• Hello everybody,

    today one of our aoag crashed. Suddenly we were not able to connect via SSMS to the aoag listener, or to the actice primary node.

    We got this entry in the ERRORLOG, but I was not able to found something in the internet:

    spid143,Unknown,Failed allocate pages: FAIL_PAGE_ALLOCATION 16

    (ERRORLOG from the sql server, who was the primary when the error ocurred)

    11/10/2023 13:44:30,spid83s,Unknown,A connection timeout has occurred on a previously established connection to availability replica 'srdbpw127' with id [A7B7B4DF-FEEC-48D1-8449-74A496D09E9D]. Either a networking or a firewall issue exists or the availability replica has transitioned to the resolving role.

    (ERRORLOG from the sql server, who was the secondary whe the error ocurred)


    We were able to do a failover, and the aoag was fine. But we had to restart the sql server service, to be able to connect to the sql server.

    In Red Gate SQL Monitor we could see, that Red Gate was able to collect the windows counter, but was not able to collect the sql server counter.

    I have no idea whats wrong:

    virtuell sql server 2022 (up to date)

    windows server 2022 (up to date)

    8 CPU

    64 GB RAM

    I thougt about NUMA problems, could this be a valid reason for this error?

    thanks a lot,

    kind regards,



  • This help? Low memory?

    A few other links point to this.

  • Hello Steve,

    thanks for this link. I will try my best, but we are not able to change the query, and we don't know when the error occurs.

    Maybe the OS got less memory, we reserved 6 GB for the OS, or is this "only" memory pressure in the sql server?

    We do Statistic Updates every 6h, maybe we should do this more often?

    This is a database from a "callcenter", where the reports where build. Maybe there are a lot of data changes every minute.

    Best regards,




  • Hi,

    we added some RAM, and the windows server got 96GB. We reserved 10GB for the OS.

    The error was not reported since the upgrade.

    Best regards,


  • Thanks for the note

  • andreas.kreuzberg wrote:

    We do Statistic Updates every 6h, maybe we should do this more often?

    Hopefully, you're REALLY selective about which stats get updated.

    --Jeff Moden

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  • Hello Jeff,

    we take a look at the statistics at 10 a clock in the morning.

    Only a view statistics were not up to date. And they were changed by the sql server himself.

    SELECT name AS index_name, 
    STATS_DATE(OBJECT_ID, index_id) AS StatsUpdated
    FROM sys.indexes
    ORDER BY StatsUpdated DESC

    There is a lot of traffic in the database, but with the amount of RAM we should be able to run the application without error.

    Thanks for your help and your ideas.

    Best regards,


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