Failover Latency Seems High

  • I currently have a active/passive cluster. When the active node is taken offline, it takes 6 to 7 minutes for the second node to become operational (run queries)is this normal?

  • no that isn't normal at all. My cluster fails over in about 15 seconds. can you describe your hardware/software setup to us?

  • I have 2 IBM Netfinity 8500's in the cluster with a total of 8 processors

    They share a SAN. In the test it took 5 mins for Cluster IP and Cluster Name service to start and 1 minute for MSSQLService. The cluster is active\passive(2 nodes). I have Windows2000Advanced Server with SQL 2000.

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  • Check your HBA's and your nic setup. I can't imagine a SAN setup taking that long. Did IBM set the cluster up or one of your local admins?

  • Whats the size of Tempdb database,it does initializes tempdb during the failover.I have 4Gb Tempdb and it failsover in 30 seconds..

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