Getting the Hex values

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    The correct answer (according to me :D) isn't available in the list of answers.  The correct answer would be to do it in T-SQL. 😀

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  • George Vobr

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    Yesterday I gave up QotD after I couldn't decide which way was best. I wrote DecToHexa (n) function, which may be the answer # 1.

    According to docs Built-in Functions this may be the answer # 3.

    According to Type Conversion in Python, this may be the answer # 4.

    But in my life sport sometimes taught me losing too. I swear I haven't looked for the right answer yet, and now I'm boldly answering # 4. Hmm... I got it wrong. Anyway thanks Steve for this funy question. Jeff was right ...

    # Function definition is here
    def DecToHexa(n):
    result = str(hex(n))
    return result;
    # Now you can call DecToHexa function
    n = 254
    result = DecToHexa(n);
    print('Hexadecimal value of '+ str(n) +' is: ' + result);

    Result pane:
    Hexadecimal value of 254 is: 0xfe

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    Nice one, thanks Steve

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