GUI Enhancement on Instant File Initialization (IFI) in SQL Server 201

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  • Good article. Quick question:

    If you don't enable during installation, do you have to follow the same steps as in prior versions?



  • Thanks for the article.

  • Thanks! Prior to SQL Server 2016 (CTP 3.0), if you want to enable this feature, you have to follow below mentioned steps;

    Open the Local Security Policy application.

    Expand Local Policies, click on User Rights Assignment.

    Now double click on “Perform Volume Maintenance Tasks”.

    Go to Add User or Group and add Service Account.

    Click on Apply

    Thanks - Dharmendra!

  • Thanks!

  • Thanks!

    By the way, what are the risks?

  • Hommer (5/3/2016)


    By the way, what are the risks?

    There are two.

    The first is that you've just given the SQL Server login more privs.

    The second is that old data isn't removed from the space assigned until it's over written by new data and someone good (as in bad) could get at it. Of course, that's also true just about everywhere else, as well. The "normal" thing that takes so long is that the new space allocated is zeroed out. Note that for DOD and other high security systems, even zeroing out the data on the disk once isn't enough.

    For the kind of work I do, neither is considered a problem but that may not be the case for the kind of work you do. I wouldn't just assume. Get written consensus.

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  • Do you have the snippet of the script that will enable this feature?

    412-977-3526 call/text

  • If you were installing this as a local admin and this policy was set at the domain level, could IFI still be turned on in this way? I suspect it wouldn't. And, if it can't, what effect does this have on the installation? Hopefully, it would be smart enough to carry on with the installation and provide a warning in the installation logs.

  • Great. I typically have our Security Admin team do this before I install SQL Server. However, sometimes I wonder if they actually do this or not all of the time. 🙂

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