Half a Million

  • It's very simple... SQL servercentral is free and has many good resources without the annoying popups or distractions that turn people off like heavy advertisements. It is easy to search for scripts you are looking for and for scripts that help you understand SQL server better. The many scripts on this site has helped me and saved a lot of my time in trying to figure out ways to administer SQL server. The articles are excellent and very professional. They give you everything you need not just some bait so you can purchase something to get the rest. You can even save your favorites in a "Briefcase" (wow), no other site does this. (Although I'd like to download my whole briefcase, but that's another topic). It is also a sounding board for the dba's and developers to freely give their opinions, advise and experiences. Plain and simple, this is the best site for sql and that's why I'm not surprised we or you guys reached 1/2 million.

    Alex benitez

  • Being a newbie I hope to use this site to enhance my knowledge of SQL. If anyone has any advice for me let me know.

    Allie 🙂

  • I really enjoy that the SSC site contains nearly everything I ever look for with respect to SQL Server, including useful scripts, informational articles, thought-provoking editorials, mind expanding QotDs, and extremely helpful, professional forums. I believe that your newsletter is one of the most effective of its kind because of it's thoroughness in delivering the new content on your site, allowing it to act as my portal to SSC.com. The information that I've received by reading your articles and books has helped me to advance my career by fine-tuning my DBA skills resulting in my recent promotion. Thank you SSC.com for giving us the information we need to succeed!

  • I simply enjoy the fact that the daily mail is free - seems to always link to relevant interesting stuff regarding our work with SQL - and when things acts up inside the servers we have a steady source of things-to-check-as-possible-causes, if we havent already learned the reason for whatver happened this time in SQLserver 🙂

    And cudos for the way you managed to avoid having TOO much RedGate Advertising after the merger or whatever it was :hehe:

    And as an important side note, I like the fact that its not all SQLserver - I think its nice to see I'm not the only one who "dig cars" and like all kinds of transportation gizmos even if I live in a country that tries hard to kill the fun of owning automobiles . (PS : A miniscule Micro Peugeot 107 is $18181.81 here in Denmark... with taxes and all ... pfffftt... ) :w00t:

    Keep up the fan-######-tastic work guys ! :smooooth:


  • SQLServerCentral has given me over the years has been critical in my career. Here's why. I was a Systems Engineer for a bank and we were getting bought out. I then started a job as a DBA with a limited knowledge of SQL 7.5 and 2000 (Hey, I'm a great inverviewee). This site has been a great source of information in terms of articles and , importantly, the discussion forums. I have gone from asking fairly simple questions to be able to comfortably answer more difficult ones because of what I have learned here.

    At the risk of buttering up Steve, I do like the editorials, too. If nothing else it gives me a chance at work to think a little outside the technical.

    I also was able to learn about the different tools outside of EM/SSMS as aresult of this SSC.

    I also found out about PASS through this site. I didn't attend this year, but last year in Seatle was great (the SSC reception was cool, too). Anyway, thanks for a great site keep up the good work.

  • Why do I like SQL Server Central?

    It is that little picture of Robiyn Page. 🙂 Actually, I have found the articles by Ms.Page and "Phil Factor" to be extremely useful, and often very timely. A new article appears and three times out of four, either it aids in an assignment I have just started on or one that I will be tasked with within two weeks. (Hmm... Maybe my boss reads SSC also? I do not have an answer to that question. My suspicion is that he does not have the time - unless, of course, he is enamored with that little picture of Robyn Page. 😉 )

  • Steve,

    You've got a great site. Your site is my first choice for whenever i am in need of help. Did i mention that i need help practically every day? I manage 50+ servers in an environment of only home-grown tools. Who wrote the tools? Me. But not without daily visits to your site. Your script repository is key to enabling me to managing them. And, in each one i learn something new.

    Your articles are my primary form of 'official professional development'. Even the 'basic' ones frequently remind me of something i have forgotten...thanks for trying to meet everyone's needs from beginner to experienced.

    Thanks again!

  • I couldn't live without this site!! The best example is when a dinosaur of a programmer at my company refused to allow me (as the DBA) to change the backup strategy of our largest transactional database from 2 full backups daily (duh! and nobody could figure out why we had severe performance issues before I came to the company????) to something much more reasonable using differentials and transaction log backups. I used GREAT articles from the site to prove my point to mand now the new kid on the block (me) is a hero for figuring out that we don't need to spend a zillion dollars on a new server but we just need to use the tool AS INTENDED! May sound really simple, but there are still and Thanks so much...keep up the good work!!

  • Why do I like SQL Server Central?

    Simply put, the writing, the intelligence, and the community.

    Every article I have read has been well written and easy to understand. I won't say that every article has been a must read as it answers every question I have ever had, but because of the quality of writing I can easily decide if I want to put it in my briefcase for future reference and the briefcase adds a wonderful value not available at other sites.

    The intelligence both of the writers and the community sparks excellent discussions. From both the introductory level question and answers, to the nitty gritty nasty internals that Microsoft doesn't really want people to know about the discussions are thought provoking, polite and professional.

    Finally the community. I believe this is an excellent community where everyone will help others, trying out solutions, and working together to figure out complex problems or work arounds.

    I truly enjoy being a part of the SQL Server Central commuity.

    Brian Munier

  • Okay, here is my Ode to SQL Server Central:

    SqlServerCentral.com is the place to go

    When your IT SQL project is getting ready to blow

    With Daily Stumpers, Blogs, discussions, and articles you see

    Helps me keep on top of new technology

    The webmasters are polite when you catch a bug

    It's nice to know they're human and not some Autobot slug

    Without SQl Server Central around, there I'd be

    Ending up writing cheezy jingles for a card company

    So if half a million users help keep SSC going strong

    It surely would be tragic if your web site was gone

    I know, don't quit my day job but I gave it my best! Really, I Love This Site!!!:w00t:

  • I just found this site yesterday and I can already see thats it's going to be a big help. I am a college student majoring in Telecommunications Management at Illinois State University, set to graduate in December. I am interning at a firm where I've been given the project of installing and setting up remote connectivity of SQL Server 2005. I have no previous experience with this software and I have been scouring the internet for some guidance. I think I've finally found it! I have posted a forum recently and and am excited to hear back from some of the knowledgable members of SSC. I'm sure I'll be using this site often as I become more familiar with SQL Server!! Thanks for the help.

    Andrew Brinker

  • One of my new favorite things about SSC.com is the sucking up and groveling for prizes.

    - Grumpy

  • I joined sqlservercentral.com after I decided to pursue training towards becoming a SQL DBA. I'm a long way off from getting that elusive first job. But every single day, I am absorbing new and valuable information, getting insights into the nuts and bolts of SQL Server and DBA in general, and finding that the people who comprise this profession are far off from the pocket protector wearing nerds of the past. I have been pleasantly surprised time and again by the humor and comraderie I see on these forums.

    I look forward to the day when I will be able to add something of value here, too.


  • More than once I have either found the answer to a problem I was having on SSC or I have posted a question and have received thoughtful and valid responses that have helped me to solve my difficulty. As much as I have been able to I have tried to return the favour by responding to others if I could help them. I have both contributed scripts that I felt were more generally helpful and on many occasions used scripts. My briefcase is full of scripts and articles that I find I need to refer to frequently. The opportunity to discuss issues or just follow the dicussion of SQL related issues is a valuable resource. When I was the only DBA atmy organization I did not feel alone as I have thousands of colleagues to turn to for advice. Now that there are 2 other DBAs working with me I have encouraged them to also use the SSC resources as a source of advice and help for them.

    I am proud to be a member of SSC because of the individuals involved and the help and support they provide.

    I remember one time as a beginning DBA running an untested UPDATE statement against a particular table in a production database (thinking I was connected to test) The statement ran without a WHERE clause and the table was changed for the worse. I immediated signed on to SSC and frantically did searches looking for advice. Since the table was a lookup table of sorts I ended up restoring the database using a test name and then truncating the production table and copying the old data from the newly restored database - an idea gleaned from a then recent forum post. It worked and I have tried to be very careful with testing since then. This is just one of the ways SSC has helped me learn and grown my DBA skills



  • Why I like the site: it's made by people that care not only about technological issues.

    The fact that calls for help on non-technological issues have a place also adds to the 'good vibrations' of the site. The site has brought together a group of people who really like to help eachother, I feel that's pretty unique.

    Keep up the good work!



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