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  • kpgrover


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    Steve, do yourself a favor and totally unplug - even if only for a couple of weeks. No side projects, no blogs, etc. I promise you, your brain will thank you! And no, it won't shrivel up.

    Best wishes for a great time of R&R!


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    Have some fun and enjoy the opportunity.

    On the side, will you be back June 14th or July 14th?

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  • Dalkeith

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    Good luck and have fun we 'll be fine. M

  • David McKinney


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    We'll wait for you, man.


  • paul.goldstraw


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    SQLRNNR (5/29/2014)

    Have some fun and enjoy the opportunity.

    On the side, will you be back June 14th or July 14th?

    He must mean July as SQLBits is July 17th, either that or i'm going to miss the conference i'm booked for by a month 🙂

  • call.copse


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    6 weeks sounds like a lot - if you were anything like me it might just disappear without you getting anything done, apart from improving Mario Kart skills.

    Good luck with the flagpole.

  • Gail Shaw

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    SQLRNNR (5/29/2014)

    Have some fun and enjoy the opportunity.

    On the side, will you be back June 14th or July 14th?

    If Steve's managed to squeeze a 6 week break into a 2 week period, I really want to know his secret. 🙂

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  • crmitchell

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    He's clearly testing Redgate's new temporal compression module for the toolbelt.

    How else are we expected to provide solutions yesterday for the tasks we won't get a spec for until tomorrow?

  • Gary Varga

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    Good luck Steve. I really hope you get out of it something worthwhile whether or not it was what you intended.

    PS Are you just a secret soccer fan and just watching the World Cup? (That's football to the rest of us!!!)


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  • Ed Wagner

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    Have a good time, Steve. If I can get some time when I actually unplug, I find out afterwards that it was quite relaxing. In any event, have fun.

  • jasona.work


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    Steve, definately unplug as much as possible. While I've not taken a "sabatical," I've taken a couple vacations where I've had to 99% unplug and you come back from such a thing very well-rested.

    Take the time to improve yourself in some way...

    Improve your golf game, take up SCUBA, go mountain climbing, learn jazz trumpet...


  • Reeves Smith


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    Good man, have fun.

  • david.gugg


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    Be sure to spend at least one day doing nothing but fishing!

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  • fificito


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    Good luck!!!

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