Full Text Query for letter 'c' fails


    This query fails with:

    Server: Msg 7619, Level 16, State 1, Line 1

    Execution of a full-text operation failed. A clause of the query contained only ignored words.

    Fair enough but 'c' has been removed from the noise word files as I want to find people who have applied for C porgramming jobs.

    This does work on my live system but not on Dev server, but I can't find what is wrong. I have rebuild thte FullText catalog.

    Any thoughts?


  • Did you modify the correct noise word file? I can't tell what country your from, but in the USA the noise word file is noise.enu. I think the .eng is for Great Britain.

    I'm also pretty sure that the indexing service selects the noise word file based on the server's Regional setting, so maybe you have an issue there.

    In order to save the file, the full-text search service must be stopped.

    After saving the file, restart the service, then repopulate the full-text catalog.

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