Finding Real Dependencies

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  • Overall I think this is a very good start.

    One thing to keep in mind is that proc names can contain embeaded underscore characters (i.e. update_company), which when used in a LIKE match can cause problems unless they are properly escaped (i.e. _ becomes [_]). It is also valid to include statement terminators immediately after the proc name (i.e. exec run_me; )

    With these two points in mind, I have updated the ad-hock query WHERE comparision to look like:

    WHERE #T1.ProcText LIKE '%' + Replace(T2.DependOnProc,'_','[_]') + '[' + char(9)+ char(10)+ char(13)+ char(32) + char(59) + ']%'

    (be sure to add back in the plus characters for string concatination between each of the substring elements above -- looks like the forum software doesn't like this...)

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