Generating charts in SQL Server Reporting Services

  • Sunil Chandurkar

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  • brzezinol

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    This is easy, much more intrested thing is how dynamically generate rdl or rdlc report?

    Last time I created structure for generating valid xml source for rdlc and its works, but maybe somebody have any other idea;)

  • salgo60

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    This looks like SSRS 2005 charts don't we have more sexy things in 2008?!?!? I think Dundas Charts are integrated,295582,sid99_gci1376297,00.html#

  • grxcls

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    Very nice article. Shows us very quickly how to create reports. You can download Report Builder 2.0 to be used with SSRS 2008 (MS acquired Dundas charting). I've actually used it a little bit. You can create dashboards and etc. - a lot of people are wanting dashboards these days.

  • becky.finley

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    I'm using SQL 2008 and cannot find any of the screenshots in this tutorial - I couldn't even find anything similar. How can this be done in 2008?

  • alen teplitsky


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    nice article

    motivated me to start coding some reports based on a month or so of performance data i started collecting. only thing i cant figure out is to how to set up a X label to be the time and the chart to be the counter.

  • somnath.gite

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    Thanks Sir,

    very nice report

  • somnath.gite

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    Thanks Sunil Sir,

    very nice report

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