Growing Outside of the English World

  • It's been a long time since I posted on one of your editorials.  For almost 30 years now, I have either worked globally or lead a very diverse global team of individuals.  Before that, I was in the military.  Although cultural differences can be huge, I find that focusing on the human condition and human values which are usually the same across national and regional boundaries, helps bring people together and form bonds that are far outlasting the team that was formed at the time.

    I am US-centric and in most cases that is not a bad thing, although there are definitely improvements to make.  I've seen the worst of humankind and I've seen that across all of the countries I've been in.  I've also seen the best across those same countries -- it usually boils down to the individuals, not just the cultural mores they have been exposed to.  Just like you (and I), growing to understand the differences is paramount to making this world a better place.  Everyone has that capability, but only if the individual is able to step outside of their cultural bias and look at the human condition.


  • Thanks, Joe. I think growing and understanding is a personal thing. I'm working on doing better.


  • Remember to exercise some caution when entering new worlds.

    Don't be like that romantic couple from Washington who went travelling around the world to bring love and understanding to troubled parts of the world. Just to be killed by a group of Islamists somewhere in Usbekistan or Tajikistan, can't remember for sure.

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