Failover AG to DR server in asynchronous mode

  • WebTechie


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    We had a DR test.  We had to failover our AGs to our DR server.  We have two replicas for HA which are in synchronous mode.  The DR replica is asynchronous.

    We did some tests while the DR server was primary.  Data was entered.

    Then we failed back to the production server.

    1.  The data that was entered while the DR replica was not found.
    2.  The failover possibly rolled back all of the databases.

    Any tips on failing over to a DR server which is asynchronous without losing data.  My initial thought is before failover, make it synchronous.

    I appreciate any thoughts and/or feedback.


    Things will work out.  Get back up, change some parameters and recode.

  • Beatrix Kiddo


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    Yes, switch it to synchronous mode first and wait for it to sync up.

  • GregoryAJackson


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    I was gonna say the same thing that Ol Beatrix Kiddo said.


    Gregory A Jackson MBA, CSM

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