Help on "not in!"

  • I use statements like the one below where I select all the possible records

    I may require and then filter by using "not in" and going off looking at

    another table. The statement below works fine and returns over 400 rows but

    if I change the '2001-05-31' for '2001-05-30' it returns no rows. There is

    only 100 records in the second table for '2001-05-30' so I should at least

    see 300 records but in reality non of the records on the '2001-05-30' are

    significant to the top table.

    Has anyone seen strange behavoir like this before . . . we even rebooted the


    select, *


    where tourdate between '2001-11-21' and '2001-11-25'

    and promotion = 613

    and in (2, 4)


    not in


    select arealead

    from sunseekers..vouchers

    where enterdate >= '2001-05-31'


  • solved it! - there was a NULL record before that date which knocked out the IN!

  • Thanks for the update.

    Steve Jones

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