Get list of tables used in a stored procedure

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  • neela_kantam80


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    i am unable to get the name of tables if the storedprocedure is very long and storedprocedures using the dynamic querys can u help in this regards

  • naveen_yashman-703166

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    Please note just creating the stored procedure will not bring the table names being used within the stored procedure.

    To get the list of table names being used with the above said logic, the stored procedure should have been executed at least once. For e.g Exec your_sp_name parameters.

  • neela_kantam80


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    i have executed the sp but still i am unable to get the table names

  • neela_kantam80


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    i got the solution by removing depnumber=1 i am able to get the details

  • Jerry Hung


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    depnumber=1 seems to limit the outputs

    but I think the purpose was to only show UNIQUE tables (example below should only show BillOfMaterials and Product)

    In AdventureWorks2008 (on SQL2008)

    SELECT DISTINCT, AS 'Procedure_Name' , AS 'Table_Name', d.depid

    --, d.depnumber -- comment this out returns unique tables only

    FROM sysdepends d, sysobjects o, sysobjects oo


    AND 'uspGetBillOfMaterials' -- Stored Procedure Name


    --and depnumber=1



    id Procedure_Name Table_Name depid depnumber

    2123154609 uspGetBillOfMaterials BillOfMaterials 213575799 2

    2123154609 uspGetBillOfMaterials BillOfMaterials 213575799 3

    2123154609 uspGetBillOfMaterials BillOfMaterials 213575799 4

    2123154609 uspGetBillOfMaterials BillOfMaterials 213575799 5

    2123154609 uspGetBillOfMaterials BillOfMaterials 213575799 7

    2123154609 uspGetBillOfMaterials BillOfMaterials 213575799 8

    2123154609 uspGetBillOfMaterials Product 1717581157 1

    2123154609 uspGetBillOfMaterials Product 1717581157 2

    2123154609 uspGetBillOfMaterials Product 1717581157 9

    2123154609 uspGetBillOfMaterials Product 1717581157 10

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  • neela_kantam80


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    i have found that the storedprocedure id is missing in sysdepends table

    but the storedprocedured is present in the database .

    can any one tell me why the id's of some of the storedprocedures are not turning up in sysdepends table

  • neela_kantam80


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    storedprocedure id is present in sysobjects table but it is not there in sysdepends table can u let me know why this discrepancy

  • plucki duck

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    I don't seem to get any tables back if the stored procedure references linked server tables. Is there a way to remedy this?


  • ameya.2709

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    i have got the list of procedures, but din't get all the SP's.

    also i have refreshed the DB an d checked tht. but still some of the SP's are missing from the list

  • dreamthebest

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    This is really a nice piece of information. I was just surfing the net and got this. It really made my life easy though I have to add some code to match my use case.

    I too got the result after commenting the depnumber=1

  • Cadavre


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    I realise this is old, but I found it useful today.

    I modified the code: -

    ;WITH stored_procedures AS (

    SELECT AS proc_name, AS table_name,

    ROW_NUMBER() OVER(partition by, ORDER BY, AS row

    FROM sysdepends d

    INNER JOIN sysobjects o ON

    INNER JOIN sysobjects oo ON

    WHERE o.xtype = 'P')

    SELECT proc_name, table_name FROM stored_procedures

    WHERE row = 1

    ORDER BY proc_name,table_name

    This gets rid of the issue that some were having with duplicated table names.

    Also - please bear in mind that "o.xtype = 'P'" means I am only returning stored-procedures, nothing else.

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  • Elango-740197

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    Greate job :):)

  • londheapil

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    thanks..its save lots of time..

  • s.gade

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    Great job. Thank you very much. It saved lot of time. 🙂

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