. The polymer chemistry of materials is our universe.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-12-02 16:50:48.0000000', 121),N'Detax ''21'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-08', 120),N'Antoine de Peguilhan',N'Benchmarking tool for the automotive industry: provides benchmarks and detailed databases for all motorized vehicles for competitive analysis purposes. Offers one the widest benchmarking databases worldwide. Customers are industry majors (car manufacturers, equipment/components manufacturers). Achieves ~85% of revenue abroad. Founded in 1997 by 2 brothers Pierre-Yves et Jean-Marie Moulière. Employs ~250 people',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2017-07-21 13:19:00.0000000', 121),N'A2Mac1 ''17'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-08', 120),N'Antoine de Peguilhan',N'dental chain',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-12-08 13:20:31.0000000', 121),N'Dentengo 21'''),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-07', 120),N'Martin Daberkow',N'MD | 7-Dec-21: PDV was merged into an enterprise software holding together with 3 other assets in Q3''21 by Bregal. There won''t be any movements near term.

    We have internalized the processes of an administration. PDV has 30 years of experience, proven expertise and the technology to digitize all processes.
    All solutions from PDV - whether individually, standardized or specially developed - are specialized in public administration and generate measurable efficiency gains.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-05-04 16:54:11.0000000', 121),N'PDV ''20'),
    (N'Deal -',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-07', 120),N'Antoine de Peguilhan',N'Ex-Assurcopro. Insurance brokerage firm for real estate professionals.Has grown by acquisition in the recent years, with five acquisitions, including InterAssurances, Jacques Boulard and Insor.Founders Olivier Scemama and Vincent Mancel still involved.Acquired by TA Associates from Eurazeo in July 2018Achieved sales of c.€130m in 2017',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2018-11-26 09:48:00.0000000', 121),N'Odealim ''18'),
    (N'Post-Action - Anticipated HuM',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-07', 120),N'Antoine de Peguilhan',N'Provides end-to-end Quality Assurance (QA) and cyber security, serving high-tech businesses in the consumer electronics, software development, automotive, IoT, connected health and media markets.
    KPMG reached to AdP on a potential carve-out from Eurofins Scientific.
    and even though the size is too small for now, Eurofins gave Baird a mandate and even if the timing is unclear it is possible that this Opportunity will materialize in 2021',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-07-28 13:26:46.0000000', 121),N'Eurofin Digital Testing ''20'),
    (N'Post-Action - Anticipated HuM',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-07', 120),N'',N'Ecotone vegetarian and organic food & beverage business owned by PAI Partners',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-12-07 10:54:47.0000000', 121),N'Ecotone 21'''),
    (N'Post-Action - Anticipated HuM',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-07', 120),N'Antoine de Peguilhan',N'Biose, biotherapeutic drug CDMO business',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-12-07 10:59:33.0000000', 121),N'Biose 21'''),
    (N'Tip - Anticipated',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-07', 120),N'',N'Ligentia is a logistics tech business Equistone bought a c.40% stake in Feb 2021. Has gone extremely well, doing £50m EBITDA now; Looking to bolt on a polish business and could then integrate and sell as early as next year (off about £80m EBITDA). Deal lead is ex-Montagu Seb Leusch.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-12-07 11:31:56.0000000', 121),N'Ligentia ''21'),
    (N'Action - 3. Date agreed',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-06', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'More than 330 motivated professionals work at Yes We Can Youth Clinics, helping youngsters and their families get their life back on track. We do this with the following teams: therapists, counselors, coaches, psychiatrists, case managers, facility and household services, reception, secretarial services, HR, communication, care administration, financial administration, policy, nursing and contract and relationship management.
    Of course, all Yes We Can Youth Clinics employees work in accordance with the Dutch legal guidelines of the national mental healthcare institution, such as a certificate of good conduct, required registrations, etc.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-12-02 16:59:29.0000000', 121),N'Yes We Can Clinics ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-06', 120),N'Thomas Lloyd-Evans',N'Fingerprint Cards develops and markets biometric systems and technologies. Its biometric systems include sensors, algorithms, software, and packaging technologies. €900m EV, share price has doubled this year; directors have initiated a strategic review. According to CapIQ it only turns over about €130m and barely makes a profit! If that''s right it won''t be one for us. (Tip to RT/TLE by Ajay Amin, PwC)',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-07-29 08:50:26.0000000', 121),N'Fingerprint Cards ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-06', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'With many years of financial expertise, fino is your reliable FinTech expert with a steadily growing portfolio for everything to do with account and data analysis, document management and regulation. With our specialist knowledge, we offer you individual solutions and guaranteed added value for your customers.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-12-02 16:09:07.0000000', 121),N'fino run ''21'),
    (N'Deal - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-06', 120),N'Julian Gresvig',N'Software and IT services for industrial companies - provide software, SW development, business intelligence, etc. for automation and digitalisation. Owned by MB Funds, to come this year - preparing VDD. c.€55m revenue, both project and recurring, c.€12m EBITDA.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-05-07 11:05:28.0000000', 121),N'Pinja ''21'),
    (N'Deal - WIP',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-06', 120),N'Pawel Czarnowski',N'Inelo is a leading provider of software and telematics for the heavy transport industry and road inspection authorities. Innova expected to exit in 1H 21',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2019-06-04 11:18:08.0000000', 121),N'Inelo ''19'),
    (N'Deal - WIP',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-06', 120),N'Robin Sie',N'We''ve looked previously and chopped on a mix portfolio of products. Now appaently heading towards 25mn of EBITDA and coming H2''22',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-06 18:00:29.0000000', 121),N'Sterling Pharma ''21'),
    (N'Hum/IC -',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-06', 120),N'Sophie Hoas',N'Leading provider of plagiarism prevention and detection software. The company is based in Stockholm, with offices in Cologne and Saint Louis, and offers a subscription-based cloud solution that targets primarily academic institutions, secondary schools and corporations who seek an advanced digital tool to help assure originality, prevent unreferenced or unauthorized used on content and to improve the quality of documents. Today, Ouriginal is the market leader in the Nordics and holds a diverse and growing global customer base. It acquired the German competitor PlagScan in 2019. Owned by Procuritas.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-02-22 11:27:35.0000000', 121),N'Ouriginal ''21'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-06', 120),N'Sophie Hoas',N'Fast growing SaaS scheduling software provider for a diversified customer base. Grows 20-30% p.a.. Owned by Alfvén & Didrikson, likely exit in 2021 or 2022. Discussed with Maria Ahr, CEO of Alfvén & Didrikson and with CFO of Quinyx who Sophie knows.
    Raised SEK 450m from Battery Ventures in Nov 2021.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-11-10 09:39:20.0000000', 121),N'Quinyx ''22'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-03', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'HWI was founded in 1991 and has been further developing its range of services for active ingredients, medicinal products, medical devices and related products ever since.
    The HWI service portfolio ranges from analysis and quality control, active-​ingredient characterisation, product development, production of clinical samples and small batches, marketing authorisation, drug safety and GxP services. Together with our network partners, we offer clinical and preclinical investigations.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-11-17 14:45:17.0000000', 121),N'HWI pharma ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-02', 120),N'Pawel Czarnowski',N'Poland’s leading online recruitment portal and provider of SaaS HR solutions.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2019-08-28 10:38:39.0000000', 121),N' ''19'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-02', 120),N'Pawel Czarnowski',N'Leading provider of MIS for the healthcare industry.
    Comarch Healthcare is a supplier of innovative Remote Medical Care solutions that use its own software, equipment, and medical infrastructure.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-06-18 13:23:32.0000000', 121),N'Comarch Healthcare ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-02', 120),N'Pawel Czarnowski',N'Moody’s Analytics provides financial intelligence and analytical tools to help business leaders make better, faster decisions.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-06-24 10:06:28.0000000', 121),N'Moody''s Analytics ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-02', 120),N'Pawel Czarnowski',N'global leader in front-end design, development and manufacturing solutions for highly regulated industries — pharma, diagnostics, med tech, consumer, automotive and defense.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-07-05 10:53:14.0000000', 121),N'Phillips Medisize ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-02', 120),N'Robin Sie-Verbruggen',N'Sylphar is a producer of OTC oral care and cosmetics products. The Company''s business model revolves around the production of oral care products, skincare products and nutrition supplements. Sylphar''s product portfolio comprises 9 brands, each specialised in distinctive beauty or medical applications. Products are sold on a global basis to over 50 countries, with the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany and France identified as key markets (September 2020). The Company is headquartered in Deurle (BE) and had on average 23 employees in 2019 (+10% vs. 2018).',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-13 08:48:51.0000000', 121),N'Sylphar ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-02', 120),N'Pawel Czarnowski',N'Atende specializes in the implementation of high tech ICT integration projects, combining the offer of world-class suppliers and proprietary services. they design and build modern computer networks and data centers, ensuring the highest cybersecurity standards.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-11-02 11:09:16.0000000', 121),N'Atende ''21'),
    (N'Deal - Won',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-02', 120),N'Antoine de Peguilhan',N'Research & Development of Hyaluronan and other Biological Polymers by bacterial fermentation.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-06-19 09:30:28.0000000', 121),N'HTL Biotechnology ''20'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-01', 120),N'Catherine Parry',N'Operates in an interesting area with CRM and billing services for telecoms, finance, utilities, and transportation. Includes charging, billing and settlement solutions for IoT, network asset management and critical comms for first responders. Growing well and doing ~£8-10m EBITDA/ £26m revenue Currently trading at 24.5x.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-11-23 09:58:33.0000000', 121),N'Project Celine ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-01', 120),N'Catherine Parry',N'Irish pharmaceutical business Micro Hydraulics which was bought by St-Gobain in 2018. Manufactures single-use fluid handling components and systems in high performance plastics for high purity applications in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries. Saint-Gobain Life Sciences develops and manufactures high-performance components and integrated solutions that touch a broad range of patient care, from the development of new therapeutic cancer treatments to biopharmaceutical production, on through to intravenous therapies for drug delivery. Any potential for carve-out? Doing ~€10m EBITDA /€28m revenue.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-11-23 10:20:24.0000000', 121),N'Saint-Gobain Life Sciences Ireland ''21'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-12-01', 120),N'Pawel Czarnowski',N'inventory optimisation platform, Slim4, actionable inventory insights, ongoing development and industry best practice.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-11-16 10:47:41.0000000', 121),N'Slimstock ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-29', 120),N'Katerina Turner-Soukeras',N'Citi expect EMIS is coming back',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-11-22 17:29:59.0000000', 121),N'Project Encore ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-29', 120),N'Daniel Morgan',N'This is the advanced surgery division of Baxter, which contrians seprafilm, which we looked at previously. The merger with Hillrom means that this is a small piece of the group and has significant competition from J&J and Ethicon. No immediately being considered but the M&A / Strategy team mentioned it.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-11-26 09:21:58.0000000', 121),N'Baxter Advanced Surgery ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-29', 120),N'Daniel Morgan',N'Baxter will divest of the Haemodialysis Business in the coming months. It is probably going to be divested in two chunks (i) small group of three specialist clinics in Spain and (ii) the products piece which is the machines and kits and is large with $1bn of revenues.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-11-26 09:31:07.0000000', 121),N'Baxter Dialysis ''21'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-29', 120),N'Abhishek Kumar',N'Part of LIS/LIMS sector review',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-03-18 22:38:56.0000000', 121),N'Agilent Carve Outs ''21'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-29', 120),N'Robin Sie',N'Suite of applications focused on electronic clinical outcome assessments and other analytics. Formed in 2018 through the merger of CRF Health and Bracket by Genstar Capital.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-11-03 08:06:46.0000000', 121),N'Signant Health ''21'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-29', 120),N'Daniel Morgan',N'OpSec provides technology and services to combat fraud and counterfeiting both on-line and physically. It does this through the provision of hardware (tags, holograms), software (royalty platform, on-line monitoring) and professional services (analysis and evidence for legal cases). Was a fully completed P2P by Investcorp in 2016 (they first too a minority stake in 2010!), completed an important transaction in 2019 and a new CEO Feb 2020 (he has a track record of growth). Worth understanding further.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-11-11 14:47:28.0000000', 121),N'OpSec ''21'),
    (N'Action - 3. Date agreed',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-29', 120),N'Daniel Morgan',N'HTR company. Inspired Education Group is a co-educational, non-denominational, international provider of private schools. Tipped by Citi.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-11-22 16:52:16.0000000', 121),N'Inspired Education ''21'),
    (N'Action - 4. Post meeting',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-29', 120),N'Katerina Turner-Soukeras',N'Legal publishing, research and data business. Rumoured to be coming to market during 2021 now that Globe is fully integrated. Has apparently been growing well, particularly in the US. Covid impacted events but this is now a very small part of the business.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-02-11 14:26:00.0000000', 121),N'Law Business Research ''21'),
    (N'Action - 4. Post meeting',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-29', 120),N'Thomas Lloyd-Evans',N'Tip to TLE and RT from Andrey at MS. Ocean Technologies Group is an education and training specialist focusing on the maritime sector. Backed by Oakley who combined Seagull (we looked; too small) and VideoTel to create a business doing around €35m EBITDA (there were strong synergies). Oakley may be open to an approach. To dust off our notes.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-05-25 15:44:19.0000000', 121),N'Ocean Technologies Group ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-29', 120),N'Adam Caesari',N'cap hpi is a leading UK based provider of vehicle specification and valuation data that currently sits with Solera Inc., a US headquartered automotive software and data company owned by Vista. In recent months there has been increasing market noise that Solera (which recently went through a failed attempt at a SPAC) would be open to selling the Business. Solera has had a trouble 18 months and has undertaken a number of deep cost cutting exercises across its business and was rumoured to be potentially running close to covenants. The cap hpi business is rumoured to be doing ~£50m revenues and £27m sales. ES knows the Managing Director of the Business and has re-established contact.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-04-22 23:33:27.0000000', 121),N'cap hpi ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-29', 120),N'Ronan Tunney',N'UK based provider of education related software, services and consultancy',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-06-22 13:53:04.0000000', 121),N'Tribal ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-29', 120),N'Abhishek Kumar',N'Potential carve out from Biotest. Supplier of plasma protein products and biotherapeutic drugs.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-06-22 14:34:28.0000000', 121),N'Biotest Carve Outs ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-29', 120),N'Daniel Morgan',N'Technology and services for running clinical trials. We have met management to be progressed following the offsite.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-06-24 10:56:03.0000000', 121),N'Calyx ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-29', 120),N'Catherine Parry',N'IT managed services provider for multi-cloud, data protection and cyber security, owned by MML Capital Partners. CFO followed Montagu on LinkedIn. Latest results were ~£9m EBITDA on ~£44m revenue. Provides a combination of managed IT services, SaaS, Cyber security-aaS, Infrastructure-aaS, hardware and software supply, support and implementation. Based in Birmingham. Unclear how revenue is split and it might be too much of a one stop shop/consulting side for us but worth a check?',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-09 16:39:22.0000000', 121),N'CSI ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-29', 120),N'Daniel Morgan',N'Corporate pension programmes/wealth management provider making mid-teens EBITDA. Tipped by PwC and Spencer House have the mandate.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-16 15:38:04.0000000', 121),N'Punter Southall ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-29', 120),N'Robin Sie',N'UK based digital health platform with a buy and build strategy to become a pan-European telehealth service provider. Focused on GP-consultation services with mento health and musculoskeletal-related services.

    Backed by investment firm Marcol, where CEO Ranjan Singh is also the MD of Digital Health. Rumoured to be ~EUR100m revenue with no info on profits.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-11-02 11:41:12.0000000', 121),N'HealthHero ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-29', 120),N'Catherine Parry',N'See ''14 opportunity. Tusker offers car benefit schemes. Apparently doing well with the introduction of electric cars and now doing €20m EBITDA. Evercore have mandate and Coolin at PwC knows well.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-11-04 18:38:09.0000000', 121),N'Tusker ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-29', 120),N'Daniel Morgan',N'Tip from Citi, Nov 2021',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-11-22 18:08:25.0000000', 121),N'Project Essex ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-29', 120),N'Daniel Morgan',N'Citi tipped, Nov 2021. Provides chemicals / coatings.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-11-22 18:12:59.0000000', 121),N'Project Crocodile ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-29', 120),N'Daniel Morgan',N'Tipped by Citi, Nov 2021. Supplier of heat treatments, metal joining, hot isostatic pressing and coatings services.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-11-22 18:15:13.0000000', 121),N'Project Boom ''21'),
    (N'Deal - WIP',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-29', 120),N'Thomas Lloyd-Evans',N'The business offers secure data erasure and mobile diagnostics solutions for corporations, governments and computer remarketing companies. Listed, doing £11m EBITDA on £40m, trading at EV of £180m. Soros owns 20%. Interesting market, perhaps worth a quick dig? Based in UK but CEO Matt Jones looks like he''s in California',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-07 10:09:27.0000000', 121),N'Project Bell ''21'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-26', 120),N'Adam Caesari',N'Highlighted in the Freshfields pipeline doc - coming in next 12 months. DM has a relationship / in to the Company.
    9/8/21: According to Arma, someone has been mandated a few weeks ago
    14-Oct-21: Accd to John Meehan, process launch expected in late Q4, 15m of EBITDA',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-06-22 10:46:01.0000000', 121),N'Smartstream ''21'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-26', 120),N'Daniel Fischer',N'Much of what we do means a change for our customers'' employees. New work habits, new technology platforms, new processes and applications, and often also a change in management style and collaboration.
    We not only bring the technical competence with us, we understand what change means and support our customers in avoiding the typical resistance to change.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-11-24 10:19:08.0000000', 121),N'Skaylink ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-26', 120),N'Daniel Fischer',N'TrustQuay was formed from the merger of Microgen Financial Systems and Touchstone Wealth Management, to become the global leader in technology for the trust, corporate services and alternative fund administration markets.We have over 30 years’ experience in servicing the specific technology needs of the Trust, Private Client, Corporate Services and Fund Administration sectors. We engage closely with stakeholders across the industry on regulatory, operational and other matters via our events programme, customer advisory groups and our active memberships of key industry bodies throughout the world.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-11-24 09:57:53.0000000', 121),N'TrustQuay ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-26', 120),N'Christian Wolf',N'As the technological leader in the field of non-invasive ultrasonic flow measurement with ultrasound, FLEXIM continuously sets standards. Our clamp-on ultrasonic measurement systems FLUXUS measure virtually anything that flows, liquids as well as gases.
    FLEXIM considers itself not only as a manufacturer of measuring devices, but more comprehensively as a provider of customer-driven solutions and services.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-11-25 11:12:30.0000000', 121),N'Flexim ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-24', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'Founded in 1963 and is based in Aachen, Germany. KISTERS develops software for the management of energy (energy generation, smart metering, forecasting, smart grid technology), water (hydrology, ground water, meteorology, urban drainage, etc.) and air resources (air quality monitoring, industry air quality pollution), as well as solutions for environmental protection and safety (Dangerous goods management, Hazardous substances information system), logistics, monitoring and 3D viewing. Among its customers are some of Europe’s major energy corporations, including E.ON, RWE, Endesa and Enel. The company is the market leader for energy data management systems in Germany',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-11-24 08:50:26.0000000', 121),N'Kisters ''21'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-24', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'SPARETECH is an innovative industry 4.0 company, founded by Ex-Porsche and Ex-DFKI Managers. With our collaboration platform, we are going to revolutionize how spare part management is done in the future. Using cutting-edge technologies, languages and tools from the field of semantical data management, big data and automated data processing, we are contributing a valuable puzzle piece for the industry 4.0 vision of a digital twin.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-11-17 09:58:52.0000000', 121),N'Sparetech ''21'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-24', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'Modelon offers systems modeling and simulation software that accelerates product innovation, development, and operations in a range of industries. Modelon’s flagship product, Modelon Impact, is a cloud-native system simulation software platform featuring a collaborative browser-based interface and thousands of proven models and components spanning a broad range of applications. Headquartered in Lund, Sweden, and with global reach, Modelon is an expert industry leader in model-based systems engineering with a focus on leveraging open standard technologies.

    Modelon’s simulation software leverages open-standard technologies. This open-standard technology, Modelica, enables users to share models efficiently and effectively throughout the product development cycle.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-11-17 10:19:09.0000000', 121),N'Modelon ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-24', 120),N'Martin Daberkow',N'Offers hardware/software for ‘usage based insurance’ business models for insurances (InfoMobility). Provides IoT hardware (mostly generic) as well as the respective software or app for the consumer and a platform for the insurance company. Runs to platforms:
    (i) Car: Targeted at business customers and fleet managers (B2B) with telematics, managed services, maintenance etc. and consumers (B2C) with automated emergency calls in case of an accident
    (ii) Household: Smoke detectors, cameras etc. which is connected to the internet and allows for remote surveillance and automated emergency calls
    - Headquartered in Switzerland close to the board to Italy; the business is entirely focussed on Italy
    - Majority hold by Palamon (Jul-18; valued at €100m)',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2019-07-25 12:26:18.0000000', 121),N'FairConnect ''19'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-24', 120),N'Martin Daberkow',N'Software solutions based on AI and Operations Research to automate decision making. Offers a broad suite of specialised software solutions for logistics & supply chain, manufacturing, fraud prevention, aviation, automotive
    - Tipped by Raymond James (Sebastian Wintgens)
    - Assumes the entire implementation and calibration of the software (i.e. turn-key solutions)
    - Heavily focussed on consulting and integration work (with more than 750 business analysts, data scientists and software engineers)
    - Based in Aachen Founder owned (>50%); CEO owns 28% and intends to retire
    - According to Raymond: €95m Revenue and €12-13m EBITDA (13% margin)
    - According to Bundesanzeiger (FY17): €80m revenue and €7m (9% margin; flat vs FY16). About €7m R&D p.a.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2019-07-25 12:29:10.0000000', 121),N'Inform ''19'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-24', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'Simplified and automated recruiting processes
    from job creation and publication to applicant management.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-12-16 17:22:53.0000000', 121),N'GermanPersonnel ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-24', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'Mindcurv is a leading creator of transactional
    digital solutions through advanced eCommerce
    platforms, cloud and IoT
    Founded: 2011
    HQ: Essen, Germany',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-04-15 15:38:05.0000000', 121),N'Mindcurv ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-24', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'The Unicon Software Entwicklungs- und Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH was founded in 1993 in Karlsruhe and is growing continuously. Today, the company is a leading provider for software solutions in Server Based Computing.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-08-12 15:39:41.0000000', 121),N'Unicon Software ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-24', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'As a group of companies, GRÜN develops market-leading industry software, especially for the target groups clubs and associations, donation organizations, educational providers, publishers and media companies and time management. Thanks to additional agency services, the GRÜN Group is also a holistic strategy partner for the digitization of its medium-sized customers and significantly exceeds the solution portfolio of classic software companies.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-08-12 16:14:09.0000000', 121),N'GRÜN Software ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-24', 120),N'Martin Daberkow',N'B2C platform for European last mile parcel shipping

    • Delivery platform for B2C parcel shipping throughout Europe
    • The platform connects shippers to >100 local last-mile carrier
    • The processes during shipping are optimized (i.e., customer experience, transparency and analytics)
    • Various eCom blue-chip customers (e.g., Westwing, Best Secret, ASOS)
    • Digital+ Partners & btov Partners lead investors
    • ~€100m revenue, 2x since March''20',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-11 14:58:49.0000000', 121),N'Seven Senders ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-24', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'It was set up as an association for the protection of creditor interests and implements innovative, digital solutions to minimise financial risk for its customers, by which it substantially contributes to their business success. KSV1870 protects entrepreneurs from financial loss, shores up their liquidity and identifies new growth opportunities.

    Credit reports from anywhere in the world, debt recovery services and legal representation in insolvency proceedings help ensure professional risk management and safe business transactions. KSV1870 offers innovative business analytics solutions to drive new growth. Intelligently analysed business data from a variety of data pools are played out in real time and open the doors to new revenue potential.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-11-17 11:08:56.0000000', 121),N'KSV ''21'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-24', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'Germanedge helps you to shape the future of your company now. With our innovative technologies, we develop software solutions for Industry 4.0 that enable our customers to produce in a more intelligent, flexible and sustainable manner. Maximum efficiency at any point in time, at any point in production.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-12-16 16:46:28.0000000', 121),N'Germanedge ''20'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-23', 120),N'Robin Sie',N'Vineti provides supply chain software for cell and gene therapy. The platform acts as a \"smart plumbing\" across the value chain to assure chain of custody within the most complex supply chain, logistics, reimbursement, and patient-monitoring workflows.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-11-03 08:49:54.0000000', 121),N'Vineti ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-23', 120),N'Abhishek Kumar',N'Genesis is the only No-Code / Low-Code Application Platform built for Financial Markets.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-11-08 14:30:48.0000000', 121),N'Genesis Global ''21'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-23', 120),N'Amarvir Bhullar',N'For discussion at the Summer 2019 offsite. Hawk-Eye is a leading innovator in sports technology. Currently used in 20+ sports, covering 20k+ games across 500+ stadiums in over 90 countries. Generates revenues via long term contracts (e.g. goal-line technology with the premier league). Acquired by Sony in 2011. According to company house financials it has been growing at ~20% per year, and did ~£9m EBITDA in 2017 (pushing it towards our sweet spot).',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2019-05-31 10:59:40.0000000', 121),N'Hawk-Eye Innovations ''19'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-23', 120),N'Robin Sie',N'Vernacare has acquired Frontier medical - may have put the group into our size range so worth refreshing over the summer?

    £8.5m EBITDA and potentially >£10m after the acquisition of Frontier Medical''s Infection Prevention division. Potentially of interest given our new strategy?',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-07-15 07:13:51.0000000', 121),N'Vernacare ''20'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-23', 120),N'Daniel Morgan',N'Standalone EHS platform and remaining piece of the SAI Global business following the sale of the assurance piece to Intertek. We''ve spoken to the CEO previously and should tried to again. Owned by Baring Private Equity.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-11-12 14:12:11.0000000', 121),N'SAI360 ''21'),
    (N'Action - 4. Post meeting',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-23', 120),N'Ronan Tunney',N'Software used by fleet operators to interact with suppliers across procurement, maintenance, hire, remarketing and vehicle licensing. Mentioned by Solifi CEO as an exciting challenger.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-22 15:15:24.0000000', 121),N'epyx / 1link ''21'),
    (N'Action - 4. Post meeting',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-23', 120),N'Christoph Leitner-Dietmaier',N'See also Ronan''s LTSA opportunity. Appearing at Lincoln growth conference but also now tipped by Rebecca Pigula at CIL. Developer of cloud-based channel management software used by life sciences suppliers to drive channel collaboration and improve the efficiency of how products reach customers. The company''s data and business process platform enables customers to manage their supply chain relationships, inventories and orders across a vast network of retailers, e-commerce and distributors, providing customer operations, national accounts and finance teams with a collaborative, agile and mobile alternative to ERP and homegrown systems. Owned by Axcel-KKR since 2016. Based in US and now doing ~£50m revenue.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-26 16:16:43.0000000', 121),N'IntegriChain MMB ''21'),
    (N'Action - 4. Post meeting',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-23', 120),N'Robin Sie',N'UK-based platform for retirement wealth planning (e.g. administering SIPP, GIAs, ISAs) for financial adviser firms, which recently acquired Nucleus, an online financial planning and investment platform. The combined group generates ~£28m EBITDA (incl. £8m of realised synergies) and is set to realise another £24m of cost savings (i.e. £52m PF EBITDA) from a replatforming from Bravura to FNZ (with whom James Hay has a long-term strategic partnership in exchange for ~7.5% stake).

    DM/RS had a chat with CEO Richard Howley, who is keen to roll and has plans to grow to £150m EBITDA in 5 years, in part through identified and executable M&A.

    Current PE owner Epiris is not able to fund further growth but is keen to roll for a minority stake according to Howley.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-11-17 17:10:44.0000000', 121),N'James Hay ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-23', 120),N'Christoph Leitner-Dietmaier',N'Grown rapidly and now doing £14m EBITDA.

    Provides managed services, IT infrastructure products and Cloud services to the financial services sector worldwide. The company offers Core, a managed technology solution that provides customers with a single outsourced technology service encompassing various aspects of financial sector technology. Its Core platform comprises components, which include desktop, communication, and access technology delivered from the Cloud. Privately owned by a number of individuals. Made c.£3m EBITDA to Dec 13 so too small currently. Potential Future Star, but need to have a closer look first.

    SK - 09012020 - sold to Abry Partners',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2016-02-10 18:32:00.0000000', 121),N'Options Technology ''16'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-23', 120),N'Catherine Parry',N'Suggested by Andrew Tyler (previously at Northrup and now a serial PE Chair); who sees a specialist technical engineering services business, partly driven by offshore wind. The group currently has four businesses in marine support, specialist technical, offshore (oil) and tankships EV of £640mn, which is an all time low - but this is because it is a turnaround - and has been hit by the pandemic. Its not for us.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-07-15 07:39:48.0000000', 121),N'Project Jim Cod ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-23', 120),N'Abhishek Kumar',N'Preclinical CRO drug and medical device testing. The Company provides in vivo, analytical, and in vitro testing services for the medical device, pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors. Toxikon’s services include biocompatibility, surgical and ocular models, extractable & leachable (E&L), risk assessments, microbiology (cleaning, disinfection and sterilization validations), toxicology (including toxicity, genetic toxicology and carcinogenicity), PK, TK, ADME, chemical characterization, impurities analysis and synthesis and bioanalytical.

    Founded in 1982 by Dr Laxman Desai who remains President / CEO. Headquartered in Bedford, MA.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-30 17:09:17.0000000', 121),N'Toxikon ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-23', 120),N'Ronan Tunney',N'The UK''s leading independent British manufacturer of laparoscopic instruments and devices for the NHS and private sector healthcare organisations.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-19 14:09:43.0000000', 121),N'Purple Surgical ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-23', 120),N'Hayley Winter',N'£10mn EBITDA business that provides pharmaceutical services giving early access to medicines for physicians and patients. Expecting to be sold off of £14m EBITDA.
    Clearwater have been given the mandate.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-25 13:21:59.0000000', 121),N'WEP Clinical ''21'),
    (N'Tip - No Process',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-23', 120),N'',N'Shippeo is a provider of Real-Time Transportation Visibility (RTTV) services. Shippeo provides predictive and real-time delivery information for clients to optimize their supply chain via a SaaS platform. The Company does multimodal tracking of deliveries, gathering data from all players in the supply chain: boats, ports & terminals, over-the-road carriers (Full TruckLoad or \"FTL\" and Less-Than Truckloads or \"LTL\"), telematics and connection to Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) of parcel carriers for last-mile deliveries. Shippeo uses this data to provide information and a proprietary algorithm to calculate a shipment’s Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA). Shippeo also provides supply chain implementation projects for clients. The Company''s business model revolves around charging clients for access into the platform, ostensibly charging a fee per delivery, as well as charging one-off fees for advice on supply chain optimization. As of January 2021, the Company connected >140k carriers and 2.5 million assets from >700 data sources. Shippeo is a leader of RTTV in Europe, and operated in > 70 countries. The Company had 7 offices in Europe (France, the UK, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands). Over 2020, Shippeo generated 75% of is sales abroad. Shippeo addresses a B2B customer base of 70+ large clients operating in diverse industries with complex supply chains such as retail (Auchan, But, Castorama, Leroy-Merlin, Carrefour), consumer goods (Eckes-Granini, Roquette Frères, France Boissons), automotive (Faurecia), heavy industry (Thyssen-Krupp, Saint-Gobain), transportation & logistics (Kühne + Nagel, Ewals Cargo Care, FM Logistic, ID Logistics), energy & telecommunications (Prysmian Group, Hager Group). The Company is headquartered in Paris (FR) and had ~160 employees per January 2021 (+19% vs October 2020).',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-11-23 10:13:36.0000000', 121),N'Shippeo ''21'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-19', 120),N'Thomas Lloyd-Evans',N'Scheu Dental we looked at in 2018 and chopped as too small (€8m EBITDA then). It was acquired by Armira* at that time, so it may be coming up again soon. The business provides a range of dentistry and orthodontic equipment and services.

    *',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-11-15 17:14:24.0000000', 121),N'Scheu Dental ''21'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-19', 120),N'Benedikt Schmidt',N'Egoditor GmbH (\"Egoditor\") is a provider of \"Software as a Service\" for QR- code marketing. The company supports small and large companies
    implementing mobile marketing campaigns and digital touch points for sharing content or media. (Currently owned by Flex Capital)',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-11-17 21:14:51.0000000', 121),N'Egoditor ''21'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-19', 120),N'Benedikt Schmidt',N'MSO Solutions GmbH (\"MSO\") is a software application provider focused on digitalising, automating and standardising a company''s
    management, administration and support processes in one application. (Information as of 2021). The company is founder owned.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-11-17 21:18:41.0000000', 121),N'MSO Solutions ''21'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-19', 120),N'Jan Ohlendorf',N'Comyno is a specialised FinTech company with more than 15 years of experience in securities finance, focusing on software and consulting. They work with leading private and public financial institutions, clearing houses and triparty agents, combining our expertise in strategy, processes and technology.

    Their innovative strength is demonstrated by expertise in the area of Blockchain/DLT and its practical application, e.g. its usage in their trading software.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-11-18 15:01:31.0000000', 121),N'Comyno ''21'),
    (N'Action - 4. Post meeting',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-19', 120),N'Benedikt Schmidt',N'Pharma company that produces oral medication for dry AMD (and other diseases) from folates.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-11-11 20:18:16.0000000', 121),N'Aprofol ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-19', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'aconso is the inventor of the digital personnel file and the market and innovation leader for cloud software in HR document management. The aconso group of companies has been setting new standards for a digital HR department with its vision of fully automating HR processes since 2001.
    aconso has already paved the way into the digital age for more than half of the German DAX companies - over 10% of German employees already use aconso''s digital personnel files. The aconso group of companies implements the digitization potential of its customers in the areas of document management & document creation, internal correspondence and personal data acquisition including scanning and logistics and thus offers its customers an all-round service from a single source.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-05-10 11:22:35.0000000', 121),N'aconso ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-19', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'We are IT service providers, consultants and product manufacturers for banks, insurance companies and financial service providers. For our customers we automate business processes, develop software solutions for digital sales and increase the efficiency of IT systems. Use our in-depth advice and highly specialized software to advance digitization in your company.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-25 15:53:51.0000000', 121),N'b+m ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-19', 120),N'Christian Wolf',N'Founded in 2013, CHRONEXT created the first digital platform for buying and selling new, vintage and second-hand luxury watches. CHRONEXT combines the easy access and convenience of an online website with the first-class service of a boutique and supports its customers in all phases of buying and owning a luxury watch. The company guarantees a shopping experience of the highest quality online as well as in the 11 exclusive lounges worldwide. The control of the entire purchase process is incumbent on CHRONEXT and is ensured by a team of more than 20 in-house watchmakers. They check every watch in a 17-step authenticity and quality control process and issue a 24-month CHRONEXT guarantee.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-11-15 14:17:31.0000000', 121),N'CHRONEXT ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-19', 120),N'Benedikt Schmidt',N'doxx GmbH is a provider of recruitment services for medical personnel',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-11-17 21:08:54.0000000', 121),N'Doxx ''21'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-18', 120),N'Jan Ohlendorf',N'LiveEO uses satellite imagery to provide innovative infrastructure monitoring in the verticals railway, electricity and pipelines and empowers the operators to save in operational expenses by observing dangers from vegetation, height changes and third party interactions along the network.

    The Company closed a ~€5m Series A in April 2021 and is looking to raise funds in early 2022.

    Approach in the wider VertiGIS context.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-11-18 09:21:41.0000000', 121),N'LiveEO ''21'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-18', 120),N'Jan Ohlendorf',N' is an Austrian start-up generating a semantic 3D digital twin of Earth for planetary management based on satellite data and AI.

    The company recently raised ~$20m in a round led by M12 and Point72 Ventures.

    Approach in the wider VertiGIS context.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-11-18 09:36:41.0000000', 121),N'Blackshark ''21'),
    (N'Action - 4. Post meeting',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-18', 120),N'Thomas Lloyd-Evans',N'ATCORE is Inflexion-backed travel industry software and a current Future Star of DM''s. Flagged by Paul Dolman (now at Lathams) to TLE and RT that they''re likely to run a dual-track post summer. Might still be too small but would be odd if so if they''re considering listing.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-07-23 13:12:38.0000000', 121),N'ATCORE ''21'),
    (N'Action - 4. Post meeting',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-18', 120),N'Rebecca Versteeg',N'More than 250 life science manufacturers of all size and complexity rely on IntegriChain’s ICyte Platform to orchestrate commercial and government payer contracting, patient services, and distribution channels.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-19 13:39:12.0000000', 121),N'IntegriChain ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-18', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'The SOLVARES GROUP specialises in the expansion of innovative software companies. All of them are united by a high degree of innovation, a clear focus and, at the same time, by maintaining their individuality. Shared strength and the use of synergies, which emerge from the unification of strong companies, contribute to the fact that each individual company, as well as the SOLVARES GROUP, continue to evolve and develop successfully.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-20 07:32:24.0000000', 121),N'Solvares ''21'),
    (N'Tip - In Market',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-18', 120),N'',N'Family-owned Danish manufacturer of acoustic panels founded in 1935. Sale process led by Clearwater International, marketed off 2021 forecast EBITDA of DKK 150m (EUR 20m), from DKK 110m in FY20 and DKK 83m in FY19. Exposure to construction cycle. ESG credentials due to low-carbon wood-based products.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-11-18 09:16:56.0000000', 121),N'Troldtekt ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-17', 120),N'Pawel Czarnowski',N'Swiss/Polish-based global aesthetics company with in-house developed dermal products and medical devices, addressing the problems of aging skin and serving aesthetic and surgical markets',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-18 11:35:33.0000000', 121),N'Matex Lab ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-17', 120),N'Mateusz Andrzejewski',N'Ellisphere is a French business intelligence company supporting businesses in acquiring, credit scoring and compliance assessment of their clients. Bought by management, Andera Partners, Tikehau Capital and Bpifrance from AnaCap in July 2019.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-19 09:01:00.0000000', 121),N'Ellisphere ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-17', 120),N'Rebecca Versteeg',N'Data, AI and cloud consulting / outsourcing. 15 week training programme for STEM graduates who are then placed in 1-2 year contracts for data analytics roles at corporates. £7-8m EBITDA expected to triple due to strong demand / gap in market for people with these skills. PwC mentioned - apparently strong management team (also owners) looking for an investor. Arrowpoint appointed on sell-side, PwC on VDD.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-19 14:13:47.0000000', 121),N'Kubrick ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-17', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'Luxstream GmbH is a manufacturer of innovative and high-quality LED lamps for professional applications in industry and commerce.

    When they founded the company in 2009, they were one of the first specialized LED manufacturers in Germany. Today, more than 10 years later, they still have the same entrepreneurial spirit as on the first day and are constantly developing themselves, their products and the market.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-03-02 17:46:21.0000000', 121),N'Luxstream ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-17', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'Leonteq focuses on industrialising the production process for structured investment products and unit-linked life insurance policies and on providing its clients and issuance partners with high standards of service delivered by an international team of experienced industry professionals.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-03-11 16:04:01.0000000', 121),N'Leonteq Securities ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-17', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'LogPay Financial Services GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of the DVB Bank SE (National Association of German Cooperative Banks). As a factoring company, it buys accounts receivable in the transport market. With an annual turnover of over 4 billion euros, it''s one of the top market leaders in claims management.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-04-23 12:45:01.0000000', 121),N'LogPay Financial Services ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-17', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'Kärcher Futuretech develops and manufactures mobile systems in the field of CBRN Decontamination, Water Supply, Mobile Catering and Field Camp Systems for military and civil defense operations. Complementary to its innovative product portfolio Kärcher Futuretech provides customer-centric logistical services and training worldwide, even in remote areas. With its headquarters in Schwaikheim, near Stuttgart, Kärcher Futuretech is a wholly owned subsidiary of Alfred Kärcher SE & Co. KG. The company currently employs 125 employees under the leadership of Mr. Thomas Popp.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-04-23 13:20:08.0000000', 121),N'Kärcher Futuretech ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-17', 120),N'Michael Arnez',N'NextPharma is a pharmaceutical contract development and manufacturing organisation serving worldwide markets.
    NextPharma provides a full range of pharmaceutical services across the entire supply chain, including pharmaceutical development, clinical trials services, analytical services,commercial manufacturing and packaging, generic dossiers and licensing.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-08-06 15:21:16.0000000', 121),N'Nextpharma ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-17', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'LiCONiC is driven by its position as the world''s leading manufacturer of automated incubators and small size plate storage systems for the life science industry. By investing in research and development LiCONiC creates products and services that address the growing complexity of today''s laboratory automation.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-11-24 14:30:40.0000000', 121),N'LiCONiC ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-17', 120),N'Sabrina Ramge',N'LANDWEHR Computer und Software GmbH is one of the leading service providers of highly specialized software solutions for the sectors of personnel services, building services, event services as well as agricultural and trading companies. We see ourselves as your full service provider: from advice to the installation of hardware and software to comprehensive services - since 1994.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-12-16 17:18:29.0000000', 121),N'zvoove ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-17', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'Making eye surgery safer, simpler and more efficient - this was the core principle of Emil Hohl when he founded Medicel in 1996 in Widnau, Switzerland. Since the successful market launch of the first injector in 1999, Medicel has continued to innovate. Medicel later became part of Halma PLC, a British health and safety group, and also sister companies with numerous ophthalmic companies such as Keeler, Volk, MST, Accutome and Visiometrics.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-01-19 08:00:36.0000000', 121),N'Medicel ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-17', 120),N'Pascal Ambrosi',N'"Pickup Services sounds like a French version of InPost. Owned by La Poste. \"Provides solutions to pick-up parcels with its multi-format network of independent shops',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-01-20 14:50:39.0000000', 121),N'Pickup Services ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-17', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'ITM Isotopen Technologien München AG is a privately owned biotechnology and radiopharmaceutical group of companies dedicated to the development, production and global supply of targeted diagnostic and therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals and radioisotopes for use in cancer treatment.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-01-28 17:19:03.0000000', 121),N'ITM Isotopen Technologien München ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-17', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'KONUX’s vision: Transform railway operations for a sustainable future
    KONUX’s mission: Make railway the mobility choice of tomorrow by increasing capacity, reliability, and cost-efficiency',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-02-03 16:39:50.0000000', 121),N'KONUX ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-17', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'Do you have a complex claim or other liability case and would like a second opinion, a legal opinion or individual support? Then contact our experienced and international team of over 70 lawyers, who have expertise in several areas.
    Would you like a revision of your claims files abroad in order to meet your control obligations under Solvency II or to check the quality of processing? We offer you a review of these files and create a test report for each file.
    Are you planning to expand into new markets and need advice on foreign law? We will show you the differences by comparing the two legal systems and protect you from pitfalls that could jeopardize your expansion plans.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-02-17 16:43:10.0000000', 121),N'InterEurope ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-17', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'Some of the world''s biggest brands depend on KOBIL to protect their business and their customers. Only the highest security standards and best user experiences are good enough.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-05-18 14:54:27.0000000', 121),N'KOBIL ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-17', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'InVivo BioTech Services GmbH is a leading German contract manufacturing organization with more than 20 years of experience in mammalian cell culture and production of monoclonal antibodies and recombinant proteins.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-06-30 15:31:51.0000000', 121),N'InVivo ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-17', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'Established in 1998 by a team of scientists from the Max-Planck-Institute of Molecular Physiology (Dortmund), Jena Bioscience utilizes more than 25 years of academic know-how to develop innovative reagents for clients from both research and industry in 100+ countries. To date, Jena Bioscience still remains an owner-operated business.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-07-01 17:43:17.0000000', 121),N'Jena Bioscience ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-17', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'LS telcom is the world''s leading provider of technologies and consulting services for the efficient use of radio spectrum in all radio services.
    In an increasingly digitally networked world, we ensure that all frequency users benefit from radio services to the maximum. We optimize spectrum management and usage in all markets and market segments and enable new business models in vertical markets based on the Internet of Things (IoT)',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-08-25 07:34:11.0000000', 121),N'LS telcom ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-17', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'This enables us to offer your company a broad product portfolio and a large selection of materials.

    We select the appropriate specialist from our network to meet the requirements of your order. You will then receive your metal parts delivered on time - without any lengthy order processing or time-consuming supplier management.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-14 09:10:02.0000000', 121),N'Laserhub ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-17', 120),N'Michael Arnez',N'Beckhoff implements open automation systems using PC-based control technology. The product spectrum comprises these main areas: Industrial PCs, I/O and fieldbus components, drive technology and automation software. Product series are available for all areas, which can be used as individual components or function collectively as a complete, harmonized control system. Our New Automation Technology philosophy stands for universal and open control and automation solutions that are used worldwide in a wide variety of applications ranging from CNC machine tools to intelligent building automation systems.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-21 12:17:12.0000000', 121),N'Beckhoff Automation ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-17', 120),N'Thomas Lloyd-Evans',N'Tip to Claudia from Oppenheimer who are sellside. Digital Barriers is a Volpi Capital-owned provider of tools to help manage lifestreamed video surveillance. Customers are governments and businesses. Small - made £1m EBITDA on c.£20m revenue. Profitability set to shrink as they will shift model from licence to SaaS. Not for us. Have suggested to Wireless Logic.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-18 16:08:04.0000000', 121),N'Digital Barriers ''21'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-15', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'Global Supply Chain Finance Ltd. (GSCF) is a Swiss company specialized in servicing Supply Chain Finance (SCF) programs with the use of a highly-advanced processing platform. GSCF is headquartered in Zug, Switzerland.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-03-16 15:33:02.0000000', 121),N'GSCF ''21'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-15', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'Manage digital assets with the highest security and flexibility.
    METACO Harmonize is an orchestration system for digital assets.
    From cryptocurrency custody and trading to tokenization, staking and smart contract management, the platform seamlessly connects institutions to the new world of decentralized finance.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-11-15 12:36:37.0000000', 121),N'Metaco ''21'),
    (N'Action - 4. Post meeting',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-15', 120),N'Thomas Lloyd-Evans',N'Cybersecurity tech business serving B2B and B2C markets. Finnish-HQ, listed, trading at 17x. Made €23m EBITDA on €218m revenue (seems rather low margin). Listed, but founder still has 38%. We considered back in 2008. Worth checking out again?
    Note - they have announced a review of their Consumer division',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-01-07 11:38:19.0000000', 121),N'Project Falcon ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-15', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'We provide a full range of intelligent eCommerce and supply chain solutions specifically designed for the complex world of healthcare. Our technology processes millions of purchase orders and invoices a year across Europe - each one is cleaned, checked and processed in a matter of seconds, helping you comply with the latest regulatory standards and requirements.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-01-28 17:12:23.0000000', 121),N'GHX Europe ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-15', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'Thieme is the market-leading provider of information and services that help improve health and healthcare. The family business with its more than 1000 employees develops digital and analog offers in medicine and chemistry. The international group of companies with 11 locations worldwide uses a broad network of experts and partners as well as the high-quality content from 200 specialist journals and 4400 book titles. With its range of solutions, Thieme supports relevant information processes in science, in training and in patient care. The focus here is on medical students, doctors, nurses and therapists, clinics, health insurance companies and anyone interested in health. The Thieme Group aims to provide you with exactly the information, services and tools that you need in a specific work situation or phase of life.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-03-04 15:11:37.0000000', 121),N'Georg Thieme ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-15', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'Humanstate is a private technology services group that combines state-of-the-art Web-based applications with on-demand payment processing. Working from offices in Switzerland, the UK, US, Canada and South Africa, we are inspired and united by the drive to create great user experiences and delightful digital products.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-03-25 13:53:40.0000000', 121),N'Humanstate ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-15', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'GOD is Best Practice IT Enterprise. We are a medium-sized company and have grown over decades. We understand the everyday details and we see the big picture as well. We understand the process models of large corporations and public clients and we can integrate seamlessly. And of course we are also at home in innovative, agile process models.
    GOD experts are subject-specifically certified and we run our project management according to the competence model of GPM.
    With successful certifications according to ISO 20000 and ISO 15504 (SPICE) and IT Security Management based on DIN ISO 27001, we continuously strive to refine our service management.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-04-07 10:24:25.0000000', 121),N'GOD ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-15', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'We stand for high quality laboratory medicine through the most modern technology and high professional competence of our team. Our specialists and employees look after and advise you at 9 locations in Vienna. The group practice is your partner for all laboratory tests from a single source. has a strong service team for you and your patients. Through continuous training measures, on the one hand by the own advanced training academy and on the other hand by external partners, all employees are kept up to date with the latest in modern laboratory medicine.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-05-27 18:10:52.0000000', 121),N' ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-15', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'Incentage was founded in 2002 and is a leader in financial messaging, payments and securities processing, and business activity monitoring software. Our solutions enable Banks, CSDs, Insurance companies and other financial institutions to increase automation.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-06-17 16:39:51.0000000', 121),N'Incentage ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-15', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'Infors AG is a market-leading manufacturer of incubator shakers and bioreactors. Production, sales and servicing of all our devices are performed in-house and qualifications for cGMP-compliant use are available upon request.
    To maintain our cutting edge, we follow industry trends and developments carefully. Our customers are our most important partners. We stay in close contact with institutions and companies around the world to develop the tools and technologies of the future',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-06-17 16:51:15.0000000', 121),N'Infors AG ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-15', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'GeneWerk GmbH provides highly sensitive platforms and bioinformatics to determine fusion sequences adjacent to known DNA or RNA fragments in minimal tissue samples down to the single cell level.
    Applications include clonality and safety of (viral) vectors in gene therapy, on-target specificity of designer nucleases, immune repertoire studies in T cells and B cells and next generation sequencing (NGS).
    GeneWerk’s unique worldwide experience in gene therapy studies, bioinformatics, NGS, and associated regulatory demands can help to build the solutions you need by individual consultation.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-07-14 09:56:19.0000000', 121),N'Genewerk ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-15', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'Ingentis is composed of a team of over 80 employees working at the headquarters in Franconian Nürnberg. This is where our software solutions are developed and where our Service & Consulting team provides customer support. Since August 2018 our subsidiary Ingentis Inc. in California represents an additional and even closer point of contact for the growing number of potential buyers, customers and partners in North America.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-08-16 14:37:48.0000000', 121),N'Ingentis ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-12', 120),N'Katerina Turner-Soukeras',N'Lifetime Training is a corporate training specialist offering apprenticeship, recruitment services, self-funded training courses and bespoke courses across public and private sector employers.
    Silverfleet acquired Lifetime from Sovereign in 2016 for c.£115m EV. (c.10x EBITDA).
    Jul ''18 financials show revenue of c.£60m, up from c.£40m in Jul ''18 2015. EBITDA grew from £10m in 2015 to £13m in 2016, and has since remained flatish (£13.5m in latest figures).',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2019-07-18 10:34:03.0000000', 121),N'Lifetime ''19'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-12', 120),N'Hayley Winter',N'This is a platform backed by L&G, Tencent and Amadeus Capital. It is platform that has been developed to speed up the diagnosis of genetic diseases. Its used by various diagnostic laboratories, academic centres and premier healthcare organisations. Its also the platform of choice for Genomics England.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-11-04 16:14:39.0000000', 121),N'Congenica ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-12', 120),N'Abhishek Kumar',N'Medicinal chemistry CRO, the former CEO and now Chairman is a contact of DM. Takeda Ventures is a backer. Probably too small. Maybe an add-on for Sterling.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-11-04 16:26:56.0000000', 121),N'Domainex ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-12', 120),N'Christoph Leitner-Dietmaier',N'Its a young business but worth watching. VAKT is looking to automate and digitise the post trade world of commodities trading. So fits with our capital markets software piece and more broadly energy information. We know the Chairman who was ex S&P and DM knows one of the investors. To track for the future.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-11-05 13:01:58.0000000', 121),N'VAKT ''21'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-12', 120),N'Amarvir Bhullar',N'Identified as part of Project Ireland 2021 refresh. PPL is the UK’s music licensing company for over 120,000 performers and recording rightsholders, they license recorded music when it is played in public or broadcast on the radio or TV in the UK and then distribute the fees to the performers and recording rightsholders they represent. Through a network of international agreements with collective management organisations (CMOs) in other countries, PPL is also able to collect royalties for performers and recording rightsholders when their recorded music is played around the world. Business appears to be owned by the owned by record companies which may make this difficult to unlock. Reportedly did ~£270m revenues last year.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-23 14:49:33.0000000', 121),N'PPL UK ''21'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-12', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'CorEvitas collects and provides access to highly structured, unbiased, and complementary data sources providing a range of solutions tailored to your company’s needs.Whether you are a global pharma or an early-stage biotech, we listen carefully to develop solutions tailored to your real-world evidence needs.
    CorEvitas provides data- driven insights to clients regarding their drugs and the therapeutic landscape.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-11-11 10:43:24.0000000', 121),N'CorEvitas ''21'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-12', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'The first software that enables businesses to monitor and reduce their emissions, while improving their ESG performance. Our software empowers businesses to manage their carbon accounting, while mitigating their negative impact on the planet. Making them the leading stakeholder in the fight towards net-zero.
    We help solve problems and proposing solutions that make sense for companies, people and our planet.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-11-11 10:49:56.0000000', 121),N'PlanA Earth ''21'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-12', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'Established in 1984, CSS AG continuously develops modern, user-oriented business software for demanding mid-sized companies of all industries - also for international use. CSS is one of the major developers of business software in Germany with nearly 2.000 customers. More than 210 employees ensure the optimum care for our customers at nine locations.
    The user will find all features for an optimum display of business processes in about 30 modules - all from a single source. Therein lies the great value - this makes the solution so comfortable.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-11-11 11:01:08.0000000', 121),N'CSS ''21'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-12', 120),N'Michael Arnez',N'We offer precision instruments and services for many applications in research and development, quality control, production, logistics and retail to customers around the world.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-11-11 14:31:09.0000000', 121),N'Rainin - Mettler Toledo ''21'),
    (N'Action - 3. Date agreed',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-12', 120),N'Tobias Weltin',N'Körber AG is a strategic management holding company with headquarters in Hamburg that manages the Group and its five Business Areas: Digital, Pharma, Supply Chain, Tissue and Tobacco.

    In the Supply Chain division, we offer a wide range of proven solutions that enable our customers to master the complexity of the supply chain.

    Our Business Area Pharma offers solutions for safe and efficient processes for the manufacture, inspection, and packaging of pharmaceuticals as well as for pharmaceutical traceability.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-01 13:05:51.0000000', 121),N'Körber Supply Chain Software ''21'),
    (N'Action - 4. Post meeting',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-12', 120),N'Tobias Weltin',N'Link Fund Solutions (LFS) is a specialist provider of outsourced middle and back office administration, fund accounting services and custodial services to a range of clients.
    Fund solutions business on Link. Around A$28m (€18m) EBITDA. UK (2/3 of revenue), Ireland, Luxembourg, Australia hubs. TW in discussion with CFO of Link Group.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-03-10 12:13:55.0000000', 121),N'Link Fund Solutions ''21'),
    (N'Action - 4. Post meeting',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-12', 120),N'Katerina Turner-Soukeras',N'HSBC are undertaking a strategic review for Babcock and th outcome is likely to recommend the sale of the emergency response training business from Avincis. Avincis was acquired by Babcock 8/9 years ago and wasn''t a success as part of the business provided helicopters to oil rigs. This sounds hard but we should understand it better.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-07-15 07:51:12.0000000', 121),N'Avincis Emergency ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-12', 120),N'Thomas Lloyd-Evans',N'ACe: Privately owned provided of HR software solutions. Last accounts to March 2018 show it doing c.£5m EBITDA on £16m of revenue (growing revenue at c.20% plus in last three years)TLE: Activpayroll is a privately-owned £8.5m turnover £2m EBITDA provider of payroll software. Growing fast. Future star. New accounts due in Dec.
    18.11.13 - still future star given current size but probably worth making contact with Alison Sellar (CEO and majority shareholder).',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2016-06-01 16:55:00.0000000', 121),N'Activpayroll ''16'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-12', 120),N'Thomas Lloyd-Evans',N'Microlise is a Nottingham based founder owned business doing 30-40m revs and c.7 ebitda so too small. do fllet tracking technology - e.g. fitted to all jcbs etc.Might be interesting standalone in time, but right now, EY are selling a similar business in Aus called MTData and it might be worth a combination discussion (e.g. bidding with Microlise?) Probably worth an exploratory chat2017-03-09 Alex Challans: Flagging as duplicate as apparently the CEO is starting to meet PE. Continues to grow and we should try and get a meeting',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2017-01-26 14:00:00.0000000', 121),N'Microlise ''17'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-12', 120),N'Tobias Weltin',N'We specialise in the development and marketing of sophisticated investment management solutions and services. As well as product development, our one-stop service includes consulting and implementation. Our clients are located in the major financial centres of Europe and Asia.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-02-18 18:09:13.0000000', 121),N'Profidata ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-12', 120),N'Philipp Käster',N'Nordic Capital owned ophthalmic clinic group Veonet (comprising Ober Scharrer Group in Germany, SpaMedica in UK, Eyescan in Netherlands, Vista in Switzerland) will come to the market in September. The group is marketed off an EBITDA between 120 and 150m EBITDA. J.P. and GS advising on the sell side. We will try to have a look through Artemis.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-08-26 08:18:02.0000000', 121),N'Veonet ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-12', 120),N'Sami Khan',N'IRIS are looking to focus on growth in US in their core business and their education business may therefore be available to be carved out. Could be difficult given CMA considerations (IRIS own iSAMS, competitor to ESS SIMS), but PS financials (financial management solution for schools - competitor to FMS6) would also be attractive. SK to look into.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-07 14:19:48.0000000', 121),N'IRIS Education ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-12', 120),N'Daniel Morgan',N'UK-based expert network platform and a direct competitor to Thirdbidge (they are both challengers to GLG). According to materials from the ThirdBridge process, AlphaSights has a similar size to ThirdBridge, but twice the margin, as it''s more automated. It''s been gaining market share over the last years. It generates around $40m in EBITDA and is owned by private individuals who are also co-CEOs.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-12 13:31:46.0000000', 121),N'AlphaSights ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-12', 120),N'Sophie Hoas',N'Left field but we have been looking for something in natural colours and flavourings. Nactarome is Europe''s leading supplier to the SME market. EUR30 mn of EBITDA operations in Italy, France and UK. Owned by an Italian investment fund. Customers tend to innovate more and also a platform for further EU buy & build. Lazards are apparently advising.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-12 16:26:54.0000000', 121),N'Nactarome ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-12', 120),N'Christian Wolf',N'We enforce your right to reimbursement and compensation in the event of flight delays and cancellations!
    Our service has revolutionised legal practice: Flightright helps all passengers to exercise their rights and enforce them with the airlines. So what do we do differently? The conventional approach of going to see a lawyer is not the most convenient and can often involve a lot obstacles and time. At Flightright, we are committed to enforcing passenger rights with our online-based legal service. Our service is known as “legal tech” and it is a refreshing, alternative to the conventional legal practice.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-28 07:44:17.0000000', 121),N'Flightright ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-12', 120),N'Philipp Käster',N'Crash simulation software used by automotive OEMs. Also do outsourcing projects. Growing around 15% p.a. and assumed to do c. €10m EBITDA. Stifel-led process.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-28 12:17:14.0000000', 121),N'DYNAmore ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-12', 120),N'Ronan Tunney',N'Regnology is a leading international provider of innovative regulatory, risk, and supervisory technology solutions (RegTech, RiskTech, and SupTech), of AEOI and tax reporting products, as well as of services along the Regulatory Value Chain for financial services. = Bearing Point',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-11-03 11:33:06.0000000', 121),N'Regnology ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-12', 120),N'Daniel Fischer',N'Smallest business unit of Heraeus.
    A corporate orphan that is subscale and doesn’t fit into the strategy.
    Carve-out not overly complex and mostly G&A related (IT, HR, Finance, etc.) – Operations are standalone. The business has operated rather independently already.
    Manufacture highest quality platinum temperature sensors that are built into maximum reliability applications e.g. batteries, electric motors, laboratory equipment.
    High reliability and low maintenance key, as it’s critical to the end product and costly for the OEM to change
    Part of the certification of the OEM (if required by the product)
    -Manufacturing is relatively complex (e.g. clean room) to achieve quality standards
    -No aftersales or services. Some recurring elements via entanglement into OEM’s products and product lifecycle
    -Tailwind from mega-trends over the long-term expected (electrification, IoT, etc.)
    -Leading market position in some niche segments. Limited differentiation via i) quality and reliability; ii) industry expertise in tailoring the product; iii) R&D / product innovation
    -c.80m revenue and c.12m EBITDA
    -EBITDA margin in mid-teens, targeting +20% in the mid-term, Capex as customary
    -IMs ready, non-binding by the end of the year, 2nd round after Christmas hols
    -Heraeus looking for a smooth exit process with a limited number of keen parties, i.e. kleine Hafenrundfahrt',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-11-04 07:46:34.0000000', 121),N'Heraeus Nexensos ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-12', 120),N'Daniel Morgan',N'IT staffing business owned by TPG Growth, now making £70 million EBITDA, having grown veru strongly. Harris Williams are appointed and having discussions with a small number of parties. It was previously known as Frank Recruitment and owned by Livingbridge who retain a share. Not for us.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-11-04 15:23:47.0000000', 121),N'Tenth Revolution ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-12', 120),N'Daniel Morgan',N'Provider of app-based automotive video software services intended to create a transparent car buying and owning experience for dealership customers. The company''s applications improve the performance of car dealerships by allowing staff to send personalized video presentations of vehicles to customers for sale as well as to evidence parts that need replacing when cars are brought in for service. Doing £5.6m EBITDA/£17.5m revenue. Propose chop due to industry concerns similar to CDK.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-11-04 15:37:26.0000000', 121),N'CitNOW ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-12', 120),N'Martin Daberkow',N'German credit management and collections software focussed at German Banks (~800 customers)
    - Helps automate the credit life-cycle from first application to final payment. Optimized by customer e.g. banks, commercial businesses that give credit, agencies; including supplementary applications such as smart workflows and self-service apps.
    - Owned by Marlin Equity Partners, Raymond James is mandated for sale side.
    - Generates around EUR 10m EBITDA, revenue growth is around 5%-10% annually',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-11-05 11:27:55.0000000', 121),N'Collenda ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-11', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'COLTENE is a global leader in the development, manufacture and sale of consumables and small-size equipment for dental treatment applications. The Dental Group offers a wide range of products, encompassing six segments – solutions for almost all dental treatments. The complete endodontology programme includes root canal preparation with files and rinsing solutions, obturation and post systems. The next extensive range is centred entirely on restorative filling therapy.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-11-04 11:19:54.0000000', 121),N'Coltene ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-11', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'Dentsply Sirona is the world''s largest manufacturer of professional dental products and technologies. Together with our partners, we empower dental professionals all over the world to provide millions of patients with best-in-class dental care to deliver healthy smiles. We are on a mission to transform dentistry to improve oral health globally, and we''re proud to be a preferred partner for dental practices, clinics, dental laboratories, and authorized distributors worldwide.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-11-04 11:32:13.0000000', 121),N'Dentsply implants ''21'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-11', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'With SimScale, globally distributed design and engineering teams can easily share and collaborate on their projects in real time. No more hassle with data exchange or expanding the usage of CAE software across your organization. With SimScale, you can test multiple design versions in parallel and quickly identify the best-performing one. Even in the case of large or complex designs, access to up to 96 cores and real-time simulation allows you to get your results faster than ever before.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-11-03 08:34:10.0000000', 121),N'SimScale ''21'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-11', 120),N'Martin Daberkow',N'As Germany’s leading purchasing service provider in the healthcare sector, we help hospitals, hospital pharmacies and care facilities to become more economically efficient. Since 1993, we have been working closely with suppliers and contract facilities – for the future, long-term success of all parties involved.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-11-11 11:07:51.0000000', 121),N'Prospitalia ''21'),
    (N'Action - 4. Post meeting',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-11', 120),N'Benedikt Schmidt',N'Nexus Telecom provides off-the-shelf solutions and services to monitor, test and measure how a subscriber experiences the service provided by a telecom operator. Nexus Telecom has its roots in Service & Network Performance Management and Roaming Monitoring, and is one of the major players in the Service Assurance Domain belonging to the OSS industry. Nexus Telecom''s analytical software solutions, as well as our real-time investigation systems and techniques, allow telecommunication service degradations and network malfunctions to be quickly detected and appropriate resolutions to be determined',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2015-11-09 22:01:00.0000000', 121),N'Nexus Telecom ''15'),
    (N'Action - 4. Post meeting',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-11', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'Miro is a fast, free, and simple-to-use online whiteboard built
    to help you collaborate with others any time, anywhere. Whether your teams are colocated, distributed, or fully remote, Miro provides an engaging, intuitive experience with multiple options for real-time collaboration and asynchronous teamwork on an online whiteboard.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-11-04 07:59:42.0000000', 121),N'Miro ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-11', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'DWS Digital Investment Plattform emcompasses the B2B service business to administer individual fund accouncts of retail clients on behalf of DWS and third parties. More than 2 m retail accounts in administration',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2019-11-07 08:07:05.0000000', 121),N'DWS Digitale Investment Plattform ''17'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-11', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'Futur Pension has a goal - we want you to get a better pension. By creating attractive savings and insurance solutions and by offering carefully selected funds, low fees and specially developed security services, we want to give your savings the best conditions to grow. We are both happy and proud that we, as the only fund company, have succeeded in meeting the requirements to become eligible in all contractual pension areas. In other words, everyone can choose Futur Pension for their contractual pension.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-02-09 15:11:38.0000000', 121),N'Futur Pension ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-11', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'Based in Germany, we manufacture intuitive, tailor-made software products that can be seamlessly integrated into existing business processes and automate, mobilize and optimize workflows. Today, our products are in use in 60 countries worldwide and EASY is present in 20 locations.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-08-25 07:19:27.0000000', 121),N'Easy Software ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-11', 120),N'Christian Wolf',N'Customer requirements often call for special solutions. Thanks to many years of experience in technical support and engineering, we realize highly professional solutions according to customer requirements.
    The products of the company are suitable for applications, which require high reduction gear ratio, high kinematic precision, zero backlash motion, high torque capacity, high rigidity, compact design in a limited installation space, as well as low weight. They are widely used in automation and industrial robotics, in the field of machine tools manufacturing, in navigation and camera equipment, medical systems and many other fields.
    SPINEA enjoys the membership of international robotics associations, such as the International Federation of Robotics, EU Robotics as well as the German Engineering Federation - VDMA.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-11-03 08:12:16.0000000', 121),N'Spinea ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-11', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'This is the motto that sums up all our efforts: to develop excellent solutions for dental health, with which the work processes in the dental practice can be intelligently simplified. Visalys® CemCore is a dual-curing, adhesive luting and core build-up material. The unique Active Connect technology provides an optimized bond and Visalys® CemCore shows excellent stability even without a stencil.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-11-04 11:15:48.0000000', 121),N'Kettenbach ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-11', 120),N'Philipp Käster',N'ENERGY modernizes outdated technology with customer-specific solutions and actively contributes to increasing the efficiency of systems as well as reducing energy and water consumption as well as CO2 emissions.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-11-11 13:14:56.0000000', 121),N'Project Energy ''21'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-11', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'EXXETA AG is an independent, medium-sized and employee-led management, technical, methodological and IT consultancy. Headquartered in the Karlsruhe Technology Park, EXXETA has more than 550 employees at six locations in Germany and in subsidiaries in Switzerland and Slovakia.
    EXXETA offers holistic, innovative solutions: from specialist and IT consulting to software products developed in-house.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2019-05-23 09:30:23.0000000', 121),N'Exxeta ''19'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-11', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'eGym sells fitness equipment with cloud connection.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2019-05-23 13:50:38.0000000', 121),N'eGym ''19'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-11', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'Deutsche Automobil Treuhand GmbH (DAT) is an internationally active company in the automotive industry that collects, supplements, creates, prepares, structures and then makes available to the market comprehensive vehicle data via a wide variety of media in accordance with its mandate. For over 87 years DAT has been supported by its three shareholders - the automobile associations VDA (Verband der Automobilindustrie), VDIK (Verband der Internationalen Kraftfahrzeughersteller) and ZDK (Zentralverband Deutsches Kraftfahrzeuggewerbe).',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2019-05-29 07:27:39.0000000', 121),N'Deutsche Automobil Treuhand ''19'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-11', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'DVV Media Group GmbH, a subsidiary of Rheinische Post Mediengruppe, has more than 200 employees and publishes around 30 specialist media (print and digital) in Germany and abroad in the fields of \"Logistics and Transport\", \"Maritime Technology and Economics\", \"Rail Traffic and Rail Technology\", \"Travel and Meetings\" and \"Internal and External Security\". The publishing programme includes newsletters, websites and digital specialist media. DVV Media Group also organises congresses and seminars.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2019-07-15 14:17:22.0000000', 121),N'DVV Media ''19'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-11', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'Fernheizwerk Neukölln AG is the local heat supplier for Berlin-Neukölln. Heat has been generated in the striking industrial building on the Weigand bank since 1911 and electricity has been generated again since 2006. In 1988 the company was converted into a public limited company.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2019-07-17 07:23:41.0000000', 121),N'Fernheizwerk Neukölln ''19'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-11', 120),N'Stefan Zobel',N'GK Software SE is a leading software players for the retail sector in Europe and provides end-to-end solutions for stores and enterprise headquarters. GK Software SE serves well-known retail companies, including Coop (Switzerland), EDEKA, Fressnapf, Galeria, Lidl, Migros (Switzerland), Parfümerie Douglas, Tchibo, Telekom-Shops.Global presence. GK Software‘s products used in more than 56,400 retail stores with around 304,000 installations in more than 60 countries. The business will have c. €12-15m EBITDA above c. €120m sales this year. The business is listed on the German stock exchange; the 2 founders together have c. 60% of the shares and want to exit. Arma has been retained to explore potential solutions.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2019-10-24 08:53:40.0000000', 121),N'GK Software ''19'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-11', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'Provision to payment service technologies stationary and online retail.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2019-11-15 08:06:35.0000000', 121),N'Intercard ''01'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-11', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'Leading provider of water treatment equipment for commercial and residential use.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2019-11-15 08:41:30.0000000', 121),N'Grünbeck Wasser ''15'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-11', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'Hamilton Company specializes in the development, manufacturing and customization of precision measurement devices, automated liquid handling workstations, and sample management systems. Hamilton''s processes are optimized for quality and flexibility. Whether it''s a custom needle with a quick delivery time frame, a special length pH sensor, or a comprehensive solution to fully automate your assay workflow, trust that Hamilton products will always meet your needs.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-01-29 18:43:56.0000000', 121),N'Hamilton Bonaduz ''20'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-11', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'Owner-managed, innovative, international: Gühring KG with headquarters in Albstadt-Ebingen is one of the world-wide leading manufacturers of rotary precision tools for metal machining. With approximately 8,000 employees, in excess of 3,500 in Germany, in excess of 70 production locations in 48 countries the company develops, manufactures and distributes innovative cutting tools.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-03-06 16:03:35.0000000', 121),N'Gühring KG ''20'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-11', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'iC-Haus GmbH is a leading independent German manufacturer of standard iCs (ASSP) and customized ASiC semiconductor solutions. The company has been active in the design, production and sales of application-specific iCs for industrial, automotive and medical technology since 1984 and is represented worldwide. The iC-Haus cell libraries in CMOS, bipolar, and BCD technologies are fully equipped to realize the design of sensor, laser/opto, and actuator ASiCs.
    The iCs are assembled either in standard plastic packages or using chip-on-board technology to manufacture complete microsystems, multichip modules and optoBGA/QFN, the latter in conjunction with integrated sensors.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-06-11 19:21:11.0000000', 121),N'iC-Haus GmbH ''20'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-11', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'InnoSenT has developed into a leading provider of radar technology since it was founded as a small startup.
    InnoSenT is currently covering the requirements in the automotive and industrial sectors with standard products and customized solutions. This primarily includes radar applications in the areas of security (e.g. protection of areas, shutdown and warning functions), comfort (e.g. automatic switching and control), and environmental protection (e.g. reduction of energy and water consumption by means of need-based control).',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-06-11 19:34:24.0000000', 121),N'InnoSenT GmbH ''20'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-11', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'Our software is tested and validated using standardized concepts and processes in a comprehensible and statistically verifiable manner in order to meet the highest demands of our customers. HELLA Aglaia draws on a wealth of experience in the development and processing of certified series and software projects',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-09-30 10:16:25.0000000', 121),N'HELLA Aglaia Mobile Vision ''20'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-11', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'We protect you wherever you need it: from prevention to detection to defense. State-of-the-art endpoint protection, security services and groundbreaking AI technologies such as DeepRay® ensure that you can fully rely on your digital security.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-10-22 18:57:43.0000000', 121),N'G DATA CyberDefense AG ''20'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-11', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'Like no other company in Germany, Governikus stands for security and confidentiality in digital communication. We have been developing and supporting IT security solutions since 1999, which are standard applications in the areas of e-government and e-justice. With our products, we cover the entire life cycle of electronic data transmission: from authentication and secure data transport to preservation of evidence and long-term preservation of the evidential value of electronic data.
    The foundation of our applications is current law - both national and international. Thanks to our close cooperation with our customers and our participation in various national and international committees, we can react to current developments at any time and drive innovations through open dialogue with administration and the judiciary.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-10-30 13:54:19.0000000', 121),N'Governikus ''20'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-11', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'GS1 Germany accompanies the development and implementation of open, cross-sector, worldwide standards. On this basis, we also develop process and application recommendations. We support companies from different industries in the implementation and show solutions for more added value.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-10-30 13:57:07.0000000', 121),N'GS1 Germany ''20'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-11', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'We are an independent, family owned SME of the German “Mittelstand”. Our clients and employees are our family. We stand by them – today, tomorrow and in the future. Cybersecurity and cutting edge technology is our passion.
    Cybersecurity and IT in the public sector and critical infrastructure.
    We are one of the few companies in the information security space that managed to grow organically to a Cybersecurity consulting and product company.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-10-30 14:11:26.0000000', 121),N'INFODAS ''20'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-11', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'The Inventx promise is three words: Bank on IT. Inventx is the Swiss IT partner for leading financial and insurance service providers.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-12-18 15:19:08.0000000', 121),N'Inventx ''20'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-11', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'Dynamic, data-driven, focused on the customer: coeo is passionate about consistent, digital collection management on the cutting edge! As a future-oriented industry specialist, we are therefore continuously developing and can thus always provide first-class expertise.
    We have core sectors where no-one can easily beat us. These include the sectors of e-commerce, buy now, pay later as well as energy, telecommunications and insurance.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-02-17 16:26:20.0000000', 121),N'Coeo Inkasso ''21'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-11', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'Founded in 2008, we are a privately-held biotech company with two primary areas of business: Pre-clinical contract research (CRO) services and proprietary early target and drug discovery programs.
    Our focus is the metabolic space (obesity, diabetes, NASH and diabetic complications) where we specialize in in vivo pharmacology, peptide chemistry, molecular pharmacology, histology, 3D imaging, stereology, NGS (next generation sequencing), bioinformatics and ex vivo assays.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-05-06 16:27:43.0000000', 121),N'Gubra ''21'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-11', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'Founded as a spin-off from ETH Zurich in 2005, Datahouse has been a big data specialist from the very beginning. It employs a multidisciplinary team of experts from the fields of data analysis, statistics, programming, databases and project management. Today Datahouse is a 100 percent subsidiary of Wüest Partner AG.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-06-17 17:05:36.0000000', 121),N'Datahouse ''21'),
    (N'Tip - Anticipated',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-11', 120),N'',N'We''ve considered before. The business designs and manufactures \"walk to work\" gangway systems to connect vessels with offshore facilities. It''s the \"go-to\" brand. Dutch. 30% wind, 70% o&g. Big growth in offshore wind coming, with tailwind from increasing health and safety regulations. Will get to 50-50 oil & gas vs wind in the next three years. €25m EBITDA. Business model is “Man and Machine”: clients rent a gangway and operative. Or sometimes will sell (then maintain etc). To come to market in Jan, probably. Nick Dalgarno at Piper Sandler (Simmons) selling.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-11-11 16:05:29.0000000', 121),N'Ampelmann ''21'),
    (N'Tip - Don''t Know',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-11', 120),N'Michael Arnez',N'METTLER TOLEDO is a global manufacturer and marketer of precision instruments for use in laboratory, industrial and food retailing applications. The Company has strong worldwide leadership positions. A significant majority of our instrument sales are in segments in which we are the global leader. In addition to a broad product offering, we have one of the largest global sales and service organizations among precision instrument companies.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-11-11 10:32:11.0000000', 121),N'Mettler-Toledo ''21'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-10', 120),N'Tobias Weltin',N'Cloudflight brings together more than 400 visionary digital strategists, experienced software architects, leading data scientists and cloud engineers in 17 locations throughout the world. Together we help our customers to design, build and operate scalable platforms and applications to grow their digital business.
    Our customers are confronted with complex challenges. We solve these with software. As a digital service provider, we design, build and operate durable solutions and accompany our customers along their growth, from consulting and finding the best digital strategy to operation of large-scale solutions. Our customers cover these industries: Machinery & Plant Engineering, Aerospace, Public Sector, Transportation & Logistics , Automotive & Mobility',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-11-01 12:31:00.0000000', 121),N'cloudflight ''21'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-10', 120),N'Tobias Weltin',N'TraceLink is the only network creation platform for building integrated business ecosystems with multienterprise applications - the true foundation for digitalization - delivering customer-centric agility and resiliency for end-to-end supply networks and leveraging the collective intelligence of entire industries.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-11-04 14:18:34.0000000', 121),N'TraceLink ''21'),
    (N'Deal - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-10', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'Schufa is the leading German credit scoring platform being the market leader for credit information on individuals, it maintains also a B2B platform providing credit data on corporates',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2015-04-28 07:01:00.0000000', 121),N'SCHUFA ''15'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-10', 120),N'Daniel Fischer',N'Infinigate Holding AG distributes information technology (IT) security solutions in Europe and offers IT security solutions to protect and defend IT networks, servers, devices, data, applications, and the cloud. Founded in 1996 and based in Rotkreuz, Switzerland with subsidiaries in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, the UK, and France.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-07-09 13:56:00.0000000', 121),N'Infinigate ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-08', 120),N'Robin Sie',N'Owned by CJ Flowers the business is one of the fastest growing wealth management platforms to the mass affluent segment utilising technology to improve service offering and reduce costs. There is a strong ethical consideration - the business wont suport ETFs with more than 3x of embedded leverage. It has a 38% EBITDA margin and revenues of GBP13mn. It has assets under advice of £55bn and 400k customers. It provides share dealing, SIPP, ISA, GIA etc. The business is moving towards a subscription model, although half of its 2020 revenues were from trading transactions. The CEO wants another partner to support its growth over the next 5 years and had been trying to find someone to do this with. The business is considering an IPO and is being advised by Fenchurch. The CEO is happy to engage.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-14 14:41:20.0000000', 121),N'Interactive Investor ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-08', 120),N'Robin Sie-Verbruggen',N'Odin Groep (\"Odin\") is a group of IT service companies. The Group''s subsidiaries are Heutink ICT, Winvision and Previder. Heutink ICT and Winvision are software and hardware suppliers and consultants focussed on workplace management, while Previder is a data centre operator offering hosting and cloud security solutions. The Group is active in the Netherlands and Germany. Odin is headquartered in Hengelo (NL) and employed 466 FTEs on average in 2020 (+5% vs. 2019).

    Focused on medium-sized customers and doing roughly EUR 140 million in revenues (50% managed services, 40% VAR, 10% consulting) and EUR 30 million in EBITDA. Growing ca. 10% Y/Y organically. On top of that quite some build-and-build (2-3 add-ons per year).',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-24 18:56:02.0000000', 121),N'Odin ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-08', 120),N'Christian Wolf',N'Founded in 2013, we are a multi-national brand owner and online retailer with a portfolio of world-class consumer goods brands. With a head office in London and operations spanning 12 countries, our diverse range of products reach the hands of millions of consumers every single year.
    Our ever-growing portfolio of home appliance, personal care and lifestyle brands has been developed to provide innovative and functional products to consumers. We pride ourselves on building and scaling brands that will enrich peoples lives.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-11-01 14:53:04.0000000', 121),N'OneRetailGroup ''21'),
    (N'Deal - WIP',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-08', 120),N'Julian Gresvig',N'Owned by Altor since 2016. Market leading B2B and B2C (associations) residential property management provider (#2 in B2B commercial) in Finland (c.60% of revenue). Also has some B2C brokerage services (c.30%). Entered Sweden though acquisition of Hestia (c.10% of revenue). 2019 budget was €147m revenue and €19m EBITDA.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-10-26 18:16:41.0000000', 121),N'Realia ''20'),
    (N'Tip - No Process',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-05', 120),N'Julian Gresvig',N'Swedish CRM SaaS provider, mainly targets SMEs (low penetration, 10-20% in Sweden in 2019), with core 4 verticals (utilities, real estate, wholesale, consultancy). Long history of strong organic growth plus M&A. c.60% recurring. Organic growth has been 10-20% but fell to 8% in Q3. International sales now c.30% and growing fast. Market cap ~€450m, EV €470m, trading at c.32x NTM at Oct-21. Shares have quadrupled since 2018 listing but flat YoY and 45% down from all time high in Feb-21. Former CEO Erik Syren owns ~10%, otherwise dispersed.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-26 15:38:06.0000000', 121),N'Lime Technologies ''21'),
    (N'Action - 3. Date agreed',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-04', 120),N'Christian Wolf',N'The netgo group has made it its business to be a pioneer of an IT revolution.
    Whether it is a cloud implementation or solutions for disruptive business models,
    fine-tuning of established processes or digital transformation is possible.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-08 06:45:01.0000000', 121),N'Netgo ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-04', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'EA Elektro-Automatik GmbH & Co. KG is Germany''s leading manufacturer of laboratory power supplies, high-performance power packs and electronic loads. In 1974, Helmut Nolden founded the company with the vision of developing high-quality power supply systems for all applications. Today EA Elektro-Automatik is a globally operating, medium-sized company.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-02-17 11:34:33.0000000', 121),N'EA Elektro-Automatik ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-04', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'Cytel is the largest provider of statistical software and advanced analytics for clinical trial design and execution. For over thirty years, Cytel’s scientific rigor and operational excellence have helped biotech and pharmaceutical companies navigate uncertainty, prove value and unlock the full potential of their data.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-03-25 13:01:47.0000000', 121),N'Cytel ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-04', 120),N'Mateusz Andrzejewski',N'Multi-asset ESG & Impact analytics',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-19 16:32:27.0000000', 121),N'YvesBlue ''21'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-04', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'VP became part of Euronext in August 2020, which is the leading pan-European exchange that connects local economies to global capital markets, to accelerate innovation and sustainable growth. As a Copenhagen based central securities depository, we offer you local knowledge of the Nordics along with cross-border securities transactions and services that match the new European environment. Within our range of services, you find secure issuance, clearing & settlement and safekeeping of securities to facilitate the requirements of the financial industry efficiently and reliably.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2014-09-19 15:33:00.0000000', 121),N'VP Securities ''14'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-04', 120),N'Data.Import #',N'Manufacturer of cardio- and endovascular medical devices (home monitoring systems, cardiac devices…) – owned by founders Max Schaldach & Otto Franke',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2015-03-27 10:11:00.0000000', 121),N'BioTronik ''15'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-04', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'Pilot training, Training in simulators, Cabin Crew training',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2018-02-27 09:21:00.0000000', 121),N'Finnair Flight Academy ''18'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-04', 120),N'Tobias Weltin',N'Testing & analysing machines, pumps and other equipment for various industries incl. pharma. Family owned',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2019-09-16 09:15:06.0000000', 121),N'Erich Netzsch ''19'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-04', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'DaVita is committed to elevating the health and quality of life of patients around the world. They continue to expand their operations to improve access to health care in nine countries outside the U.S.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-03-26 18:19:23.0000000', 121),N'Davita Inc. International Business ''20'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-04', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'The WIBERG brand has been part of the FRUTAROM Group since the beginning of 2016. WIBERG continues to supply its customers with the well-known and proven products. The service for their customers also remains high. Belonging to the listed FRUTAROM group expands the product portfolio and the growth opportunity.

    FRUTAROM Savory Solutions Austria GmbH, uniting experience and knowledge of Gewürzmüller, Gewürzmüller Nesse, Mühlehof-Gewürze, WIBERG and Frutarom, develops and produces customized solutions for meat-, fish-, convenience industry and gastronomy. The extensive product portfolio includes processing functional ingredients, starter cultures, casings, spices and seasonings, vinegar and oil and ready to cook or ready to eat components.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-03-26 18:25:28.0000000', 121),N'FRUTAROM ''20'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-04', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'Our comprehensive technical capabilities range from the design and manufacture of minimally invasive, catheter, and handheld technology to the development and production of medical components utilizing advanced materials and processes. We lead the way in the manufacture of high precision silicone and thermoplastic components and tubing as well as metal hypotubes and coating technology.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-04-23 11:59:41.0000000', 121),N'Freudenberg Medical Europe ''20'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-04', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'GEA Farm Technologies GmbH (until 2008 GEA WestfaliaSurge) is one of the two largest manufacturers of milking technology in the world. B. milking parlors, cooling technology, feeding technology, herd management systems, milking hygiene, stable equipment and supplies. GEA Farm Technologies is part of the GEA Group and is the main component of the \"GEA Farm Technologies\" segment.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-05-07 15:51:58.0000000', 121),N'GEA Farm Technologies ''20'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-04', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'EQS Group is a leading international RegTech provider operating in the fields of Corporate Compliance and Investor Relations.
    EQS Group’s products are pooled in the cloud-based software EQS COCKPIT. They ensure the professional control of compliance workflows in the fields of whistleblower protection and case management, policy management, insider list management and disclosure obligations',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-08-06 13:35:10.0000000', 121),N'EQS Group ''20'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-04', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'Dentalpoint AG is the global market leader in the field of metal-free, two-part ceramic implants.

    The company, headquartered in Switzerland, is expected to assert itself as a leader in the development, design and production of ceramic implants over the next 3 to 4 years.

    The pioneering products ZERAMEX® XT and ZERAMEX® P6 are unique ceramic implant systems with a metal-free screw mechanism. ZERAMEX® P6 and ZERAMEX® XT are the first ceramic implants on the market to fully match the quality of high-grade titanium implants.

    Dentalpoint developed a groundbreaking production technology that allows a considerable reduction in production costs and processing time that also allows greater design freedom.

    With greater design freedom Dentalpoint is the only company able to produce in ceramics the high-quality titanium implant designs by leading manufacturers.

    The new technology allowed Dentalpoint to finally produce the new ZERAMEX® XT implant, which enabled entry into an expanded market segment in addition to the already established ZERAMEX® P6. The product was launched in summer 2017.

    To implement this technology and maintain its position as a technology leader in the ceramic implant industry, Dentalpoint is currently establishing its own ceramic competence centre.

    Following the successful validation of the concept in the reference markets, Dentalpoint is now launching its market-leading ZERAMEX® product line with its own field sales force, distribution and OEM partners on the international market.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-08-19 09:38:01.0000000', 121),N'Dentalpoint AG ''20'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-04', 120),N'Hanna Weber',N'DNS: NET is one of the largest German IP carriers and is even the largest alternative VDSL provider to Deutsche Telekom in Brandenburg. We are now present in more than 300 locations - a great success, but our customers and we want even more. With the operation of our own nationwide telephone network, we have created the best conditions to provide our customers with future-proof supplies.
    Thanks to modern switching technology, we can provide both classic analog and ISDN connections and connect customers with Voice-over-IP technology (SIP). We have phone numbers from every local area network in Germany and can port phone numbers to any location.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-08-19 15:00:08.0000000', 121),N'DNS ''20'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-04', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'German subsidiary of the global digital & IT consultancy ENGINEERING with headquarters in Rome and over 12,000 employees worldwide.
    Our expertise, which has been provided a thousand times for well-known companies:
    We guide and support companies in their digital transformation into a successful future - as innovative management consultants, software developers and IT specialists.
    With 360 ° competencies in all future-oriented state-of-the-art topics such as AI, augmented reality, blockchain, cloud, cybersecurity, data, digital platforms, Internet of Things and robotics.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-10-22 18:52:32.0000000', 121),N'Engineering ITS AG ''20'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-04', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'Our products and services help our customers to simplify data protection and migration, eliminate regulatory risk and mitigate long term risk of data loss.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-04-08 14:15:57.0000000', 121),N'FAST LTA ''21'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-04', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'Elinvar enables Asset & Wealth Managers to digitalize their business model.
    By combining cutting-edge technology and the regulatory expertise of a licensed financial portfolio manager we offer our partners a comprehensive range of services. The platform’s flexibility enables the customized solution for each partner.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-06-08 06:52:50.0000000', 121),N'Elinvar ''21'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-04', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'depsys empowers grid managers to evolve their operations using data insights gained from our digital technology.
    By providing unparalleled intelligence, insight, and control, we enable grid managers to simply and successfully manage their operational transition and to guarantee sustainable electricity for future generations.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-06-10 20:31:00.0000000', 121),N'depsys ''21'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-04', 120),N'Ronan Tunney',N'EvidentIQ is a leading international provider of software solutions for drug and medical device studies',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-08 13:49:13.0000000', 121),N'EvidentIQ ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-03', 120),N'Mateusz Andrzejewski',N'Rephine is a leading provider of Good Manufacturing/Clinical Practice (GMP/GCP) audits and regulatory consulting services to the pharmaceutical industry. The business has pioneered a differentiated approach to GMP/GCP auditing through its audit library model, solving common manufacturer and customer pain points caused by increasingly time-consuming and onerous auditing requirements. Deal only just happened, reach out in six months.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-15 08:47:40.0000000', 121),N'Rephine ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-03', 120),N'Hanna Weber',N'Optibrium is a leading drug discovery software provider to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. The market for computer aided drug discovery (CADD) is valued at >£2 billion and is projected to grow at double digit rates in the medium term. Its StarDrop product is a complete platform of integrated software for small molecule design, optimisation and data analysis that enhances the speed and productivity of the drug discovery process. Optibrium’s recently launched Cerella product uses artificial intelligence to learn from complex drug discovery data to target high-potential chemical compounds.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-15 08:53:52.0000000', 121),N'Optibrium ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-03', 120),N'Rebecca Versteeg',N'Capture Higher Ed is a leading enrollment management and marketing firm that helps institutions make personalized, data-driven, timely, and measured connections with prospective students and donors',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-19 13:25:39.0000000', 121),N'Capture Higher Ed ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-03', 120),N'Hanna Weber',N'Provide network visibility, threat detection and operational insight for OT and IoT environments.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-19 13:55:28.0000000', 121),N'Nozomi Networks ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-03', 120),N'Hanna Weber',N'Imaging and dental practice management software',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-19 14:04:47.0000000', 121),N'Planet DDS ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-03', 120),N'Mateusz Andrzejewski',N'IT automation and orchestration platform',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-19 14:18:36.0000000', 121),N'Resolve Systems ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-03', 120),N'Mateusz Andrzejewski',N'Customer information systems for utility companies',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-19 14:39:40.0000000', 121),N'VertexOne ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-03', 120),N'Mateusz Andrzejewski',N'Software for wind farms, focus on optimising output.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-19 14:42:54.0000000', 121),N'Windesco ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-03', 120),N'Rebecca Versteeg',N'Capacity is an AI-powered support automation platform that connects the entire tech stack to answer questions, automate repetitive support tasks, and build solutions to any business challenge.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-19 14:47:03.0000000', 121),N'Capacity ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-03', 120),N'Hanna Weber',N'Full-Stack Monitoring and AIOps',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-19 14:49:02.0000000', 121),N'Netreo ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-03', 120),N'Rebecca Versteeg',N'AppViewX''s platform is a modular software application that enables the automation and orchestration of network infrastructure and public key infrastructure (PKI) using an intuitive, context-aware, visual workflow.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-19 14:55:37.0000000', 121),N'AppViewX ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-03', 120),N'Rebecca Versteeg',N'Net purpose provides raw, quantitative data on the social and environmental outcomes of companies and investment portfolios.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-19 16:35:15.0000000', 121),N'Net Purpose ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-03', 120),N'Mateusz Andrzejewski',N'Regulatory compliance technology and data analytics firm that offers transaction reporting, record keeping, trade reconstruction, best execution and data insight in one comprehensive solution',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-19 16:37:53.0000000', 121),N'SteelEye ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-03', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'Actano GmbH – pioneer of digital transformation. Actano focuses on speed and effectiveness in project management. More than 20 years of experience lead to innovative methods and new software solutions.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-25 12:17:33.0000000', 121),N'Actano ''21'),
    (N'Post-Action - Anticipated HuM',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-03', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'Intland Software’s services and integrated platform help you unlock productivity and break down silos across your enterprise to reduce the complexity of building high quality products.
    Digital transformation is disrupting the global market. We help you take the lead in a fast-evolving technology landscape. Welcome to Intland Software!',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-28 07:26:48.0000000', 121),N'Intland Software ''21'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-03', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'Genedata combines computational, scientific, and technical expertise with extensive biopharma R&D domain knowledge to deliver user-friendly solutions that are scalable, open, and aligned with industry processes.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-05-10 15:20:19.0000000', 121),N'Genedata ''21'),
    (N'Post-Action - Anticipated HuM',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-02', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'See ''16 opp',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-11-02 13:43:20.0000000', 121),N'Rola Security Solutions ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-01', 120),N'Sophie Tang',N'Waste management business owned by Exponent, originally part of DCC and has grown well. Will be sold shortly and Allan has a link with the Chairman. Will come in the next 6-9 months. We should review - we''ve also met Tom Walsh previously.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-20 18:27:27.0000000', 121),N'Enva ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-01', 120),N'Abhishek Kumar',N'US based asset acquired by Thoma Bravo for £332m EV in 2016. They pulled a process in 2020 due to Covid-19 with articles quoting price expectations of $2bn+ EV.

    Imprivata is a developer of single sign-on and access-management software services for the healthcare sector. Present in 45 countries with 3000+ customers (including NHS Scotland).',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-28 14:04:29.0000000', 121),N'Imprivata ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-01', 120),N'Adam Caesari',N'Mobysoft is a Manchester-based predictive analytics software provider to the social housing sector. The flagship product, Rentsense, uses a cloud-based predictive analytics solution to provide recommendations and optimise workflows for over 170 social housing providers, helping to reduce income officer workload and ensure tenants are receiving the support they need (which reduces evictions and improves tenant welfare for the more vulnerable in society). The Business was acquired by ECI in Sep-20 from Livingbridge and was rumoured at the time to have EBITDA of £7-9m. Questions likely to exist around growth but might be worth looking into / meeting a manager (CEO Alexandre Karle previously of Evaluate).',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-28 15:10:56.0000000', 121),N'Mobysoft ''21'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-01', 120),N'Catherine Parry',N'Picked up a technology subsidiary of Prudential on a screen. Turns out it has since been purchased by Tata Consultancy Services (12.11.20), with Tata also having announced the upcoming acquisition of tech division out of Deutsche Bank. Banks are selling just to shed costs so worth checking out other potential targets and anything reshuffled at Tata (Indian IT giant expanding fast)?',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-11-13 12:00:22.0000000', 121),N'TCS ''20'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-01', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'Anark Core transforms technical data and files into use-case-specific technical data packages (TDPs), providing secure access, contextualized visual collaboration, and work/quality data management for supply chain procurement, manufacturing, and field service/maintenance operations.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-25 13:52:39.0000000', 121),N'Anark ''21'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-01', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'one solution!
    With cplace, you can rely on customizable, agile software solutions that meet even the most complex business requirements in the shortest possible time.

    Get started quickly with ready-to-use and fully customizable best practice apps and solution components, e.g. for collaborative scheduling, agile task management, portfolio or risk management. Thanks to our unique technology with no-code, low-code and pro-code, different user groups can develop individual solutions quickly and efficiently. This increases user acceptance in your teams.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-27 06:59:31.0000000', 121),N'collaboration Factory ''21'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-01', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'The history of InnovMetric is one of technological innovations and passion for 3D measurement in which a talented software development firm headquartered in Quebec City, Canada, leverages its key partnerships with industrial manufacturing giants to become a multinational with a direct presence in 16 countries.

    During the first 25 years of our business journey, we’ve pioneered point-cloud-based inspection, invented the concept of a universal 3D metrology software platform, and introduced the most user-friendly CMM sequencing workflow ever designed.

    We’re now massively investing in creating the next-generation digital data and process management technologies that will bring 3D measurement data at the heart of your enterprise processes to significantly reduce time-to-market and fabrication costs.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-27 07:10:30.0000000', 121),N'Innovmetric ''21'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-01', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'Gamma Technologies, LLC. develops and licenses GT-SUITE, a leading multi-physics CAE system simulation software. GT-SUITE includes a complete library of physics based modeling templates covering fluid flow, thermal, mechanical, electrical, magnetic, chemistry, and controls. In addition, higher level modeling templates are available that are specifically designed for specific applications. GT-SUITE applications include powertrain, engine, vehicles of any type, driveline, transmission, hybrids, exhaust aftertreatment chemistry, acoustics, cooling and thermal management and HVAC, hydraulics, fuel systems, lubrication, chain, gear and belt drives, etc.
    We at GT are dedicated to building the most advanced system simulation tools, complemented with carefully designed software solutions that provide major productivity improvements for our customers.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-27 07:50:40.0000000', 121),N'Gamma Technologies ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-01', 120),N'Robin Sie',N'For completeness - Supporting Education flagged by PwC. €180m revenue, €35m EBITDA, ICG owned since 2014. Provider of education recruitment and supply services. Likely to come up in late 2019.

    2020 10 AJC: £30m EBITDA (suggests its been flat) - flagged by Freshfields',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2019-07-12 13:46:53.0000000', 121),N'Supporting Education ''19'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-01', 120),N'Nicole Dixson',N'Customer communications and engagement technology leader serving financial and regulated markets, providing omnichannel document solutions and transforming experiences to strengthen engagement throughout the entire lifecycle. Flagged by Kaspar Roos - expert being used on Smart Comms, who said \"there will be an opportunity here\". ~30% revenues from paper products, and ~70% digital - Toronto based, revenue \"between 100-500m\"',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-09 12:44:48.0000000', 121),N'Doxim ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-01', 120),N'Robin Sie',N'Provider of CRO services including lab-based research and testing services (15% of revenue from pre-clinical, 40% from clinical) and related sample logistics services (55%). It generates €90m revenue and >€35m EBITDA (all organic with the exception of a €1m EBITDA acquisition in 2020; although likely a sizeable Covid bump) and is majority owned by Summit since 2020 (with <10% owned by management and Harbourvest) having acquired it from Parcom.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-29 10:45:01.0000000', 121),N'Viroclinics ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-01', 120),N'Abhishek Kumar',N'San Francisco based start-up focusing on precision medicine. Patented targeted sequencing technologies CleanPlex® DNA, CleanPlex® RNA, CleanPlex® UMI, and OmniFusion™ provide comprehensive solutions to precision oncology, infectious disease testing, inherited disease testing, single cell analysis, molecular breeding and many other applications.

    Raised ~$8m in series A funding in 2017, appears to have been on a positive growth trajectory since. Worth further research.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-30 17:00:59.0000000', 121),N'Paragon Genomics ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-01', 120),N'Nicole Dixson',N'Provider of government cloud services, ~£11m EBITDA, tipped by EY. Advisors have apparently been appointed, but timing / who they are not yet clear. EY to revert with whether this is professional or managed services; LTSA looked and the stat accounts showed it going backwards recently too, to be checked.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-05 10:46:13.0000000', 121),N'UKCloud 2.0 ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-01', 120),N'Katerina Turner-Soukeras',N'Healthcare technology and services company for practice management, pharmacy, and other clinical settings in Ireland and the United Kingdom. It offers software applications (traditional and cloud) and business services to general practitioners and hospital consultants; software applications for community and hospital pharmacies. €16m EBITDA.

    PwC are confident that this is coming to market soon.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-07 14:51:05.0000000', 121),N'Clanwilliam Group ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-01', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'The digital processes of tomorrow don’t exist today. To stay competitive, you need technology that meets your needs today and tomorrow. Aras uses flexible, modern technology that adapts to the user, not the other way around.The Aras industrial low-code platform is built for change. The Aras Innovator Platform allows for faster and more flexible deployments and increases the velocity with which you can develop enterprise applications.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-25 15:18:20.0000000', 121),N'Aras ''21'),
    (N'Deal - WIP',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-01', 120),N'Christian Wolf',N'Obergerg clinic group operates four main clinics focussed on psychological disoders throught Germany. The clinics focus on privately insured patients (PKV) who suffer from depression, dependency, burnout or anxiety.Business has grown nicely organically from €10m to €16m EBITDA and offers attractive consolidation potential.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-07-06 06:47:11.0000000', 121),N'Oberberg ''20'),
    (N'Deal - WIP',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-01', 120),N'Tobias Weltin',N'Software for care providers. Owned by Hg. We were runner up at the time. Likely to become actionable over the next 12-18 months.

    As a professional for software solutions for outpatient care services, inpatient care facilities and therapeutic practices, we bring people together every day. Industry knowledge, first-class service and individual software solutions form the pillars of our work.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-15 12:11:22.0000000', 121),N'Medifox ''21'),
    (N'Deal - WIP',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-11-01', 120),N'Alexander Bokhove',N'We''ve looked at previously information and market intelligence on the petrochemical markets, now being offered up as the final piece in the merger between S&P and IHS Markit. We will speak to Arien who used to manage it. We''ve asked previously and been told no.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-20 10:25:50.0000000', 121),N'IHS Markit Base Chemicals ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-29', 120),N'Philipp Käster',N'Family-run developer of medical imaging systems to detect skin cancer and for hair analysis. Mostly hardware with some software / AI element. Apparently no consumables. EBIT of €5m, growing double-digit. Rumoured to be sold in the near term.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-28 10:24:49.0000000', 121),N'FotoFinder ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-29', 120),N'Philipp Käster',N'Swiss and family-owned company that produces monitoring systems for temperature-sensitive goods in the pharma and medical industry as well as for doping control equipment to ensure safe transportation and storage of urine and blood samples. EBITDA of €7m with margin of 20-25%.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-28 11:00:52.0000000', 121),N'Berlinger ''21'),
    (N'Deal - Won',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-29', 120),N'Antoine de Peguilhan',N'CRM system solutions',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-10 14:45:10.0000000', 121),N'Eudonet ''21'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-28', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'CONTACT Software was founded in 1990 by Karl Heinz Zachries. His objectives from those early days remain our objectives of today: making complex product data more accessible and connecting employees across technical and organizational boundaries.
    \"CONTACT is the leading vendor of software for the product engineering process and the digital transformation. Companies become faster and teams collaborate better.\" Karl Heinz Zachries Founer and CEO',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-06 07:14:38.0000000', 121),N'Contact Software ''21'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-28', 120),N'Michael Arnez',N'With our software products, we offer extensive clinical communication solutions for medical laboratories, hospitals and care facilities. The solutions not only support you in increasing quality and patient safety, but also help you to increase the satisfaction of your patients and employees. Each solution is optimally tailored to your needs and can be used independently of one another.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-13 12:47:03.0000000', 121),N'vireq ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-28', 120),N'Philipp Käster',N'Multichannel mail order business in DACH for clothing. EBITDA of €40m on sales of €233m in FY21FC (17% margin). Primary with strong growth of +25% p.a. Sold by Carl Zeiss CEO Dr. Karl Lamprecht, who is the brother of the founder.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-28 10:06:21.0000000', 121),N'Personalshop ''21'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-28', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'We are technologically highly specialized in consulting on ERP software and in all-in-one IT solutions and we have been one of the world’s largest and most successful Microsoft Dynamics partners for more than 50 years.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-01-19 16:10:09.0000000', 121),N'GOB Software & Systeme ''21'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-28', 120),N'Christian Wolf',N'The company alliance Klingel medical metal group has been established as a full-service-provider for complex high-end components, instruments and implants for prevention, diagnosis, surgical interventions, therapie und rehabilitation. The core competence is in the field of metal precision, especially CNC-machining. Bringing everyone together under one roof allows for an optimal exchange of experience and know-how. The service portfolio created by this merger includes processes like design optimization, CNC-machining, surface treatment, cleaning, assembly, control, labelling and packaging and is therefore unparalleled in its quality and diversity.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-08-25 09:15:26.0000000', 121),N'Klingel ''21'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-28', 120),N'Tobias Weltin',N'Our mission is to support the needs of the electronic industry''s supply chain with a comprehensive suite of forward thinking digital products and services by providing access to reliable technical and technology intelligence, and enabling engineering sourcing for product design requirements.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-13 07:06:25.0000000', 121),N'Sourceability ''21'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-27', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'Clinerion is the worldwide leader in medical data informatics, radically improving efficiency in patient search and identification, increasing effectiveness in clinical research and accelerating the process of drug development to ensure an earlier availability of medicines.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-06-10 20:17:50.0000000', 121),N'Clinerion ''21'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-26', 120),N'Martin Daberkow',N'• ShowHeroes is Europe''s leader in digital video advertising & content solutions for digital publishers and advertisers
    • The company enables web and app publishers to offer highly relevant video content across all screens (mobile & desktop) to their users
    • ShowHeroes’ proprietary video platform consists of a library of thousands of unique video content clips, efficient video asset and playlist management, a sleek and modern video player, as well as cutting edge video advertising technology and in-depth reporting tools
    • Users benefit from the privacy-first, cookie-less approach and yield high engagement rates from contextually matched video content and ads
    • The company operates across 15 international office locations across Europe',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-09 07:54:31.0000000', 121),N'ShowHeroes ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-25', 120),N'Tobias Weltin',N'We support our customers right from the planning stage, offer the appropriate machining process and then develop the right machine including suitable devices and media. In our own test department, we put everything that is developed for customers through its paces. We have gained the necessary experience to meet the high quality requirements of our customers over a period of 30 years – in more than 500 completed projects worldwide.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-20 07:44:28.0000000', 121),N'Stoba ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-25', 120),N'Michael Arnez',N'Evora delivers solutions for integrated planning, scheduling and mobility that delight users. As an international system integrator with focus on mobile workforce management and user experience (UX), we understand and support the business needs of global and regional companies of all sizes. We are an SAP Gold partner, and also have rich experience in Click Software (now part of Salesforce) and ServiceNow.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-20 07:49:12.0000000', 121),N'Evora ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-25', 120),N'Christian Wolf',N'Unique opportunity to acquire the indisputable market leader of comprehensive and high-quality
    machine tool peripherals and services. Well-established Swiss-based global market leader operating in the attractive and fragmented
    1 market of machine tool peripherals, supported by growth trends of tomorrow’s industry demand. Well-established truly global network and dedicated sales channels that ensure close proximity
    4 to clients, shortest lead times and fastest responsiveness, resulting in high customer satisfaction.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-21 10:28:13.0000000', 121),N'LNS ''21'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-25', 120),N'Michael Arnez',N'Bitpanda is on a mission to reinvent the world of finance and bring investing closer to everyone, everywhere. Today’s financial ecosystem is complex, exclusive and expensive, and we’re here to change this as the #1 investment platform in Europe and beyond. Our platform is rooted in the belief that investing should be safe, easy and accessible to all. With Bitpanda, everyone has the freedom and flexibility to invest in what they believe in — commission-free stocks, cryptocurrencies or even precious metals',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-08 06:55:34.0000000', 121),N'Bitpanda ''21'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-22', 120),N'Adam Caesari',N'Provider of automotive data and supporting tools to range of OEMs, dealers, fleet operators and insurers. We looked at the Business previously during our ownership of CAP (when it was too small standalone) and reached out to the founder / owner of the Business (Jake Shafran) then. From the accounts available it looks to have grown strongly in recent years - now doing £80m of sales with £15m of EBITDA (with some recent trading to understand further). Given we are looking at Autovista is it worth reaching out again?',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-04-14 07:43:07.0000000', 121),N'JATO ''20'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-22', 120),N'Adam Caesari',N'Juriba is a UK headquartered provider of IT transformation management software which provides a \"command and control\" platform to help organisations in the management of end-user IT transformation and Evergreen IT projects (e.g. Windows 10, Office 365, Email). The customer sweet spot is currently large corporates (including J.P. Morgan, Morgan Stanley and Aon) but they are developing a more scalable multi-tenanted solution to open up more SME opportunities. The Business received minority investment from BGF in June 2020 but founders still retain a majority. Did £9.6m revenues and ~£4.3m Cash EBITDA in year to Jul-20 but has been growing at 20% p.a. and was beginning to get traction in US so may be worth reaching out early to CEO and Founder Barry Angell. To discuss with CLD if interesting from an ITRS perspective as well (both product and end market perspective).',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-07 16:37:57.0000000', 121),N'Juriba ''21'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-22', 120),N'Thomas Lloyd-Evans',N'Ovarro is the old Servelec Technologies business. Was bought by specialist PE Laurel and has grown strongly since by M&A and organically. Made £7.4m EBITDA on £32m turnover last year.. worth revisiting?',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-11 14:46:33.0000000', 121),N'Ovarro ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-22', 120),N'Thomas Lloyd-Evans',N'Idea from screen: this is the smallest of Getinge''s three divisions and has a flattish profile. Did €41m EBITDA on €237m revenues to Dec ''19. It provides equipment and services to prevent contamination in biopharma production, research, mfr and labs. Explicitly separate from the larger \"Surgical Workflows\" division. The group trades at only 9x. We''ve looked at things in Getinge before (AdP most recently).',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-02-23 16:36:27.0000000', 121),N'Getinge Life Science ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-22', 120),N'Thomas Lloyd-Evans',N'We were tracking Scanmatic as a Future Star. It has now been combined with three other companies and rebranded as Volue - an \"Industrial IoT greentech business\". This has now (as of last week) been listed on the Oslo Bors. Still 75% owned by same corporate owner, Arendals Fossekompani (€1.5bn EV, trading at 30x). CEO is Trond Straume. Makes about €22m on €100m (and trading at about 25x).',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-05-12 10:40:49.0000000', 121),N'Volue ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-22', 120),N'Thomas Lloyd-Evans',N'Irish Wealth Management business owned by Investec Bank. Probably core, therefore, as Investec appear to be pushing this service currently. To check out (size per CapIQ £24m EBITDA)',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-08-03 09:07:12.0000000', 121),N'Neontar ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-22', 120),N'Thomas Lloyd-Evans',N'"Supplier Assessment Services (SAS) was carved out of Capita by Warburg Pincus in June 2018 (may come up again soon therefore?). Allegedly it is now a \"high growth',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-08-24 16:25:13.0000000', 121),N'Supplier Assessment Services (SAS) ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-22', 120),N'Thomas Lloyd-Evans',N'Privately-owned haulage telematics business. Accounts show £6m EBITDA on £12m turnover and growing. Does tachograph analysis, dynamic vehicle tracking, daily vehicle checks and DVLA Licence checking wrapped into a complete transport management software. Worth checking out? Wireless creds may help. Sounds a bit like Radius',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-11 13:07:37.0000000', 121),N'Road Tech Computer Systems ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-22', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'Imagine delivers the easy-to-use technology that drives entire front-to-back office operations. Whether you need to improve portfolio performance, perform stress tests and limits monitoring, aggregate firm-wide risk or deliver transparency, Imagine has the solution to fit your needs.
    Imagine is a global software, data, analytics, and services firm providing real-time portfolio management, risk, and regulatory solutions for financial firms worldwide.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-13 09:50:12.0000000', 121),N'Imagine Software ''21'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-22', 120),N'Thomas Lloyd-Evans',N'DLF Seeds is a seeds business, based in Denmark, owned by 2800 small Danish grass seed growers and therefore quite possibly untransactable. Made €80m EBITDA on €1bn to Jun 2020. We''ve looked into seeds before; wonder if it''s worth briefly revisiting and potentially trying the CEO. Would be LTSA-like rather than midmarket',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-21 16:09:30.0000000', 121),N'DLF Seeds ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-20', 120),N'Nicole Dixson',N'Has just completed and acquisition and this might put it more in to our size range. Someone should check - also a trigger to catch-up with the CEO.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-12 16:18:36.0000000', 121),N'Aptitude ''21'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-20', 120),N'Robin Sie',N'Tech enabled ISO certification and compliance business. Too small, future star.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2019-06-14 13:11:30.0000000', 121),N'Amtiva / British Assessment Bureau ''19'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-20', 120),N'Amarvir Bhullar',N'Towerbrook-owned healthcare staffing company. Sounds hard. Moelis reckon coming in 12-24 months.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2016-01-27 17:23:00.0000000', 121),N'Independent Clinical Services ''16'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-20', 120),N'Sami Khan',N'Supplier of third party optical transceivers. Market US6bn growing at 10% pa. Formed by the merger of ProLabs in the UK and AddOn Computer Peripherals in the US. making $35mn of EBITDA this year growing to $45mn next and the CEO apparently believes the business can be doubled in size.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-11-13 13:24:19.0000000', 121),N'Halo ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-20', 120),N'Hayley Winter',N'A specialist provider of biostatistics and data science services for clinical trials. Invested in by Charterhouse at the start of this year. Small per Due Dil July 20 accounts £2.6mn EBITDA. To track for now but a fit with Calyx too. Picked up through some screening in Frankfurt.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-04-14 10:22:11.0000000', 121),N'Phastar ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-20', 120),N'Adam Caesari',N'Project Insight - Inflexion has bought together Autofutura, GForces, Chrysalis and is about to do one other acquisition. The group facilitates buying / selling / financing of cars has done well through the pandemic. It may well still be too small but we know the Chairman who can facilitate and introduction to the CEO.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-06-09 10:46:12.0000000', 121),N'Automotive Transformation Group (ATG) ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-20', 120),N'Daniel Morgan',N'This is a provider of technology and service to help firms set up and manage equity compensation plans. At one point there were discussions between Equatex and Global Shares. It is backed by the US firm Motive Partners. Its growing top line at 50% per annum and so is probably through £25mn of revenues. Not profitable by the last accounts, but we should keep a close eye on this one. Owned by Motive Partners.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-06-09 18:05:46.0000000', 121),N'Global Shares ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-20', 120),N'Sophie Hoas',N'Fund administration business we looked at previously with Strata. We are now considering putting an offer to the shareholders, one of who we believe will consider selling.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-06-24 08:26:34.0000000', 121),N'Harmonic ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-20', 120),N'Robin Sie',N'Privately owned manufacturer of silicone rubber for sealing, insulation and protection of applications in a wide range of industrial sectors (over 2,000 formulations). £14m EBITDA (based on previous years ~25-30% margin).',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-08-23 15:46:29.0000000', 121),N'Silicone Engineering ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-20', 120),N'Daniel Morgan',N'Owned by Caledonia who are pulling out of direct PE investing and so their stake may be for sale. It provides wealth management advice and administration to family offices and high net worth individuals. Run by Chris Merry formerly of IPES who we know.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-17 07:45:39.0000000', 121),N'Stonehage ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-20', 120),N'Hayley Winter',N'Veramed operates in the bioinformatics space - using advanced data analytics to support biopharma through their clinical trial process.
    The Business operates in the UK & the US and provides one-off consultancy services as well as a longer term functional service provider model.
    Candesic said the business is being sold by Rothschild off £10m EBITDA this year. Investment thesis could be a roll-up of small providers in the space',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-23 13:50:10.0000000', 121),N'Veramed ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-20', 120),N'Katerina Turner-Soukeras',N'Carve out of the personal lines insurance platform of BGL making £55mn EBITDA. Owns brands such as Beagle Street and Dial Direct but also whitelabels for Co-op and Lloyds Insurance.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-28 14:53:14.0000000', 121),N'BGL Carve-Out ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-20', 120),N'Catherine Parry',N'Company suggested by Misha Buchowsky. Remote monitoring and management software firm with 100,000 users, as well as offering automation, discovery and inventory, patch management solutions. Some of the products look ITRS-like so might be worth checking out? Looks like it has previously been in the news re. ransomware attack so might be tricky. Pitchbook suggests financials of £78m EBITDA/ £242m revenue. HQed in Dublin with strong presence in N. America especially. TPG invested $500m in 2019.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-01 09:20:13.0000000', 121),N'Kaseya ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-20', 120),N'Christoph Leitner-Dietmaier',N'Amtivo Group is the parent company of The British Assessment Bureau which is a tech enabled ISO certification and compliance software business based in Kent. Roll-up of smaller HSE businesses backed by August Equity now growing into our size range £8-10m of EBITDA, will likely come next year (HL pitching). Could also fit with Alcumus.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-01 09:45:49.0000000', 121),N'Amtivo ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-20', 120),N'Thomas Lloyd-Evans',N'Fonix is a mobile messaging and payments platform \"for engaging with and monetising consumers via mobile\". Listed, £150m EV, trading at c.14x fwd EBITDA. Founder and CEO together hold 35%. No process, just an idea. Has grown well.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-11 14:32:35.0000000', 121),N'Project Fountain ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-20', 120),N'Thomas Lloyd-Evans',N'£169m EV listed software and data management provider to pharma and chemicals businesses. Made £6.3m EBITDA on £34m rev last year, growing. Fragmented shareholder base. Has done well on stock market; maybe one to track',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-11 16:06:51.0000000', 121),N'Project Instant ''21'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-20', 120),N'Sophie Tang',N'We''ve retipped this as we understand Baird are appointed for a sale in the first half of next year. Its actually doing EUR7mn now and will do EUR9mn next. Also M&A on-top.

    B2B online and in-person language and soft-skills training business, serving 1,250 clients with 100,000 global users. Company is based in Spain, owned by Beech Tree Capital. Allegedly making £10mn but the accounts to Dec 2019 show breakeven (<£0.2)',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-08-05 17:09:59.0000000', 121),N'Learnlight ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-18', 120),N'Mateusz Andrzejewski',N'cybersecurity technology provider',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-01-11 11:15:41.0000000', 121),N'Bitdefender ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-18', 120),N'Sophie Hoas',N'Carnegie mandated as sellside advisor - IMs to be circulated in October. SEK 100m (around EUR 10m) EBITDA.
    Offers fertility testing and infertility work-up procedures, in vitro fertilisation, egg- and sperm-donation treatment, among other services. It has it own R&D division and started up its an egg and sperm bank in 2019. It has 8 clinics in Sweden and 1 each in Oslo, Norway and Reykjavik, Iceland. Livio has around 160 employees and was established in 2000. It’s headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-26 16:07:27.0000000', 121),N'Livio ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-18', 120),N'Thomas Lloyd-Evans',N'A division of Datatec, which will potentially be carved out and is making £12mn. It does consulting but also has benchmarking data. We''ve looked before but its been on the small side. One to reconsider with the new strategy?',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-28 19:08:34.0000000', 121),N'Analysys Mason ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-18', 120),N'Julian Gresvig',N'Nordlo is one of the leading digitalization and managed IT services
    partners for the SME and smaller enterprise segment in the Nordics
    • Nordic company providing IT infrastructure, cloud services and digitization for companies and organizations across a broad portfolio
    • Focusing on SME and smaller enterprises particularly throughout Sweden and Norway, with headquarters in Stockholm
    • Currently consists of merger of 10 Nordic companies (Zetup, Dicom, Office IT-Partner, Netcomp, Insignis, Acon AB, IT total, Lerøen Datapartner AS, Appex Operations and Nisec AS)
    • 6 of the companies have been acquired within the last 2 years, with latest acquisition in February 2021
    • In ownership of 57% by FSN Capital since 2018',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-11 15:10:58.0000000', 121),N'Nordlo ''21'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-15', 120),N'Christian Wolf',N'Every company is faced with the challenge of how to securely save, manage, and share digital data. DRACOON, the Regensburg-based market leader in the field of enterprise file services in the German-speaking region, has made it its mission to give the world back control of its data with the help of its platform.In line with the principle of privacy by design, DRACOON features built-in client-side encryption. DRACOON offers maximum protection of both sent and saved files, because the owner is the only person who has the decryption key. Not even the administrator or DRACOON as the service provider has access. The highly granular user and rights management system makes it possible to define individual permissions for all of the files saved to the platform. This allows authorized users to maintain full control.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-07 13:18:01.0000000', 121),N'DRACOON ''21'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-15', 120),N'Christian Wolf',N'The companies of the procilon Group have specialized in the development of cryptological software and strategic advice on information security and data protection for 20 years.
    As one of the leading full-service-providers of self-developed public-key-infrastructure-solutions, procilon focuses on the creation and management of electronic Certificates , signatures and encryption methods. Our product range comprises everything from simple document encryption as a Service to eIDAS-compliant signature applications, secure management of access and identities and qualified digital identities at trust service providers. Secure Cloud Services complete our portfolio.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-07 13:22:05.0000000', 121),N'Procilon ''21'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-15', 120),N'Christian Wolf',N'digitronic is a valued partner for industry and public authorities – as a German software manufacturer and provider of customized and investment-safe communication, encryption and registration solutions in a professional environment.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-07 13:25:47.0000000', 121),N'Digitronic ''21'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-15', 120),N'Christian Wolf',N'We provide software solutions to protect and manage data that organizations have been entrusted with.
    Integrated data-centric security is part of your overall business strategy.
    Unfortunately, traditional controls focus on the border around the data, keeping data siloed and sometimes unusable. This approach is incompatible with business drivers such as data analytics and automated AI/ML workflows.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-07 13:33:47.0000000', 121),N'Comforte ''21'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-15', 120),N'Christian Wolf',N'Everyone Should Be Able to Ship Good Software!
    Code Intelligence offers a platform for automated software security testing to help developers make their software more robust and secure. CI Fuzz enables you to find and fix bugs in the early stages of the development process. Code Intelligence was founded in 2017. The company is headquartered in Bonn, Germany.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-07 13:40:24.0000000', 121),N'Code Intelligence ''21'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-15', 120),N'Christian Wolf',N'VMRay is owned, led and staffed by technical experts dedicated to serving technical professionals. At VMRay, we are focused on a single mission: to help organizations of all sizes protect themselves against the growing global malware threat. Our automated malware analysis and detection solutions help enterprises around the world minimize business risk, protect their valuable data and safeguard their brands.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-07 13:50:49.0000000', 121),N'VMRay ''21'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-15', 120),N'Christian Wolf',N'With our cyber security framework, we present you the current standard for mastering your cyber security challenges. We determine strengths and weaknesses and provide you with the services for your strategy and security architecture.
    The transformation of business processes is inconceivable without IT security. As your trailblazer and companion, we offer you the security modules that you need for the free development of your organization and the realization of your vision - from initiation through implementation to operation at all levels.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-07 13:55:26.0000000', 121),N'r-tec ''21'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-15', 120),N'Daniel Fischer',N'The digital transformation requires seamless coverage of the entire value chain: the identification and analysis of processes, the automation and digitization of work steps as well as the measurement and optimization of business processes. GBTEC supports its customers with in-depth know-how and unique products in all areas of digital transformation. Our extensive knowledge of digital process optimization and automation and our strong customer orientation have made us known to leading global companies and public sector organizations in a very short time. Since the beginning of our business, we have focused on long-term, successful and partnership-based relationships that represent real added value for our customers.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-13 07:02:37.0000000', 121),N'GBTEC Software ''21'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-15', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'Together we are stronger. As a customer of PROSTEP AG, you benefit not only from our extensive network of technology, sales and service partners but also from our stake in companies that neatly round off the range of solutions we offer. As a member of numerous organizations, we have a finger on the pulse of technology and actively participate in key research and development projects, particularly in the field of standardization.
    PROSTEP is a leading partner for manufacturers and suppliers in the automotive, aerospace, electronics, and other industries. Our strength lies in a combination of experience, process know-how and technical competence. Our worldclass business tools, together with our experienced employees, bring industry best practices that allow you to implement solutions tailored to your specific challenges. Engineering and manufacturing companies benefit from enhanced customer and supply chain collaboration.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-13 12:24:03.0000000', 121),N'PROSTEP ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-15', 120),N'Martin Daberkow',N'German manufacturer and seller of speakers, home cinema and stereo systems
    • Operates as a direct-to-consumer (B2C) audio brand to eliminate
    middleman costs (e.g., online platform, Teufel Stores)
    • Active in DACH region & Netherland in the mid to high-end segment
    • PE-owned (by Naxicap Partners since ''18, formerly by HG)
    • ~200 revenue and ~40m EBITDA
    Tipped by BCG',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-11 13:48:17.0000000', 121),N'Teufel ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-15', 120),N'Christian Wolf',N'Freshness right around the corner. We are very hands on during the shopping of produce, the production, the quality monitoring, the sale, the delivery and even the stocking of our products.
    We are responsible for the daily delivery of fresh sushi, tasty salads and healthy soups to the supermarket of your choice.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-13 07:13:24.0000000', 121),N'Natsu foods ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-15', 120),N'Christian Wolf',N'In our three strategic business areas of industrial sensors and electronics, handheld measuring devices and environmental measuring technology more than 40 experienced specialists bring their know-how from the respective areas of expertise into multidisciplinary teams that quickly and flexibly develop precisely those products or adaptations that meet the requirements of our customers.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-13 07:20:37.0000000', 121),N'GHM Messtechnik ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-15', 120),N'Christian Wolf',N'ATP specialises in developing and manufacturing client-specific adhesive products. With an established, worldwide distribution network and modern manufacturing capability, ATP supplies a variety of industry segments inclduing automotive, transporation, foam, graphic, electronics, plastics, speciality labels, medical, building and construction.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-13 07:43:30.0000000', 121),N'ATP adhesives ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-15', 120),N'Tobias Weltin',N'Homepage doesn''t work',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-13 13:17:11.0000000', 121),N'Mainspring ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-15', 120),N'Martin Daberkow',N'Leading German care home operator with over 238 inpatient care facilities, 87 assisted living facilities, >25,000 beds and 25 outpatient care services across Germany.

    Owned by Nordic, UBS mandated',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-15 07:44:29.0000000', 121),N'Alloheim ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-15', 120),N'Edward Shuckburgh',N'Macquarie appointed as exclusive financial adviser to Antin in relation to its 100% stake in Roadchef. Chop for business concerns, for completeness.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-15 15:15:21.0000000', 121),N'Project Spark ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-14', 120),N'Pawel Czarnowski',N'Leading provider of feed formulation software
    Recently entered into a commercial partnership with BASF',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-27 10:04:27.0000000', 121),N'Adifo Software ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-14', 120),N'Ronan Tunney',N'Software Escrow and Cyber',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-01 09:01:07.0000000', 121),N'SES Software Escrow ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-14', 120),N'Artur Sienczewski',N'Eqinov offers a platform for managing supply, financing and monitoring of energy to companies with disparate operations. Made €8m EBIT on €71m revenue last year, growing quickly. Might go with Zenergi? Backed by Newfund Capital. French. Worth taking a look/trying team?',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-01 12:18:11.0000000', 121),N'Eqinov ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-14', 120),N'Thomas Lloyd-Evans',N'Inkwell Data was founded to provide the enabling tools to help connect buildings, businesses and ecosystems to drive productive IoT outcomes for end-users. The company''s AltiorTM platform helps remove the handbrakes on IoT.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-06 09:14:21.0000000', 121),N'Inkwell Data ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-14', 120),N'Ronan Tunney',N'Leading healthcare and diagnostic software provider',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-06 15:49:18.0000000', 121),N'Dedalus ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-14', 120),N'Pawel Czarnowski',N'Leading manufacturer of diagnostic devices used in ophthalmology. Owned by the Bogdani family. EUR24m revenue, EUR6m EBITDA',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-07 08:07:49.0000000', 121),N'Optopol ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-14', 120),N'Thomas Lloyd-Evans',N'Founded in 2009 in Luxembourg, CDDS is a holistic software developer and data provider specialized in Anti-Money-Laundering (AML) solutions for banks, asset managers, and other financial institutions. With a strong experience in GRC (Governance, Risk & Compliance), CDDS’ solutions help their clients to be compliant with regards to their AML obligations throughout Europe. Acquired by cleversoft.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-08 10:18:07.0000000', 121),N'CDDS ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-14', 120),N'Robin Sie-Verbruggen',N'Compliance software and services to fully handle compliance documents, regulatory reports, customer relationships, fact sheets, and financial crime prevention.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-08 10:21:32.0000000', 121),N'Cleversoft ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-14', 120),N'Robin Sie-Verbruggen',N'HYPE Innovation, founded as DaimlerChrysler spin-off in 2001, has grown to a leading software specialist in the fast-growing enterprise innovation software market. With its approx. 120 employees, HYPE Innovation’s offering supports customers harnessing the collective intelligence of employees, customers, and partners by collecting and managing ideas and turning them into business cases. The company currently serves a well-diversified and global blue-chip customer base with 220+ customers across various industries, such as Airbus, BASF, Bayer, Bombardier, Bosch, Continental, Deutsche Post DHL Group, Fujitsu, Liebherr, Mattel, Munich RE, Nokia, Osram Roche, Saudi Aramco, Siemens, ThyssenKrupp, Toyota, Volvo, Volkswagen. HYPE Innovation is profitable and has a healthy growth rate.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-08 11:04:02.0000000', 121),N'Hype Innovation ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-14', 120),N'Robin Sie-Verbruggen',N'The Onventis Open Procurement Network connects B2B business processes for buyers and suppliers – simply and securely. The modular product portfolio offers e-procurement solutions for Supplier Management, source-to-contract (S2C), procure-to-pay (P2P), analytics, mobile procurement, supplier portal, procurement integration and vendor managed procurement (VMP).',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-08 14:37:46.0000000', 121),N'Onventis ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-14', 120),N'Robin Sie-Verbruggen',N'PERBILITY is a leading, cloud-based provider of modern HR software solutions in the German-speaking region.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-08 14:43:20.0000000', 121),N'Perbility ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-14', 120),N'Robin Sie-Verbruggen',N'FOCONIS is a leading provider of data quality, control and compliance software for banks, designed to support financial institutions with internal reporting systems and to meet regulatory requirements. The solution is focused on banks in the German speaking regions, currently comprising 600+ customers in the financial services industry.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-08 14:48:24.0000000', 121),N'Foconis ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-14', 120),N'Antoine de Peguilhan',N'Sea port operating software',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-08 14:57:31.0000000', 121),N'TerminalControl (Saab Ports & Terminals) ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-14', 120),N'Thomas Lloyd-Evans',N'Blacktrace designs, develops and manufactures cutting-edge technologies and products for many applications in chemistry, microfluidics, biology, and nanomaterial sciences.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-12 08:50:01.0000000', 121),N'Blacktrace ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-14', 120),N'Mateusz Andrzejewski',N'RavenPack is a big data analytics provider for financial institutions. It analyses in real-time documents, emails and news to come up with insights, which are then used to support investment decisions, monitor for various risks or to drive corporate strategy. Based in Spain, but it’s a global business. In Oct-19 had a USD10m fundraising round led by GP Bullhound.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-12 09:38:48.0000000', 121),N'RavenPack ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-14', 120),N'Pawel Czarnowski',N'HQ-ed in Slovenia, a leading global developer of label design software and label management systems that help companies of all sizes improve the quality, speed and efficiency of their labeling, while reducing cost.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-12 09:52:25.0000000', 121),N'NiceLabel ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-14', 120),N'Pawel Czarnowski',N'global provider of product data management solutions, owned by Dassault Systemes',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-12 10:32:16.0000000', 121),N'Solidworks ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-14', 120),N'Pawel Czarnowski',N'UK based provider of EDI solutions for automotive, logistics, retail and manufacturing',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-12 10:52:48.0000000', 121),N'Data Interchange ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-14', 120),N'Pawel Czarnowski',N'PrivacyPerfect is a renowned legal-tech organisation headquartered in The Netherlands, providing privacy compliance solutions to an international market successfully for nearly a decade now.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-12 11:07:37.0000000', 121),N'Privacy Perfect ''21'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-14', 120),N'Thomas Lloyd-Evans',N'Allied Hygiene Systems is a privately-owned (3 people in their 60''s) British business making wet and dry wipes for a range of end markets - industrial, food, healthcare etc. B2B model. Made £8.5m EBITDA on £38m Rev last year. They claim tech differentiation but this is tbc.. Has grown well, presumably helped by covid. Looks like CEO is Andy Phippen. Worth a chat?',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-30 11:55:28.0000000', 121),N'Allied Hygiene Systems ''21'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-14', 120),N'Artur Sienczewski',N'Innovative Diagnostics develops, manufactures, and sells ELISA and PCR reagents for the diagnosis of infectious human and veterinary diseases. Has clearly had a COVID bounce but these tests are likely to remain important. Made €7.5m EBITDA on €23m revenue last year and growing. Worth checking out?',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-04 12:51:15.0000000', 121),N'Innovative Diagnostics ''21'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-14', 120),N'Thomas Lloyd-Evans',N'Kappa Bioscience is a Norwegian privately-owned producer of high purity vitamin K2 as menaquinone‑7 (MK‑7). Also do some other vitamins but this seems the main one and it is used as an ingredient in many foods, supplements etc. Made €9m EBITDA on €29m turnover, growing. CEO is Egil Greve.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-04 13:09:20.0000000', 121),N'Kappa Bioscience ''21'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-14', 120),N'Thomas Lloyd-Evans',N'Interact makes intranet software for businesses. Fast growing and made £7m EBITDA on £20m turnover last year. Manchester-based. Appears to be mainly owned by a private individual / his small PE outfit. Subscription model. Worth trying CEO?',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-11 14:58:17.0000000', 121),N'Interact Intranet ''21'),
    (N'Action - 4. Post meeting',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-14', 120),N'Ronan Tunney',N'Software for private markets (deal sourcing, fundraising, onboarding, reporting, portfolio management and ESG)',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-16 08:55:55.0000000', 121),N'Atominvest ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-14', 120),N'Artur Sienczewski',N'Lazard tipped it as a \"smaller Envirotainer\", with EBITDA between EUR 5-10m, expected to double EBITDA within the next year. Operates the 3rd largest fleet of pharma containers, supposedly using better technology than Envirotainer. Set up in 2012, still founder-run and -owned. Rothschild has been mandated to sell the business.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2019-09-05 13:44:30.0000000', 121),N'SkyCell ''19'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-14', 120),N'Ronan Tunney',N'Global B2B payments company. Carved-out from parent company Danish Saxo Bank in 2018 by EQT for $300m EV.

    Could be interesting to track - mentioned on BAML software pipeline',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2019-12-11 15:01:42.0000000', 121),N'Banking Circle ''19'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-14', 120),N'Ronan Tunney',N'"Part of LIS sector review
    10 May InMail from CFO \"Hello Roman',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-03-18 22:33:29.0000000', 121),N'Smartlis / Lab Technologies SA ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-14', 120),N'Ronan Tunney',N'Part of LIS/LIMS sector review',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-03-18 23:02:14.0000000', 121),N'Benchling ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-14', 120),N'Ronan Tunney',N'Part of LIS/LIMS sector review',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-03-18 23:18:20.0000000', 121),N'Sapio Sciences ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-14', 120),N'Ronan Tunney',N'Labworks is the leading provider of Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) software. The LABWORKS LIMS solution helps over 400 enterprise customers schedule, collect, test, monitor and manage samples to ensure their products meet manufacturing specifications and regulatory requirements. Labworks specialize in Agriculture, Environmental , Water Quality, Food and Beverage, Hydrocarbon Processing/Bio-fuels, Manufacturing, and Mining.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-03-19 22:22:56.0000000', 121),N'Labworks ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-14', 120),N'Ronan Tunney',N'Biosensor generated healthcare analysis',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-05-13 10:01:42.0000000', 121),N'PhysIQ ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-14', 120),N'Ronan Tunney',N'Addepar is a wealth management platform that specializes in data aggregation, analytics and performance reporting.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-05-18 16:12:21.0000000', 121),N'Addepar ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-14', 120),N'Sophie Hoas',N'Swedish education group, focused on upper secondary schools (mainly business and innovation), but also runs pre-schools and primary schools. In 2020, generated €139m in revenue and €15m in EBITDA (11% margin)',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-05-31 10:20:56.0000000', 121),N'Thorengruppen ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-14', 120),N'Ronan Tunney',N'Government Brands provides comprehensive, vertically-focused, SaaS solutions for government entities that enhance and accelerate revenue collection, better engage the public with governments, and deliver enterprise level solutions that simplify court management, tax reporting, and accounting processes.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-07-19 14:44:19.0000000', 121),N'Government Brands ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-14', 120),N'Ronan Tunney',N'Leading governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) advisor in financial services',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-07-19 15:00:15.0000000', 121),N'ACA Compliance ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-14', 120),N'Ronan Tunney',N'Supply chain software',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-06 14:33:51.0000000', 121),N'Zencargo ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-14', 120),N'Thomas Lloyd-Evans',N'Zenergi is an August Equity backed business providing (a) software used to minimise energy usage for businesses and public sector and (b) energy engineering services. Bit small, doing about £7m EBITDA. CEO is personal friend of Angus Hartley (headhunter friend of TLE''s) who suggested it. Propose we meet him.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-09 11:34:24.0000000', 121),N'Zenergi ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-14', 120),N'Artur Sienczewski',N'It is the leading Nordic specialist service provider of Governance, Risk and Compliance (‘GRC’) services, offering consultancy services, outsourcing and fund administration. It has operations in Stockholm, Malmö, Copenhagen and Oslo. Acquired by Bridgepoint Development Capital in 2018',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-14 07:58:52.0000000', 121),N'FCG ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-14', 120),N'Ronan Tunney',N'Data privacy and security software',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-24 09:37:00.0000000', 121),N'Privitar ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-14', 120),N'Thomas Lloyd-Evans',N'Project Box is the world''s leading reseller of premium quality portable shipping storage containers. Products are utilized for portable storage purposes across a diverse range of retail, industrial, construction, disaster shelter, education, relocation/logistics and commercial end markets. Privately owned; founder would stay for transition. $23m EBITDA on $162m. Chop on cyclicality / differentiation grounds.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-29 08:51:57.0000000', 121),N'Project Box ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-14', 120),N'Daniel Morgan',N'Redstor is a UK-headquartered SaaS business which has developed a category leading application for Smart Data Management and Protection in the mid-market, sold through the MSP channel with a product specifically built to best support that group. The business is gaining strong traction, has a very capable and ambitious team, and is delivering fantastic financial metrics (£16m, 30%+ ARR growth from the channel, 36% run rate EBITDA margins, excellent retention metrics). Results IG are supporting the management team as Beech Tree exit. First round offers mid/late october. Prob still a bit small even for small strategy (financial track record not great, cash generation poor)',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-05 11:13:37.0000000', 121),N'Redstor ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-14', 120),N'Thomas Lloyd-Evans',N'Doing £5m on £22m, NVM-backed since 2017 and has grown strongly. Claims to be a customer management business that uses a combination of clever communication, powerful data and motivated people to grow their clients’ businesses. Looks lead-generation and marketing-data focused, unfortunately.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-07 12:24:42.0000000', 121),N'Intelling ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-13', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'We combine data, technology and design for unique banking experiences.
    we are now the Swiss market leader for data-driven banking. Our white label software, data & analytics solutions can be seamlessly integrated into existing banking systems.
    digital and personal are no contradiction for us. With our digital solutions, we make banking even more personal and thus better for banks and their customers. We enable banks to use their existing data effectively and profitably. Our software not only enriches data, but is also self-learning thanks to artificial intelligence.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-07 09:33:22.0000000', 121),N'Contovista ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-13', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'We are COMECO, a startup that connects financial service providers, end customers and other service providers with its open banking platform \"TEO\".
    In this way we help banks to position themselves against competitors in the shortest possible time with modern interfaces (web and app) and a more extensive range of cooperation partners that they include.
    In summary, we solve the following challenges for the different target groups:
    • Banks: opportunities in competition (speed), structures (new business model) and technology
    • Service providers / partners: Direct access to end customers in an online banking financial platform and opportunities in the ecosystem
    • End customers: the finances at a glance and controllable, individual offers with financial advantages and no costs',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-14 09:18:21.0000000', 121),N'COMECO ''21'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-13', 120),N'Thomas Lloyd-Evans',N'AtrimusRx is a specialist distributor of unlicenced medicines. B2B - customers are pharmacists, healthcare professionals and veterinarians. Leverages extensive expertise in pharmaceuticals and a modern database of unlicensed medicines, to find alternative medicines that may be absent in some areas. Made €6m EBIT on €14m turnover, growing fast. Worth checking further? Came up on screen; no process yet',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-20 16:16:52.0000000', 121),N'AtrimusRx ''21'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-13', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'The Qualysoft Group was founded in Vienna in 1999. As an independent IT consultancy and service company, it supports its international customers by providing tailored IT solutions that are both flexible and innovative.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-13 08:08:17.0000000', 121),N'Qualysoft ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-13', 120),N'Nikolaus Bethlen',N'Software developer and provider of market-leading ECM systems across sectors. WMD streamlines scanning, document processing and archiving workflows within and beyond SAP. WMD''s xSuite solution is developed in-house and delivers interfaces enabling easy integration in any environment. Solutions provide compliant, workflow-supported invoice, purchase and sales order processing, management of digital folders and contracts, digital mailroom processing, archiving, and more. As an SAP Silver Partner, WMD offers deep workflow and archiving expertise. Acquired by Pinova Capital in 2018, €3.2m pre-tax profit 2017',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2019-09-05 08:25:02.0000000', 121),N'WMD Group ''19'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-13', 120),N'Thomas Lloyd-Evans',N'HMS Networks provides industrial communication and industrial Internet of Things solutions under the Anybus, eWON, IXXAT, and Intesis brands worldwide. Listed, valuation surged this year to €1.9bn EV, a >40x multiple! (Rev c.€150m; EBITDA c. €40m). Possibly known to Wireless Logic? Not actionable now given valuation but one to keep an eye on in case that changes?',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-07-14 11:01:43.0000000', 121),N'HMS Networks ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-13', 120),N'Thomas Lloyd-Evans',N'Marks & Clerk is an international group of intellectual property service providers, encompassing patent attorneys, trade mark attorneys, lawyers and consultants. People-based: employs 300 legal practitioners worldwide and over 550 others. Therefore probably a chop? £21m EBITDA on £79m turnover; has been steady but low growth. Partner-owned (I think). We looked at CPA Global which is similar - though there is seemingly a legal claim about \"secret commissions\" between the two as of April 2021.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-07-28 14:51:23.0000000', 121),N'Marks & Clerk ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-13', 120),N'Christian Wolf',N'With the WebID solutions, such as identification via video call (WebID Video Ident), your customers can, quickly and conveniently, identify themselves online – legally valid and in complete compliance with the Money Laundering Act (GwG). Additionally, they can use their identification to sign complex contracts online via WebID (WebID QES).WebID continuously develops new innovative and secure solutions, which help make the daily lives of customers, industries, and public authorities more digital, ecofriendly and convenient.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-13 12:53:57.0000000', 121),N'WebID ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-13', 120),N'Thomas Lloyd-Evans',N'Danish CRO owned by Technical University of Denmark (DTU), making €12m EBITDA on €18m revenue (according to CapIQ) and growing nicely. Seemingly run as a not for profit (not very well, given the level of profit generated..!). Long shot it would ever come out but perhaps worth trying CEO / looking into / logging interest given size.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-20 14:24:40.0000000', 121),N'Bioneer ''21'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-13', 120),N'Sebastien Raffray',N'Sabena Technics DNR offers aircraft maintenance and overhaul services. The company focuses on engineering and technical data management, airframe modifications, aircraft dry stripping and painting, on-line maintenance, hydraulic component support, and spare part sales and distribution. Tip From Morgan StanleyVendor: SKF',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2011-09-30 23:00:00.0000000', 121),N'Sabena Technics ''11'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-13', 120),N'Pascal Ambrosi',N'#1 European provider of software solutions for physicians, hospitals and the overall public health sector.Identified during the Healthcare IT deep dive exercise',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2012-01-12 15:36:00.0000000', 121),N'Compugroup ''12'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-13', 120),N'Florian Preuss',N'Acess control business',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2012-08-10 11:30:00.0000000', 121),N'Designa Axess ''12'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-13', 120),N'Tobias Weltin',N'The Switzerland-based company is a provider of a toolkit for Corporate Performance Management and Business Intelligence applications, serving customers from all kinds of industries (banking/insurance, chemicals, manufacturing, HC and many more). Hint came from BoAML. Chopped due to size (€20m sales). However, business is overall interesting. Goal is to find targets in the >€50m sales space in this industry.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2013-04-15 14:52:00.0000000', 121),N'BOARD International ''13'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-13', 120),N'Data.Import #',N'2013 deal (too early to be coming to market?) bringing together MDNX and Easynet Global Services. integrator of networking, connectivity and hosting services to corporations, SMEs and the public sector. Easynet was founded in 1994 and is pan-European. The business focuses on managed hosting. Clients include Transport for London and EDF.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2015-02-19 17:42:00.0000000', 121),N'Easynet / MDNX ''15'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-13', 120),N'Stefan Zobel',N'Designs, manufactures, and distributes retinal diagnostic instruments. It is focused on the OCT diagnostics, which is fastest growing segment within diagnostics',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2015-02-27 08:45:00.0000000', 121),N'Heine ''15'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-13', 120),N'Sabrina Ramge',N'CAD CAM business for Auto, Aerospace, Machinery and other industrial sectors. Privately owned. Identified in the context of our work around Swiss Autoform. On the smaller side but potentially a \"future star\".',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2015-12-14 17:55:00.0000000', 121),N'Tebis ''15'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-13', 120),N'Hubert van Wolfswinkel',N'Point of care blood testing machines and consumables.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2017-05-03 14:49:00.0000000', 121),N'Philips Handheld Diagnostics ''17'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-13', 120),N'Heiko Geissler',N'Noventi is a privately owned group holding in the healthcare service space. The company owns a portfolio of small to mid sized companies active in invoicing services and/or software solutions to niche healthcare areas; e.g. for medical supply stores or care providers. Group generetad some €140m sales in FY15.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2017-07-14 09:14:00.0000000', 121),N'Noventi ''17'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-13', 120),N'Data.Import #',N'Philips Photonics is a global leader in VCSEL technology and designs, manufactures, markets and sells VCSEL-based solutions for data communications, consumer and industrial applications. These are high-tech chips used in datacenters, consumer electronics (iphone) and automotive (autonomous driving) (each a third). The business has significant own IP but develops most of its solutions closely with its customers. High growth business but capital intensive. Business is making €12m EBITDA over €50m sales this year and has locked-in €20m EBITDA for next year. Production is well invested.Valuation expectations are at +€200m. Business is sold by Raymond James (Philip Stein). This is not a broad auction and we would need to communicate our interest rapidly. Business is based in Aachen and the Netherlands.FYI: CEO is the brother of Mr Punkert at Utimaco (MD HSM).',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2018-03-22 16:14:00.0000000', 121),N'Philips Photomics ''18'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-13', 120),N'Tobias Weltin',N'The Switzerland-based company is a provider of a toolkit for Corporate Performance Management and Business Intelligence applications, serving customers from all kinds of industries (banking/insurance, chemicals, manufacturing, HC and many more).',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2018-06-19 08:08:00.0000000', 121),N'Board International ''18'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-13', 120),N'Tobias Weltin',N'Testing and inspection of dust and gas. Founder owned. Over €11m EBITDA on €28m sales in FY16 (single entity accounts).',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2018-10-05 14:02:00.0000000', 121),N'Dr. Födisch Umweltmesstechnik AG ''18'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-13', 120),N'Antoine de Peguilhan',N'Software Daten Service develops banking software, includingsecurities and derivatives processing software, reporting engine that provides access to various reporting requirements, software solution for financial market restructuringServes banks, insurance companies, and financial service providers in Austria and internationally.Founded in 1974 and is based in Vienna, Austria. Subsidiary of T-System.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2018-11-06 13:33:00.0000000', 121),N'Software Daten Service ''18'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-13', 120),N'Nikolaus Bethlen',N'Noventi is a privately owned group holding in the healthcare service space. The company owns a portfolio of small to mid sized companies active in invoicing services and/or software solutions to niche healthcare areas; e.g. for medical supply stores or care providers.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2019-03-26 14:20:54.0000000', 121),N'Noventi ''19'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-13', 120),N'Nikolaus Bethlen',N'Loxone, founded in 2009, revolutionised the smart home industry with the green Loxone Miniserver and is now the market leader in this segment. The Loxone Group currently consists of three divisions, which are divided into Core Development & Strategy, Market Organisations, and Competence Centers. Overall, the Loxone Group employs over 250 people and ranks among the fastest growing companies in the smart home industry. Revenues €67m, targeting €200m by 2020',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2019-09-05 08:29:20.0000000', 121),N'Loxone ''19'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-13', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'INIT is worldwide leading supplier of IT solutions for public transport. Desings and sells one-stop-shop software solutions for public transport providers globally. This includes solutions around ticketing, fleet management , telematics, planning & data management, scheduling and communication/wayside solutions.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-08-20 08:53:05.0000000', 121),N'init innovation in traffic systems SE ''20'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-13', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'IT service and software provider to the transport and logistics industry (hauliers, shippers, freight forwarders) in Europe. Runs the largest (open) freight exchange and tender platforms in Europe with more than 100k shippers.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-09-10 09:40:15.0000000', 121),N'TIMOCOM ''20'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-13', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'Since ifp, as a laboratory service provider for the food, drinking water and pharmaceutical industries, carries out a large number of tests, we are thus doing our part to the current situation and thus ensuring the basic supply of the population.
    Ifp develops and produces innovative diagnostics for applications in industrial and commercial laboratories. The patented products are marketed and distributed worldwide by selected partners',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-08 08:07:09.0000000', 121),N'ifp ''21'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-13', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'We have stood for innovation and cost optimization in personal injury since 2009. We are now the German market leader for digitization and medical assessment in this area. With our data-driven and medically sound products, we are at the forefront of the development of automation and efficient data management in the insurance industry. For insurers, we deliver strong added value for all processes in personal injury settlement and thus contribute to the value creation process of our customers.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-14 13:57:26.0000000', 121),N'ACTINEO ''21'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-13', 120),N'Christian Wolf',N'Our main focus is the treatment of pain, rehabilitation after injuries and the treatment of incontinence. Our products for patients and therapists help you to treat diseases and complaints such as migraines, nausea, erectile dysfunction, snoring or hyperhidrosis. We are also committed to the recovery of those affected in the dental field, especially in the treatment of CMD.

    We also offer doctors and therapists a wide range of therapy devices in the areas of electrical stimulation, laser therapy, ultrasound therapy and radio frequency lesion.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-13 07:27:09.0000000', 121),N'Schwa-Medico ''21'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-12', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'With our legacy of geotechnical expertise and complete suite of instrumentation products, RST is ready to build an integrated solution to monitor your next project—at any scale. RST is with you.

    RST Instruments, together with sister companies, Measurand, 3vGeomatics, and, Syscom Instruments make up a platform of companies that are leading the way in providing solutions for your geotechnical data and instrumentation needs.

    Combined this platform is an industry-first surface and sub-surface data monitoring and analysis solution with full global reach through monitoring sensors, cloud-based data and satellite technology.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-07 07:54:02.0000000', 121),N'RST ''21'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-12', 120),N'Christian Wolf',N'APIIDA API Gateway Manager is the market-leading solution for API Operations Automation, providing a complete set of features for fast and reliable API Deployment and Migration and comprehensive API Monitoring and Alarming.
    APIIDA is a leading technology company for providing software solutions that enable secure, connected real-time digital value chains. The products and services combine the technology realms of API Management and Integration.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-07 13:46:34.0000000', 121),N'APIIDA ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-12', 120),N'Michael Arnez',N'The key challenge was the stabilization of the immobilized antibody during manufacturing, terminal sterilization and storage, which we delivered successfully. Leukocare became a technology provider for protein stabilizing technologies. Over time, we refined our knowledge and established Leukocare''s formulation technology platform for biopharmaceuticals, viral vectors & vaccines and biofunctionalized devices.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-22 06:42:01.0000000', 121),N'Leukocare ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-12', 120),N'Michael Arnez',N'Your global partner for phenolic, amino resins as well as high-quality derivatives based on methanol-(C1)-chemistry. In addition to proven standards, we also produce and develop customised resins for your application. And thanks to our worldwide production sites',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-07 07:20:37.0000000', 121),N'Prefere Resins ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-12', 120),N'Michael Arnez',N'MNG Airlines, carrying its sectoral experience beyond figures with operations carried out in one-third of the world’s internationally standardized airports since 1996, brings a different approach to the air transportation sector by providing meticulous, fast, safe and customer-specific solutions that prioritize flight safety and customer satisfaction across all of the services it offers.
    •Largest independent cargo airline in Turkey operating out of a hub at GIA (Grand Istanbul Airport) with a network covering Germany, UK, France, Italy, Jordan, Egypt and multiple other countries (30 destinations globally)
    •The company operates charter cargo and scheduled flights for established international companies such as Turkish Airlines, UPS and DHL. MNG also provides flexible and tailor made services such as ACMI (leasing agreement whereby the lessor provides and aircraft with complete crew and maintenance and insurance) and Block Space (purchasing fixed or variable cargo space) agreements
    •The company’s expansion strategy foresees to increasingly focus on e-commerce enables logistic services with integrated freighter operations with handling and warehousing services enabling shipment within 24 hours within a 5 hour flight range',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-07 10:09:49.0000000', 121),N'MNG Airlines ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-12', 120),N'Christian Wolf',N'Mobile App And Fraud Protection For Your Mobile Business
    Consumers have your apps on their phones, beyond your control. Protect your apps from modifications, data breaches and malware. Safeguard revenues and profitability reducing compliance and brand risks, while the customer experience stays untouched.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-07 13:37:09.0000000', 121),N'Build38 ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-12', 120),N'Christian Wolf',N'As a German manufacturer of IT security solutions, Securepoint relies on the multi-layered concept of unified security, i.e. comprehensive and holistic IT security. Our customers and partners appreciate the mix of reliable strategies, secure products and innovative training. With Unified Security, we optimally protect small and medium-sized enterprises from complex threats. Worldwide, more than 80,000 networks are already protected against cyber attacks and malware. Securepoint stands for the quality mark \"IT security made in Germany\" and IT security from a single source. Self-developed solutions are guaranteed free of backdoors. As a manufacturer and for its solutions, Securepoint has received several awards.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-07 13:43:06.0000000', 121),N'Securepoint ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-11', 120),N'Nicole Dixson',N'Mayfair Equity backed IT service providers providing collaboration, cloud hosting and cyber security to help Enterprise and SME customers execute digital transformation strategies. ~£40m EBITDA according to EY, 40-45% margins, rumoured to be looking at strategic options, expected mid-next year',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-05 10:33:58.0000000', 121),N'Nasstar ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-11', 120),N'Abhishek Kumar',N'Arrow Business Communications is a telephony and IT services provider. Arrow, which provides telephony, data, IT and energy solutions for businesses. M&A has been a core part of the growth story, having acquired 8 businesses under Growth Capital Partners and have added 4 more bolt-ons this year.

    Acquired by MML in Jan 2020 for £110m off mid-single digit EBITDA, organic performance was flat for the calendar year with some variable revenue exposure to Covid-19 (to be understood further). Potential to be in our size range at the next exit.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-05 12:36:47.0000000', 121),N'Arrow ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-11', 120),N'Katerina Turner-Soukeras',N'Was presenting at a Baird conference. Still looks hard as its (a) quaternary (Livingbridge, 3i, Charterhouse) and (b) its a consultancy employing 1,800 people. It has however grown consistently and now generates £30mn of EBITDA (revenue 231mn). It has shown 8% organic growth since 2018 (+33mn revenue) and 21% overall (+66mn via acquisitions). It is one of only 4 dedicated environmental consultancies (another 21 have it as a part of an offerring). There is recurring work with clienst and 34% have been with the business for 10+ years and a further 18% for 5-10 years. 44% of the revenue is ESG focussed, 15% EHS and 41% sustainability information. They have an M&A pipeline of 100 targets and historically have paid 6x EBITDA to acquire these.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-07 07:51:22.0000000', 121),N'SLR ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-11', 120),N'Daniel Morgan',N'Biotech / pharma company that became a division of Otsuka Pharma back in October 2013 for $900mn. Makes £40mn of EBITDA (Revenue 82mn), although as part of a group we should be cautious about the numbers. Has a drug discovery platform (Pyramid) and is focussed on Oncology and CNS. Probably too biotech, but worth doing a little more. HQ in Cambridge.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-07 08:00:06.0000000', 121),N'Astex Pharmacauticals ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-11', 120),N'Daniel Morgan',N'We''ve looked previously at the group and chopped it, this is a UK division which provides reagents for diagnostic tests. £38mn of EBITDA in 2020, but this is a massive spike, driven as it provides consumables for PCR tests. However the business was growing before this and making £6mn EBITDA, so worth reaching out to at some point.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-07 08:31:49.0000000', 121),N'Bioline Reagents ''21'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-11', 120),N'Mateusz Andrzejewski',N'Alfa is a recognized eHealth software company, providing solutions to both public and private healthcare providers. Clients range from municipalities and social/geriatric/youth care providers to regions, general practitioners, dental care providers and public institutions. Alfa’s broad offering includes both complete information systems and niche products, such as solutions for journaling, electronic prescription, medication management and care planning.

    Acquired by Main Capital in Apr-20 when it did ~€10m sales. Potential combination with Enovation (NL) and SDB Group (NL).',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-03-30 16:17:51.0000000', 121),N'Alfa ''21'),
    (N'Action - 3. Date agreed',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-11', 120),N'Abhishek Kumar',N'Marketed as only CRO 100% focused on medical devices. Owned by Archimed - 3rd investment from their MED Platform I fund of €1bn. Acquired at an EV of c.$350m.

    NAMSA is a CRO 100% focused on medical devices with services across the drug development lifecycle. Offices in 12 countries and employees of c.1k. Has also grown through acquisition having acquired Clinlogix, Syntactx and APS in past 12 months.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-30 16:55:16.0000000', 121),N'NAMSA ''21'),
    (N'Action - 4. Post meeting',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-11', 120),N'Sophie Hoas',N'Fast growing provider of cash management solutions to corporates, based in Finland and owned by PSG.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-08-31 11:14:14.0000000', 121),N'Nomentia ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-11', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'The company markets ERP and planning software for furniture and kitchen retailers. Major business focus include ERP, warehouse logistics in furniture retailing as well as planning and visualization software for kitchen and bathrooms, living rooms and upholstery.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2018-06-11 07:15:00.0000000', 121),N'SHD ''18'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-11', 120),N'Adam Caesari',N'Twinkl is an online subscription based platform that provides teacher resources (i.e. lesson planning, assessments, educational games etc.). It sells both directly to teachers and to schools themselves. Content added on a daily basis. Business was founded in 2010 and continues to be owned by Jonathan Seaton (CEO) and his wife. It has grown rapidly in last 3 years (50%+ p.a.) and did revenues of £16.9m and EBITDA of £7.3m in the year to Apr-18.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2019-07-09 10:02:56.0000000', 121),N'Twinkl ''19'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-11', 120),N'Katerina Turner-Soukeras',N'Employee benefits platform similar too and a potential add-on for Reward Gateway.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-01-24 11:18:48.0000000', 121),N'peoplevalue ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-11', 120),N'Adam Caesari',N'Agilio Software is a UK-based company owned by August Equity. The Business provides practice management software that serves a range of healthcare settings. Since August invested in 2019 the business has made a number of bolt ons including MyHRtoolkit (acquired in May-21). Likely to be too small at this stage (need to understand) but maybe one that could come into our size range if they keep doing M&A.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-05-07 07:59:12.0000000', 121),N'Agilio Software ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-11', 120),N'Katerina Turner-Soukeras',N'See previous opp. TLE retipped May 2021.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-05-14 12:46:03.0000000', 121),N'Deep Sea ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-11', 120),N'Nicole Dixson',N'IT services (various) focussed on the financial services sector, includes managed services. Used to have some call centre stuff, which would fit with Sabio and the sector stuff might fit with OptionsIT. £15mn EBITDA.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-07-29 09:57:30.0000000', 121),N'Trustmarque ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-11', 120),N'Martin Daberkow',N'Content management platform combines the functionality of an enterprise suite with the flexibility of an API-first headless solution. Magnolia lets you bring together content, data, and services seamlessly in any tech stack, making it easy to orchestrate and deliver great digital experiences across channels in an agile way.

    Global brands on 6 continents trust us to power their digital experiences, either using Magnolia as a headless CMS or as the foundation of their Digital Experience Platform (DXP).

    Owed by Elvaston.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-08-19 14:10:48.0000000', 121),N'Magnolia ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-11', 120),N'Nicole Dixson',N'Leading AI-powered data control & automation platform driving transformative operational efficiency for financial firms, similar to Xceptor but US-based. RJ have mandate, will be Q4 or possibly Q1. Likely too small, exact size tbd',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-01 13:21:52.0000000', 121),N'EZOPS ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-11', 120),N'Martin Daberkow',N'• PlanRadar is B2B SaaS solution provider for documentation and communication in construction and real estate projects
    • Its software is used for construction documentation, defect and task management, certifications, maintenance, and handovers
    • PlanRadar offer its solutions via both web application and apps, enabling users to share digital floor plans or BIM models, communicate as well as track information
    • The company has more than 13,000 customers across 55 different countries including large enterprises such as Vinvi, Siemens, Strabag and Engie
    • The company has 11 global locations across EMEA, North and South America, and Asia',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-09 07:45:19.0000000', 121),N'PlanRadar ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-11', 120),N'Martin Daberkow',N'• BRYTER offers a no-code platform which empowers clients to participate in digital transformation and turn their services into self-service applications
    • The company’s intuitive toolbox enables professionals to build, manage and sell interactive applications without programming skills
    • BRYTER is especially geared to professionals in law, compliance, accounting and finance, who use its software to automate complex decisions and workflows
    • Global brands like McDonalds and ING, and professional service firms like Deloitte and KPMG, use BRYTER to deliver services digitally
    • BRYTER is a remote-first company with hubs in New York, London, Frankfurt and Berlin',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-09 07:47:10.0000000', 121),N'Bryter ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-11', 120),N'Adam Caesari',N'Finastra will also look to sell their Mortgage Technology business before the end of 2021 (post the TCM deal being finalised). The segment''s key product is Filogix, a software and solutions provider to mortgage brokers and lenders (management of the sales process from origination through underwriting). Business appears to be based in Ontario. ~$40m Revenue.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-14 14:15:41.0000000', 121),N'Finastra Mortgage Technology ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-11', 120),N'Christoph Leitner-Dietmaier',N'Provider of process automation, data, and analytics SaaS solutions for global energy retailers. Combination of US-based ESG (AKKR invested in 2016) and UK-based Utiligroup (acquired in 2017). Now doing $103m revenues, $46m EBITDA, 90%+ recurring revenues, 104% net retention. Half the business is in the UK and management sit in the UK. Aeris have been appointed to sell the business.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-17 18:04:31.0000000', 121),N'ESG Utiligroup ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-11', 120),N'Abhishek Kumar',N'Fast-growing AIM-listed CRO formed through acquisition of smaller CROs (hVivo, Venn Life Sciences, FluCamp, Imutex, Covid Clear). Historically loss making, generated £2m EBITDA in H1 this year with plans for continued double-digit revenue growth. Current market cap = £150m.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-30 16:29:36.0000000', 121),N'Project Orb ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-11', 120),N'Amarvir Bhullar',N'Blue Light Card (BLC) is the UK’s largest discount card / service for workers in “blue light” fields (e.g. NHS, fire, police, armed forces etc.). BLC has relationships with hundreds of major brand partners (e.g. Apple, Cineworld, Expedia, Nike, Samsung etc.) who offer discounts to BLC’s members across a wide range of retail categories. >2.5m individuals have signed up to BLC and actively use its marketplace. In recent years the business has been able to leverage the size of it’s member base to also roll-out a commission model with brands. BLC typically receives a 4-5% commission from the brand partner when one of its discount offers is utilised by a BLC member. The business has grown significantly after deploying a commission-based model, doing ~£20m revs and ~£15m EBITDA in FY21 (30th April y/e). It is currently being sold by Clearwater International (Nathaniel Cooper) who suggest the business is making ~£20m run-rate EBITDA today. Propose Chop given it''s commission business model which is reliant on underlying consumer spend with BLCs brand partners.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-01 16:30:29.0000000', 121),N'Blue Light Card ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-11', 120),N'Christoph Leitner-Dietmaier',N'Regtech software and services provider to the investment management industry, monitoring of shareholding disclosure requirements for major shareholdings; short selling and takeover panels; position limits across various exchanges; and sensitive industries and foreign ownership. FundApps monitors $13tn of assets daily on behalf of its more than 100 clients, which include hedge funds, asset managers, pension funds, investment banks and sovereign wealth funds. SEP took a minority in May-21. Too small (£12m, £2.5m as of Dec-20) but growing fast (30%)',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-05 08:10:18.0000000', 121),N'FundApps ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-11', 120),N'Nicole Dixson',N'Consulting and managed services to help complex organisations improve their tech ecosystems. ~£10m EBITDA, advisors have not yet been appointed',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-05 10:50:17.0000000', 121),N'Adaptavist ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-11', 120),N'Michael Arnez',N'Modern production processes as well as reliable food transportation and storage systems mean that most people today are in the fortunate position of being able to choose from a wide range of poultry, meat and seafood. From farm to fork or sea to plate, we are the right partner for your production and packaging. Furthermore, by ensuring the right temperature within the complete cold chain we guarantee the constant quality of your goods.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-06 09:46:27.0000000', 121),N'GEA Food Solutions ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-11', 120),N'Catherine Parry',N'ECI-owned insurance broker. Doing £10m EBITDA. Pitching now and PwC team think Macquarie are likely to get the mandate. Offers industry-specific commercial insurance but to confirm how differentiated the offering is.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-08 13:09:46.0000000', 121),N'Clear Insurance ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-11', 120),N'Nicole Dixson',N'Global leader in the aircraft charter market, flagged as an asset that has done well through Covid (£40m EBITDA from £10m 3 years ago). Not one for us standalone, flag in case interesting from OAG perspective',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-08 13:41:58.0000000', 121),N'ACS ''21'),
    (N'Deal - WIP',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-11', 120),N'Katerina Turner-Soukeras',N'School assessment business. Recently talking to ESS.
    Update (9/9/21): Alex Mathe at Roths says it is definitely coming to market in 1H 22. Currently doing a beauty parade. Barid likely to win. Business has done very well recently, international now 30% (mostly US, some ME), £30m EBITDA, it has had a strong Covid. Model has proven very sticky / high margins.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-04-14 10:11:18.0000000', 121),N'GL Education ''21'),
    (N'Post-Action - Anticipated HuM',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-11', 120),N'Sophie Hoas',N'Leading Nordic financial industry consultancy firm within Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) helping clients in the banking, insurance and mutual funds sector with advisory, services and tech solutions.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-16 14:03:47.0000000', 121),N'FCG ''21'),
    (N'Tip - Anticipated',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-11', 120),N'Robin Sie-Verbruggen',N'- Founded in 2005, privately held, Belgium based,
    - Hex-Rays SA focuses on the development of fast, stable, and robust binary analysis tools for the IT security market and is independent of governmental agencies and stock market pressure.
    - Its product IDA Pro is the premier product for software disassembly.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-11 15:22:11.0000000', 121),N'Hex-Rays ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-08', 120),N'Abhishek Kumar',N'Formed by the merger of Finatix and two other business provides software to the wealth / asset management sectors.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-27 18:00:05.0000000', 121),N'InvestCloud ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-08', 120),N'Robin Sie',N'see ''15 opp',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-08 09:55:04.0000000', 121),N'TICCS ''21'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-08', 120),N'Robin Sie',N'PCI Pharmaceutical Services (formerly known as Penn) is an outsourced service to the pharmaceutical industry. The services it offers are Analytical services, formulation development, clinical trial supply, commercial manufacturing and packaging, QP services, supply chain management, storage and distribution. Penn was acquired by PCI. Apparently the business has higher quality earnings now due to a planned change in mix. Growth is forecast to come via M&A and from existing customers - but requires investment in capacity.

    Oct-21 | RS: Now doing £13m EBITDA.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2019-04-02 09:36:59.0000000', 121),N'Penn Pharmaceuticals ''19'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-08', 120),N'Robin Sie',N'Manufactures of medical consumables incl. suction liners, catheters and enteral feeding products. Looks like a fairly commoditised offering. but has grown from £3m in FY16 to 12.4m in FY18 (June). H2 Equity owned since 2015.

    Latest accounts show £16m EBITDA.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2019-04-29 10:50:51.0000000', 121),N'GBUK ''19'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-08', 120),N'Antoine de Peguilhan',N'tbc',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-02-12 11:04:17.0000000', 121),N'Orolia''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-08', 120),N'Julian Gresvig',N'Aftermarket service on components for water infrastructure, pumps etc, in water transportation, water treatment, etc. Nordic market leader. Roll up case, have entered Germany. EBITDA in 2020 was c.€4.5m. Owned by Summa since Oct-18.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-06-28 11:11:56.0000000', 121),N'Lakers Group ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-08', 120),N'Robin Sie',N'Bioanalytical lab that has evolved the model for partnership in large molecule bioanalysis to benefit our customers and the patients they serve. Being sold by BAML and might be outside our size range. Working with Antoine in Paris as he knows some of the shareholders. We have tried the CEO directly and also another of the shareholders.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-07-16 07:01:24.0000000', 121),N'BioAgilytix v2 ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-08', 120),N'Sami Khan',N'Airline software based in UAE / Greece doing £50m revenues. According to MS will come within 6-12 months.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-09 10:15:54.0000000', 121),N'AIMS airline software ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-08', 120),N'Sami Khan',N'TERMINALFOUR Solutions Ltd. provides digital marketing and web content management platform for higher education institutions. It offers TERMINALFOUR, a digital marketing product, including content management, marketing/social, dashboards, forms and transactions, design, and modules. It provides responsive design, web transformation, migration, and SIS and CRM integration services. TERMINALFOUR Solutions Ltd. was founded in 1996 and is based in Dublin, Ireland. It has locations in Boston, Massachusetts; Berkshire, United Kingdom; and Sydney, Australia. The business has received investment from Investec''s Venture Capital arm and was flagged to us by Liam Booth (Investec) who can facilitate an introduction. Worth a look as a potential bolt-on to ESS/PP?',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-21 10:14:48.0000000', 121),N'Terminalfour ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-08', 120),N'Daniel Morgan',N'Software being used to automate the syndicated. Venture round raised earlier this year (so parimary like) but has a partnership from Finastra and investment from Barclays. One to keep an eye for the future.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-27 13:53:52.0000000', 121),N'HUBX ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-08', 120),N'Daniel Morgan',N'Property lettings and sales. £156mn revenue, £34,m EBITDA of which 77% is from the lettings business (so considered recurring). Generally more households have been renting . Has grown through M&A (39 acquisitions in the last five years) with more to go in a highly fragmented market. 12% CAGR over the last 20 years. We''ve looked before. 18% of sales are linked to estate agency and a further 7% to surveying, ratings and mortgage advisory. Still tricky.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-27 14:25:26.0000000', 121),N'LRG ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-08', 120),N'Edward Kerr',N'Real World Evidence (RWE) player, converting Real World Data (medical records, insurance, billing data) into evidence that can be used for FDA submissions, large population clinical trials and post market safety monitoring.
    Unlike the leading players (Aetion, Panaglo), Adesso doesn’t have a differentiated software platform and instead primarily provides outsourced PhD support during crucial periods for calculations and analysis
    We therefore decided to chop it given it’s project-based consultancy services, that’s dependent on expensive talent, limiting scalability.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-30 15:58:09.0000000', 121),N'Adesso 21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-08', 120),N'Catherine Parry',N'2022 process, healthcare comms company owned by Amulet Capital. Headquartered in UK but international with big US presence. £20m EBITDA. People heavy agency, chop.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-08 12:39:15.0000000', 121),N'Open Health ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-08', 120),N'Catherine Parry',N'IT transformation consultancy. Alantra. Project-based. £10m EBITDA. Propose chop.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-08 12:57:09.0000000', 121),N'Objectivity ''21'),
    (N'Deal - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-08', 120),N'Christoph Leitner-Dietmaier',N'Irish business providing erp systems, weighing technology and routing software to waste management businesses. started in Ireland, now in multiple European countries and usa (organic and acquisition. backed by highland capital, investec and silicon bank. €30m revenues, 50% recurring, growing 20-30% per year. Don''t know ebitda - suspect small. Latest fundraising was c.€25m and then a c.€10m debt package, but might be in range soon.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2015-02-13 11:48:00.0000000', 121),N'AMCS ''15'),
    (N'Deal - WIP',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-08', 120),N'Christoph Leitner-Dietmaier',N'We have tracked this for a long time and failed to reach the valuation expectations that the founder has placed on the table. Worth another push?

    9/8/21: According to Deloitte, GS have been mandated',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-06-24 10:47:16.0000000', 121),N'AMCS ''21'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-07', 120),N'Christian Wolf',N'The PHARMATECHNIK company was founded in 1978 by Dr. D. Graessner founded in Gauting near Munich. As the largest independent, family-run pharmacy software house with headquarters in Starnberg near Munich, PHARMATECHNIK develops software and billing systems for pharmacy, dentist and doctor''s practice management and markets them as a full-service provider - true to the motto \"Everything from a single source\". The software development traditionally takes place at the headquarters of PHARMATECHNIK in Starnberg and Passau.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-05-10 11:05:02.0000000', 121),N'Pharmatechnik ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-07', 120),N'Christian Wolf',N'Radiologie',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-10-15 14:06:50.0000000', 121),N'Radiologie Holding ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-07', 120),N'Christian Wolf',N'Waterland is an independent private equity investment group that supports entrepreneurs in realizing their growth ambitions. With substantial financial resources and committed industry expertise, Waterland enables its portfolio companies to achieve accelerated growth both organically and through acquisitions.
    Waterland acts as an active shareholder in its portfolio companies, playing a key role in their strategic and operational development, growth and performance. With its experienced, entrepreneurial investment team, Waterland aims to help ambitious entrepreneurs obtain a strong market position in today’s increasingly competitive business environment. To date, Waterland has made investments in over 650 companies.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-02-19 14:04:01.0000000', 121),N'Athera ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-07', 120),N'Christian Wolf',N'Today, CRYPTAS is known as THE specialist for certificate-based solutions in complex system environments. This includes solutions for secure digital identities for employees and clients - including strong authentication and encryption - as well as protecting devices and system identities on a larger scale (IoT). Specific products used include PKI systems with HSM protection, physical as well as virtual smart cards, digital signature solutions with assorted characteristics, database encryption, encryption of file systems and cloud environments, and trustworthy certificates.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-07-01 17:45:42.0000000', 121),N'CRYPTAS ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-07', 120),N'Christian Wolf',N'Our cloud-based transportation sourcing and management platform enable the most experienced network of shippers, suppliers, retailers, goods recipients and carriers in the world. With our cloud-based logistics planning software and transport management software, we give you unmatched opportunities to reduce the number of empty trucks, improve transparency, cut waiting times and enable efficient, digital end-to-end processes.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-09 09:29:24.0000000', 121),N'Transporeon ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-06', 120),N'Julian Gresvig',N'Came across company through website analytics. Headquartered in Stockholm. Provides niche pharma for unmet medical needs. Pitchbook latest 2019 revenue was £35.6m so probably still on the small side.
    Immedica has capabilities to provide optimal access of specialty care medicines to patients with significant medical needs, including key areas such as regulatory affairs, pharmacovigilance, medical affairs, pricing & reimbursement, quality and product distribution.
    Immedica’s main owner is Impilo AB, a private Nordic investment company established in 2017, with more than SEK 3.6 billion in committed capital from leading Nordic and international investors.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-06 10:19:21.0000000', 121),N'Immedica ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-06', 120),N'Sophie Hoas',N'Provider of software primarily to the construction industry owned by Summa Equity.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-13 15:44:23.0000000', 121),N'Infobric ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-06', 120),N'Sophie Hoas',N'Retail supply chain optimisation software, optimising demand forecasting and automatic replenishment processes. Founded in 2005, now global operations. Backed by TCV and Summit.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-01 08:25:26.0000000', 121),N'RELEX ''22'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-06', 120),N'Sophie Hoas',N'Founded in 2008, Scila provides compliance monitoring solution for asset managers, investment firms and buy-side firms. 90% owned by founders Lars-Ivar Sellberg and Fredrik Lydén. Has grown 20%+ p.a.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-01 08:36:28.0000000', 121),N'Scila ''21'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-06', 120),N'Sophie Hoas',N'Former Orion Diagnostica business rumoured for sale by Axcel who bought it in 2019 when we looked at it. Rothschild mandated. Likely impacted by covid.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-13 15:36:51.0000000', 121),N'Aidian ''21'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-06', 120),N'Sophie Hoas',N'Global leader in providing safety solutions to child car seat manufacturers.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-16 15:53:44.0000000', 121),N'Holmbergs ''21'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-06', 120),N'Julian Gresvig',N'Identity governance software, global sales. Growing ARR by 50% and transitioning to SaaS, still quite implementation heavy. Revenue in 2020 was €28m. Lossmaking. 180 FTEs. Acquired by CVC and GRO in 2018.
    Former Workshare CEO Michael Garrett appointed CEO in 2019.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-16 16:51:54.0000000', 121),N'Omada ''21'),
    (N'Action - 3. Date agreed',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-06', 120),N'Julian Gresvig',N'•Video streaming management solution – helps content owners, TV operators, etc. coordinate streaming across multiple platforms (e.g. mobile/browser, AppleTV/Roku, smart TV, etc) including integrating third-party solutions for video delivery, billing, analytics/ads, etc.
    •Easy-to-use software platform and managed service (e.g. Deutsche Telekom has 30-40 people)
    •Revenues 15% software, 85% managed service, ad-hoc and implementation. 85% recurring / re-occurring. Expect c.$65m revenue, c.$14m EBITDA (FY22 YE April), growing 15%
    •Owned by SEB Private Equity; RJ running process to launch in October; will give pre-process mgmt. meeting',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-08-23 11:43:34.0000000', 121),N'Accedo ''21'),
    (N'Action - 4. Post meeting',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-06', 120),N'Pawel Czarnowski',N'Czech-based privately-owned producer and distributor of biopharmaceuticals used in in-vitro diagnostics.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-09-11 08:16:34.0000000', 121),N'Biovendor ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-06', 120),N'Mateusz Andrzejewski',N'Provides web content management and multichannel marketing automation software

    Is eqt owned, can someone reach out to CEO

    EQT acquired for €1bn in 2016. Financing providers include Credit Agricole, DNB, ING, Nordea, Nykredit, SEB and Swedbank.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2018-06-12 07:28:00.0000000', 121),N'Sitecore ''18'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-06', 120),N'Mateusz Andrzejewski',N'Please see 2019 tip, which is still live. Cross border payment processing via direct clearing access through partner banks to serve the fast-growing online payment processing provider market. EBITDA could be around EUR 30m according to Johan Naslund and may come out soon.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-09-10 15:04:13.0000000', 121),N'Banking Circle ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-06', 120),N'Robin Sie-Verbruggen',N'Software investor Main Capital backs Björn Lundén. Björn Lundén is one of the leading players offering financial software for SME and accountancy customers in the Swedish market. With a team of 120 employees headquartered in Hudiksvall, Sweden, the company serves over 30.000 customers with a comprehensive portfolio of solutions. Main Capital will acquire a majority stake in Björn Lundén.

    Building on its heritage as accountancy and bookkeeping publisher and course provider, Björn Lundén shifted towards delivering modern software solutions in the early 2000’s. This in-depth heritage of knowledge combined with a suite of modern cloud solutions creates a unique value proposition for accountancy firms and SME’s in the Swedish market. Björn Lundén’s products provide customers with intuitive solutions in accounting, billing, reporting, consolidation, payrolling, legal and tax administration to optimize workflows, provide actionable insight and follow latest regulations.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-07-19 09:25:32.0000000', 121),N'Bjorn Lunden ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-06', 120),N'Sophie Hoas',N'Deutsche Bank has been appointed to sell a minority (up to 50%) of Eleda with the existing shareholders/management to retain a significant stake. Eleda provides critical technical services for infrastructure in Sweden under 3-5 year contracts.
    Process to kick off late August/early September.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-07-23 14:20:39.0000000', 121),N'Eleda ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-06', 120),N'Julian Gresvig',N'Expense management SaaS software. DKK 55m RR ARR in Dec-20, growing rapidly. 40% margins. Founders selling via EY. Too small',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-16 18:33:16.0000000', 121),N'Acubiz ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-06', 120),N'Sophie Hoas',N'Owned by Novo Holding, Xellia Pharmaceuticals is a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on providing important anti-infective treatments against serious and often life-threatening infections.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-20 09:26:52.0000000', 121),N'Xellia ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-06', 120),N'Sophie Hoas',N'Aleris owned radiology clinics across the Nordics.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-20 14:25:22.0000000', 121),N'Aleris Radiology ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-06', 120),N'Julian Gresvig',N'Premium sporting goods brands, growing internationally incl US. Revenue CAGR of 19% from 2013 to 2021e – 2021e net sales of NOK ~1,370m and EBITDA of NOK ~230m (~17% EBITDA margin). Carnegie selling for FSN.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-30 13:29:50.0000000', 121),N'Active Brands ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-06', 120),N'Julian Gresvig',N'Denmark-based designer and seller of eyewear brands. Being sold by Erhvervsinvest Management in process run by Danske. Expected to market the asset off EBITDA of around DKK 45m (EUR 5.9m). Revenue was DKK 309m in FY20. Founded in 1989 in Aarhus and formerly known as ProDesign International. Six different eyewear brands: FACE A FACE, WOOW, Kilsgaard, ProDesign, Inface and Nifties.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-30 13:33:32.0000000', 121),N'Design Eyewear Group ''21'),
    (N'Post-Action - Anticipated HuM',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-06', 120),N'Pawel Czarnowski',N'ProService Finteco Sp. z o.o. is a company that provides professional and complex IT solutions and services for financial institutions in Poland and abroad.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-07-08 13:02:12.0000000', 121),N'Proservice Finteco ''20'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-06', 120),N'Sophie Hoas',N'IVD products for microbiological laboratories- antisera, immunoassays, antigens. Owned by Adelis. Small but potential M&A opportunities.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-05-28 21:13:05.0000000', 121),N'SSI Diagnostica ''20'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-06', 120),N'Michael Arnez',N'We have developed a new generation of sensing technology that uses nanopores - nano-scale holes - embedded in high-tech electronics, to perform precise molecular analyses.
    Our first products sequence DNA and RNA. We offer the only sequencing technology to combine scalability from portable to ultra-high throughput formats with real-time data delivery and the ability to elucidate rich biological data through the analysis of short to ultra-long fragments of native DNA or RNA. The sensing platform has the potential to be adapted for the analysis of other types of molecules, for example proteins.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-21 12:04:17.0000000', 121),N'Oxford Nanopore Technologies ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-05', 120),N'Martin Daberkow',N'• Usercentrics provides a Consent Management Platform (CMP) intended to protect the privacy of internet users
    • Its platform maps data protection declaration of consent on websites in compliance with DSGVO, empowering companies to obtain, manage, and document consents of their users across platforms
    • Usercentrics solution enables advertisers, publishers, and agencies to obtain, maintain and access the data privacy of their users for data tracking through various web technologies on the website in a privacycompliant manner',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-09 07:50:13.0000000', 121),N'Usercentrics ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-05', 120),N'Michael Arnez',N'AVERO ELECTRONICS manufactures a wide range of electronic devices for sports and leisure activities, such as billboards, FIBA approved electronic scoreboards with luminous LED displays, outdoor scoreboards, chronometers, clocks for hourly rates, Coin-token Acceptors, power meter, etc..
    We can satisfy the needs of both small gyms and large recreation centers for a large variety of sports:
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-05', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'As a competent partner, we support leading companies from the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries as well as from the fields of LifeScience and nuclear technology in the dry granulation and compacting of small quantities to large-scale production – worldwide. Thanks to our long-standing expertise, we know all important steps – the basic requirements for the development and design, the construction and smooth final assembly, the commissioning, and finally the continuous support of machines or systems that meet individual requirements',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-29 07:20:47.0000000', 121),N'Alexanderwerk ''21'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-05', 120),N'Martin Daberkow',N'• SoSafe provides a cybersecurity training platform intended to sensitise, train, and test employees with
    regards to information technology security topics
    • Its platform offers phishing simulations and interactive e-learnings that teach employees in an effective
    and sustainable way on how to use e-mails, passwords, or social media correctly
    • The company trains and tests employees of 1,000+ customers, including Netto, Aldi, Vitra, Vattenfall,
    Ceconomy, Stadtwerke Bochum and RWTH Aachen University
    • SoSafe serves end-markets including education & research, public sector, infrastructure, transport,
    energy, tourism, finances, real estate, insurance, medicine and pharmaceuticals',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-09 07:52:00.0000000', 121),N'SoSafe ''21'),
    (N'Tip - In Market',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-05', 120),N'Antoine de Peguilhan',N'Bonjour Antoine,

    J''espère que tu vas bien. On se croise par téléphone. Je te présente brièvement le sujet de mon appel et on en parle ensuite.

    Je viens de rentrer un nouveau mandat de vente. Il nous a été confié par le fonds Sparring et le management de la société Propriétés-Privées (Groupe Oryx).
    Je souhaite t’en parler en avance de phase, l’initiation du processus est prévue dans la seconde moitié du mois d’octobre.

    ORYX est un groupe d’immobilier digital, #3 en France derrière IAD (Insight, IK, Five Arrows et Naxicap) et SAFTI (Permira) ;
    •Oryx anime des réseaux d’agents mandataires immobiliers indépendants (plus de 3,000 agents à ce jour) à différents niveaux de MLM : Propriétés Privées (hybride horizontal / MLM), Immo Réseau (MLM intensif), Rezoximo (horizontal pur), Paul Parker (luxe)
    •Oryx propose des services additionnels et synergétiques : courtage de prêts immo (Mantica), gestion locative (MIG Gestion), estimation immobilière (Paradissimo), optimisation de crédit (Positive Finance)

    Le groupe présente une forte croissance de son activité et une belle visibilité grâce aux cohortes (recrutement d’agents, montée en puissance des agents, prise de mandats, conversion des leads en mandats). Oryx dépassera les 100M€ de CA en 2022 (vs. 75M€ en 2021) avec un EBITDA attendu à 13-15M€.

    Le management, qui a décidé de réinvestir massivement (ils détiennent aujourd’hui 40% du capital), souhaite trouver un sponsor majoritaire qui les accompagnera dans leur ambition de quadrupler l’activité au cours des 5 prochaines années. J’ai pensé à toi !!

    Bien à toi,

    Franck Noat
    Managing Partner
    Corporate Finance
    D. (+33)
    M. (+33)',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-05 08:25:06.0000000', 121),N'Dreamplay'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-04', 120),N'Sabrina Ramge',N'Avenga is a global champion for IT services and digital transformation. We develop innovative solutions for the sustainable success of our customers and support them in using the enormous potential of digitization for a better and smarter world.
    We combine the creativity and innovative strength of a digital agency with the implementation strength of a large IT solution provider and achieve sustainable results quickly.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-12-16 17:30:16.0000000', 121),N'Avenga ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-04', 120),N'Sabrina Ramge',N'We are already supporting you today with the best website construction kit for the self-employed, a professional online shop and unique tools such as the Legal Text Generator or Facebook for Business.
    But this is just the beginning. We continue to work every day to ensure that your business functions as effortlessly as possible in the digital world. For this we develop tools that equip you with possibilities that are otherwise only available to large companies.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-08-12 15:36:32.0000000', 121),N'Jimdo ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-04', 120),N'Sabrina Ramge',N'X-FAB is one of the world’s leading specialty foundry groups for analog/mixed-signal semiconductor technologies with a clear focus on automotive, industrial, and medical applications. As a pure-play foundry, we provide manufacturing and strong design support services to our customers that design analog/mixed-signal integrated circuits (ICs) and other semiconductor devices for use in their own products or the products of their customers.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-08-12 15:45:31.0000000', 121),N'X-FAB ''21'),
    (N'Deal - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-04', 120),N'Antoine de Peguilhan',N'Built from the combination of Rhapsody and Corepoint (acquired July 2019), Lyniate is a software for healthcare interoperability.
    Lyniate expects high single-digit organic growth in 2020 from its business-to-business partnerships and international market expansion. The company continues to grow in the Middle East, Asia Pacific and Western Europe
    In the wake of COVID-19, Lyniate’s sales channel and pipeline, as well as its recurring revenue from customers remain strong.

    Hg acquired Lyniate in 2018 after the company was spun off from Orion Health. The private equity firm initially owned 75 percent of Lyniate but now owns 100 percent of the company. The company has 200 employees.

    AdP knows the operating partner who did the deal at Hg (Philippe Houssiau). Lyniate''s current CEO is Erkan Akyuz, who used to work for Houssiau when he was CEO of Agfa Healthcare.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-07-29 13:11:09.0000000', 121),N'Lyniate ''20'),
    (N'Deal - WIP',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-04', 120),N'Tobias Weltin',N'LucaNet is a privately owned software business offering reporting, planning and consolidation software. The business generated €20m sales and €5m EBIDA in FY16 with strong growth (+25%).Business is a competitor to Board International',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2018-08-17 15:51:00.0000000', 121),N'LucaNet ''18'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-03', 120),N'Daniel Fischer',N'Global #1 provider of proprietary technology solutions to measure/track, analyse and optimise people flow. Focused on airports, retail, public transport, office buildings. CHF 14m EBITDA FY19',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-03 15:33:01.0000000', 121),N'Xovis ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-01', 120),N'Daniel Morgan',N'Bridgepoint backed business providing digital solutions into the financial industry including data management. Donal Smith is on the board.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-20 17:33:05.0000000', 121),N'WFG (Web Financial) ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-01', 120),N'Daniel Morgan',N'Towers business part of Telenet that is ultimately owned by Liberty Global. Looks to be selling a minority with GS advising. Sounds hard and somewhat progressed.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-20 18:00:45.0000000', 121),N'Telenet ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-01', 120),N'Robin Sie',N'Slipped out due to a misunderstanding in a WB call. USD 1.5bn sale of a CDMO focused on inhalation and opthalmic products. EBITDA USD75mn.

    Process is in advanced stage already.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-23 08:56:07.0000000', 121),N'Ritedose ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-01', 120),N'Amarvir Bhullar',N'Identified as part of Project Ireland 2021 refresh. Danann Air Limited is a global manufacturing company. They design, manufacture and install customized Air Handling Units for both commercial and industrial use. Founded in 1997 in Dublin, Ireland, the company has grown to become a leading supplier for Air Handling Units and HVAC products. Also offers maintenance services on their products that may generate some recurring revenues. Worth a quick look',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-23 14:00:17.0000000', 121),N'Dannan Air Limited ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-01', 120),N'Amarvir Bhullar',N'Identified as part of Project Ireland 2021 refresh. Irish subsidiary of Innovative, a provider of library automation software doing ~€16m EBITDA according to DueDil. This is now a part of \"ProQuest\", a US-based information-content and technology company that provides data and analytics to academic, research and national institutions. ProQuest was part of Cambridge Information Group, but has recently been agreed to be sold to Clarivate plc (a NYSE listed provider of information and insights) for a total of ~$5.3bn. May be worth doing a review of the merger to see if anything of interest may be non-core / pop-out (e.g. this library software tool)',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-23 14:20:57.0000000', 121),N'Innovative Interfaces ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-01', 120),N'Amarvir Bhullar',N'Identified as part of Project Ireland 2021 refresh. Osmotica Pharmaceuticals plc is a fully-integrated biopharmaceutical company focused on developing, manufacturing and commercializing specialty products. Their diversified product portfolio in the specialty neurology and women''s health space, together with their non-promoted complex formulations of generic drugs, form the foundation of our unwavering commitment to improve patients'' lives. US-listed w/ ~$200m market cap and ~$370m EV according to CapIQ. Probably worth a look.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-23 14:25:13.0000000', 121),N'Osmotica Pharmaceuticals ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-01', 120),N'Amarvir Bhullar',N'Identified as part of Project Ireland 2021 refresh. The Tech Group, part of West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc., is a process driven, global contract manufacturer of pharmaceutical and medical devices and diagnostics. With eight locations in North America and Europe, The Tech Group is focused on serving the needs of healthcare companies by providing a single-sourced solution from product conceptualization and rapid prototyping through high-volume manufacturing and final packaging. Key activity is the production of packaging components and delivery systems for injectable drugs and healthcare products (potentially of interest to Nemera?). Irish subsidiary reported ~€165m revs and ~€26m EBITDA last year.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-23 14:58:58.0000000', 121),N'Tech Group ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-01', 120),N'Amarvir Bhullar',N'Identified as part of Project Ireland 2021 refresh. SK biotek (SKBT), an SK pharmteco company, is a global CDMO with ~ 360 m³ of capacity globally. With state-of-the-art facilities in Korea and Ireland specilaising in the manufacturing cGMP API and Advanced Intermediates via Advance Synthesis, Continuous Flow Processing and High Containment, from grams to multi-tons across the full product lifecycle for global innovative pharmaceutical companies. The Irish operations may be worth a look at (est. ~€14m EBITDA according to Duedil).',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-23 15:12:03.0000000', 121),N'SK Biotek Ireland ''21'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-01', 120),N'Amarvir Bhullar',N'ERP software provider to the opthalmic industry first tipped by HVW. Future star review indicates that this is now growing well and could be close to where we should engage.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-03-04 12:14:08.0000000', 121),N'Ocuco ''20'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-01', 120),N'Daniel Morgan',N'Within the data and analytics piece of TP ICAP are two products that are used for trade compression and matching which generate $30mn revenues but at an 85% margin. They are also being used to convert swaps from being priced by LIBOR to the SOFR/SRFR, which could be a boost for growth. The products work in the uncleared market.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-17 11:09:02.0000000', 121),N'TP ICAP Matching ''21'),
    (N'Action - 4. Post meeting',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-01', 120),N'Tobias Weltin',N'Tip from Dr Schroeder, a current BASF manager (head of nutrition & health). Schroeder expects parts of the Frutarom business that was acquired by IFF in 2018 to be disposed due to a lack of fit. Further deep-dive required.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-03-05 16:53:05.0000000', 121),N'IFF / Frutarom ''20'),
    (N'Action - 4. Post meeting',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-01', 120),N'Katerina Turner-Soukeras',N'Relook at Paypoint 2021. Ofgem investigation now over and looking to expand more into payment processing sols.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-10-01 09:41:28.0000000', 121),N'Project Penguin 2.0 ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-01', 120),N'Martin Daberkow',N'Trapeze develops software for companies engaged in providing public transport services. The different products support the customers in terms of scheduling and planning of their fleet, performance analysis of drivers and vehicles, optimization of passenger numbers and vehicle utilization, passenger info services, ticketing and more.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2015-11-09 22:26:00.0000000', 121),N'Trapeze ''15'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-01', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'Digitization of paper files, more transparency in the financial budget or modern personnel processes - we have been supporting public administrations in digitization projects for over 30 years.
    With expertise and our own software, we sustainably strengthen our customers - and thus Germany. More than 100,000 users: inside federal and state authorities, municipalities, church administrations, teaching and research institutions as well as non-governmental organizations trust in our solutions.
    The facilities benefit from our holistic approach. Because software, advice and operation come from a single source at MACH.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-11-04 09:50:32.0000000', 121),N'MACH ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-01', 120),N'Abhishek Kumar',N'Wall Street Office was acquired by IHS Markit in 2008. It has two comments a services piece and a software piece. The Software piece provides a suit of tools to allow straight through processing of loan transactions. The services pieces utilises this software to provide an outsource middle and back office service to 2,800 users managing $500 billion AUM.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-03-23 08:40:28.0000000', 121),N'WSO ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-01', 120),N'Christoph Leitner-Dietmaier',N'Might be more to this than thought. Around, 18mn EBITDA March 2021, forecasting 21mn for March 2022, 60% of GP is apparently recurring. CEO has made a good first impression. Same questions o unpick about differentiation. Owned by ECI and Arma appointed to sell (Tom Wells) will come in the summer. Next step to arrange a time for Christoph to meet the CEO.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-06-09 09:00:28.0000000', 121),N'Content+Cloud ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-01', 120),N'Adam Caesari',N'QGenda is a leading North American provider of scheduling software into the US Medics space. It was flagged as a potential acquirer and long term target during our work around Allocate. The Business is currently owned by FP and ICONIQ however it was rumoured that FP may be looking to achieve an exit in the near term (originally acquired the business in 2016).',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-06-28 15:59:27.0000000', 121),N'QGenda ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-01', 120),N'Katerina Turner-Soukeras',N'Project Seagull, the carve-out of Eurotherm (global supplier of industrial process, temperature and power control, measurement and data management solutions) from Schneider is being sold by Rothchilds. We''ve got the teaser and IM is due to be released early/mid September. The business will reportedly do €19m of EBITDA on €114m of Revenues in 2021 and is expected to grow to at least €25m of EBITDA by 2025. Mgt team sit in the UK. Key question is nature of revenues (recurring/sticky?).',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-08-25 13:20:31.0000000', 121),N'Eurotherm ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-01', 120),N'Christoph Leitner-Dietmaier',N'Offers global employment outsourcing and managed payroll
    (i.e. a managed service for companies that don''t want to have a legal entity in each jurisdiction where they have employees), based on a tech-enabled platform with HCM and payroll functionality. Headquartered in Austin, Texas. AKKR invested in 2019. $1bn EV. Chairman known via JP. Might be too late (William Blair process).',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-17 18:14:51.0000000', 121),N'Safeguard Global ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-01', 120),N'Amarvir Bhullar',N'Identified as part of Project Ireland 2021 refresh. UK and Ireland business of Bidvest (a South African provider of business / commercial property services). Key activities include Cleaning, Electronic Securty, Security, Decontamination, Reception etc. We looked at the Foodservice part of this in the past (unclear if this is still owned by Bidvest Group). Tipping for completeness, but the business is likely difficult for us given lack of differentiation',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-23 13:57:14.0000000', 121),N'Bidvest Noonan RoI ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-01', 120),N'Robin Sie',N'Family owned manufacturer of animal nutraceutical products which generated £6.5m EBITDA on £25m revenue in the year ending Jun-20. Website states that the group also operates a leisure business including Mill Farm football stadium and various related hospitality but this did not generate any revenue in the reported fiscal year.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-30 16:16:41.0000000', 121),N'Tangerine Group ''21'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-01', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'Provides logistics software (planning and optimization of transport and sales structures route and trip planning) as well as traffic software (transportation planning, traffic simulation)',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2016-04-19 11:59:00.0000000', 121),N'PTV Group ''16'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-01', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'Develop and produce medicated chewing gum
    JG 22/09/2020: FIH mandated for process kicking off early 2021',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2018-05-30 15:48:00.0000000', 121),N'Fertin Pharma ''21'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-01', 120),N'Daniel Fischer',N'IQ EQ provides corporate administration services, fund administration, depositary and custody services to fund managers, multinationals and private clients. We looked at in 2015 (when it was known as SGG, and doing 30-35m EUR EBITDA) but chopped on industry concerns, and it was bought by Astorg. Unlikely to be of interest now. Raised to us by Brian Robertson at Evercore as coming to market this year.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-03-10 16:08:16.0000000', 121),N'IQ-EQ ''20'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-01', 120),N'Philipp Käster',N'Provides software and services for idea and innovation managers to use the collective intelligence of employees, customers, and partners by collecting and managing ideas and turning them into business cases. 220+ customers across various industries, such as Airbus, BASF, Bayer, Bombardier, Bosch, Continental, Deutsche Post DHL Group, Saudi Aramco, Siemens, ThyssenKrupp, Toyota, Volvo, Volkswagen. 120 employees, strong growth. Main Capital (well-known software investor in the NL) took a stake in 2019.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-04-02 14:33:21.0000000', 121),N'HYPE Innovation ''20'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-01', 120),N'Tobias Weltin',N'Endoscopic instruments for gastroenterology and pulmonology.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-04-07 13:37:43.0000000', 121),N'Medi-Globe ''20'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-01', 120),N'Philipp Käster',N'Software solutions for machine vision systems in industrial applications. Offers both i) standard all-in-one software bundles and ii) customised end-to-end embedded vision software using license/maintenance revenue model. Caters to customers in the semiconductor, automotive, robotics, and medical industries, among others. Logos include e.g. GlaxoSmithKline, KUKA and Toyota. Growing double-digit, with EBITDA of c.€10m on sales of €47m (22% margin). Still founder-owned.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-01-07 13:34:59.0000000', 121),N'MVTec ''21'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-01', 120),N'Philipp Käster',N'HR software suite combining recruiting, comp & ben, time management, talent management, performance management etc. Customers include e.g. Merck, ProSieben, Europcar, Nordsee, Vorwerk. Growing double-digit with estimated EBITDA of €14m on sales of €32m (45% margin). Still founder-owned.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-01-07 13:56:39.0000000', 121),N'rexx systems ''21'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-01', 120),N'Hanna Weber',N'We deliver integrated product solutions in livestock management,
    animal health delivery, pet identification and reunification and textile identification.

    EUR 60 m EBITDA / animal tagging solutions to manage livestock / very interesting / target a 20x EV/EBITDA valuation according to CS / CS expects it to come to market in 2022 while EY may already expect it end of 2021 / HQ in CH (Italian part) / already in our system but with the French team (Antoine de Peguilhan) / EY has extensive knowledge and if we want we can have a call with their team that looked at it 3x already',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-01-14 16:19:15.0000000', 121),N'Datamars ''21'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-01', 120),N'Tobias Weltin',N'$45m sales, high single sigit EBITDA, growing fast, SaaS player, high quality client book, slightly over 50% US revenue, slightly less than 50% Europe',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-07-08 09:41:05.0000000', 121),N'CSS RegTech ''21'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-10-01', 120),N'Martin Daberkow',N'Traversals Analytics and Intelligence GmbH is a German medium-sized company that concentrates on innovative IT solutions for the fusion of data and information to create secure and reliable knowledge in various fields of application, e.g. cyber security or fraud detection.

    Traversals stands for motivated teamwork in the service of the customers, flexibility, creativity, honesty, transparency and confidentiality protection on the basis of high ethical standards and the law.

    The focus is on the design and development of state-of-the-art information fusion products and the use of the latest technologies to meet customers''​ security and decision support needs.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-28 16:09:18.0000000', 121),N'Traversals ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-30', 120),N'Ronan Tunney',N'FirstPort is a leading UK residential property management services provider. Passed in 2019 due to customer concentration (amongst other concerns). Merged with Mainstay in 2020 (asset management for leasehold residential and build to rent portfolios, facilities management and workplace services). Will investigate whether combined business is more attractive.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-23 13:40:16.0000000', 121),N'First Port ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-30', 120),N'Hanna Weber',N'Berlin-based claims management provider - provides debt collection technology based on artificial intelligence, with the processing various individual characteristics of defaulting customers which are extracted both before and during the interactions in the reminder process.
    Managed by founder and CEO Stephan Stricker; >100 employees
    Probably too small and growth-y
    Tipped by PwC as coming to market in next 12 months',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-27 18:11:40.0000000', 121),N'PAIR Finance ''21'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-30', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'Leading independent IT training providers. World’s leading independent Cisco training providers, and the only worldwide learning partner for NetApp. Represented worldwide in more than 60 countries with subsidiaries in all regions. More than 300 high-end remote labs are available worldwide, 24 hours a day, with dedicated live-support. Up to 4.000 students can work simultaneously on this hardware during training.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2015-04-07 16:32:00.0000000', 121),N'Fast Lane ''15'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-30', 120),N'Ronan Tunney',N'Berlin-based Mambu is an SaaS banking platform that powers digital financial services, providing flexible, innovative banking architectures that allow its clients to operate like tech companies rather than banks. Mambu’s software helps banks and fintechs to transform their existing operations, launch new products and services, and expand into new markets, with clients including N26, OakNorth, and Kreditech.

    The startup has just raised €30 million in its latest funding round led by US-based Bessemer Venture Partners, with participation from existing investors Acton Capital, CommerzVentures, Point Nine Capital and Runa Capital.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-01-15 15:16:39.0000000', 121),N'Mambu ''20'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-30', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'They develop hardware and software solutions for your intralogistics use. They offer comprehensive logistics know-how, all-round service and uncompromising customer orientation – under consideration of your industry-specific special needs.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-04-03 11:21:17.0000000', 121),N'Prologistik ''20'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-30', 120),N'Daniel Fischer',N'Doctari is a platform that offers locum doctors and healthcare professionals across various clinical disciplines. The company has an in house recruiting function to source doctors. Given the scarcity of doctor resources in many disciplines the company can rent out the doctors to clinics and ambulant centres.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-07-09 14:00:43.0000000', 121),N'Doctari ''20'),
    (N'Action - 4. Post meeting',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-30', 120),N'Thomas Lloyd-Evans',N'Provider of aeronautical instruments, previously met by RS and DM. Now for sale via William Blair',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-20 08:47:56.0000000', 121),N'AGI ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-30', 120),N'Daniel Fischer',N'As a general contractor, the vitronet group covers the entire fiber optic network value chain. Our own employees in all stages of the value chain form the basis of our competence. We work hand in hand with long-term partners to implement large-scale projects. Every year, with our more than 700 employees, we implement over 2,000 km of fiber optic routes and more than 30,000 FTTB house connections. We are thus making a significant contribution to the expansion of the fiber optic infrastructure in Germany.
    With Deutsche Beteiligungs AG as a financially strong partner, we are also able to handle large-scale projects in the high double-digit million range.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-04-23 07:21:05.0000000', 121),N'Vitronet ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-30', 120),N'Thomas Lloyd-Evans',N'Privately-owned French specialty pharma business (mainly) with some other forays into parts of healthcare. Made €53m EBITDA on €82m turnover according to CapIQ last year. Recently raised €213m debt to finance the acquisition of Arimidex® and Casodex® from AstraZeneca. Founder Frédéric Mascha says he wants the business to remain privately owned but if they want to grow more and not take on more debt maybe there''s a play for someone like us?',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-06-23 14:55:45.0000000', 121),N'Juvisé Pharmaceuticals ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-30', 120),N'Thomas Lloyd-Evans',N'BioGaia is listed, trading at 30x, TEV c.€800m. Too highly rated for now but maybe one to keep an eye on. Sounds a bit Arko-esque. It develops, markets, and sells probiotic products worldwide. It operates in Pediatrics, Adult Health, and Other segments. The Pediatrics segment offers drops, oral rehydration solutions, and gut health tablets, as well as cultures that are used as an ingredient in infant formula. The Adult Health segment provides gut health tablets and oral health lozenges products, as well as cultures, which are used as an ingredient in a dairy product. The Other segment provides packaging solutions. The company offers its products in the areas of infantile colic and digestive health in children; antibiotic-associated and acute diarrhoea; gingivitis; periodontal disease; general health; Helicobacter pylori–the gastric ulcer bacterium; and low bone density.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-07-20 14:44:08.0000000', 121),N'BioGaia ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-30', 120),N'Thomas Lloyd-Evans',N'Wealth management business in Denmark. Making €18m EBITDA on €47m Rev according to Pitchbook (though they may have the currency wrong - checking..). Came up in sector review. Offers independent advice and asset management.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-07-21 08:45:20.0000000', 121),N'Artha Kapitalforvaltning ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-30', 120),N'Thomas Lloyd-Evans',N'KiiltoClean A/S is owned by a Danish family group which is relatively active in M&A. It makes hygiene, first aid and cleaning products. Appears to have made about €28m EBIT on €40m revenues to Dec 2020, which might be partially a Covid-bonus. Worth checking out numbers a bit more? We''ve looked at cleaning products etc in the past though obvious concerns about differentiation. Looks like customers are mainly business rather than consumer.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-07-23 12:17:04.0000000', 121),N'KiiltoClean ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-30', 120),N'Thomas Lloyd-Evans',N'Kredinor is a member-owned coorperative in Norway that does debt collection and administration. Not a hot area for us so probably a chop. Has grown well last year to €27m EBITDA on €69m revenue per CapIQ. Maybe if MA thinks worth it he can flag to the Nordics. No process; idea from screen',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-07-28 15:28:22.0000000', 121),N'Kredinor ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-30', 120),N'Thomas Lloyd-Evans',N'Apax-owned IFA / wealth management group (came up in sector review). Apax only invested in 2020 so unlikely to be actionable near term.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-07-29 13:27:03.0000000', 121),N'Crystal Groupe ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-30', 120),N'Thomas Lloyd-Evans',N'Wealth at Work is an employee financial advice and wealth management business which recently went from Equistone to Aquiline (Jul ''21, valn undisclosed). Not one for immediate action therefore but perhaps worth tracking as a FS. Understand it has been low growth under Equistone.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-08-03 09:19:15.0000000', 121),N'Wealth at Work ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-30', 120),N'Thomas Lloyd-Evans',N'Specialist wealth management and tax adviser to UK nationals living in Europe. UK subsidiary accounts show c.£30m rev and £6m EBITDA but there is a Malta topco (obviously) so true numbers hard to ascertain. Owned by management and locally-based Partners',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-08-03 12:18:50.0000000', 121),N'Blevins Franks ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-30', 120),N'Thomas Lloyd-Evans',N'UKCloud is an interesting niche provider of government cloud services. Too small for main fund. Stat Accounts show it going backwards recently too. Maybe double check this. Allegedly coming later this year; BGF owned. FS',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-03 10:46:42.0000000', 121),N'UKCloud ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-30', 120),N'Thomas Lloyd-Evans',N'Norsk Analyse supplies online analyzers, gas detection devices, sand and pig detection devices, radiometric process control products, dust and flow measurement devices, and test and calibration instruments. Stat accounts show it growing fast and now making €13m EBITDA on €47m turnover. Also some training and related services. It serves industries that use continuous analysis of gases, liquids, and/or solids. Founded in 1988 and based in Barkåker, Norway. Bought by Addtech Life Science AB in 2013 but remains independently managed - CEO is Tor Erik Sannum.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-13 14:15:54.0000000', 121),N'Norsk Analyse ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-30', 120),N'Thomas Lloyd-Evans',N'Came up on a screen. Doing ~£9m EBITDA on £46m revenue, T-SQUARED designs, constructs, validates and maintains cleanrooms, laboratories and other regulated facilities. Q mark over how project based (and with clear covid boost) but thought worth raising in case any further potential in this area, with recurring maintenance required.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-14 14:15:51.0000000', 121),N'T-squared ''21'),
    (N'Deal - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-30', 120),N'Antoine de Peguilhan',N'Headquartered just outside Paris, Sediver designs, manufactures and sells toughened glass insulators used on high voltage (HV) overhead transmission lines (OHTL). Insulators are used to insulate power lines from their towers and the ground, and to protect transmission lines from over-voltages caused by lightning, switching, or other severe conditions causing power losses. Sediver serves power utility companies globally and leads this global niche with a 40% share.
    Sediver was founded in 1929 in St Yorre where it produced its first glass insulator before developing the toughening process in 1947. The business was acquired by Triton in 2014 from a consortium made of Ergon, Vestar and Athena Private Equity which had bought the company in 2006.
    Sediver currently sells its products in 150 countries, employs c. 1,000 people located in Europe, North America, China and Brazil and operates 4 plants in the US, Italy, and China. It generated €149m Revenues and €26m EBITDA (17.4% margin) in the fiscal year ending December 2020.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-30 13:38:35.0000000', 121),N'Sediver ''21'),
    (N'Hum/IC -',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-30', 120),N'Sophie Hoas',N'Commercial stage, fast-growing Finnish-French biotechnology company, offering molecular diagnostics specialised in the development and marketing of molecular diagnostic solutions for Gastrointestinal Infections, Antimicrobial Resistance Management, Hospital Associated Infections (HAIs), Respiratory Infections and Sepsis.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-02-15 09:53:38.0000000', 121),N'Mobidiag ''21'),
    (N'Post-Action -',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-30', 120),N'Daniel Fischer',N'As a Swiss pharmaceutical company headquartered in Zurich, we develop, manufacture and internationally market well-proven and innovative pharmaceuticals in novel drug delivery forms. Under our brand ‘Acino Switzerland’, we provide high-quality medicines to emerging markets with a strategic focus on the Middle East, Africa, Ukraine/CIS including Russia, and Latin America.
    Acino is a leader in advanced drug delivery technologies specializing in modified release oral forms and oral dispersible forms, for which it also holds patents. As a partner of pharmaceutical companies worldwide, we also supply finished in-house developed products and provide customized one-stop solutions from product development and registration to contract manufacturing, packaging and logistics.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-08-06 15:25:09.0000000', 121),N'Acino Pharma ''20'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-30', 120),N'Stefan Zobel',N'Missler software is a developer of CAD, CAM & ERP software. The companies CAD-solution (TopSolid Design) covers the full process chain from the construction of a component to the actual production. The company''s customers are mainly producer or suppliers from the manufacturing-, sheet metal-, or wood industry.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2015-11-09 21:50:00.0000000', 121),N'Missler Software ''15'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-30', 120),N'Stefan Zobel',N'Document management and workflow automation solution for teams and organizations of any size. Available as both an on-premises and cloud solution. DocuWare is available in 16 languages, boasts 18,000 customers with 500,000 users across 70 countries, and is supported by a global network of over 600 partners. Simon Baertl from Blair just won the sell side a week ago. Business is making €60m sales. On premises (80% of business) grows at single digit rates while the new cloud product (20%) has growth rates of +100%. Blended growth rates is at 15%. EBITDA is currently depressed due to high development costs and at c. €5m. Process will start beginning FY19 / end of FY18. The two founders and Morgan Stanley PE look to a full exit.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2018-07-25 12:21:00.0000000', 121),N'Docuware ''18'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-30', 120),N'Stefan Zobel',N'PSI will be merged into EON. This is clearly non-core and under the radar at EON.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2018-09-13 11:44:00.0000000', 121),N'PSI ''18'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-30', 120),N'Stefan Zobel',N'Managed Cloud provider for ERP applications.. Backed by NovaCap (Canadian PE). Acquired Freudenberg IT in 2018. €50m EBITDA and 85% revenues are recurring. Tipp-off by Dirk Felsmann (Blair) who will set up a meeting next time NovaCap is in Frankfurt.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2019-10-31 10:38:21.0000000', 121),N'Syntax ''19'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-30', 120),N'Sophie Hoas',N'The PolyPeptide Group is a family owned Contract Development & Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) which focuses on proprietary and generic GMP-grade peptides for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology markets.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-02-15 10:32:59.0000000', 121),N'PolyPeptide Laboratories ''21'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-30', 120),N'Michael Arnez',N'Autoform we looked at in 2016 (Stefan Zobel from the Frankfurt office). Astorg invested. It''s a software business serving sheet metal forming industries globally. Freshfields flagged as a 2021 deal. EV about €800m.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-03-10 12:20:37.0000000', 121),N'Autoform ''21'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-30', 120),N'Michael Arnez',N'At Medela - as an internationally recognized manufacturer of breastfeeding products and medical vacuum technology - our focus is on improving health and making life and work easier.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-04-22 16:40:53.0000000', 121),N'Medela ''21'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-30', 120),N'Michael Arnez',N'With its extensive ACUSON product portfolio, Siemens Healthineers offers individual ultrasound solutions for every medical specialty. The innovative ultrasound technologies improve diagnostic reliability and bring patient comfort.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-04-22 16:44:55.0000000', 121),N'Siemens Healthineers ''21'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-30', 120),N'Michael Arnez',N'Smart technologies, automation and artificial intelligence are currently revolutionising justice systems worldwide. While other industries have long benefited from tech-driven value chains, legal processes are still in the midst of rapid and disruptive innovation.
    As pioneers in the field of legal tech, we create innovative and scalable services by intelligently combing state-of-the-art technology, communication and services for law firms, legal departments, litigation financiers and insurers of legal expenses.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-08-12 14:57:02.0000000', 121),N'Scailex ''21'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-30', 120),N'Michael Arnez',N'Fact has been successfully developing digital solutions for managing investments since 1996 and is one of the leading providers of software solutions and comprehensive services for the entire investment process today. We have retained the start-up spirit: we are passionate about further developing proven approaches and coming up with new solutions. Our vision: making complex processes in the financial sector simpler and more successful through digitisation.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-08-24 08:16:49.0000000', 121),N'FACT ''21'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-29', 120),N'Ronan Tunney',N'Torstone Technology is a leading global provider of cross-asset securities and derivatives post-trade processing technology. The company''s post-trade platform (Inferno) was originally built by and for a global investment bank. At the core of its design is the ability to flex to new requirements: to be fast, flexible and future-proof. Entire cross-asset post-trade workflow, from trade capture and confirmation through to reconciliation, all in a single, integrated platform, helping customers reduce costs, achieve greater control, minimise risk, and drive operational efficiency.
    14-Oct-21 CLD: John Meehan mentioned it, sounds like they have the mandate, possibly launch in November. Let''s connect also given work on / overlap with Pirum',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-04-28 13:35:23.0000000', 121),N'Torstone Technology ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-29', 120),N'Christian Wolf',N'We are dedicated to provide superior technology and services, enabling our customers to create the products of today and the innovations of tomorrow. Our journey started in 1983 in Uppsala, Sweden, with the engineer Anders Rundgren and his launch of the world’s first C compiler for the 8051 microcontroller architecture. Since then, our solutions have ensured quality, reliability and efficiency in the development of millions of products built on embedded systems all over world.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-12-03 22:20:56.0000000', 121),N'IAR Systems ''20'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-28', 120),N'Christian Wolf',N'QuantCo leverages expertise in data science, engineering, and economics to help organizations turn data into decisions. Headquartered in Boston, QuantCo has offices in San Francisco, Berlin, Cologne, Karlsruhe, Munich, and Zurich.
    QuantCo was founded by four Harvard and Stanford PhDs. Our team of around one hundred economists, data scientists, software engineers, and machine learning experts creates tangible economic impact by pairing state-of-the-art data expertise with business acumen.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-02-25 16:49:43.0000000', 121),N'QuantCo ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-28', 120),N'Christian Wolf',N'50,000 lamps and lights, over 350 highly motivated and competent employees, 15,000 square meters of office and storage space, more than 10 years of experience in product sales and over 100,000 positive customer reviews - these figures are the result of the success story of, Europe''s leading online Specialist market for lamps and lights.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-05-04 16:33:26.0000000', 121),N'Lampenwelt ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-28', 120),N'Christian Wolf',N'Our medical and non-medical employees are highly qualified specialists in their field who have earned their trust through many years of training, qualifications and professional experience. A special feature of the Meine Radiologie Gruppe is the medical leadership in management by Dr. med. Dr. rer. pole. Knüppel as CEO and Prof. Dr. med. Almeling on the advisory board. Our entire practice processes are constantly being scrutinized by external experts. We are regularly certified according to the criteria of DIN ISO 9001 at many practice locations and always go through a multi-day audit in which all relevant processes are questioned and controlled.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-10-15 10:58:25.0000000', 121),N'Meine Radiologie Holding ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-28', 120),N'Christian Wolf',N'MedEuropa is a fast growing company focused on cancer care. MedEuropa is dedicated to improving cancer care by bringing together experienced medical professionals from complementary horizons. We develop through partnerships, acquisitions and the opening of new centres. Our approach is flexible and long term. We like to partner with individuals and organisations that share our entrepreneurial mindset. MedEuropa is a Swiss-headquartered company. It was founded by a reputed entrepreneur and is further owned by medical doctors and management.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-10-15 11:07:09.0000000', 121),N'MedEuropa ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-28', 120),N'Christian Wolf',N'The RadioOnkologieNetzwerk is a nationwide network of practices that focuses on outpatient cancer therapy and is already one of the largest radiation therapy providers in Germany. The group of companies has stood for the highest quality with the latest medical technology, innovation and social responsibility since the beginning. The Radio Oncology Network is a dynamically growing and innovative company with around 600 employees. The association offers patients and employees the advantages of a networked corporate structure, as well as state-of-the-art technical equipment and great professional expertise at all practice locations. The radio-oncology network currently has a basic and standard care hospital, eleven radiotherapy practices and two internal-oncological practices.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-10-15 11:13:00.0000000', 121),N'Radioonkologisches Netzwerk ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-28', 120),N'Christian Wolf',N'With integrated security solutions as well as Cyber Risk Resilience® from a single source, the CymbiQ Group supports its customers in order to protect them from these digital threats and to become and remain resilient to attacks so that they can survive in the uncertain digital world.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-11-19 15:56:41.0000000', 121),N'CymbiQ Group ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-28', 120),N'Christian Wolf',N'The RODIAG group is one of the most important radiology groups in Switzerland and operates fourteen private X-ray institutes with around 120 employees. In addition, there are interdisciplinary collaborations with other specialists and public and private institutions.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-11-25 16:05:32.0000000', 121),N'Rodiag ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-28', 120),N'Thomas Lloyd-Evans',N'EVLI is a Finnish wealth management company mainly, rather than a bank proper. €500m EV, trading at about 12x EBIT. Came up on wealth management review. No process. Listed.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-08-24 09:06:22.0000000', 121),N'Project Evangelist ''21'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-24', 120),N'Michael Arnez',N'Hospitals and clinical laboratories around the world use our technology to integrate data and help eliminate any possibility of human error.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-09 09:18:56.0000000', 121),N'Inpeco ''21'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-24', 120),N'Tobias Weltin',N'We want to help our users to organize their practice processes optimally and to cope with the bureaucracy as efficiently as possible. In addition to practice software, we offer additional solutions, including online booking of appointments and video consultation hours, as well as services relating to practice IT and practice management software. More than 28% of all resident physicians in Germany work with practice or ambulance software from medatixx. 19 own locations and 45 sales partners guarantee close regional support throughout Germany. The \"medatixx academy\" offers training courses for doctors and medical specialists at 24 locations.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-22 06:46:45.0000000', 121),N'Medatixx ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-24', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'ACTICO is a leading international provider of software for intelligent automation and digital decisioning. The company provides best-in-class software and tools used across multiple industries enhancing day-to-day decision-making and end-to-end automation.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-09-23 14:57:05.0000000', 121),N'ATICO ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-24', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'Our expertise extends across a wide variety of industries, medium-sized or large companies, public institutions, schools or hospitals. Whether strategic advice, process optimization or the implementation of services - we involve all areas of the company and take action against cybercrime with specialized solutions.
    The members of the Swiss IT Security Group act as independent companies on the market. The holding is owned by the individual partner companies (or their management) and the private investor group Ufenau Capital Partners AG.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-09-30 09:49:59.0000000', 121),N'Swiss IT Security AG ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-24', 120),N'Christian Wolf',N'The task of blikk Holding is, in particular, the performance of general administrative tasks for the individual supporting companies of the practices such as purchasing and human resources as well as the provision of efficient, modern IT infrastructures. In favor of high quality patient care, blikk Holding continuously invests in modern medical technology for examinations and therapy.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-10-15 14:04:01.0000000', 121),N'Blikk ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-24', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'ACTICO is a leading international provider of software for intelligent automation and digital decisioning. The company provides best-in-class software and tools used across multiple industries enhancing day-to-day decision-making and end-to-end automation.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-02-16 12:38:27.0000000', 121),N'ACTICO ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-24', 120),N'Alexander Bokhove',N'Potential add-on for Wireless. Liaised with Alex.

    1NCE is the global Tier-1 IoT Carrier specialized in providing managed connectivity services for low bandwidth IoT applications such as Asset Tracking, Tank Monitoring, Vehicle Telematics, Smart Metering and Waste Management.

    1NCE cooperates with the leading operators in order to guarantee Tier-1 carrier grade connectivity services across Europe as well as in North America, South America, Africa, Asia and Oceania.

    1NCE has a team of over 100 employees in 9 countries all over the world and is headquartered in Cologne, Germany, where it was founded in 2017.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-08-19 14:14:19.0000000', 121),N'1NCE ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-24', 120),N'Daniel Fischer',N'Business unit of Bauer Media
    Bauer OCP solves fundamental problems for consumers & partners.
    Consumers: Simplifying the selection and buying of financial products in opaque markets.
    Partners: Access to customers through digital channels at attractive ROI',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-20 09:16:03.0000000', 121),N'Bauer OCP ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-24', 120),N'Michael Arnez',N'IQE plc is the leading global supplier of advanced wafer products and material solutions to the semiconductor industry. IQE’s core business is the design and manufacture of compound semiconductor wafers or “epiwafers” using a process called epitaxy. IQE’s epiwafers are used in advanced electronic and photonic components which enable a broad portfolio of today’s technology products.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-21 12:13:57.0000000', 121),N'IQE plc ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-24', 120),N'Michael Arnez',N'As an internationally recognized top biotechnology provider, we stand for the development of excellent technologies, products and solutions in the areas of: Clinical Diagnostics, Food & Feed Analysis, Nutrition Care.
    At R-Biopharm we cultivate a cooperative and team-oriented way of working which is valued by our customers and science partners alike. We strive to be a dependable and competent consultant in all our fields of activity. We see it as one of our major tasks to push the development of versatile rapid tests in clinical diagnostics as well as food and feed analysis – to provide even faster answers to the most diverse analytical challenges which really help our society. At nutrition care we combine special diagnostics with individualized programs and services to improve every individual’s quality of life.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-22 06:37:30.0000000', 121),N'rBiopharm ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-24', 120),N'Michael Arnez',N'By advancing research and development, we are powering innovation to find new ways of delivering high-quality and affordable medicines. Our international team gathers people from across Europe, including industrial scientists and academic partners from universities across Europe.
    With an extensive manufacturing network and flagship sites in Prague and Bucharest, our production and supply chain capabilities represent a powerhouse for generic and OTC medicines in the heart of Europe.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-22 06:52:25.0000000', 121),N'Zentiva ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-24', 120),N'Michael Arnez',N'We are LimaCorporate, a global orthopedics company focused on digital innovation and tailored hardware, which advances patient centered care. LimaCorporate’s orthopedic technology solutions are developed by an enthusiastic team, to empower surgeons and to improve patient outcomes from joint replacement surgery. We stand out from the crowd. As pioneers of the future of our industry, we challenge the status quo through our passionate team, who inspire change.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-22 06:55:16.0000000', 121),N'Lima ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-24', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'PlasmidFactory GmbH & Co. KG is a globally active biopharmaceutical company, founded in Bielefeld, Germany, in 2000. The leading contract manufacturing organization (CMO) for plasmid and minicircle DNA has a strong customer base in the fields of cancer research, gene and cell therapy, CAR T-cell development, and genetic vaccination.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-23 15:20:55.0000000', 121),N'PlasmidFactory ''21'),
    (N'Deal - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-24', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'Fondsdepot is a funds services business whose offering is used as a platform by a wide network of German IFAs.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2018-12-05 12:41:00.0000000', 121),N'Fondsdepot ''18'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-23', 120),N'Sophie Hoas',N'Parking software',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-20 13:57:32.0000000', 121),N'EasyPark ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-23', 120),N'Thomas Lloyd-Evans',N'Cross asset class electronic trading solutions for the buy-side',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-22 09:45:06.0000000', 121),N'TradingScreen ''21'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-23', 120),N'Daniel Morgan',N'Software and services business based in London, New York and Bulgaria. Its Glue42 product has been deployed by numerous companies and is used to integrate data and applications. Testimonial from JP Morgan Wealth. Could be small and Bulgaria difficult!',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-05-13 18:53:42.0000000', 121),N'Tick42 ''21'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-23', 120),N'Mateusz Andrzejewski',N'World-leading manufacturer of infrared radiation detectors. Use cases: i) in trains to detect failures, ii) to detect harmful chemical substances in environment, iii) in military to produce intelligent ammunition, iv) to detect explosives. They don''t sell to end clients but to equipment manufacturers. Focused on export (mainly to Europe). Listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, market cap €120m, EBITDA €7m (50% margin), trading at 18.3x. 15% revenue CAGR over the last years. Disperse ownership.

    Revenue: €13m
    EBITDA: €7m',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-13 11:59:13.0000000', 121),N'Vigo System ''21'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-23', 120),N'Thomas Lloyd-Evans',N'NoxBox provides medical devices for inhaled nitrous oxide therapy. Bought by Praxair in 2016 which was itself then bought by Linde in 2018. General manager is Tony Butterfield who has grown it from £2m sales to £18m sales in five years. Made £5m EBITDA last year. Small and potentially not a recurring business model but perhaps worth speaking to Butterfield. Idea from a screen; no process',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-20 14:55:46.0000000', 121),N'NOxBox ''21'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-23', 120),N'Ronan Tunney',N'Mobile data capture software',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-22 10:22:11.0000000', 121),N'Anyline ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-23', 120),N'Daniel Morgan',N'Developer of handheld diagnostic devices that apparently been validated and with HMG contracts lined-up. Probably not for us as looking for growth funding.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-06-07 10:28:51.0000000', 121),N'Visionary Medical ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-23', 120),N'Hanna Weber',N'Network of global subsidiaries that provide intellectual property services; €73m revenue, €19m EBITDA
    (Significant) minority stake sale, expected to launch in October
    Note - mentioned by Joanne Hartley at PwC and Ajay',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-16 12:39:59.0000000', 121),N'Rouse ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-23', 120),N'Mateusz Andrzejewski',N'KYC automation software for the banking, finance, legal and accountancy sectors. Robotically searches structured and unstructured information sources to automate KYC, AML and EDD policies. Covers over 200 jurisdictions, gathering data from 150+ global and regional data providers covering North America, Europe, Asia (Hong Kong, China). Based in the UK. $23m in revenue. In March 2021, secured investment from Beacon Equity Partners.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-20 13:27:18.0000000', 121),N'Encompass ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-23', 120),N'Hanna Weber',N'Karlsruhe-based IT service provider, traditionally mainly focused on industrials / OEM customers and the public sector but increasingly expanding client sectors
    Project-based business with many recurring customers
    €30-35m revenue, EBITDA between €5-10m
    Teaser & IMs are out, bid deadline is Oct 6th
    One of the managers / owners would like to exit and other shareholders / managers are looking for sponsor to continue supporting business',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-21 09:59:08.0000000', 121),N'ISB ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-23', 120),N'Ronan Tunney',N'HTML5 charting tool and our smart desktop platform for financial services.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-22 09:58:41.0000000', 121),N'Cosaic ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-22', 120),N'Daniel Morgan',N'Nothing to say its a chop. Bathroom fittings ecommerce growing fact with a plan to get to £190mn at 20% margins.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-22 17:10:01.0000000', 121),N'Plumbworld ''21'),
    (N'Tip - Don''t Know',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-22', 120),N'',N'SDB Groep is a NL-based B&B play by Main Capital (local software-focused PE): they offer SaaS to HC institutions in NL. Range of solutions including information exchange (EHR), HR, planning, payroll/BPO, analytics, e-learning. Clients include elderly and home care, daycare, disabled care and hospitals. Active in NL, planning to expand to Belgium.

    21-07-01 RSV: 20A GP €24m (+33%), EBITDA €8m (+44%). Three more acquisitions announced in Sep-21 so likely reaching double digits EBITDA.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-22 09:08:02.0000000', 121),N'SDB Group ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-21', 120),N'Stefan Zobel',N'IHS provides proprietary software services to the hospitality industry, including the Trust International hotel reservation system. This is allegedly a very sticky business and critical to hotels’ operations. PwC reckon it will be approaching our size so if we like the look of the business maybe we should think about reaching out to the team.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2015-01-14 17:50:00.0000000', 121),N'IHS ''15'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-21', 120),N'Stefan Zobel',N'Privately owned, swiss provider of high-end encryption solutions for governmental authorities, defence and intelligence services.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2015-10-16 09:25:00.0000000', 121),N'Omnisec ''15'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-21', 120),N'Stefan Zobel',N'Swiss company specialising in communications and information security. Manufacturer of encryption machines and a wide variety of cipher devices',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2015-10-16 09:39:00.0000000', 121),N'Crypto ''15'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-21', 120),N'Stefan Zobel',N'Adcubum develops Adcubum Syrius which is an end-to-end software suite for insurances. It consists of 8 modules, which address all processes within the insurance (e.g. sales, contract management, CRM and claims management). For Syrius, Adcubum offers staff training as well as integration support.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2015-11-09 20:17:00.0000000', 121),N'Adcubum ''15'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-21', 120),N'Stefan Zobel',N'he company develops Finnova Banking Software, a front-to-back software platform for retail, universal and private banks. The software is divided into four product suits of which each is designed for a specific user group. The software covers a variety of processes within the bank and among others contains functionalities regarding risk & compliance control, CRM, trading & settlement and payment & cash mgmt.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2015-11-09 20:24:00.0000000', 121),N'finnova AG Bankensoftware ''15'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-21', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'HC Services',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2019-05-23 13:19:53.0000000', 121),N'New Lazard Suisse Sellside ''19'),
    (N'Tip - Don''t Know',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-21', 120),N'Daniel Fischer',N'Step by step, we were able to experience stable growth together with our wind-inspired customers and partners. We now offer an entire portfolio of maintenance and repair solutions for wind turbines: maintenance, repair, inspection and optimization, whether on land or at sea.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-21 07:50:27.0000000', 121),N'DWT ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-20', 120),N'Adam Caesari',N'Tipped by David Noonan at Deloitte who has heard that Finastra will also look to divest their Core Banking division in 2022 (once the sale of the TCM business has closed). The Core banking business provides end-to-end software solutions through 3 product families (Fusion Essence, Fusion Midas and Fusion Equation) that cover payments, end-to-end lending, fee and pricing capabilities, support for savings and deposits and multi-currency general ledger platforms. Revenues of ~$200m (quite flat historically) with GP margins of ~75%.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-13 10:54:39.0000000', 121),N'Finastra Core Banking Carveout ''21'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-20', 120),N'Martin Daberkow',N'In 2007, while working at SAP, we realized a huge gap in the enterprise software market. Companies like SAP and their customers were not able to automate their compensation processes across one integrated solution.
    Most large organizations leverage compensation as a strategic differentiator, yet they still manage compensation on spreadsheets or dated custom built solutions. This is when we realized we were facing the biggest market opportunity we had ever seen during our careers, which led to the creation of beqom.
    - ARR 2021: c.27m ARR (~35% growth), Cash break even in 2021, already visible in monthly trading. EBITDA break even still to come',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-07-07 10:17:45.0000000', 121),N'Beqom ''21'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-20', 120),N'Sophie Hoas',N'Develops, manufactures and distributes highly characterized advanced reagents to the Life Sciences community worldwide. The reagents include highly-validated antibodies, antigens and mass spectrometry protein quantification standards, constituting a unique portfolio of high-end proteomics tools, relevant for basic and clinical research in important areas such as oncology and neurology. Majority owned by Patricia Industries (Investor). Made two interesting acquisitions in 2021, UK-based HistoCyte Laboratories – a leading supplier of cell line controls for pathology applications, and Swiss-based evitria – an expert provider of antibody expression services and announced a new CEO to start in September 2021.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-08-23 13:00:23.0000000', 121),N'Atlas Antibodies ''21'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-20', 120),N'Nicole Dixson',N'Specialist managed data services for buyside customers (asset managers etc). Provides managed data services and regtech solutions. EQT invested a \"significant stake\" through a debt funded acquisition at the start of 2020',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-08-26 12:42:09.0000000', 121),N'Rimes ''21'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-20', 120),N'Daniel Morgan',N'Appeared on screens given recent Schneider share price movements. Energy data management business which is a subsidiary of Schneider. Has been tracked as Future Star, still only ~£8.5m EBITDA but good results released August 2021. DM last reached out in April 2021. Worth a follow up? / checking other Schneider subsidiaries?',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-14 14:00:16.0000000', 121),N'IMServ ''21'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-20', 120),N'Hayley Winter',N'US-based global LIMS software company. Previously hard to reach, but recently re-tipped, so will reach out again',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-20 09:45:40.0000000', 121),N'Labware ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-20', 120),N'Daniel Morgan',N'Financial markets connectivity solution making £35mn we''ve approached before and been rebuffed.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-06-24 08:55:29.0000000', 121),N'BT Radianz ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-20', 120),N'Adam Caesari',N'Software for security in the maritime industry. CEO is based in the UK, tech is originally out of Israel. Lord Browne ex CEO of BP is Chairman. Probably too small, but one for the maritime list.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-08-27 07:23:46.0000000', 121),N'Windward ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-20', 120),N'Robin Sie-Verbruggen',N'Masterbuilt Manufacturing is a leading US-based designer and marketer of outdoor cooking appliances. The company provides a full offering of branded smokers, ceramic and traditional grills, fryers, charcoal and other accessories. Masterbuilt and Kamado Joe (competing with Big Green Egg) have longstanding relationships with a well-diversified base of international retail, independent dealer and e-Commerce accounts.

    Owned by Domino Capital who bolted on Kamado Joe and Smoke Hollow to Masterbuilt. $260m sales o/w 75% US, 25% International. Europe and Australia are focus areas for management, existing direct salesforce in Europe (Europe HQ in London). Omnichannel with small D2C presence, mostly through large retailers - ~30% online sales. HQ in Atlanta, Georgia. +40% CAGRs in FY20-21. ~$40m EBITDA (15% margin). Process launched by Sawaya on 7-Sep, CIM will be provided.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-03 11:11:35.0000000', 121),N'Masterbuilt Manufacturing ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-20', 120),N'Daniel Morgan',N'Provides tools for Margin Analytics for trading. Key customers include BlackRock. Identified by Adam C. and also flagged as an acquisition target by Parameta TPICAPs data and analytics business. Its small but clearly well thought of and we should think about making contact with the founder CEO who also has a track record in this space.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-14 14:19:57.0000000', 121),N'Cassini Systems'' 21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-20', 120),N'Adam Caesari',N'Providers technology for traders to manager the margin on derivatives. It offers solutions for compression (this reduces the nominal value and number of open trades) - this reduces the size of the overall portfolio, but not change its composition whilst reducing funding cost and risk. It also provides tools to reduce counterparty risk (also reducing margin requirements) - this is where market participants provide all their trades and quantile suggest a series of alternatives that reduce counterparty risk. It is small but also a potential target for TP ICAP.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-14 14:27:27.0000000', 121),N'Quantile ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-20', 120),N'Sami Khan',N'K-12 marketing and communications software based in the US, brought to us by Macquarie. Expected to do $70m FY22 revenues and $30m EBITDA with 97% gross and 108% net retention.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-15 15:27:37.0000000', 121),N'Finalsite ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-20', 120),N'Catherine Parry',N'PwC tipped as £11m EBITDA GCA-mandated art storage business. There was discussion of tax-exempt freeports which might better fit a recurring profile but it seems the business'' storage facilities are in standard city locations worldwide and a big part of the business is actually premium moving services e.g. moving Barack Obama out of the White House. Also offers interior design services. Propose chop.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-16 15:22:27.0000000', 121),N'Cadogan Tate ''21'),
    (N'Deal - Lost',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-20', 120),N'Sophie Hoas',N'See ''19 opportunity

    Performed very well since Nordic, both organically and through acquisitions - looking at IPOing business, but letting us look at it. Valuation expectations are high. Talking to three parties',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-06-14 09:37:42.0000000', 121),N'Cary Group ''21'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-20', 120),N'Stefan Zobel',N'INFORM is a software company that markets advanced optimization software to improve planning and operational decision making. It is particularly for its aviation solutions, software suites assisting airports and airlines with turnaround management and transport handling. 550 staff, €60m revenue in 2014. Founder and employee owned, established in 1969.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2016-01-05 18:59:00.0000000', 121),N'Inform ''16'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-20', 120),N'Martin Daberkow',N'mgm technology partners is an innovative solution provider for individual software development, architecture and IT consulting.

    Software development and project focussed. Roughly 750 FTE, some off-shore.
    Part of publicly traded Allgeier SE, which trades at a discount (~15x NTM EBITDA).',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-11-26 09:25:35.0000000', 121),N'mgm technology ''20'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-20', 120),N'Adam Caesari',N'Perhaps a prompt that something is coming but we should be getting back in touch with the CEO.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-01-21 08:38:38.0000000', 121),N'OneOcean ''21'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-20', 120),N'Martin Daberkow',N'Hamburg-based Euro Vital Pharma GmbH is the German market leader for private labels in the field of consumer health care. In our overall range of more than 300 articles, we offer for example Germany''s biggest own portfolio (IPs) of non-pharmacy pharmaceuticals, for which we take the responsibility for our customers as pharmaceuticals entrepreneur and/or manufacturer. Irrespective of product category, all articles comply with the highest quality standards and are based on over 25 years of company history and professional experience.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-01-26 16:40:22.0000000', 121),N'Euro Vital Pharma ''21'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-20', 120),N'Martin Daberkow',N'Lucht Probst Associates GmbH is a financial services provider for capital market activities. It offers risk and quant consulting services to manage risks in capital market business. The company also offers distribution advisory services, including product portfolio advisory and helps clients to become customer-centric.

    The company was founded in 1999 and is based in Frank­furt am Main, Germany with additional offices in Leipzig, Germany; Barcelona and Madrid, Spain; and Singapore.

    According to Bundesanzeiger ~€32m revenue and ~€8m EBITDA for FY19.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-02-01 09:59:13.0000000', 121),N'LPA ''21'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-20', 120),N'Alexander Bokhove',N'Coming up for sale with MS and Arma advising.

    TES publishes the Times Educational Supplement magazine, providing news, job listings and a marketplace for teachers to share resources. Current owner Providence has apparently rejigged its business model to focus more on subscription services and growth areas of Edtech, with ~70% of revenue now subscription-based. Will be marketed off £50m EBITDA (FY20 revenue and EBITDA of £99m and £44m respectively).

    We looked on multiple occasions but chopped it on business concerns. Previously owned by Exponent, Charterhouse, TPG and now Permira. Worth another look? Louise Rogers (Chair at ESS) was Chair and CEO and TES, albeit 6 years ago...',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-07-07 07:46:35.0000000', 121),N'TES Global ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-17', 120),N'Artur Sienczewski',N'Leading provider of software-as-a-service (‘SaaS’) solutions to the automotive industry in France. It allows global OEMs and car dealerships to digitise their offering, optimising the second hand fleet market as well as automating the sales process. It also allows consumers a fully integrated digital experience, offering the ability to match pricing and consumers with the local dealerships. The company has grown rapidly, winning multi-year contracts with a range of global, blue chip OEMs including Volkswagen, the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance, Groupe PSA (Citroen, Peugeot), Toyota and Volvo, along with more than 200 car dealer groups. Acquired by Bridgepoint Development Capital in 2019',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-14 07:56:33.0000000', 121),N'Bee2link ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-17', 120),N'Artur Sienczewski',N'The company offers a unique digital marketing solution developed for small and medium-sized businesses, covering tools such as email, SMS, marketing automation, sales management, and live chat. Headquartered in Paris with offices in Seattle, Berlin, Noida, and Toronto, Sendinblue supports more than 180,000 active users across 160 countries. Bridgepoint and BPI invested invested 160m$ in Series B funding in 2020',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-14 08:01:47.0000000', 121),N'Sendinblue ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-17', 120),N'Artur Sienczewski',N'Opportunity to carve-out Convatec''s Continence & Critical Care division, which develops and manufactures systems that manage acute urinary and fecal incontinence. Products are used by hospitals and home care providers. The division generated 2019 revenue of $457m (4% organic growth), which represents 25% of this niche market worth $2bn.

    21-06-22 RSV: Retipped - UBS running sell side process for critical care division (part of Continence & Critical Care division).',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-04-09 11:24:13.0000000', 121),N'Convatec Critical Care ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-17', 120),N'Artur Sienczewski',N'Owned by Eurazeo since 2016, global player in pharmaceutical synthesis and specialty chemicals',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-04-22 16:46:30.0000000', 121),N'Seqens ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-17', 120),N'Artur Sienczewski',N'Portfolio of established brands owned by UCB, including Zyrtec (anti-allergic) and Xyzal. Revenues have been declining',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-04-22 18:15:55.0000000', 121),N'UCB Established Brands ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-17', 120),N'Artur Sienczewski',N'Simulator training and helicopter training courses.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-04-21 10:45:21.0000000', 121),N'Coptersafety ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-17', 120),N'Artur Sienczewski',N'Manufacturer of glass and plastic packaging for the pharma industry with distribution in over 100 countries. Owned by Triton since 2017.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-07-19 10:29:22.0000000', 121),N'Bormioli ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-17', 120),N'Artur Sienczewski',N'Laser 2000, founded in 1986, is a leading independent European supplier of innovative laser and photonics solutions. The company was acquired by GIMV (Belgian small-cap PE) in 2018 and was generating EUR 20m revenue at the time. Although small on a standalone basis, a combination with other european players could be an entry platform into the European photonics space.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-08-20 15:38:52.0000000', 121),N'Laser 2000 ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-17', 120),N'Ronan Tunney',N'Provider of specialist pharmacy services to independent healthcare providers in the UK. Software-led product offerings across medicines management, regulatory compliance, training, product supply.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-13 08:37:29.0000000', 121),N'Ashtons ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-17', 120),N'Artur Sienczewski',N'---Founded in 2008, the company is a technology-enabled services business with a differentiated and market leading position in the UK where it acts as a neutral intermediary between clients – typically Local Authorities and a nationwide pool of approved recruitment agencies, vetted to ensure compliance with relevant regulations. Acquired by Bridgepoint Development Capital in 2020',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-14 07:54:15.0000000', 121),N'Matrix SCM ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-17', 120),N'Artur Sienczewski',N'PEI Media provides market-leading intelligence and analysis for senior professionals in the alternative asset classes of private equity, real estate, infrastructure, private debt and other emerging specialisms such as agri-investors. Its product suite includes globally recognised print and online publications, specialist sector research databases and events. Sold by LDC to Bridgepoint Development Capital in 2017. HQ-ed in London with offices in Hong Kong and New York where it employed 180 people in 2018.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-14 08:00:22.0000000', 121),N'PEI Media ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-17', 120),N'Thomas Lloyd-Evans',N'Dental chain roll up in Ireland. Now up to 30 clinics (did 14 deals this year). Run by former Euromedic Ireland MD Colm Davitt, known to TLE. Small for now but might be a deal next year. It''s owned by Nick Lowcock (ex-Warburg) who also owns a UK chain and they could come together, though the Irish business is more attractive (more targets, less competition for them). This is the only credible community dentistry practice rollup. Main one Smile (owned by Oasis/Bupa) is city centre walk-in style and doesn''t really compete.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-14 11:01:46.0000000', 121),N'Dental Care Ireland ''21'),
    (N'Deal - Faded',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-17', 120),N'Sophie Hoas',N'Specialised in the immunodiagnostics assays for the lab market. HQ in Birmingham, UK. Owned by Nordic. Doing c. £70m EBITDA. Underlying business doing very well. Launching mass spectronomy this year. Could go down IPO route.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-02-12 09:14:46.0000000', 121),N'The Binding Site ''21'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-15', 120),N'Martin Daberkow',N'Offers a cloud commerce platform, providing the building blocks for the new digital commerce age. The platform sits in between the point of contact with customers (e.g. website etc.) and the back-end (e.g. payment, fulfilment, etc.). It’s 100% cloud native, integrates via APIs and deployable worldwide.

    commercetools was founded in 2006, and backed by Insight Ventures since 2019. With offices in Germany (Munich, Berlin, Jena), the Netherlands (Amsterdam), the United Kingdom (London), the United States (Durham/North Carolina) and Singapore, B2C and B2B companies from across the globe.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-08-19 13:58:18.0000000', 121),N'commercetools ''21'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-14', 120),N'Adam Caesari',N'MHR (formerly MidlandHR) is a provider of software and outsourcing services for HR, talent management, payroll and business intelligence. The company operates from its headquarters in Ruddington, Nottinghamshire, UK.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-01-18 16:03:31.0000000', 121),N'MHR Global ''21'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-14', 120),N'Catherine Parry',N'Based in Liverpool and owned by Nestle. Provides innovative specialised clinical nutrition products for Inborn Errors of Metabolism (IEM), nutrition support and disease specific conditions such as renal disease. Appeared on screens and now doing £14.6m EBITDA on £61.3m revenue.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-08-23 15:05:03.0000000', 121),N'Vitaflo ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-14', 120),N'Catherine Parry',N'Previously picked up in 2019 and now should be approaching our size range. Provides high-precision MEMS gyroscopes, MEMS accelerometers and MEMS IMUs - inertial sensors to support accurate measurement, guidance, stabilisation, navigation and control in marine, automotive, industrial, agricultural and aerospace applications - used in growing industries of medical robotics and autonomous vehicles. Jointly owned by Collins Aerospace and Sumitomo Precision Products. Had done £8.5m (+9%) EBITDA on £24m (+15%) revenue in latest results with another set due, so will reach out.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-04-21 15:57:36.0000000', 121),N'Silicon Sensing Systems ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-14', 120),N'Amarvir Bhullar',N'This is a provider of Saas based wifi monitoring for homes. About 40% of the revenues are in the US and distributes through major telecos suchs as AT&T, Voda (with apparently a high retention rate). 60% of sales has historically been equipment but the focus has become the software solution. sales in excess of USD 100mn with double digit margins.

    Owned by Invus for sometime, which is a question. The CEO is French and based in Istanbul. One of the team from a quick review look as though they could be connected to one of the main Turkish families.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-06-07 09:48:33.0000000', 121),N'Airties '' 21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-14', 120),N'Alexander Bokhove',N'July 2021 - MS appointed to sell TES. See previous opportunities.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-07-23 15:00:49.0000000', 121),N'TES ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-14', 120),N'Daniel Morgan',N'Citation are considering the carve-out and sale of their HCM business. Its probably too small for us, but we should ensure this is the case / understand it better. They have apparently divested of pieces previosuly.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-08-05 17:12:19.0000000', 121),N'Citation HCM ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-14', 120),N'Christoph Leitner-Dietmaier',N'Opics (treasury management), Summit (derivatives) are expected to come out of Finastra, and possibly also Kondor (FX & money markets) - the latter we know from the previous sale process - whether separately or as a combo is not clear (nor whether this would be a sale process or spin-off)',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-08-23 11:27:22.0000000', 121),N'Finastra carve-outs ''21'),
    (N'Tip - Don''t Know',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-14', 120),N'',N'Data analytics pour le trading de commodities',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-14 09:04:10.0000000', 121),N'Kpler ''21'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-13', 120),N'Sophie Hoas',N'Identified as part of our diagnostic reagents review.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-10 14:17:23.0000000', 121),N'Mabtech ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-13', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'Adjust is a venture backed company offering a software for app analysis, attribution and ad fraud detection.The software is delivered on a Saas basis. Customer can book different analysis packages helping them understand how their customers use their apps and what features need improvement. Business is currently backed by several venture investors.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-12-03 21:58:05.0000000', 121),N'Adjust ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-13', 120),N'Julian Gresvig',N'Looked a few years ago and chopped, but have developed new product since. Will come to market this year according to Norvestor. Check if of interest',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-02-08 16:35:57.0000000', 121),N'Apsis ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-13', 120),N'Sophie Hoas',N'Semantix is a provider of language translation services owned by Segulah. Reported to be sold in a process run by William Blair. The company has a market leading global position and also focuses on healthcare related translations.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-02-22 11:15:49.0000000', 121),N'Semantix ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-13', 120),N'Sophie Hoas',N'Spares is Sweden-based B2B distributor of repair spare parts and accessories, mainly for mobile products such as smartphones and tablets.
    Too small, EBITDA c. €5m',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-02-22 11:19:10.0000000', 121),N'Spares ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-13', 120),N'Julian Gresvig',N'Residential elevators (retrofit), initially for elderly and disabled, but now majority for general public (luxury product). €35m EBITDA 2021, growing very quickly. Little aftermarket revenue but looking to expand. Grew well during Covid - ATH order intake. Owned by Nalka. Exit perhaps end of next year.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-06-28 11:00:32.0000000', 121),N'Cibes ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-13', 120),N'Julian Gresvig',N'Cloud-based platform for electronic send, receive and handling of documents in purchase-to-pay, order-to-cash and logistics-to-pay processes. Also develops supporting applications for process automation and document checking. According to GP Bullhound (Daniel Lilliehook - helped them raise capital last year at €200m EV - 6x ARR) they are open to approaches. Growth in 14-15% range in 2020 due to Covid, but now accelerated. Still cash burning. Got Microsoft and Linkedin as partners. Summa biggest shareholder but don’t have a majority, probably want to sell. Bengt, CEO, wants to go for IPO, like he did with IFS. Probably want €300m EV.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-07-12 08:20:52.0000000', 121),N'Pagero ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-13', 120),N'Julian Gresvig',N'•European distributor of IT products/components, partnering with OEMs and integrating with resellers. Automated management of 1.2m SKUs and pricing. Automated warehouse.
    •45 acquisitions to date, 25 since 2015. ’21 revenue €550m, €48m EBITDA, has grown ~12%.
    •Owned by FSN Capital since 2015
    •Baird running process launching end September. Will give pre-process management meeting.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-08-23 11:45:05.0000000', 121),N'EET ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-13', 120),N'Julian Gresvig',N'Norwegian wet room panels manufacturer. FSN owned, Carnegie mandated. Expected 2021 EBITDA c.NOK 130m (cEUR 12.4m), from 2020 EBITDA of NOK 78m and NOK 653m in revenue. Norway biggest market (66% of revenue), UK (14%), Sweden (8%), and rest of the EU (12%).
    Fibo was established in 1952 and has around 150 employees, with manufacturing facilities in Lyngdal, Norway.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-08-25 14:30:34.0000000', 121),N'Fibo ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-13', 120),N'Julian Gresvig',N'Owned by Triton and Altor, Jefferies mandated. 3 divisions: (i) Facility, Safety & Foodservice, (ii) Packaging, (iii) Paper & Business Supplies. Reported EUR 949m FY20 net sales, down from EUR 1.03bn in FY19, and EUR 63.7m adjusted FY20 EBITDA, up from EUR 56.9m in FY19.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-08-31 17:27:14.0000000', 121),N'OptiGroup ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-13', 120),N'Sophie Tang',N'Privately owned logistics / storage / distribution business. Accounts suggest around ~£33M EBITDA, 10% margin. Formed by in 1992 through the buy-out of the container business of Hutchinson by John Williams who remains the sole shareholder. Want to look for a partner to expand the business before an eventual sale. Its likely to be a minority with Governance. Don''t want a process but will engage bilaterally with genuinely interested parties.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-01 10:28:43.0000000', 121),N'Maritime Transport ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-13', 120),N'Julian Gresvig',N'Denmark-based fibre cement products manufacturer and distributor. Owner Solix has mandated Citi and Nordea on exit. DKK 450m (EUR 60.5m) EBITDA for 2021, 2022 likely more than DKK 500m. Reported DKK 281m in FY20 EBITDA, and FY19 EBITDA of DKK 168m. Revenue DKK 1.7bn in FY20, up from DKK 1.6bn for FY19. Cembrit distributes and manufactures fibre cement building products in four categories: façade, roofing, indoor and build. It also offers project and design support, and support for tender preparations. It is headquartered in Aalborg, Denmark, and has offices in Finland, France, Hungary, Norway, Belgium, Poland, Sweden, Lithuania, the UK, Ireland, Germany, Czech Republic and the Netherlands. Solix acquired Cembrit from FLSmidth in 2015.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-07 09:28:28.0000000', 121),N'Cembrit ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-10', 120),N'Tobias Weltin',N'MD | 7-Dec-21: SHD was merged into an enterprise software holding together with 3 other assets in Q3''21 by Bregal. There won''t be any movements near term.

    The company markets ERP and planning software for furniture and kitchen retailers. Major business focus include ERP, warehouse logistics in furniture retailing as well as planning and visualization software for kitchen and bathrooms, living rooms and upholstery.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-10-15 13:59:06.0000000', 121),N'SHD ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-10', 120),N'Daniel Fischer',N'Headquartered in Constance, Germany, is a fully owned subsidiary of Siemens AG. Siemens Logistics is a leading provider of innovative and high-performance products and solutions for mail and parcel automation; for airport logistics including baggage and cargo handling; and for the digitalization of logistics processes using high-end software. Comprehensive customer service completes the portfolio. The company is represented worldwide through its regional companies and active in more than 60 countries. Major customers include renowned airports as well as postal and parcel service providers around the globe.
    On June 1, 2015 Siemens Logistics GmbH (former Siemens Postal, Parcel & Airport Logistics GmbH) started operations as a legally independent entity within Siemens AG.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-09 09:12:17.0000000', 121),N'Siemens Logistics ''21'),
    (N'Deal - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-10', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'CordenPharma is an expert Contract Manufacturing partner helping leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to connect CordenPharma''s legacy of experience with their requirements for product success and patients’ healthier lives.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2014-02-28 11:43:00.0000000', 121),N'Corden Pharma ''14'),
    (N'Tip - Don''t Know',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-10', 120),N'',N'BPaaS leverages cloud computing for service and business process automation, delivering close to 100% in straight-through-processing (STP) rates. Building on the high degree of automation natively implemented in Avaloq Core with additional robotics process automation, BPaaS takes efficiency to the next level.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-10 14:53:53.0000000', 121),N'Avaloq Bpaas ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-09', 120),N'Robin Sie',N'We looked at before as the Carve out from TEVA (Paris Office). The business was backed by CVC and the HQ moved to London with a US CEO. Should check in with AdP before doing anything more.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-08-25 18:31:01.0000000', 121),N'Theramex ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-09', 120),N'Mateusz Andrzejewski',N'Constructionline provides procurement and supply chain management services',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-02 13:46:55.0000000', 121),N'Constructionline ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-09', 120),N'Artur Sienczewski',N'German company involved in laser applications with a particular focus (majority of revenues) on the highly regulated healthcare space (MRI and CTs) where they are a global leader. 300 employees in Europe, America and Asia, EUR 63m revenue in 2019. Acquired by IK in 2019',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-08 10:28:41.0000000', 121),N'LAP Laser ''21'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-09', 120),N'Thomas Lloyd-Evans',N'Wartsila Voyage is part of the Wartsila shipping technology group. They bought Transas Marine in 2018 (we looked) which forms a large part of the Voyage segment. MD has changed twice since and is now t. The business offers a integrated infrastructure that combines bridge systems, cloud data management, data services, decision support tools, and access to real-time information. Market leader in e-navigation. It was doing about €30m EBITDA when they bought it. Unclear now. Worth trying Sean? Maybe play Janes card?',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-08-25 10:52:31.0000000', 121),N'Wartsila Voyage ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-09', 120),N'Ronan Tunney',N'Potential to carve out select division(s) of Finastra following failed sale/IPO by Vista. Tipped by Udit Gandhi at EY (VDD on attempted sale).',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-05-27 10:52:22.0000000', 121),N'Finastra Carve Outs ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-09', 120),N'Daniel Morgan',N'Industrial company owned by the US investment group watermill (and its associated business HMK Enterprises). Makes industrial fasteners for use in large construction and infrastructure projects and operates on a global basis. Seems to have been growing at a pace, but once capex is accounted for almost definitely too small. Worth a quick check?

    Baird mandates to sell the business, which will be marketed off £20-25m EBITDA.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-10-19 18:24:04.0000000', 121),N'Cooper & Turner ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-09', 120),N'Daniel Morgan',N'Economist now looking at selling EIU (currently getting banks in to pitch). Has been changes in shareholding structure, they want to focus on growing their core business. Process expected Q1. Apparently doing £20m EBITDA, growing 5%, 75% subs (to be verified)

    Industry context: Oxford Economics have been in talks with IHSM country risk division around a combination but this has apparently fallen over. Oxford will look at EIU too.

    Next step: teach in from adviser who did a load of work around this and try get to Robin Bew (mgr of EIU)',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-10-20 16:54:34.0000000', 121),N'The Economist Intelligence Unit ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-09', 120),N'Christoph Leitner-Dietmaier',N'Beta is the securities processing platform of Refinitiv and is one of the parts of the business that Paul Carter at the LSE has indicated will come for sale relatively soon (ie they are planning for it) USD 400mn of revenues and USD 200 of \"earnings\" so unclear if this is standalone EBITDA. 300 people. It is based in the US (Wisconsin) and is a platform used to automate brokerage operations in banks and wealth managers. It covers a broad range of products, equities, debt, options and provides back office processing as well as portfolio management tools. Will be a larger deal USD2bn EV.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-02-25 14:18:01.0000000', 121),N'Refinitiv Beta ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-09', 120),N'Nicole Dixson',N'See ''19 opportunity. Francisco Partners owned since 2017.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-04-12 09:33:44.0000000', 121),N'Dynamo ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-09', 120),N'Amarvir Bhullar',N'This was tipped by Chris Baines, the CEO of Tracsis - who used to run the automotive piece. Ricardo is in a mess, it is being run by the NXDs, (Korn Ferry are running a search for the new CEO) has done a placing six months ago, is close on its debt and may have to sell. The question is if this is the group or pieces. Automotive is difficult to sell as its petrol / diesel engines, as is the software piece. (Chris used to run these)

    This bit does a whole bunch of environmental testing - air quality plus associated modelling. Was a government organisation that Ricardo picked up. Sounds TIC like and worth a think. They may also think about selling the Rail piece.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-06-10 17:32:01.0000000', 121),N'Ricardo Environmental ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-09', 120),N'Amarvir Bhullar',N'This was tipped by Chris Baines, the CEO of Tracsis - who used to run the automotive piece. Ricardo is in a mess, it is being run by the NXDs, (Korn Ferry are running a search for the new CEO) has done a placing six months ago, is close on its debt and may have to sell. The question is if this is the group or pieces. Automotive is difficult to sell as its petrol / diesel engines, as is the software piece. (Chris used to run these)

    This bit does safety testing for rail, with proper engineering know-how. Sounds TIC like and worth a think. They may also think about selling the Environmental piece (which similarly has TIC sounding qualities).',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-06-10 17:37:27.0000000', 121),N'Ricardo Rail ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-09', 120),N'Nicole Dixson',N'Flagged in Freshfields pipeline. EUR70m EBITDA trust and fund administration company owned by Inflexion - we met with mgmt before the business merged with Estera, but there has been some movement since then. We had previously understood it would IPO in FY22, but given mgmt changes it seems more likely to trade. Universal know the team - SH to discuss with DF to align on how to progress, and poss reach out to Roger Siddle (ex Chair of Estera) to understand the mgmt changes',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-06-25 10:41:54.0000000', 121),N'Ocorian ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-09', 120),N'Sami Khan',N'SaaS solution analytics solution for fuel and convenience stores (e.g. pricing optimsation, location planning) currently owned by Hanover who took it private in 2017 for ~£30m. Hanover have made 4 acquisitions and changed the entire management team and now doing $15m EBITDA on $65m revenues according to Harris Williams, and expected to come to market early 2022. Growing at low double digits organically, with 70% of revenues from the US and remainder from Europe (20%) and APAC (10%). Apparently also has a good solution for EV charging planning / optimisation that is expected to be a key area of growth (alongside internationalisation) as the markets transition away from petrol. SK to have a further dig.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-07-01 13:56:32.0000000', 121),N'Kalibrate ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-09', 120),N'Thomas Lloyd-Evans',N'Exact does business and accounting software. Was an Apax p2p then they sold a controlling stake to KKR in Feb ''19 at around a €1bn valuation. Wonder if KKR might want to sell down further and/or Apax exit their remaining minority? Financials don''t appear to be available. Netherlands-based.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-07-14 15:46:54.0000000', 121),N'Exact Software ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-09', 120),N'Robin Sie',N'Savings and wealth management business. We looked previously when it was just RL360 and it has been added to since then, apparently including an interesting platform busines. 215,000 customers and 18bn AUM. Owned by Vitruvian. Said to be exiting Q1/2 next year (IPO?), with the CEO happy to meet people before then - end of 2021.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-07-15 07:29:34.0000000', 121),N'IFGL ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-09', 120),N'Christoph Leitner-Dietmaier',N'AKKR backed ERP provider, now doing $140m and $50m revenue and EBITDA. Have diversified away from building merchants but still focused on more cyclical sectors - worth revisiting? Have tried to sell a few times now, last set of discussions with Omers end of 2020. Nomura think will come H2',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-08-03 13:26:30.0000000', 121),N'Kerridge ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-09', 120),N'Robin Sie',N'Privately owned healthcare market research and consulting company, specialised in custom market research and market access, as well as syndicated research with doctors and patients. Employs over 200 researchers which conduct ~400 projects a year in over 70 countries.

    Vincenzo di Nicola at Piper Sandler will be selling.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-08-23 15:22:46.0000000', 121),N'The Research Partnership ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-09', 120),N'Robin Sie',N'UK-based manufacturer of moving, handling and bathing equipment for elderly, disabled and mobility disadvantaged people. Backed by Limerston Capital, who acquired it in 2018 from LDC. Doing £16m EBITDA and has apparently grown rapidly.

    Difficult to see how this is one for us.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-08-23 15:53:15.0000000', 121),N'Prism Medical ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-09', 120),N'Daniel Morgan',N'Makes bone fillers but also has off label usage where we''ve never got comfortable with the risk. Propose we chop.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-08-25 18:33:23.0000000', 121),N'Biocomposites ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-09', 120),N'Hayley Winter',N'Florida based market leading innovator, developer and provider of desktop training games (''war games'') and simulation software for defence customers. Bohemia supplies the U.S. Department of Defense (Army and Marines), UK Ministry of Defense, Australian Defense Force and a range of other international clients. Owned by Riverside since December 2012.
    Revenue model is primarily perpetual licences although the business is using the launch of its new flagship product vbs4 to transition users on to term licence agreements. Despite this, recurring revenues appear to be a low proportion of revenue given low uptake of maintenance support packages and high levels of project based development fees.
    The Business is being sold by Raymond James out of the US in a Q3/4 process.. Indicative bids 25th Sept.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-08-26 15:28:24.0000000', 121),N'Bohemia Interactive Simulations ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-09', 120),N'Daniel Morgan',N'AIM quoted business providing platforms and applications for testing in two seemingly unconnected areas of skin health and water purity. Small now. Chop.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-08-27 08:08:36.0000000', 121),N'DeepVerge ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-09', 120),N'Thomas Lloyd-Evans',N'Malvern Panalytical is the combination of Malvern Instruments, PANalytical, and (most recently) Concept Life Sciences Ltd. Think we''ve looked at all of these over time. Did £55m EBIT on £373m revenue to Dec 2020. Provides specialist analytical services across a range of end markets. Spectris-owned (trading at 15x fwd). Suspect we''re on the case corporately with Spectris but flagging up now that Concept''s been folded in to the unit and it might be of scale to carve out.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-01 15:27:52.0000000', 121),N'Malvern Panalytical ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-09', 120),N'Pawel Czarnowski',N'A Minessota-based, US leading provider of law casebooks, textbooks and bar exams preparatory content. $50m revenue, $23m EBITDA. Owned by Levine Leichtman Capital since Dec’2018. William Blair is running the process (Project Juno) targeting signing by the year-end.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-02 09:54:36.0000000', 121),N'West Academic ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-09', 120),N'Daniel Fischer',N'Business Software aus der Cloud',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-09 12:50:19.0000000', 121),N'Project Rising Bird ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-08', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'Acronis unifies data protection and cybersecurity to deliver integrated, automated cyber protection that solves the safety, accessibility, privacy, authenticity, and security (SAPAS) challenges of the modern digital world. With flexible deployment models that fit the demands of service providers and IT professionals, Acronis provides superior cyber protection for data, applications, and systems with innovative next-generation antivirus, backup, disaster recovery, and endpoint protection management solutions. With award-winning AI-based antimalware and blockchain-based data authentication technologies, Acronis protects any environment – from cloud to hybrid to on-premises – at a low and predictable cost.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-09-21 14:38:13.0000000', 121),N'Acronis AG ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-07', 120),N'Michael Arnez',N'More than 300 specialists in laboratory medicine, microbiology and infection epidemiology, transfusion medicine, hygiene, human genetics and specialized clinical specialists are your direct contacts and advise you - from basic diagnostics to special analysis. The spectrum ranges from the interpretation of findings by a specialist doctor with patient-related advice to special consultations at selected locations. Our outstanding expertise, innovative methods and personal medical advice are the pillars of our competence. For the benefit of your patients.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-02-01 08:56:16.0000000', 121),N'Limbach Gruppe ''21'),
    (N'Deal - Faded',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-07', 120),N'Michael Arnez',N'Hematopathology Hamburg mainly deals with hematopathological diagnostics, i.e. with the differentiated differentiation between leukemia and lymphoma as well as benign diseases of the hematological and lymphatic system. We have a wide range of methods available which, in addition to conventional histology, also includes immunohistochemistry, immunophenotyping and molecular analyzes.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-02-01 11:13:12.0000000', 121),N'HPH – Institut für Hämatologie Hamburg ''21'),
    (N'Tip - In Market',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-07', 120),N'',N'Software for childcare, personnel planning and parent communication. Claims to be the national leader (>75% market share) in ERP software for the Dutch childcare sector.

    Based in Haarlem (NL). Owned by BB Capital since 2019 who merged childcare SW providers Flexkids, Konnect, HHBrainware and Tecsoft. Recently (Aug-21) acquired Belgian peer Deona, thereby making the first steps in its international expansion. CEO is Founder Michiel Cornelissen.

    No public financials available',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-07 10:15:01.0000000', 121),N'KidsKonnect ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-06', 120),N'Julian Gresvig',N'This comprises of three different pieces. (1) a core business that provides training simulators, oil & gas flow modelling and on-shore s/w to monitor and control offshore platforms (2) digital twins used to monitor complex engineering issues for oil & gas assets (could be applied to other complex engineering systems). These cost 1-1.5mn upfron and then have an on-going subscription model and (3) an IoT network proposition and app marketplace for the maritime market. Kongsberg considered selling pre-pandemic but then were distracted by the performance of the rest of the group. It is still out there.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-07-22 10:51:44.0000000', 121),N'Kongsberg Digital ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-06', 120),N'Mateusz Andrzejewski',N'Flightradar24 made £13m revenue and £8m EBITDA last year and is growing topline at 30%, according to Anna Faelten (EY) who tipped it to TLE/AC as part of data subsector work. It is a flight tracking service providing real-time info about flights and was started (and appears to still be owned by) amateur enthusiasts. Growth profile makes this feel more buyout than LTSA. Possibly still on small side but maybe worth discussing with Anna / reaching out to an enthusiast.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-01-20 16:06:30.0000000', 121),N'Flightradar24 ''20'),
    (N'Deal - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-06', 120),N'Pawel Czarnowski',N'Alupol Packaging S.A. is the largest independent manufacturer of flexible packaging in Poland and the CEE region. In LTM Q3 2020, the Company generated EUR 207m in revenues and EUR 48m in EBITDA implying ca. 20% market share in Poland.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-01-11 10:57:55.0000000', 121),N'Alupol ''21'),
    (N'Deal - WIP',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-06', 120),N'Christoph Leitner-Dietmaier',N'HSE software plus ISO accreditation. Inflexion are coming to the end of their next fund raising and would like to flip it across with someone new coming in. The CEO has shared managements plan and would like us to be there.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-04-30 11:50:29.0000000', 121),N'Alcumus ''21'),
    (N'Post-Action - Anticipated HuM',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-06', 120),N'Antoine de Peguilhan',N'Anaqua delivers complete Intellectual Property software and services solutions, tailored to your specific needs.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-05-20 13:27:57.0000000', 121),N'Anaqua ''21'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-03', 120),N'Catherine Parry',N'Antec International Limited engages in the research, development and manufacturing of disease/infection control products. The company focuses on biosecurity and provides human health emergency disease control.
    Antec International was incorporated in 1961 and is based in Sudbury, UK. It was acquired by Lanxess in 2016. It is the hub for the VirkonTM and Rely+OnTM disinfectant technologies business. Picked up in parent instability screen. Latest results to Dec ''19 suggest c.£17m EBITDA on £40m revenue (+44% YoY). Worth a check for what is happening now?',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-06-23 14:44:23.0000000', 121),N'Antec ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-03', 120),N'Robin Sie-Verbruggen',N'TBAuctions is a group of online auction houses. As of 2020, the Group''s key labels are BVA Auctions and Troostwijk, which have sublabels including Dechow Auktionen, Karner & Dechow Auktionen, BVA Art, Nationale Vastgoed Veiling, BOG Auctions, Notarishuis Arnhem and Van Beusekom. TBAuctions'' business model revolves around the online auction of goods, machinery and real estate of (bankrupt) companies on behalf of third parties, including public authorities, banks, receivers and lease companies. Per 2019, the Group had >6m web visits every month and 7,400 auctions annually. Moreover, TBAuctions has offices in >15 countries throughout Europe and has customers from >120 countries worldwide. As per 2018, the Group processes a total auction volume of €480m in >1.5m lots and 6,700 auctions annually. TBAuctions is headquartered in Amersfoort (NL) and employed 363 FTEs in 2019 (+4% vs. 2018).',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-06-22 12:48:57.0000000', 121),N'TBAuctions ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-03', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'DOCUFY develops high-quality, comprehensive software solutions for global industrial companies.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-02 13:28:42.0000000', 121),N'DOCUFY ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-03', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'ALLERGIKA® was founded 25 years ago as a medium-sized, German pharmaceutical company with products for the prevention and treatment of allergies and skin diseases, based in Wolfratshausen near Munich.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-02 13:32:55.0000000', 121),N'ALLERGIKA ''21'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-03', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'Deutsche WertpapierService Bank AG (dwpbank) is the leading securities services provider for Germany’s financial market. With approx. 1,344 member banks in total, more than 75% of all German banks use dwpbank’s securities settlement processes and systems.

    dwpbank manages approximately 4.8 million securities accounts for savings banks, cooperatives, and private and commercial banks across various sectors. In 2017 alone, 24.4 million transactions were settled using dwpbank’s systems. With approximately 220,000 managed users – investment advisors and bank employees – dwpbank’s central securities settlement platform WP2 is one of the most significant IT applications in the German banking sector.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2019-01-10 16:49:38.0000000', 121),N'Dwp Bank ''19'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-03', 120),N'Tobias Weltin',N'Software and consulting for logistics (warehouse management, transport management, supply chain execution, visibility). Also SAP partner. €64m sales and €11m EBITDA in FY17. Part of Körber AG (€200m+ EBITDA).',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2019-05-08 14:37:48.0000000', 121),N'inconso AG ''19'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-03', 120),N'Daniel Fischer',N'Today Tentamus has a global network of highly specialized laboratories, all of which are equipped to ensure the quality and safety of the products tested. The Tentamus experts are active in product- and industry-specific knowledge centers and bundle the skills and know-how of the individual industries so that we can offer our customers customer-oriented services through our global network.
    As a technology leader in the life science industry, we are dedicated to the continuous development and renewal of its analytical methods and devices. Tentamus ‘Commitment to progress enables us to offer our customers the highest level of quality and safety, thus contributing to the centuries-old need for safe food and medical products.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-11-17 12:00:53.0000000', 121),N'Tentamus ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-01', 120),N'Rebecca Versteeg',N'California-based e-commerce fraud-prevention company. Aims to help e-commerce sites stem fraud and reduce the number of legitimate transactions that are improperly declined. Works with >10,000 retailers globally.

    Financials not available - $75m revenue in 2017.

    Recently valued at $1.3bn',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-02-03 13:25:09.0000000', 121),N'Signifyd ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-01', 120),N'Rebecca Versteeg',N'Abzena is a life sciences group with its headquarters in the UK and two sites in the US. Abzena provides the most complete set of solutions in integrated early discovery to mid-phase biotherapeutic and ADC drug development services in the pharmaceutical industry.
    Working with companies and academic groups all over the world, including most of the top 20 biopharmaceutical companies, Abzena supports the development and manufacture of better treatments for patients.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-03-24 10:11:59.0000000', 121),N'Abzena ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-01', 120),N'Rebecca Versteeg',N'New York-based Chainalysis is a startup that allows companies and government agencies to analyse and investigate blockchain transactions. It now covers 100 cryptocurrencies, encompassing about 90% of economic activity in the nascent asset class.
    Premise that that everyone will use blockchain technology in their businesses.

    Raised $100m at $2bn EV in March 2021.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-04-27 08:17:34.0000000', 121),N'Chainalysis ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-01', 120),N'Rebecca Versteeg',N'Access Fintech has developed a network to help resolve business “exceptions” (errors) that financial institutions make, such as data discrepancies on the financial terms of a trade between counterparties or using the wrong information to identify a client.
    Caters to major banks with collaborations including Broadridge.
    Raised $20m in 2020 led by Dawn Capital.
    Future Star',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-04-27 10:15:51.0000000', 121),N'AccessFintech ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-01', 120),N'Rebecca Versteeg',N'RegTech company that provides financial solutions such as compliance management, internal control, and risk control platform for financial services firms, investment managers, banks and insurances companies. The company offers disruptive technologies to the field of regulatory practices based on artificial intelligence, machine learning, and collaborative intelligence.
    Looks like $12m revenue -- future star',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-06-15 10:32:37.0000000', 121),N'Fortia Financial Solutions ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-01', 120),N'Rebecca Versteeg',N'Qvonto is a Copenhagen based fintech company specialized in developing software solutions for the financial sector.
    Services investment product firms with an all-in-one automated cloud solution including data & analytics for creating, managing, publishing and monitoring EU & EFTA regulatory documents.
    Not yet revenue-generating -- future star',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-06-15 10:37:38.0000000', 121),N'Qvonto ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-01', 120),N'Thomas Lloyd-Evans',N'Gen-Bio is a Gen-Bio is a multi-site laboratory born from the grouping of medical biology laboratories from Puy-de-Dôme, Allier and Cher. Initiated more than 10 years ago, Gen-Bio has 23 local laboratories, including 6 clinical sites and 1 specialized technical platform. Made €21m EBITDA on €74m revenue. Strangely not in CRM already, nor is \"Groupe Inovie\" which it says it is affiliated with (though not the legal owner per CapIQ). Worth someone who parles Francais having a quick look / finding a CEO?',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-07-23 13:56:18.0000000', 121),N'Gen-Bio ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-01', 120),N'Antoine de Peguilhan',N'Galactic: World pioneer in fermentation technology helping food producers develop safe, healthy, sustainable and quality products.
    Futerro: A world leader in biorenewable technologies. Provider of licenses for the production of PLA (Poly Lactic Acid).',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-09-01 13:49:55.0000000', 121),N'Galactic & Futerro ''21'),
    (N'Post-Action - Anticipated HuM',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-09-01', 120),N'Artur Sienczewski',N'MTD was born in 2018 through the combination of two historically well-established and leading players in the healthcare industry: Pikdare and HTL-Strefa.

    Pikdare, with its main brand PiC, is a leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of pen needles, venipuncture, dressing products, blood pressure monitoring, nebulizers and thermometers. The state of the art production facility based in Italy allows Pikdare to leverage unique Italian design and manufacturing quality while offering local solutions tailored for international clients.

    HTL (High Tech Lab) is a leading global designer, developer and provider of proprietary capillary blood sampling and drug delivery devices with core expertise in diabetes and safety sharps. Having invented the safety lancet product category (in medical terms) and boasting 2 high-technology production facilities in Poland, HTL is the global reference and preferred partner for diabetes and safety medical sharps.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-02-04 15:16:59.0000000', 121),N'MTD ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-08-27', 120),N'Hayley Winter',N'Provider of food pricing data and analytics owned by Synova since 2017. Partners with 18/20 of the top food producers, has 10,000 data sets and 1 million annual data points.
    CLD 1/10/21: HL mentioned that they are pitching, just done a bolt-on, £8m EBITDA',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-08-05 09:12:33.0000000', 121),N'Mintec ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-08-27', 120),N'Hanna Weber',N'Nemetschek is an architectural and building engineering software business, listed, c.€9bn valn. The Media & Entertainment segment makes €16m on €55m and appears non-core - it supplies software to end users in the gaming/film segment to help make realistic 3d modelling and visual effects. Business is highly rated overall currently (c.40x EBITDA) but maybe worth looking into with eye on longer term? Based in Ger.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-08-24 08:28:23.0000000', 121),N'Nemetschek Media & Entertainment ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-08-27', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'M2GEN was spun out of Moffitt Cancer Center, a world-class cancer research institute, to help facilitate a collaborative approach to the fight against cancer. Founded in 2006, M2GEN’s efforts are not only disrupting the way industry researchers look for new cancer therapies, but also developing what the future holds for their approach toward precision cancer medicines.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-08-26 08:29:30.0000000', 121),N'M2GEN ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-08-27', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'The offer for financial advisors, asset managers and insurance companies
    Bank zweiplus develops and implements financial and processing solutions and is guided by the latest technical developments. She uses the digital transformation in a targeted manner in order to offer her partners increased efficiency and optimization options. The products and services have a modular structure and can be flexibly adapted to customer needs. Bank zweiplus sees itself as a partner who integrates itself into the chain of needs of its business customers. As a custodian bank, she also ensures and takes over the safe custody of the customer funds entrusted to it.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-08-26 08:35:49.0000000', 121),N'Bank zweiplus ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-08-27', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'Our strategy builds on Credit Suisse''s core strengths: our position as a leading wealth manager with strong global investment banking capabilities and our strong presence in our home market of Switzerland. We seek to follow a balanced approach to wealth management, aiming to capitalize on both the large pool of wealth within mature markets as well as the significant growth in wealth in Asia Pacific and other emerging markets.
    We serve our clients through three regionally focused divisions: Swiss Universal Bank, International Wealth Management and Asia Pacific. These regional businesses are supported by an integrated global Investment Bank. Our Asset Management business is managed as a separate division, emphasizing the strategic importance of the asset management business for the bank and its clients.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-08-26 09:15:41.0000000', 121),N'Credit Suisse Fund Administration ''21'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-08-27', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'Biomax Informatics provides services and software solutions for efficient decision making and knowledge management at the intersection of life sciences, healthcare and information technologies. Biomax facilitates digital transformation within biotech, pharma, agriculture, food and chemical industries as well as research institutes.

    Biomax offers a range of standard products addressing digitalization needs, like semantic search, brain imaging or clinical integration. These products are based on the BioXM™ technology platform of Biomax – the fully configurable and customizable Knowledge Management Environment.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-08-26 08:23:56.0000000', 121),N'Biomax ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-08-27', 120),N'Adam Caesari',N'Elecosoft plc provides software to the architectural, engineering, construction, industries in UK, and Europe. The company offers project management software , cost estimating software, CAD/design software, etc. Currently trading on AIM and doing £5.6m EBITDA on £25m revenue but growing. ~10x valuation. Future star',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-06-04 08:11:57.0000000', 121),N'Elecosoft ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-08-27', 120),N'Adam Caesari',N'US based provider of marketing technology. Probably too VC but perhaps worth a look.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-01-21 08:58:06.0000000', 121),N'Bluecore ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-08-27', 120),N'Katerina Turner-Soukeras',N'A provider of online training (99%), for professional courses (think CIM, AAT etc), also A levels and GCSEs - owned by Primary Capital that has grown from £2mn EBITDA to £9mn. So it''s a bit on the small side however. RJ has been selling Avado and this apparently had stalled. The has £4mn of EBITDA.
    (Avado is owned by Blenheim Chalcot) and is a natural add-on. Simon Gluckstein (HL) is selling ICS.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-06-09 18:13:56.0000000', 121),N'ICS Learn ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-08-27', 120),N'Adam Caesari',N'Owned by Clarksons this business develops and supplies the Sea /Suite which is used at the point of fixture in charting transactions and provides digitla solutions at every point of he chartering journey. Clarksons has persuaded most of the market (in terms of brokers to join the platform) aided by key customers eg.g miners such as RioTinto mandating that to be considered brokers must join the platform. It not only provides a trading platform but key documentation and the ability to estimate journey costs and also manage carbon consumption. Interestingly it has also see the growth of their traditional broking business. Its held in a separate company and Jeff Woyda the CEO is Chairman. They want to do M&A around this and are open to funding solutions. This is separate from Clarksons data business and this may soon be folded in to this business.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-06-11 15:46:06.0000000', 121),N'Maritech ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-08-27', 120),N'Adam Caesari',N'Raised on a call with Gary Harrison the ex-CEO of BAes FS business. Its a small part of the group and he doesnt think it is core. Worth a dig.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-06-24 11:07:22.0000000', 121),N'Oracle Financial Crime ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-08-27', 120),N'Adam Caesari',N'A carve-out from Pegasystems of theri financial crime business suggested by Gary Harrison. Less clear from a quick review that there is something to do here.; but a deeper diver is probably warranted.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-06-24 11:19:12.0000000', 121),N'Pega Financial Crime ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-08-27', 120),N'Adam Caesari',N'Moe financial crime products to carve-out this time from the Israeli business Actimize. Needs to be properly looked at.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-06-24 11:24:41.0000000', 121),N'NICE Actimize ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-08-27', 120),N'Adam Caesari',N'Compliance tracking for the shipping industry backed by Abry and Wavecrest this year. Small but growing very quickly and may well be one that is a deal in 3 years or so and fits with the maritime mash-up.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-06-24 15:44:33.0000000', 121),N'Pole Star ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-08-27', 120),N'Christoph Leitner-Dietmaier',N'Rumoured to be considering the sale of its UK Mortgages business - provides origination software luss associated consulting to banks. EBITDA 27mn. Reported in mid June to be considering this.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-07-27 11:02:08.0000000', 121),N'Iress ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-08-27', 120),N'Catherine Parry',N'Classroom management and instruction business, being sold by GCA. Tipped by Joanne at PwC. Small but might fit with ESS?',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-08-04 15:50:27.0000000', 121),N'Net Support School ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-08-27', 120),N'Catherine Parry',N'Medica style biz for vets. Privately owned telecoms and radiology/ expert consulting. KPMG mandated. £7m EBITDA.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-08-04 17:06:45.0000000', 121),N'VetCT ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-08-27', 120),N'Catherine Parry',N'Progeny provides independent financial planning, investment management, tax services, property, HR and legal counsel. KPMG have mandate. Estimated £7-8m EBITDA.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-08-04 17:35:40.0000000', 121),N'Progeny ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-08-27', 120),N'Adam Caesari',N'Patchwork is a UK based provider of rostering software into healthcare settings. It was identified as competitor to Allocate (particularly on the Medics side) with a number of good wins recently. Not a suitable size atm (still filing small company accounts).',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-08-05 09:44:24.0000000', 121),N'Patchwork Software ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-08-27', 120),N'Adam Caesari',N'Rota Geek is a UK based provider of rostering software into healthcare settings. It was identified as competitor to Allocate (particularly on the Medics side) with a number of good wins recently. Not a suitable size atm (still filing small company accounts).',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-08-05 09:46:31.0000000', 121),N'Rota Geek ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-08-27', 120),N'Daniel Morgan',N'Owned by Bowmark . Provides tax software and services in UK&I, Used by 1,000 companies and 23 accounting practices. According to due-dil EBITDA at Dec 2020 was £9mn and. It was only acquired in March 2019 so it would be quite quick to do something. Was created by the take private of tax systems plc.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-08-05 12:50:47.0000000', 121),N'Tax Systems ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-08-27', 120),N'Katerina Turner-Soukeras',N'Tipped and chopped earlier in the year, HKA provides expert professional services in dispute resolution for the construction industry.
    As noted previously the business is now of a significant scale and shows EBITDA growth on dollar basis. EBITDA is now USD 47m in 2020, and expected to hit 55m in 2021. (2019 accounts show USD 33mn, margins at 18%). HKA bought the Kenrich Group in July 2019, which added 10M after synergies
    It employs c. 700 people. Having another look.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-08-05 15:07:37.0000000', 121),N'HKA ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-08-27', 120),N'Christoph Leitner-Dietmaier',N'Document automation platform provider, raised follow-up capital from Sony and Anthemis. Founded in 2015, Eigen Technologies provides software solutions to automate the extraction of unstructured qualitative data from documents and other text sources. Typical use-cases for its software include reviewing contracts to ensure compliance with regulations, due diligence exercises and contract negotiations. Previously B Series in 2019 at $180m valuation. £15-20m of revenues -too small but worth tracking',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-08-12 11:54:31.0000000', 121),N'Eigen ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-08-27', 120),N'Philipp Käster',N'Technoform offers an immense range of custom-made plastic solutions and standard applications - worldwide and for a wide range of industries.
    Our unique, high-precision extrusion process allows us to realize highly complex geometries - including those that were classically reserved for injection molding. We extrude compounds with short and long fibers such as glass, carbon or minerals - even with high filling levels.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-08-16 14:10:49.0000000', 121),N'Technoform ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-08-27', 120),N'Ronan Tunney',N'Property finance and specialist lending',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-08-18 14:53:02.0000000', 121),N'Enra ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-08-27', 120),N'Claudia Paniker Rumeu',N'Online vacation cottage rental platform marketing over 5,000 properties across the UK through its flagship website Owned by ECI Since Dec 2018 (previously Phoenix). Doing c. £20m EBITDA. Being sold by GCA Altium',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-08-19 15:20:35.0000000', 121),N'Travel Chapter ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-08-27', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'We are the leading company in the field of digital modeling and preparation of data and the development of decision support for agriculture.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-08-20 13:43:52.0000000', 121),N'AgriCircle ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-08-25', 120),N'Alexander Bokhove',N'AMT Sybex is a leading UK provider of software to ~70 customers in the utilities industries (water, gas, electricity, energy retail). Expected to do £37m revenue and £9m EBITDA (£6m EBITDA-Capex) in year to Dec-21. Owned by Capita but relatively standalone perimeter. Being sold by Torch Partners (Philippe Noel)',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-08-25 16:35:26.0000000', 121),N'AMT Sybex ‘21'),
    (N'Tip - Don''t Know',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-08-25', 120),N'',N'Auto-dealers software, France',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-08-25 10:06:27.0000000', 121),N'Imawab ''21'),
    (N'Tip - Don''t Know',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-08-25', 120),N'',N'Disposable surgical instruments and PPE',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-08-25 10:15:24.0000000', 121),N'Aspen Surgical ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-08-24', 120),N'Ronan Tunney',N'Part of LIS/LIMS sector review',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-03-18 22:43:15.0000000', 121),N'ApolloLIMS ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-08-24', 120),N'Ronan Tunney',N'Management systems for churches, ministries, and faith-based organizations, services include church administration, worship planning, accounting, online giving, payment solutions, background screening, websites, live streaming and communications.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-07-19 14:49:38.0000000', 121),N'Ministry Brands ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-08-20', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'Whether plant cultivation or animal husbandry, potatoes or wheat, beef or pork: We love agriculture! And we know what moves farmers. In the field, in the stable and of course in the office, both beginners and professionals trust our know-how. Because we make leading technology usable for small farms and design future technologies for large companies. For more than 20 years, solutions have been created that make work more precise, safer and more economical. Quite simply because we speak your language. AGROCOM.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-08-19 15:38:00.0000000', 121),N'Farm Management Software/Agrocom ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-08-20', 120),N'Julian Gresvig',N'EY mandated, post summer process. Platform between vendor and language localisation providers, serves marketing departments, manufacturers, banking, pharma, etc. Customers integrate their workflow system with LW. Also integrates billing etc. System uses wording from previous translations to improve efficiency. Marketing vertical needs precision and cultural adaptation. €12.5m EBITDA in 2021, €65m revenue. Founder sold to Catacap, merged with Explanation which doubled business and merged platforms. M&A opportunity - only c.25 sizeable players in the industry, then long tail, can improve margins of acquired companies (mainly acquire customers). Market growth 5-6%. Segulah selling Semantix - William Blair selling, more translation and interpretation (LW doesn’t do this), lack tech platform.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-07-05 11:37:07.0000000', 121),N'LanguageWire ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-08-20', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'The HumanTech Group is a leading manufacturer of human implants and instruments for spine and dental surgery. The intelligent, sophisticated implant systems are successfully in use worldwide. With our own production at the Steinenbronn site, we create guaranteed added value for our users and noticeable competitive advantages for our distribution partners. All our products bear the seal \"Made in Germany\".',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-08-16 14:19:19.0000000', 121),N'HumanTech ''21'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-08-20', 120),N'Tobias Weltin',N'We design, build, sell, and support technology solutions for pharmacies. Our solutions are designed to help pharmacy teams spend less time counting pills so they can focus on what matters most – their patients.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-02-11 12:26:49.0000000', 121),N'Parata ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-08-18', 120),N'Rebecca Versteeg',N'App Annie is the industry''s most trusted mobile data and analytics platform. App Annie''s mission is to help customers create winning mobile experiences and achieve excellence. Founded in 2010, the company launched the first mobile market data solution. In 2020, App Annie launched App Annie Ascend, an advertising analytics solution, making it the first company in its space to offer a side-by-side view of market data and companies'' own data to support mission-critical business decisions. Together, these solutions comprise the industry''s most complete mobile performance platform. More than 1,100 enterprise clients and 1 million registered users across all geographies and industries rely on App Annie to drive their mobile business. The company is headquartered in San Francisco with 12 offices worldwide.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-02-16 10:28:42.0000000', 121),N'App Annie ''21'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-08-18', 120),N'Rebecca Versteeg',N'Partners Group considering disposal

    2020 01 29: MS flagged as potentially coming to market
    2020 02 04: SK: Evercore also flagged as coming to market in next 12 months
    2020 06 22: Citi mentioned they know management. Small mgmt chats happened pre-covid, expected to resume soon
    2021 04 26: GS mandated, Bain doing sell side work.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2019-11-27 14:55:56.0000000', 121),N'Civica ''19'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-08-16', 120),N'Thomas Lloyd-Evans',N'Verimatrix (fka Inside Secure until 2017) provides security and analytics solutions that protect devices, services, and applications. It designs, develops, and sells software, silicon intellectual property (IP), tools, and know-how for mobile and connected devices to protect its customers’ transactions, identity, content, applications, and communications. The company offers application protection products, such as software protection and mobile payment; content protection products, including downloadable, embedded, and other solutions for secure playback; data and communication products comprising secure communication toolkits, embedded Internet of Things (IoT) security framework, and mobile device security; and customer authentication and mobile connect solutions. Listed, trading at 12x fwd EBITDA, €20m EBITDA, 71% float. Worth having a quick look?',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-03-15 15:42:36.0000000', 121),N'Verimatrix ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-08-16', 120),N'Thomas Lloyd-Evans',N'Taaleri is a listed wealth management group based in Finland. (Came up in subsector review) Made €34m EBITDA on €83m turnover; valued at 10x. Worth looking into further?',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-07-14 15:59:58.0000000', 121),N'Taaleri ''21'),
    (N'Tip - No Process',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-08-16', 120),N'',N'MVGM is a leading European provider of property management services. One-stop-shop property management proposition including (i) property management, (ii) real estate agency services, (iii) appraisal services and (iv) other services (e.g. data analytics, insurance advisory). Founded in 1953, MVGM employs ~1,600 people across offices in 10 European countries. Market leader in the Netherlands, top tier player in German commercial property and significant presence in RoE
    Majority owned by Wagram since 2017 and since pursued an inorganic growth strategy (>5 acquisitions), consolidating a fragmented European market.

    19A Revenues €88m, EBITDA €8m (10% margin), and OCF €3m (€5m gross capex). 21E Rev €105m, EBITDA €10-11m',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-08-16 09:52:02.0000000', 121),N'MVGM ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-08-13', 120),N'Sabrina Ramge',N'For over 20 years we have been bringing singles together who have particularly high chances of a happy relationship. Every week, thousands of new members choose to seek love with us.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-08-12 15:48:43.0000000', 121),N'Parship ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-08-13', 120),N'Sabrina Ramge',N'With myChrono24 you have the chance to buy your dream watch quickly and safely from a dealer of your choice. The dealer can answer any questions you may have directly.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-08-12 15:59:36.0000000', 121),N'Chrono24 ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-08-13', 120),N'Sabrina Ramge',N'In a quickly changing and evolving world, the challenges you face are ever more unique and complex. To find solutions, you need forward-thinking, agile, caring partners that can help you transform, adapt, and build. At Nagarro, we excel at digital product engineering and deliver on our promise of thinking breakthroughs.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-08-12 16:10:26.0000000', 121),N'Nagarro ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-08-12', 120),N'Michael Arnez',N'Marvesa develops and delivers products that are better for the animal and contribute to the efficiency.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-08-12 14:50:34.0000000', 121),N'Marvesa ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-08-09', 120),N'Hanna Weber',N'MA Lighting Technology provides professional-grade hardware and software for control of complex lighting systems (used in events etc). Made €23m EBITDA on €35m revenue to Dec 2019, has been growing steadily - which would suggest decent recurring revenues as surely purchase of hardware lighting controller kit would have fallen off a cliff with covid..! Privately owned. Worth someone who sprechens Deutsch taking a look?',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-07-23 12:47:42.0000000', 121),N'MA Lighting Technology ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-08-09', 120),N'Mateusz Andrzejewski',N'TechEdge is a software business supporting research and planning tools for media consumption data. Copenhagen-based, €21m EBITDA on €26m revenue according to CapIQ which surely includes some one-offs, prior year was €8m on €11m (decent margins!). Mads looked in 2013 but nothing since. Worth looking into? (Maybe MA given Nordic work he''s doing)',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-07-23 14:44:14.0000000', 121),N'TechEdge Aps ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-08-09', 120),N'Rebecca Versteeg',N'Grupo BC is a mortgage processing and registry verification business. Based in Madrid. Allegedly €50m EBITDA. People, not tech, based. Sounds hard therefore. (Tip to TLE & RT by Ajay Amin, PwC.)',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-07-29 08:21:41.0000000', 121),N'Grupo BC ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-08-09', 120),N'Thomas Lloyd-Evans',N'This asset and the polish business was left out of the merger between Virgin Media (owned by Liberty Media) and O2 UK. It makes 100mn EBITDA, but there will be a significant amount of capex below this. It''s a subscription business with 435k fixed lined customers. Might fit LTSA and Peter Cross (Irish CF advisor) has raised this again.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-06-28 10:19:16.0000000', 121),N'Virgin Media Ireland ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-08-09', 120),N'Thomas Lloyd-Evans',N'Idea to RT/TLE/RV from PwC. We have looked several times in many years (most recently TLE chopped in 2019; ES chopped in 2020). PwC say they have fixed their tech platform issues and despite the troubled past the future is good (which is believable given the extremely embedded market position it enjoys linking suppliers with supplyees). TLE met the CEO (and Hg) on this in 2019; propose reconnecting to hear the story. Coming/in market with VDD rumoured to be out. Likely trade interest given recent deals in the US/Spain (Avetta, Veriforce, ISM World, Nolanda).',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-07-02 09:23:02.0000000', 121),N'Achilles ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-08-09', 120),N'Thomas Lloyd-Evans',N'Rockfin is a Polish hydraulics business. Makes €10m EBITDA on €95m rev. We looked in 2014 it seems. Not sure if it''s our kind of thing now. (Tip to RT/TLE by Ajay Amin, PwC)',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-07-29 08:40:57.0000000', 121),N'Rockfin ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-08-09', 120),N'Alexander Bokhove',N'Carve-out of Informa’s Asset Intelligence division, which contains a number of brands covering intelligence, pricing and benchmarks regarding construction equipment (EquipmentWatch; ~66% of rev) and commercial vehicles and fleets (Price Digest, FleetSeek and Costtrax; ~34% of rev). HQ-ed in Atlanta, Georgia, US with 55 employees. Expecting to generate $25m revenue (90% recurring; 10-15% growth) and $12.5m adjusted EBITDA in year to Dec-21. Being sold by Houlihan Lokey out of the US (Joe Watson). Chopped based on size, location (US only) and lack of angle.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-08-09 14:31:56.0000000', 121),N'Informa Asset Intelligence (Project Aspen) ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-08-06', 120),N'Daniel Morgan',N'Provide of risk management and compliance technology and information to corporates.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-04-07 18:00:39.0000000', 121),N'Dow Jones Risk ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-08-06', 120),N'Daniel Morgan',N'Financial information company used by banks, investment managers, law firms and other professional services company',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-04-09 12:40:35.0000000', 121),N'Reorg ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-08-06', 120),N'Daniel Morgan',N'Provider of automation, MES and Digital Transformation solutions to Life Sciences. HQ in Ireland.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-04-23 17:13:51.0000000', 121),N'ZenTech ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-08-05', 120),N'Robin Sie-Verbruggen',N'Sqills aims to become the leading global SaaS provider for long-distance reservation and distribution software. Flagship product ‘S3P’ is marketed as the best commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) rail and bus inventory, reservation and ticketing system.

    Founded in 2002. Based in NL (Enschede, Amersfoort), Turkey (Istanbul) and France (Paris)

    Market trend: long-distance, pan-European rail becoming more popular (green alternative)

    Key clients include: Eurostar, Keolis, Thalys (incl. low-cost operator IZY), SNCF (both low-cost operator OUIGO and local rail TER), Arriva, Irish Rail (main Irish operator) and BlaBlaBus (French touring cars). Recently expanded into North American and UK markets: VIA Rail (Canada-based, 10y contract, won in Sep-19) and RDG (all UK train operators, won May-19)

    Company still run by co-founders Bart van Munster, Alexander Mul, Wouter Cassee and Johan Nieuwerth

    20A GP €17m (+20% YoY), EBITDA €7.7m (+41%), Cash EBITDA ~€4.0m',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-01-04 14:00:53.0000000', 121),N'Sqills ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-08-04', 120),N'Robin Sie-Verbruggen',N'Founded in 2006, MILabs manufactures pre-clinical imaging systems such as computed tomography, positron emission tomography, optical and fluorescence scanners that are usually used in detecting cancer, heart problems or brain disorders. MILabs products are used in more than 65 countries.

    HQ in Houten (NL). Owned by HC VC firm Thuja Capital who were rumoured to consider a sale for ~€150m. Financials unclear.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-06-11 12:57:14.0000000', 121),N'MILabs ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-08-04', 120),N'Catherine Parry',N'Appeared on a screen via Simcyp Ltd (Sheffield based, HTR company). Simcyp is part of Certara (US-based) which has been owned by EQT since 2017 so might be worth reaching out now. It develops predictive pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic tools e.g. Population-based Simulator, a platform for the prediction of drug-drug interactions and pharmacokinetic outcomes in clinical/virtual populations, as well as regulatory management software for trials. Likely doing around £190m revenue with historic EBITDA margins of 10-30%.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-06-29 10:11:21.0000000', 121),N'Certara ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-08-04', 120),N'Sophie Hoas',N'-GRI sits between users of higher skilled contingent workers and staffing agencies and manages the jobs and billings (to some extent integrated into customers’ systems)
    -50/50 US/UK business but higher margins in the UK with the CEOs of each geography reporting to an executive chair
    -Diversified customer base Healthcare and Automotive two biggest sectors, sticky relationships and claim not to be very cyclically exposed due to focus on higher skilled workers, last year topline flat but EBITDA grew
    -Carve-out from Bain Capital owned MSXI Group (global business process outsourcing company for the automotive sector)
    -2021 EBITDA c. $50m on Revenue of c. $80m, high cash conversation and strong growth with market growing c. 10%',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-07-23 13:52:38.0000000', 121),N'GRI ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-08-04', 120),N'Hayley Winter',N'Kantar looking to divest Government and Public sector division providing behavioural insights. Clients include EDF, ONS and Unicef. Being sold by Rothschild. Making about £20 mn EBITDA.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-07-23 14:59:29.0000000', 121),N'Project Pearl ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-08-04', 120),N'Daniel Morgan',N'On-line classified Ads, that Adevinta and eBay have to sell as a remedy. The business has 12 million unique users per month and 76 million visits per month. Per EY Rev 67mn and EBITDA 20mn. Price expectations are 440mn EV? Process going wide - to trade and PE. Model is adverts are free but you pay to enhance them. Its also makes money selling display advertising, which is 25% of the revenue.

    Speaking to LionTree the business is just about at breakeven, and appears to have struggled during covid. Its expected to make mid-teens EBITDA in the next year, which the team is confident about. 60% of the revenues are subscriptions of care dealers who sell through the site, but smaller than autotrader. Expected value is £50mn-£75mn EV with no scope for leverage. Small and with difficult dynamics. Chop.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-07-27 10:50:37.0000000', 121),N'Gumtree ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-08-04', 120),N'Thomas Lloyd-Evans',N'Eurasian Network provider. Looks to have started in Eastern Europe, backers Russian. On the small side as EBITDA is 22mn but there will be significant capex. Would most likely be LTSA if we can get through the above. Altium advising.
    TLE: It is the only provider that operates its own end-to-end network (300+ on-net PoPs [M247 had 14, from memory], 119000 km of lit fiber) through Western Europe, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan and onwards to the Chinese border, and is offering differentiated terrestrial connectivity between these major markets. RETN delivers various network services across its Eurasian network with industry leading delivery times, lower latency, leveraging deep technical expertise and providing better reliability than traditional terrestrial and subsea routes.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-07-27 11:33:32.0000000', 121),N'RETN'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-08-04', 120),N'Thomas Lloyd-Evans',N'Irish low cost provider of fixed line broadband and cloud services. Based in Dublin. Undifferentiated from other market plays and Looks small from DueDil and so probably a chop.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-07-27 12:27:02.0000000', 121),N'Pure Telecom ''21'),
    (N'Tip - Anticipated',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-08-04', 120),N'',N'PAY. (\"PAY\") is a payment service provider (\"PSP\"). The Company processes online and point of sale (POS) payments and integrates payments across platforms (desktop, mobile, in-app and POS terminals). Additionally, PAY provides its clients with payment processing for payments by instalments and payments by voucher. Herein, the Company offers access to its processing services through 4 methods: (i) payment links, (ii) ready-made plug-ins, (iii) via a hosted solution partner (when clients do not have their own server) and (iv) by implementing the solution via a PAY''s SDK or APIs. Additionally, PAY offers its clients support and 24-hour emergency service. The Company generates revenue through different monthly subscriptions ranging in e.g. the number of payment methods and other functionalities. PAY offers its services throughout the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Luxembourg and operates through 3 offices in the Netherlands (July 2020). The Company serves a B2B customer base of registered companies which have a business bank account in the EU. Additionally, PAY has partnered with a variety of business such as webshop developers that offer the Company''s payment services as part of their product. PAY is headquartered in Amsterdam (NL) and employed 40 FTEs per end 2019 (+18% vs. 2018).

    19A GP €10m (+25% YoY), EBITDA €5m (+35%), CF conversion 90% (Capex €0.5m)',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-08-04 08:46:40.0000000', 121),N'PAY. ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-08-03', 120),N'Daniel Morgan',N'Capita is looking to sell Fera, a tsting services JV also with HMG. We have looked previously. Revenue of 37mn ad EBITDA of 19mn (Capex?).',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-07-27 11:11:17.0000000', 121),N'FERA ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-08-03', 120),N'Robin Sie-Verbruggen',N'Rotom is a pallet pooling and production business. The Company''s core business model mainly revolves around providing B2B logistics services including pooling, rental, management and recovery of pallets and containers made of wood, plastic and metal. As of 2020, Rotom is operational on a pan-European basis with >15 facilities located across the Benelux, France, Germany, Austria, Poland, Portugal and Denmark. The Company is headquartered in Son en Breugel (NL) and employed 434 FTEs per end 2019 (+8% vs. 2018).',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-08-03 08:25:22.0000000', 121),N'Rotom ''21'),
    (N'Post-Action - Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-08-03', 120),N'Martin Daberkow',N'Provider of Enterprise Search solutions and in particular Cognitive Search with help of machine learning and semantics.
    Focussed on public and private sector clients in DACH. Customers include BaFin, BMW, Audi, etc.
    Key competitor to Mindbreeze.
    HQ in Munich, office in New York',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-01-14 14:53:04.0000000', 121),N'IntraFind ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-08-02', 120),N'Robin Sie-Verbruggen',N'Tenzinger is a group of healthcare IT companies. The Group comprises Tenzinger, Medicore, Cure4, Fierit, Vitaalpunt, Wellbee, and Serviant. As of January 2021, the Group will unify Medicore, Cure4 and Fierit under the Tenzinger brand. Tenzinger''s business model mainly revolves around the development of web-based electronic patient files (EPD) software for the healthcare sector. The software is supported by data science, enabling management to track KPI development, and used by >170k healthcare professionals (as of July 2021). Additionally, the Group has developed a client and employee portal for activity registration, client coaching and access to medical files. Furthermore, Tenzinger offers healthcare consultancy services focussed on business process optimisation. Last, the Group has a treatment centre for mental healthcare, which also offers vitality and mindfulness training courses. As of January 2021, Tenzinger is active in the Netherlands with offices in Hengelo, Sliedrecht and Utrecht. The Group is headquartered in Utrecht (NL) and had 301 employees per end 2020.

    20A GP €29m (+63% YoY), EBITDA €3m',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-08-02 08:42:18.0000000', 121),N'Tenzinger ''21'),
    (N'Tip - Don''t Know',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-07-30', 120),N'',N'PSP focused on online marketplaces/platforms. Provides verified users and safe payment solutions to accommodate payment processes. HQ in Delft (NL) with expansion plans for rest of Europe (offices opened in Antwerp and Berlin, now looking at the UK). ~40 employees. Client base e.g. PayPal, Marktplaats, ANWB.

    No published P&L.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-07-30 11:24:52.0000000', 121),N'Online Payment Platform ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-07-29', 120),N'Daniel Morgan',N'Numerix has over 19 offices, 700 clients and 90 partners across more than 26 countries. It provides a pricing and risk management for all derivative instruments including sophisticated exotic products. Numerix is used by banks, government/development banks, broker dealers as well as a range of buy-side institutions, including insurance firms, hedge funds, pension funds and asset managers. Its products and services are delivered through the Numerix Oneview platform. USD90mn revenues. It is all based in the US.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-11-16 17:53:39.0000000', 121),N'Numerix ''20'),
    (N'Tip - Anticipated',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-07-28', 120),N'',N'The XO laboratory was created in 2015. A dynamic French pharmaceutical company on a human scale, in 2020 we achieved sales of over 49 million euros.

    Laboratoire XO is a pharmaceutical laboratory using mature MAs in various therapeutic areas such as pain, the Central Nervous System, cardiology, oral health and women''s health.

    We have developed both through organic growth with the success of our brands, through our international expansion and through external growth, notably with more than 11 acquisitions made over the past 5 years.

    We are committed to being as close as possible to the needs of healthcare professionals and patients , whether through our drugs, medical devices and cosmetic products. We rely on our own network of medical examinations as well as partner networks of pharmaceutical representatives and medical representatives, ready to invest in the development of our products.

    In November 2020, Laboratoire XO begins a new phase of its growth with the support of Novalpina Capital . This European fund is committed alongside Laboratoire XO in a dynamic strategy of acquisitions in Europe, with substantial additional funding already recorded.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-07-28 08:43:29.0000000', 121),N'Laboratoire X.O. ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-07-27', 120),N'Katerina Turner-Soukeras',N'Business providing part and product sourcing for US hospitals. We''ve spoken to the CEO.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-06-24 10:52:12.0000000', 121),N'PartSource ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-07-27', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'Leading specialty laboratory with best-in-class capabilities in assay and biomarker development, advanced bioanalytical testing and translational immunology. Recognized by leaders in the COVID-19 field as the reference assay development and testing company for vaccines. World leader in advanced lab testing for vaccine development. Unrivaled expertise in immunology, and in particular, infectious diseases, oncologic and metabolic diseases.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-07-08 12:42:13.0000000', 121),N'Nexelis ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-07-26', 120),N'Catherine Parry',N'Provides medical devices including intermittent catheterisation products, including home delivery service and available by prescription in the UK. Also provides other devices and systems for critical care and surgery. Large European division with £141m EBITDA but to check if any the interesting parts are potentially separable.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-04-30 14:38:43.0000000', 121),N'Teleflex Medical ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-07-26', 120),N'Robin Sie',N'Large vet chain owned by Inflexion. Founder may be leaving and there are some challenges incl. a highly competitive market and ongoing litigation with equity (vet) partners. Has continued growing however with potential strategic value.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-01-14 19:52:18.0000000', 121),N'Medivet ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-07-26', 120),N'Daniel Morgan',N'Analytics and data platform that CS has trying to sell for a little while. It is focussed on MBS, so perhaps too small and niche. Mentioned by the Refinitiv M&A team',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-02-22 19:15:55.0000000', 121),N'LOCUS ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-07-26', 120),N'Christian Wolf',N'Make your smartphone your wallet.
    Add all your loyalty cards to the app in a few seconds, receive exciting offers and never miss any more discounts - all for free!
    As an advertiser, you often face the challenge of measuring the impact of your campaigns - especially in the branch business. Our unique position as a mobile wallet allows us to clearly attribute store purchases to your mobile campaigns.
    We combine location data with the use of our app in order not only to measure store visits, but also to measure store purchases resulting from your mobile campaigns.
    In this way we can provide you with exact data on store purchases and precise ROI calculations.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-05-06 15:21:59.0000000', 121),N'Stocard ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-07-26', 120),N'Hayley Winter',N'AI for Drug discovery. Oxford spin out. Future star.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-05-13 18:39:07.0000000', 121),N'Exscientia ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-07-26', 120),N'Catherine Parry',N'Dye & Durham provides cloud-based software and technology solutions for legal firms, financial service institutions, and government organizations in Canada and the United Kingdom. Its cloud-based platform automates the public record due diligence searches, document preparation, and electronic public record for legal due diligence, corporate formation and maintenance, lien registration, litigation, and real estate conveyancing. Just announced a strategic review following indication of interest from shareholders so worth a check if anything could come out. Services cover Legal, Financial Services and Government.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-06-08 15:01:32.0000000', 121),N'Dye & Durham ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-07-26', 120),N'Nicole Dixson',N'Jersey based fund / corporate services provider across all PE asset classes - second largest market share in Jersey. Too small now ($65bn AuA / $1m EBITDA) - could be interesting in the context of Harmonic / Crestbridge. Is starting to come up in more advisor decks',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-07-15 20:50:04.0000000', 121),N'Saltgate ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-07-26', 120),N'Daniel Morgan',N'Global consultancy in risk mitigation and dispute resolution providing a comprehensive set of specialist services: Expert, Claims and Advisory services for the capital projects and infrastructure sector Forensic Accounting and Commercial Damages services for all types of contracts,
    Consulting services to support companies working on US Federal Government contracts. 1,000 staff, 6,500 clients. Vinay has said this is doing 45mn EBITDA but the accounts indicate 20mn and revenues of 130mn - although these are out of date. People based - but is this now sustainable given its size. It doesn''t feel for us, unless we can see something significant has happened from the last accounts.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-07-21 17:15:44.0000000', 121),N'HKA ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-07-26', 120),N'Robin Sie',N'Readypower is a rail services business, providing operated on-track plant, plant operating services, haulage,
    training and civil engineering solutions services for rail construction projects across the country. Unlikely one for us but generating £19m EBITDA at 35% margin. Alantra is selling.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-07-22 12:55:09.0000000', 121),N'Ready Power ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-07-26', 120),N'Jan Ohlendorf',N'Leading producer of PCR reagents for medical diagnostic applications, in particular for diagnostic laboratories and public HC agencies',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-07-26 07:56:42.0000000', 121),N'TIB Molbiol ''21'),
    (N'Tip - Anticipated',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-07-26', 120),N'',N'Lyceo is a private tutoring company for Dutch children in primary- and secondary education (VMBO, HAVO, VWO). The Company''s business model mainly revolves around providing homework assistance, exam training and (online) tutoring services to prepare students for exams. Additionally, Lyceo also offers 3-days ''Code Labs'' training, spring- and summer learning camps, as well as exam training for university students. As of August 2020, university partners of the Company include Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, TU Eindhoven, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and University of Twente. In 2014, 20,000 students attended the exam training sessions of Lyceo. Herein, the Company provides training on >150 locations across the Netherlands (2020). Lyceo is headquartered in Leiden (NL) and ostensibly had ~300 employees on average in 2020.

    PwC said to run Sep-21 sales process, marketed off 10m EBITDA',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-07-26 08:24:05.0000000', 121),N'Lyceo ''21'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-07-23', 120),N'Robin Sie-Verbruggen',N'Transics International BVBA, a WABCO company, was established in 1991 and develops and commercialises fleet management solutions for the transport and logistics sector. Transics is a global full solution provider of truck, driver, trailer, cargo and subcontractor management. Transics, headquartered in Ypres (Belgium), has become a European leader in its sector and is active worldwide. WABCO was acquired by ZF Friedrichshafen in May-20.

    20A Rev €53m (-14% YoY), EBITDA €12m (23% margin), Adj. Cash EBITDA €2m (4% margin), CF conversion 77% (€0.5m Capex)',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-02-02 08:57:02.0000000', 121),N'Transics ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-07-23', 120),N'Antoine de Peguilhan',N'Electronic security. See previous opp',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-07-06 12:45:11.0000000', 121),N'Anaveo ''21'),
    (N'Tip - Don''t Know',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-07-23', 120),N'',N'MultiSafepay is a payment services provider (PSP). The Company''s business model mainly revolves around the design, development, and exploitation of its online PSP platform. Herein, MultiSafepay acts as a payment acquirer and processor, indicating the Company has end-to-end payment chain coverage, including the agreements, technical details, and collections for each transaction. MultiSafepay''s platform offers a one-party credit card payment flow with a direct connection to multiple card schemes. As of January 2021, the platform integrated with 31 different payment methods, including iDEAL, Paypal, VISA, Mastercard, Maestro, Alipay, and American Express. In addition, the Company offers E-commerce tools (i.e. automatic payment links and mobile-friendly payments), e-invoicing, after-pay services via the tool ''Billing Suite'', as well as tailored payment software. Also, the Company caters specific payment solutions to online insurance providers via its partnership with Verne. Moreover, MultiSafepay develops its integration software (i.e. APIs, plugins, SaaS- and Server-to-Server solutions) in-house and offers its clients payment data insights through its client dashboard. The Company addresses a B2B customer base, typically consisting of SMEs with online sales through webshops, such as Daily Paper, MediaMarkt, Intersport, and Filling Pieces. MultiSafepay is active on a global scale via its 2 offices in The Netherlands and Spain, respectively. The Company is headquartered in Amsterdam (NL) and employed 67 employees on average in 2019 (equal to 2018).

    19A GP €13m (+6% YoY), EBITDA €5m (+13%), CF conversion 96% (€0.2m capex)',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-07-23 14:24:12.0000000', 121),N'Multisafepay ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-07-22', 120),N'Abhishek Kumar',N'Formerly the Moody''s analytics business wond by Equistone and apparently now making 20mn EBITDA. Worth a proper look?

    2021 update: Remains primarily a people-based consultancy business. They are in the early stages of implementing technology both to drive efficiency and margin in existing business as well as develop a subscription recurring revenue base. To be reviewed every 6-12 months to assess progress and whether business model changes sufficiently to become attractive',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-03-15 18:56:34.0000000', 121),N'Acuity ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-07-22', 120),N'Thomas Lloyd-Evans',N'We considered in 2012 but worth a refresh. Provides analytical services to the food industry. Danish, family-owned. Made €65m EBITDA on €212 revenue last year. CEO is longtime employee Kim Vejlby Hansen and family members still chair, own and sit on the board. Long shot. Partnership opportunity maybe?',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-06-25 14:13:28.0000000', 121),N'Foss ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-07-22', 120),N'Thomas Lloyd-Evans',N'Chop on CORRGI grounds - London-based listed owner of plantations, maily palm oil in Indonesia/Malaysia. Deforestation issues.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-07-12 11:24:29.0000000', 121),N'Anglo-Eastern Plantations'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-07-22', 120),N'Ronan Tunney',N'Software for community centres (market leader), gyms and trainers.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-07-19 14:54:41.0000000', 121),N'Daxko ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-07-21', 120),N'Robin Sie-Verbruggen',N'Bynder is a marketing software developer. The Company''s business model revolves around the development of marketing software that allows users to create and store brand-related documents, graphics and videos in a centralised cloud-based portal. The platform provides users with quick access to proprietary content and help them overcome legal issues regarding copyright. As of February 2021, Bynder served >1,900 customers across a variety of industries. Notable clients include Riwal, Leaseplan, Scotch & Soda, Puma, coolblue, Innocent Drinks and Five Guys. The Company upholds offices in Amsterdam (NL), Rotterdam (NL), Boston (US), London (UK), Barcelona (ES), Dubai (AE) and San Mateo (US). Bynder is headquartered in Amsterdam and employed an average of 317 FTEs during 2019 (+1% vs. 2018).

    19A Rev €52m (+55% YoY), Adj. EBITDA €0m, Capex negligible',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-07-21 08:41:38.0000000', 121),N'Bynder ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-07-21', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'MD | 7-Dec-21: GUS was merged into an enterprise software holding together with 3 other assets in Q3''21 by Bregal. There won''t be any movements near term.

    The GUS Group develops, implements and operates software that fully maps and efficiently controls all corporate processes. Our product portfolio includes the entire value creation process and the supply chain. We are the driving force and pacesetter for innovative solutions that enable our customers to do business in a sustainable and future-oriented manner.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-05-07 15:29:29.0000000', 121),N'GUS Holding ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-07-21', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'All products and services of the company, which was founded in 2000, are made in Germany. baramundi successfully works together with partner companies worldwide to facilitate sales, consulting and user support.
    With the baramundi Management Suite, we offer you an extraordinary software solution that we have created for your very specific requirements as an IT administrator – flexible, independent and future-proof.
    baramundi continues to develop, as the only thing that is certain in this world is change. This is why baramundi is already working on concepts for tomorrow, today. Networked production environments based on the concepts of Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT) need just as much security and transparency as classic IT networks. baramundi is carrying out pioneering work in the development of new solutions for the OT sector.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-05-14 12:40:08.0000000', 121),N'baramundi software ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-07-21', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'BCS focuses on supporting its customers in issuing, developing, implementing and implementing credit cards. Likewise: support in the entire credit card business.
    The BCS provides precise strategies with individual cuts that position your credit cards sustainably on the market and give you a decisive edge over the competition.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-05-20 15:22:08.0000000', 121),N'Bayern Card-Services ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-07-21', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'The Dr. Schenk GmbH, founded in 1985, is an innovative high-tech company in Martinsried near Munich.
    Dr. Schenk develops, produces and sells optical inspection and measurement solutions for automated quality control and process monitoring. This also includes high-quality handling solutions that are adapted to the respective application.
    The systems are a key success factor in the manufacture and processing of a wide variety of materials such as Plastics, nonwovens, textile webs, paper, metal, or glass, for a variety of markets such as display glass, automotive, packaging, medical, renewable energy and many more.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-06-11 19:24:53.0000000', 121),N'Dr. Schenk ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-07-21', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'VACUTEC has several decades of experience in the production of analytical equipment and systems for high-vacuum technology. We achieve peak precision, both in component manufacturing and in the assembly of complex subunits and complete devices. This includes comprehensive documentation of the work and the guarantee of functionality. VACUTEC employs the latest CNC machine tools and CNC measuring equipment. Solutions for the implementation of the customer’s products are developed in dialogue with the customer with particular regard to feasibility and production tolerances.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-06-11 19:31:19.0000000', 121),N'VACUTEC ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-07-21', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'Riedel Communications, founded in 1987, designs, manufactures and distributes innovative real-time networks for video, audio and communications. Its products are used for broadcast, pro-audio, event, sports, theatre and security applications worldwide. The company is known for pioneering digital audio matrix systems and fibre-based real-time network technology. Riedel is headquartered in Wuppertal, Germany and employs over 700 people in 20 locations throughout Europe, Australia, Asia and the Americas.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-06-11 19:37:06.0000000', 121),N'RIEDEL Communications ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-07-21', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'This industrial experience was utilised in the production of tools, measuring gauges, machinery and for the first time, small air operated machines, when the company was integrated into the “Deutsche Werke“ conglomerate in 1918. From these beginnings mechanical engineer Otto Schulz created the
    Deutsche Präzisionswerkzeuge AG and began the production of handheld air tools.
    In 1964, they set the trend for international expansion.
    A further milestone was achieved in the global orientation of the company in 1981 with the foundation of the US subsidiary DEPRAG INC. in Lewisville, Texas.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-07-02 13:10:27.0000000', 121),N'DEPRAG SCHULZ ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-07-21', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'We are XClinical. We created and develop Marvin, one of the worldwide leading eclinical solutions. We help clinical study sponsors and CROs harness the power of their data to better manage clinical trials.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-01-28 16:45:11.0000000', 121),N'XClinical ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-07-21', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'Master Data Management business; came up in review of subsector. Size unknown; RocketReach estimates c.$72m revenue. CEO is Jürgen Müller; seems like he is the owner too. Worth trying him?',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-02-24 15:12:39.0000000', 121),N'ViaMedici ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-07-21', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'Our Complete Pricing Solution Unlocks Critical Data-Driven Insight To Help You Find Profitable Growth, Customizable Tools to Let You Manage Growth Better, and Fully Connected Delivery Modules to Help You Realize Your Growth At Scale.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-03-11 17:30:29.0000000', 121),N'price f(x) ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-07-21', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'As a subsidiary of Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland, we are part of RTL Group — Europe’s leading free-to-air broadcaster group. And as an original member of AdAlliance in Germany and the Netherlands, we have the experience needed to build alliances that advance our industry.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-03-11 17:41:35.0000000', 121),N'smartclip Europe ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-07-21', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'zvoove was created in 2021 from the merger of LANDWEHR, rhb, prosoft and BackOffice. We draw strength for innovation from our strong roots.
    We believe that business success depends on 3 things: digitization, automation and community. Sustainable companies need a central and cloud-based platform, all of them 3 elements perfected.
    All digital threads come together in zvoove: We digitize processes end-to-end.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-03-17 16:00:37.0000000', 121),N'Zvoove ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-07-21', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS ist der führende Anbieter von Media Intelligence Lösungen in der DACH-Region.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-03-25 15:39:42.0000000', 121),N'Argus Data Insights ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-07-21', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'Our own, highly secure and high-performance ISO-certified data centers in Zurich, Glattbrugg, Basel and Biel as well as a modern fiber optic network offer you maximum security and availability. In combination with offers from the public cloud, hybrid scenarios can be implemented for every need.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-03-25 16:23:24.0000000', 121),N'Netrics ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-07-21', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'A data science team builds a workflow in KNIME Analytics Platform which is based on an approach similar to collaborative filtering. It makes automatic predictions of individual customer interests by collecting preferences from many customers. The workflow starts with ETL and other data preparation steps, before creating a recommendation engine, and lastly through to determining interaction points for the Analytical Application. The workflow is then deployed on KNIME Server as a Guided Analytics Application.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-03-25 16:26:27.0000000', 121),N'KNIME ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-07-21', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'Meet Hornetsecurity – Leading Cloud Email Security Provider
    We’re the cloud security experts who protect global organizations and empower IT Professionals, with the tools you need while serving you with a great attitude.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-03-25 16:46:10.0000000', 121),N'Hornetsecurity ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-07-21', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'MD | 8-Dec-21: Spoke to WB, €32m ARR in FY22, 40% organic growth historically and going forward, cash positiv. Small and narrow process focussed on tech investors to start Q1''22. Valuation mid-teens ARR multiple.

    CLD 30-Nov-21: €20-25m revenue; Nomura mentioned that William Blair have (just) won the mandate, apparently pitched a €500m valuation! (there seems to have been some trade interest).

    Our innovative software helps companies across the globe improve their health & safety, environmental management, and sustainability. We bring clarity to complex issues and guide our customers through increasingly stringent legal requirements. We approach our task with dedication while providing high-quality products, and excellent service, which generates enthusiasm for the entire field.
    We position ourselves as the European market leader, combining and standardizing all HSE and CSR processes in a single software solution.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-04-09 15:41:41.0000000', 121),N'Quentic ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-07-21', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'Music portal',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-05-10 14:04:22.0000000', 121),N'Ableton ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-07-21', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'The multiple award-winning aixigo AG offers you unique financial software solutions based on the company''s own API-based wealth management platform. This software platform has more than 100 digital services for the wealth management industry. Aixigo AG enables banks and financial service providers worldwide to offer the most innovative financial services and products with a first-class service experience.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-05-10 14:14:19.0000000', 121),N'aixigo ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-07-21', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'By automating workflows across people, systems, and data, Appway gives financial services businesses everything they need to get the job done and provide exceptional experiences at every touchpoint.
    Its award-winning software is trusted by 10 of the top 25 wealth managers to digitize, automate, and accelerate core business processes, such as the onboarding of new clients, managing changing client circumstances, and regulatory reviews. With its reusable components, Appway allows firms to create business applications in a scalable and flexible way.
    Industry-leading institutions rely on Appway to improve customer experience and boost internal efficiencies in full compliance with complex industry regulations. Headquartered in Switzerland with offices around the globe, Appway serves customers while collaborating with an extensive ecosystem of consulting, implementation, and technology partners.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-05-10 14:17:47.0000000', 121),N'Appway ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-07-21', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'Architrave was founded in 2012 by Dr. Benjamin Staude and Maurice Grassau founded. Architrave was the first company to develop a data room with an exclusive focus on the real estate industry, which offers added value throughout the real estate life cycle. The solution is constantly being further developed into an asset management platform that provides all building-relevant data in the form of digital assets.
    Three-digit growth in sales has been recorded annually since the company was founded. As strategic partners, BEOS AG, Union Investment and Deka Immobilien are minorities in the company. Other shareholders include BitStone Capital and PropTech1, the first German venture capital fund with a focus on the real estate industry.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-05-10 14:44:00.0000000', 121),N'Architrave ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-07-21', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'The BOC Group is a leading international manufacturer of software tools for globally recognized management approaches. Complemented by our wide range of services, we implement your management strategy and generate added value for your company and your IT.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-05-10 14:49:30.0000000', 121),N'BOC Group ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-07-21', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'The company''s roots are in the renowned Louis Leitz group of companies. It was here that, in 1996, the electronic Leitz organizer, or ELO for short, the first product for electronic document management and archiving, was born. The acronym ELO became the brand name, and in 1998 the business unit became a stand-alone company, ELO Digital Office GmbH, which has since been headed by Karl Heinz Mosbach and Matthias Thiele. ELO quickly advanced into an international player and enjoys success on the global stage with locations in Europe, North America, Asia, and Australia.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-05-10 14:58:23.0000000', 121),N'ELO ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-07-21', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'We saw a gap between the consulting and technology paradigms and sensed the need for different standards. That is when we founded Innoplexus. Since then we are bringing innovation into decision-making processes and are driving digital transformation. In building intelligent applications we bring together Research, Engineering, UX-Design, and other experts to use machine learning and Artificial Intelligence to solve the toughest problems from curing cancer to predictive analytics. Recently we integrated Blockchain technology to add formerly unpublished (meta)data to our data ocean.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-05-12 09:13:36.0000000', 121),N'Innoplexus ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-07-20', 120),N'Daniel Morgan',N'Unified video platform used for education. See teaser. ~EBITDA £650k on £2m revenue. Recorded for completeness July 2021',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-07-20 12:46:37.0000000', 121),N'Planet eStream ''21'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-07-19', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'VRG stands for tailor-made software, services and solutions for everything to do with payroll accounting and personnel management, travel expense accounting, social economy and healthcare as well as ECM, EDI, printing and IT solutions - for over 3,500 customers, at 10 locations and for more than 50 years.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-12-18 15:09:32.0000000', 121),N'VRG ''20'),
    (N'Action - 1. Analysing',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-07-19', 120),N'Julian Gresvig',N'Adelis owned (acq 2018) provider of ERP systems to the building services
    industry. 200 employees in Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark and has a turnover of around SEK 360 million. Maybe SEK 90m EBITDA if 25% margin? Serves over 9,000 corporate customers and 90,000 users.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-07-05 11:40:33.0000000', 121),N'Hantverksdata ''21'),
    (N'Action - 2. Trying to meet',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-07-19', 120),N'Hayley Winter',N'Subscription based market research company making £30mn EBITDA. Difficult owners may be more amenable to an approach, which would be change from previously.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-05-05 17:42:13.0000000', 121),N'Euromonitor ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-07-19', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'In 1990 the physicist Dr. Bela Gurath founded BMG LABTECH in Offenburg, Germany.
    BMG LABTECH offers a wide range of dedicated and multi-mode microplate readers for life sciences applications and high-throughput screening.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-01-30 08:43:59.0000000', 121),N'BMG LABTECH ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-07-19', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'With nearly 500 employees worldwide they develop, produce and distribute optical measurement technology solutions for research and industry.
    Today Polytec specializes in the technological fields of:
    3D Surface Metrology
    Process Analytics
    Image Processing
    and other optical systems.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-01-30 15:18:35.0000000', 121),N'Polytec ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-07-19', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'IKA laboratory technology offers a wide range of innovative equipment for numerous applications in research and development e.g. mixing, heating, distilling and crushing applications.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-01-30 15:57:15.0000000', 121),N'IKA-Werke ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-07-19', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'The ROSEN Group is a worldwide provider of cutting-edge solutions in all areas of the integrity process chain. Innovation, know-how and a strict orientation on customer needs are the key factors of ROSEN’s unique success story.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-01-30 16:03:55.0000000', 121),N'ROSEN Swiss AG ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-07-19', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'TOPTICA develops and manufactures high-end laser systems for scientific and industrial applications. The portfolio includes diode lasers, ultrafast fiber lasers, terahertz systems and frequency combs. OEM customers, scientists, and over a dozen Nobel laureates all acknowledge the world-class exceptional specifications of TOPTICA’s lasers, as well as their reliability and longevity.

    Founded in 1998 near Munich (Germany), TOPTICA became one of the leading laser photonics companies by aiming for, and consistently delivering high-end specifications. TOPTICA’s diode lasers are appreciated for excellent coherence, wide tuning range and ideal beam profiles.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-02-06 16:59:25.0000000', 121),N'TOPTICA Photonics ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-07-19', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'With our carefully considered showcase of over 400.000 premium design products and materials, Architonic is the number-one online community for architects, designers, home-owners and design enthusiasts. 16 million visitors a year choose Architonic as their guide to the very best of current design.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-02-07 17:01:15.0000000', 121),N'Architonic ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-07-19', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'EPLAN provides software and service solutions in the fields of electrical, automation and mechatronic engineering. The company develops one of the world’s leading design software solutions for machine and panel builders. EPLAN is also the ideal partner to streamline challenging engineering processes.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-05-04 16:07:15.0000000', 121),N'EPLAN Software & Service ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-07-19', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'To create value for our customers by providing instruments, analytical and diagnostic methods and training to analysts worldwide, to allow the direct analysis of diverse samples gained directly from complex matrices by means of instrumental High-Performance Thin-Layer Chromatography (HPTLC) or of instrumental Dried Matrix Spot Extraction (DMS); successfully implemented in case the use of these methods produce the best possible analytical or diagnostic result, at a competitive price and leaves a satisfied customer. CAMAG creates, tests and produces all instruments solely in Switzerland - “SWISS MADE”, and provides them to its worldwide customers through its subsidiaries and dedicated distributors (more than 70).',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-05-14 16:45:50.0000000', 121),N'Camag ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-07-19', 120),N'Daniel Morgan',N'Designs and manufactures complex medical devices in highly specialist areas.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-06-11 09:47:40.0000000', 121),N'Cirtec ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-07-19', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'BLÜCHER was founded by the Danish installer Johannes Blucher Skibild, a man with visions and both feet firmly on the floor. In search of a sophisticated cover for the drainage installation, he and his wife started making stainless steel covers in their barn. Since then, the BLÜCHER Group has continuously expanded its products and services.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-06-11 19:12:50.0000000', 121),N'Blücher ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-07-19', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'We develop tailor-made solutions that bring people and electronics together, and open up electricity for innovation and progress. The result of our efforts? Products and services that can benefit you – either as a standalone solution or in combination. New products enable the intelligent use of electricity, but also need to be handled responsibly, taking related safety risks into consideration.
    We develop and manufacture circuit-breakers and control equipment for the safe use of electricity.
    We also provide advice and technical support, along with qualified training or customer events so you can use electricity and our products safely.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-06-11 19:28:39.0000000', 121),N'Doepke Schaltgeräte ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-07-19', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'Funkwerk is a leading supplier of innovative communication, information and security systems.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-06-16 10:30:03.0000000', 121),N'Funkwerk ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-07-19', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'IVU Traffic Technologies AG has been working for over 40 years with more than 700 engineers to ensure punctual and reliable transport in the world’s metropolises. In growing cities, people and vehicles are constantly on the move – a logistical challenge that calls for intelligent and secure software systems. Based on the IVU.suite, IVU develops high-performance solutions for public passenger and goods transport and transport logistics.

    The integrated standard products of IVU work to plan, optimise and control the deployment of buses and trains, provide passengers with real-time information, create routes for parcel delivery services, and support businesses in choosing branch locations. Over 500 customers worldwide trust in IVU’s products. Whether complete solutions or individual components are deployed, our products are based on open standards and can be integrated in the most varied system environments.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-07-02 12:33:09.0000000', 121),N'IVU Traffic Technologies ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-07-19', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'botek is a global player and full-range provider of deep-hole drilling systems with about 800 employees worldwide. Our core business focuses on internally cooled tools for all deep-hole drilling systems with diameters from 0.5 to 1500 mm. Our customers enjoy the benefit of our deep-hole drilling experience as part of our service before, during and after tool sale.

    botek technology is path-breaking. The second generation of the family business is continuing its successful specialisation in deep-hole drilling tools and processes at its main factory in Riederich at the foot of the Swabian Alb and at production facilities in France, Hungary and India. botek is always just a call away with 50 sales and support partners. Worldwide.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-07-02 13:28:58.0000000', 121),N'botek Präzisionsbohrtechnik ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-07-19', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'Theegarten-Pactec is an established name in the industry. As one of the world''s leading manufacturers in the packaging technology sector, we develop high quality and intelligent packaging machines for small-sized confectionery products and other foodstuffs, such as stock cubes, as well as for non-food items, e.g. detergent tablets. Theegarten-Pactec is known for innovation and the prompt response to customers’ wishes for premium quality.
    Our aim to continuously improve and keep inspiring our global customers with new packaging solutions is reflected in our wide production programme and our commitment to research and development.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-07-02 14:30:26.0000000', 121),N'Theegarten-Pactec ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-07-19', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'The family-owned SCHNEIDER GmbH & Co. KG is one of the world’s leading companies for the development and production of processing solutions for ophthalmics, precision optics, and ultra-precision optics. The company has more than 480 employees and is headquartered in Fronhausen, Germany. Each year, SCHNEIDER manufactures more than 500 machines in four different German production facilities. With an export ratio of 95% and subsidiaries in the US, Brazil, Hong Kong, Thailand and China as well as local representatives SCHNEIDER is a truly global company.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-07-02 14:41:20.0000000', 121),N'Schneider ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-07-19', 120),N'Sabrina Ramge',N'The Wilken group focuses on the development of standard business software. Among the solutions are products for financial accounting, document management, materials management and company controlling. Wilken focuses on the energy, public services, financial services and tourism and sector.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-08-14 13:06:07.0000000', 121),N'Wilken ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-07-19', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'We offer municipal utilities an all-round solution portfolio. Thüga SmartService provides its customers with modular software solutions, operational services and specialist know-how for core business and new business areas from a single source. With our technical and energy industry expertise, we are the ideal partner for municipal utilities. Our portfolio ranges from metering (remote meter reading, gateway administration), energy data management and market communication through energy efficiency to telecommunications and IoT (LoRaWAN). Another focus is on SAP platform solutions with a focus on ERP (S / 4HANA) and consumption billing (SAP IS-U) as well as digital marketing and service platforms.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-08-25 14:25:52.0000000', 121),N'Thüga SmartService ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-07-19', 120),N'Nicole Dixson',N'Temperature controlled packaging solutions like envirotainer. International business.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-09-04 07:31:15.0000000', 121),N'Softbox ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-07-19', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'MoneyPark – A FinTech company revolutionizes the mortgage and real estate market
    MoneyPark was founded in 2012 and is already the biggest independent mortgage specialist and one of the most successful FinTech companies in Switzerland. MoneyPark offers a unique customer experience through a combination of individually tailored advice and innovative technology. MoneyPark provides a full range of services from a single source, covering the entire process from searching for property and securing financing through to owning or selling your own home. In July 2017, the market leader for mortgages in the Romandie, DL, became part of MoneyPark. MoneyPark offers institutional investors comprehensive mortgage solutions thanks to a setup based on effective marketing and efficient portfolio management.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-09-10 10:08:12.0000000', 121),N'MoneyPark ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-07-19', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'Behind Olmero are people who are personally committed to the quality and sustainability of the services. As construction and / or IT specialists, our employees have proven specialist knowledge and extensive practical experience.
    Olmero is consolidating its position as No. 1 in the B2B construction project information business and is launching the \"Planned Construction Projects\" service. In addition to planning applications, building permits, project and tender information, public submissions, preliminary project inquiries, order and calculation reports, planned construction projects and construction projects from public and private sources are also offered.
    With this, Olmero completes its unique range of information and takes a further step towards complete property tracking on the construction site',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-09-10 10:12:27.0000000', 121),N'Olmero ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-07-19', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'ERP systems are key to value creation. They form a central hub for all sales, development, production, logistics and customer processes. More than ever before, digital transformation demands planning reliability, end-to-end process transparency and, above all, a rapid value creation process. In turn, this calls for a practical and flexible industry-specific suite of solutions. The ams.Group consists of companies that are experts in this particular field.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-09-23 14:55:10.0000000', 121),N'ams.Solution ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-07-19', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'swissQuant Group develops and delivers intelligent technology products and provides complementary or stand-alone services and consultancy surrounding these Quant-based technologies. Their focus on the core and long-term needs of their clients, makes them the partner of choice for local and international financial and industrial clients, including a number of global Fortune 500 companies.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-10-01 08:10:01.0000000', 121),N'swissQuant Group ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-07-19', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'We provide software, vehicles and a full range of services to cities and companies, helping them launch and scale new mobility services. We want to make the world a greener, healthier and happier place through shared mobility. By the end of 2019, we had expanded our portfolio from three to seven products in two short years and we were entering the hardware market with Wunder Vehicles. Now we are an all-in-one mobility solution provider!',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-10-14 08:40:17.0000000', 121),N'WunderCar ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-07-19', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'DriveLock has been successfully active on the market with its endpoint security solutions for over 15 years. The company, based in Munich, is now one of the leading international specialists in IT and data security.
    We have set ourselves the goal of reliably protecting company data, devices and systems. To do this, we rely on the latest technologies, experienced security experts and solutions based on the zero trust model.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-10-22 17:37:27.0000000', 121),N'DriveLock SE ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-07-19', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'Our solutions guarantee Europe-wide legal conformity and maximum data security. In the field of video identification of customers and electronic signature, we were the first to bring a legally compliant solution to the market without additional hardware. In May 2016, the IDnow VideoIdent process was patented by the EU. In 2018, we launched the AutoIdent software on the global market based on a new technological platform. IDnow is thus able to identify users worldwide in an automated process. Customers can flexibly choose from different levels of customer identification.
    Our offer is aimed at all business customers who want to offer customer legitimation and contract conclusion online, such as banks, telecommunications companies, fintechs or mobility service providers. Our customers include well-known companies such as Commerzbank, UBS, Telefónica and N26.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-10-30 14:05:42.0000000', 121),N'IDnow ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-07-19', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'At imc, we make learning better – by redefining the way we learn. Experts in strategy, technology and e-learning content work hand in hand to offer holistic and tailored e-learning solutions – worldwide.
    Our award-winning product portfolio comprises learning management, performance support and authoring solutions. In addition, we offer conceptual design and tailored learning content creation in our E-learning Content division. An extensive library of immediately available standard learning content completes our portfolio. Besides, our Learning Strategy Consultants integrate all elements of e-learning with each other and align it with your business strategy. For maximum effectiveness.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-10-30 14:08:21.0000000', 121),N'imc information multimedia communication ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-07-19', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'Ingenico Healthcare GmbH, with its innovative and customized system solutions based on the latest hardware technologies, is one of the most important companies for card readers in the eHealth industry. With the stationary eHealth card terminal ORGA 6141 online, which was launched in November 2017 and the mobile ORGA 930 M online, which received gematik approval in June 2018, the company is pushing ahead with the rollout of the electronic health card.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-10-30 14:24:03.0000000', 121),N'ingenico Healthcare ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-07-19', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'ipoque, a Rohde & Schwarz company, is a global leader in the world of deep packet inspection and network analytics software. We leverage our deep domain expertise to create customized software solutions that empower our customers to transform network data into intelligence. As a subsidiary of Rohde & Schwarz, we take advantage of potential synergies.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-10-30 14:32:27.0000000', 121),N'ipoque ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-07-19', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'ISB AG has been developing software solutions for many years and competently covers the areas of software engineering as well as IT consulting. As an innovative IT service provider, we have been supporting customers from the fields of industry and public administration in the implementation of their software development projects for three decades and offer well-founded IT advice across all phases of the IT life cycle.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-11-04 09:55:20.0000000', 121),N'ISB Institut für Software-Entwicklung und EDV-Beratung ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-07-19', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'Right from the start, we have been guided by the Business Intelligence (BI) platform from Microsoft, later the know-how from SAP was added as a second competence pillar. The combination of SAP solutions with Microsoft''s business intelligence technology is essential for the range of services and the self-image of pmOne AG.
    The “traditional” offer from Microsoft for business intelligence has developed from SQL Server and Excel to a very powerful and scalable platform for medium-sized and large companies. With Power BI on the Azure platform, this offer is also available to customers who want to get their solutions up and running quickly and using modern cloud technology.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-11-17 11:22:37.0000000', 121),N'pmOne ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-07-19', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'The x-tention group of companies offers its own total IT solutions for digital data exchange. Our services include a wide range of consulting services, system integration, software development and implementation as well as the operation of data centers and applications.
    From consulting, software development, implementation to operation, we accompany all processes and advise our customers in every phase of the further development of their IT infrastructure.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2020-12-15 15:23:17.0000000', 121),N'X-Tention ''20'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-07-19', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'As a system supplier, we develop and produce customised solutions as required by the MedTech industry to save and protect human lives – from the initial product idea to the production of everything from simple components to highly complex modules and systems. In addition to the medical sector, we are also active in sectors such as safety and automotive & automation. We are always close to our customers, providing agile and personal advice, and even more than that – we are part of the process.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-01-28 17:07:27.0000000', 121),N'GPE - Plast Engineering ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-07-19', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'The digital change, current trends and the interest in automation became stronger - and so it came about that the demand for automatic ordering systems in production logistics was aroused among our customers.
    In order to eliminate the error-prone and cost-intensive manual ordering processes in intralogistics in the future, IDENTYTEC® has adapted its business area and has been a system integrator, developer and consultant for mobile and automatic identification, retrieval and delivery systems for many years.
    Based on the automation of material replenishment orders, IDENTYTEC® now offers solutions for the fully automatic delivery of small and large load carriers.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-02-17 16:58:51.0000000', 121),N'IDENTYTEC ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-07-19', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'UNICEPTA was founded in 1996 and has been steadily rising as a leader and innovator in media intelligence, first in the German and central European marketplace, and now globally. We have seen the sector evolve to incorporate digital media and deploy new technologies to automate and analyze media and information to support our advisors in providing guidance to our clients.
    Today, we are the fastest growing full-service media and marketing intelligence provider in Europe, USA and APAC.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-02-23 12:23:29.0000000', 121),N'UNICEPTA ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-07-19', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'We offer the software to turn job seekers into applicants. We apply highly efficient principles of e-commerce to recruiting and thus optimally attract interested parties.
    With our software, employers create more reach and thus attract the attention of more job seekers. Through better employer branding and employee recommendations, even passive candidates become applicants. Our unique Feedback Solution encourages applicants and employees to make evaluations about their employer publicly available. This creates an authentic overall picture of your company and strengthens the employer brand. With the help of the applicant tracking system, personnel can express appreciation for applications by reacting quickly. Thanks to the mobile application, managers are brought on board and decisions are made faster and more reliably.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-02-23 13:08:28.0000000', 121),N'softgarden e-recruiting ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-07-19', 120),N'Robin Sie',N'Specialist insurance provider focused on emerging risk (e.g. cyber) and making use of proprietary technology. Minority backed by Vitruvian.

    We considered in 2015 but chopped for various reasons including quality of revenue (e.g. rebates linked to brokers) and volatility in cyber loss ratio). Now doing £84m revenue and £38m EBITDA with Evercore mandated for sale. Will review to see if key concerns have now been addressed.

    Will review',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-04-29 11:00:26.0000000', 121),N'CFC ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-07-19', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'IT Dienstleister',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-05-20 21:49:44.0000000', 121),N'UMB ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-07-19', 120),N'Frank Löhner',N'The NUVISAN Group is an internationally successful and independent research institute. On behalf of the pharmaceutical industry, it carries out the legally required drug studies. Together with bioanalytical evaluation, pharmaceutical analysis, quality control, stability testing and test sample production, all areas of clinical drug development can be offered. This includes multinational drug companies, generic drug manufacturers and biotec companies. Every year the NUVISAN Group invests a considerable part of its profit in the most modern technologies and the development of new or improvement of existing methods.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-06-30 15:44:11.0000000', 121),N'Nuvisan ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-07-19', 120),N'Sami Khan',N'Data driven on-line home insurer. £15mn EBITDA. Sounds hard/ not for us. Owned by ECI. Someone should confirm, if we don''t already know this is the case.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-07-08 13:48:27.0000000', 121),N'Avantia ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-07-19', 120),N'Robin Sie',N'12.07.21 CP: News reports that the Rothermere family is ready to make a cash offer to buy the DMGT group outright, provided it sells its RMS insurance risk business and takes its partially-owned online car seller Cazoo public. RMS provides risk modelling and has previously been HTR.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-07-12 10:12:30.0000000', 121),N'RMS ''21'),
    (N'Action - 5. Chopped',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-07-19', 120),N'Hayley Winter',N'Quantexa is an anti-fraud software tool mainly for banks that was started up by Imam Hoque in 2016, the former CEO of Detica Netreveal (which was acquired by BAE).

    The business has a decision intelligence platform that processes data via batch, on-demand and real-time typically in a financial crime, AML or fraud context. Reference customers are HSBC, Natwest and Standard Chartered.

    Estimated revenue is between 25-50m USD

    Likely to be too small for us on EBITDA basis but one to keep on the radar as it is fast growing and in an attractive sector.',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-07-15 10:37:27.0000000', 121),N'Quantexa ''21'),
    (N'Tip - Don''t Know',CONVERT(DATETIME, '2021-07-19', 120),N'',N'Future Diagnostics is a provider of immunoassay development services intended to support startups to get their biomarker or concept assay to an IVD product that is ready for the CE-IVD market. The company serves customers in the IVD and pharmaceutical industries

    150 IVD developments. 75+ employees

    No financials available',CONVERT(DATETIME2, '2021-07-19 15:16:39.0000000', 121),N'Future Diagnostics Solutions ''21')

    SELECT * FROM temptable3

    Can someone help with that?

    My Pivoting skills are minimal to say the least

  • Hello Community,

    Sorry for supplying so much data in the sample table - I have noticed it has slowed down the page when I scroll.

    Anway, I was wondering if I could get some help with this question please.

  • I recommend starting here:

    Then follow up with the second article here:

    Instead of trying to use the PIVOT operator you can use a simple GROUP BY with conditional aggregates to achieve the desired results.

     --==== Sample Only
    Select MontaguOwner
    , [Action - 1. Analysing] = max(Case When CurrentOpportunityStatus = 'Action - 1. Analysing' Then LastDateStatusChanged End)
    From temptable3
    Group By

    You can add the additional conditions as needed.

    Jeffrey Williams
    “We are all faced with a series of great opportunities brilliantly disguised as impossible situations.”

    ― Charles R. Swindoll

    How to post questions to get better answers faster
    Managing Transaction Logs

  • Hi Jeff,

    I think I'll be able to build on what you've provided for the other conditions.


  • First, really nice job on providing "Readily Consumable Data" AND it actually works without error! 😀

    With respect to the output you posted, are you looking to pivot ONLY those rows where the CurrentOpportunityStatus column starts with the word "Action"?

    Also, do you need for other columns to be included?  For example, should the OpportunityName name be included in the output?


    --Jeff Moden

    RBAR is pronounced "ree-bar" and is a "Modenism" for Row-By-Agonizing-Row.
    First step towards the paradigm shift of writing Set Based code:
    ________Stop thinking about what you want to do to a ROW... think, instead, of what you want to do to a COLUMN.
    "Change is inevitable... change for the better is not".

    Helpful Links:
    How to post code problems
    How to Post Performance Problems
    Create a Tally Function (fnTally)
    Intro to Tally Tables and Functions

  • Hi Jeff,

    Using the same test data I provided I wonder if you could help me build on your code to achieve an additional outcome.

    So, on the test data, I simply added the following code to filter out a field to help someone (if not you) help me:

    FROM dbo.opportunitiespresentation
    WHERE opportunitiespresentation.MontaguOwner = 'Christian Wolf'

    The provided the following table:




    I would like to build on your code to achieve the following:


    If you could just kick me off, I'm sure I'll be able to take it from there.


  • First, really nice job on providing "Readily Consumable Data" AND it actually works without error!

    My pleasure

    If I'm asking the community for help, I think it's only fair to make it as easy for you guys/girls to provide the help I need.



  • carlton 84646 wrote:

    Hi Jeff,

    Using the same test data I provided I wonder if you could help me build on your code to achieve an additional outcome.

    So, on the test data, I simply added the following code to filter out a field to help someone (if not you) help me:

    FROM dbo.opportunitiespresentation
    WHERE opportunitiespresentation.MontaguOwner = 'Christian Wolf'

    The provided the following table:


    I would like to build on your code to achieve the following:


    If you could just kick me off, I'm sure I'll be able to take it from there.


    Seems like we should get the first issue solved before doing anything else.  In order for me to answer that, I need you to answer my previous questions. 😉

    --Jeff Moden

    RBAR is pronounced "ree-bar" and is a "Modenism" for Row-By-Agonizing-Row.
    First step towards the paradigm shift of writing Set Based code:
    ________Stop thinking about what you want to do to a ROW... think, instead, of what you want to do to a COLUMN.
    "Change is inevitable... change for the better is not".

    Helpful Links:
    How to post code problems
    How to Post Performance Problems
    Create a Tally Function (fnTally)
    Intro to Tally Tables and Functions

  • Jeff Moden wrote:

    First, really nice job on providing "Readily Consumable Data" AND it actually works without error! 😀

    With respect to the output you posted, are you looking to pivot ONLY those rows where the CurrentOpportunityStatus column starts with the word "Action"?

    Also, do you need for other columns to be included?  For example, should the OpportunityName name be included in the output?

    Hi Jeff,

    Sorry, its getting quite late here in London

    Anyway, to answer your questions

    I'm just interested to Pivot rows where the CurrentOpportunityStatus column is:

    Action - 1. Analysing

    Action - 2. Trying to meet

    Action - 3. Date agreed

    Action - 4. Post meeting

    Action - 5. Chopped

    OpportunityName, 'should' be in the output.


  • Here's the query to cover your first request.

     SELECT  MontaguOwner                 = IIF(MontaguOwner>'',MontaguOwner,'*** None Given ***')
    ,[Action - 1. Analysing] = MAX(IIF(CurrentOpportunityStatus LIKE 'Action - 1.%',CONVERT(CHAR(10),LastDateStatusChanged,101),''))
    ,[Action - 2. Trying to meet] = MAX(IIF(CurrentOpportunityStatus LIKE 'Action - 2.%',CONVERT(CHAR(10),LastDateStatusChanged,101),''))
    ,[Action - 3. Date agreed] = MAX(IIF(CurrentOpportunityStatus LIKE 'Action - 3.%',CONVERT(CHAR(10),LastDateStatusChanged,101),''))
    ,[Action - 4. Post meeting] = MAX(IIF(CurrentOpportunityStatus LIKE 'Action - 4.%',CONVERT(CHAR(10),LastDateStatusChanged,101),''))
    ,[Action - 5. Chopped] = MAX(IIF(CurrentOpportunityStatus LIKE 'Action - 5.%',CONVERT(CHAR(10),LastDateStatusChanged,101),''))
    FROM dbo.temptable3
    GROUP BY MontaguOwner,OpportunityName
    ORDER BY MontaguOwner,OpportunityName

    --Jeff Moden

    RBAR is pronounced "ree-bar" and is a "Modenism" for Row-By-Agonizing-Row.
    First step towards the paradigm shift of writing Set Based code:
    ________Stop thinking about what you want to do to a ROW... think, instead, of what you want to do to a COLUMN.
    "Change is inevitable... change for the better is not".

    Helpful Links:
    How to post code problems
    How to Post Performance Problems
    Create a Tally Function (fnTally)
    Intro to Tally Tables and Functions

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