Hardware Compression on DAT tape via TSQL

  • I´m trying to make a backup for one DB with 14Gb in one tape device DDS3 (12/24GB).

    Does any one know, if is possible do that with one TSQL script ?!

    Can I set the "Hardware Compression" via TSQL ?!

  • No options for compression from SQL. Doesnt matter what the tape device is - if it's on the HCL (or you can get it work anyway). Main thing is will the backup fit on one tape or not. You can test by backing up to disk first.

    Dont know if that helps.


  • on the DDS3 tape drives the hardware compression is set by a jumper on the back of the tape drive it's self. I would clean that unit ALOT! every 4 hours on a new tape every 8 to 10 hours after that. DDS3 units are very bad about cloging heads and ruining tapes. If you could afford it I would go to a DDS4 or DLT unit for reliability.



  • Thank you all.

    I´ll try to make some tests in my tape Device to see what to do.

    Thanks again.

    If I find something, I will tell you latter.

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