Expanded Support for Non-Windows SQL Server

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  • I don't know how much of this article is April Fools or not. But I have enjoyed working on Unix systems with the ability to chain programs together with a program streaming their output to another program is great. I like using their X-Windows system also.

    I have a Sun SPARCStation IPX that my wife bought at a company salvage sale for me to keep my Unix skills up to date. I ran Solaris until it had a hard drive crash. I imagine that SCSI-I hard drives are hard to find. I also need to get the monitor fixed so I can install the OS. When the monitor died, I would maintain the IPX "headless" by telneting in from my Windows PC.

    Sun SPARCStation IPX by Ralph Hightower[/url], on Flickr

    I also want to get my DEC VAXStation II/GPX up and running. I think that NetBSD has ported their NetBSD over to the VAXStation II/GPX.

    DEC VAXStation II/GPX by Ralph Hightower[/url], on Flickr


  • Ah Steve, you get me every April 1st. 🙂


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