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  • I'll post the file here. good luck.

  • IIRC you were looking specifically for the blowfish or twofish encryption, correct? If so I have .net/clr versions that would be better to run on 2005/2008 (32 or 64 bit). I just finished testing them against the published test datasets. Send me an email offline if you'd be interested.


    Mike C

  • Hi all,

    A while back I compiled the 32 bit version of the blowfish encrypt and decrypt dlls for the 64 bit environment. No functionality changes to the code were made. I've been using them for several months now in our SQL2008 64 bit environment on data that was upgraded from a SQL2000 database and encrypted using the 32 bit version. Works like a charm. I've attached the 64 bit dlls.


  • Nice post and useful toolkit.

    I notice that the function definitions in your ADD.SQL script use varchar(2000) rather than varchar(max). Are there limits on the size of the data that can be passed to the base64encode and base64decode procedures? From a brief look at the .cpp files, it would seem like there are not limits, but I did not do a thorough code review. Would be helpful to know that these routines can arbitrarily large strings.

    Thank you,


  • Hi David,

    This was actually created for SQL 2000--before we had the max data types. There could be a chance the XP API (extended proc API) won't handle max data types properly, but I'm not 100% sure on that--I haven't looked into the XP API in quite a while now. I'm working on CLR versions of these utilities for 2005 and 2008 (and R2) but that project's not complete yet.


    Mike C

  • xp_blowfishencrypt and xp_blowfishdecrypt will not work in 64 bit environments.

    Please stay away from this encryption method as you may have trouble when migrating to a 64 bit box.

    Why not use SQL server encryption?

    It begins by taking the first step.

  • None of the XPs here were distributed as 64 bit. SQL 2000 doesn't have built-in encryption.


    Mike C

  • I am most interested in the base64 encode/decode functions.

    The data we are working with is base64 encoded arrays of floating point (32 bit) data. First challenge is to decode large (3-500 kbyte) base64 data strings. The second challenge is to convert the resulting varbinary array into arrays of floats.

    Has anyone recompiled the dlls for 64 bit systems (we get the "unable to load dll" error if I try to use the distribution on a current system)? Or are there now a builtin base64 functions?

    I have tried using the cast to XML and then calling the XML .value() functions.

    DECLARE @data varchar(max), @XmlData xml, @vb varbinary(max)

    SET @data = 'SGVsbG8gV29ybGQgIQ=='

    SET @XmlData = CAST('<data>' + @data + '</data>' as xml)

    SET @vb = @XmlData.value('(data)[1]', 'varbinary(max)')

    SELECT @vb, CAST(@vb as varchar(max))

    This works for small stirngs, but on large data strings, I get back NULL.



  • The first issue is probably trying to use the 32-bit dll's on a 64-bit system. Second issue is that binary to float conversion is not supported in SQL...

    Ping me offline, I have a solution for you.


    Mike C

  • Better yet, just use the attached script. It has 4 CLR functions that do what you asked.


    Mike C

  • A big thanks for posting this. A client's recent 2000/32 - 2008/64 migration missed an application call to the blowfish dll's and this saved our bacon this morning.

  • Hi

    Does anyone have an example on how to base64encode and base64decode in SQL 2008 R2?

    my code is as follows im using the 64 bit xp_blowfishdecrypt and xp_blowfishencrypt but 32 bit xp_base64encode is there a way around this



    DECLARE @text VARCHAR(255)

    SET @key = '123456789'

    EXEC master..xp_base64encode @key, @key OUTPUT

    EXEC master..xp_blowfishdecrypt @name, @key, @text OUTPUT

    SELECT @text as [Name]

    I would really appreciate it if some one can help me on this as im in the process of migrating from SQL 2000 to SQL 2008

  • i have a client who is sending data encrypted in 2005 database. we loaded it into 2008 database appreciate if you could provide dll's for 2008 sql server for 64 bit.

    thank you

  • Go to page 14 of this thread

    and you will see a zip file attachment from user : cygnussolutions

    Thats what i use and they worked fine.

  • Hi

    We are currently migrating from SQL 2000 to SQL2008R2 64x and are unable to install the dll's.

    Earlier in this thread I have seen the recompiled 64bit versions of the Blowfish implementation - however we use the AES encryption and base64 encoding functionality.

    Does anyone have the 64bit version of the AES/base64 related dlls that they can post a link for please?


    Apologies I mis-posted the above into the wrong thread - we are using the 'SQL 2000 DBA Toolkit' as opposed to the 'SQL Encryption Toolkit' this thread is covering. I will post on that thread instead.


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