From the Real World: SQL Server 2000 SP4 Installation Failure

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  • Hi

    Thanks for your walkthrough Praveen.

    After reading I have this one question :

    Is it correct to summarize the article down to the claim that it was caused by someone "changing the SQL service account from services console instead of Enterprise manager". If that hadn't been done - the SP4 would have been applied fine ?

    - But you listed the troubleshooting very educationally and I bet it will save other the time and hazzle 🙂

  • Thanks Praveen.I was too planning to upgraded one of our critcal server to sp4 . This would help me if i face similar issues.

  • Excellent article and explanation of this issue Praveen! We found out quickly how important it was to use EM vs. Svcs console to change the service account when we were doing domain migrations on our clusters. Thanks for sharing.

    Mike K

  • well done. I have always distrusted 2000 clusters because MS was so picky about them. I am now using 2005 clusters and they are unproblematic except for their exclusive demand for kerberos in the domain. Again, well done.

  • Nicely written.

    Kindest Regards,

    Amit Lohia

  • Praveen,

    Thanks for submitting this, and it came out very well. I'm sure you're helping more than a few people with this.

  • I'd say yes.. Normally it won't be the case where sql service account doesn't have permissions on its own registry key.. HKLM\Software\Microsoft\MSSQLServer..

    This could have happened mainly due to wrong way of account change.

  • Awesome piece of troubleshooting! Thank you for sharing.

  • Hey Praveen,

    Superb man... Really helping ppl around U 😉

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