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  • Kind of like cleaning house.  You feel like keeping it, but if you haven't used it or even opened the box in the past 5 years, then let it go.  I don't really feel that way about PASS, but I feel sad about it nonetheless.

  • Something will arise to fill this void. I'm curious about what it will look like. Until then, I'll miss presentations by folks like Kathi Kellenberger at local SQL Saturdays.

  • I feel sad about the loss of PASS.

    Since it's mainly promoting Microsoft technologies, wonder why Microsoft didn't want to bail it out, a few million dollars is life or death to PASS, but it's only a small portion of Microsoft annual marketing budget. 300,000 members is not a small community.

    I didn't go to PASS Summit, but attended about 10 local SQL Saturday events and 24 Hour of PASS. It's well-organized. I liked the free lunch, but I also paid for it if it helped to offset the cost.

    In the meantime, without PASS, it could create more opportunities for independent consultants.

  • Very good editorial, Kathi. I was never fortunate enough to go to a PASS Summit. I have enjoyed SQL Saturdays and will dearly miss them. Most years have positives and negatives. I'm finding that 2020 has more negatives than positives. I've seen cherished businesses go out of business. PASS's passing hits me hard as well.

    Kindest Regards, Rod Connect with me on LinkedIn.

  • I was one of the members who was never fortunate enough to attend the conference in person. It wasn't until this year that I was able to attend the virtual event, and I enjoyed it immensely. I also enjoyed three SQL Saturdays over the last 18 months. I've always used the site and its content as reference for people to start their training when they wanted to learn more about sql. I am disappointed about its failure and I do hope that something can fill the void left by it.

  • I have attended numerous different SQL conferences and SQL PASS was by far the best.  This is sad news for the SQL community!

  • Like others I never had the opportunity to attend the PASS Summit but I did attend a couple of SQL Saturdays and a few local PASS chapter events (the early PASS UK chapter in London had WONDERFUL discussions). I still use a solution I learned at one of the SQL Saturdays in Cambridge to this day. I was also looking forward to attending SQL Saturday in Pordenone this year :(.

    While I am sure a new community will rise from the ashes I still feel a pang of loss and will always look back on PASS fondly. Here's hoping for new communities that have that energetic community-driven spirit that I remember from PASS. I am not up on the latest efforts out there though, so if there already is a good replacement I would love to learn about it.

    Joie Andrew
    "Since 1982"

  • One of the main things that will be lost is almost the 5.000 videos that are uploaded on PASS website...

    There's any way to archive them for the future? There's to much good value information there

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