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  • I have been around for a while and have seen most of it. From no compensation to a manditory 1 hour uncompensated weekly overtime to 2 x pay/comptime.

    I also agree that extra time of my choosing is on me, but at my current job - it is not an option. 1.5 pay or comptime is manditory. would love to dwell on this a little more but I only have 8 minutes to finish up and hit the road before I have to charge my company.

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  • I have never been paid over time as a programmer, I don't blame employers because I just don't go home until my code compile as expected. It saved me when I was accused of breaking a subsystem yes I did break the subsystem because that was the only clean way to remove features as the customer wanted. I also did not go home until past 8pm after my code compiled so I just walked the source control admin through my compiled code and the issue was resolved in a few minutes.

    I was unhappy once when the person next to me was paid for his extra hours and mine was never approved.

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  • I have worked in many companies, some small, some large. Each expected overtime with the promise that you will compensated with some time off. The catch was is the time off was a time when it would benefit the company. Unfortunately, it would rarely come.

  • I work at Cenitex which is the IT services provider for Victorian Government - Australia. Working as a contractor role but in a way its just like permanent full time without the benefits of a permanent full time job.

    Everyone is required to work 40hrs a week. But if you work less thats fine. However you cant work more hours, unless theres some important project going on.

    The manager conceived this as a plan to safeguard jobs of all employees, so ofcourse the govt depts are not over charged as many employees would like to work overtime and get more more in their pockets.

    The method seems to work fine for all. We can somewhat balance our working weeks. But since we all have to fill in our timesheets, we cannot put these chacks and balances too far, otherwise we wouod be either showing too less or too more of the time during the working week.

    Unlike my previous position in a private company; I used to work overtime mostly and although I was told I could take time off, somehow I never got a chance to. The work just kept me busy and I kept working overtime without being paid for it.

  • I get full formal flexi-time and it's brilliant. We clock in and out and have all the procedures in place for offsite work etc. There's 4000 ish employees so it has a full computer system to run it (SQL Server database of course!) and you bank time then take it as time off. Days can be short or long and you can take up to two flexi days off a month in addition to normal leave.

    Time outside the flexi working hours (7:30am to 6p.m. in my case) can be taken as flexi hours or paid overtime but must be agreed beforehand - staying on to fix ... in an emergency is fine.

    Taking a couple of hours off because the washing machine repair man is due/children's sports day/ etc etc. is not a problem and "sickness" absence is reduced - there's no need to pull a sickie to get time off when you can take it legally.

    I would put flexi-time very high on my list of needs if I moved job again.

    Oh and I didn't reply to this until Monday because I was taking a flexi day off on Friday 🙂

  • Well it's 9:56pm, Wed night, and I'm finally getting to this, after a busy day. I did get time off to run, run the kids around, karate, so it hasn't been a really long day, but a full one.

    It seems that most people get a time off for time worked.

    I think part of the idea of a salary is that they're not paying you for 40 hours every week. If so, then why not pay salary? The pay a bit more than you might make hourly with the expectation not that you'll work 50 hours every week, but if there are times that you have to, they have controlled costs.

    The problems come when many managers don't manage your hours, but rather think the salary entitles them to work you as much as you're willing to work.

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