Failed to notify ''operator name'' via email?

  • Following command sends email fine:

    EXECUTE msdb.dbo.sp_notify_operator @name=N'operator name',@body=N'test


    However, SQL Job with a notification to above operator doesn't work.

    Job history comfortably mentions following with no other clues:

    NOTE: Failed to notify 'operator name' via email.

    What's wrong here, any ideas??



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  • I just had the same problem.

    I had to enable DatabaseMail on the SQL Server Agent -> properties -> Alert System  (check the checkbox), and then restart SQL Server Agent.

    It works now, thanks to a posting by "Johnny" in microsoft.public.sqlserver.server with the topic "How to setup Operator for sending alerts?"


    Henrik Staun Poulsen

  • Hi all,

    some time ago i had the same problem.

    I fixed this and make a docu to solve this.

    But i have no idea how i can post this document here.

    If everyone would have this, send me a mail:


  • Thank you henrik staun poulsen.

    That was a big help!

    Skål - jh

  • Thanks so much henrik staun poulsen. You saved my day.

  • It helped me too!  Thanks a bunch!

  • I am a new installer and configurater of SQL 2005 and just tuned in today and you guys really helped me with the Database Mail feature, to get it configured correctly.

    Thanks a million to all!!!!!!!! 

  • Thank you Henrik. It works now!

  • thanks a lot!

  • Big thanks to you!!!

  • Helped out another newbie!

  • Thanks Henrik.

    The SQL Server Surface Area Configuration - Surface Area Configuration for Features - Database Engine - Database Mail was enabled, the msdb..sp_send_dbmail gave no errors, but I couldn't find the problem.

    Enabling the SQL Server Agent -> properties -> Alert System, and then restart SQL Server Agent was the solution.

  • thanks alot this worked right away:P

  • Thanks M8, you saved my time, I had done that on another instance but crazy me, thanks indeed.

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