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  • Fantastic article.





  • Good work. Practical approach to the issue is appreciable.

  • Nice article. Frankly i was also looking at the explanation of the other heads which are a part of the estimated execution plan.

    But this made for a very good reading.

    What I hear I forget, what I see I remember, what I do I understand

  • well explained and easy to understand......god one...Thanks Vijayakumar...Hope to see more articles from you....


  • Author needs to work on his English.  Very difficult to understand.

  • An excellent article, a logical approach and elegant examples. Personally I found his English, although grammatically incorrect,  was understandable and has a certain charm.


    If it ain't broke, don't fix it...

  • easy to understand despite the english - not sure about the hard disk part at the start though


  • Excellent article

  • Excellent article..

    I would also like to see some examples of when to use clustered index and when to use non-clustered index if possible.

    good Job





  • Ties in well with the other article on "order by" - despite language issues, the step by step approach with snapshots etc. is very easy to understand.

    **ASCII stupid question, get a stupid ANSI !!!**

  • Very nice article...

  • Not bad, a little basic though. Would have been nice to see what happened when you had multiple columns in the where clause or if you joined to a second table.

  • Excellent explanations. I appreciate that English is not his first language; however his knowledge of the topic and exhaustive examples provide a much clearer lesson than I have been able to get from BOL.


    I look forward to reading more from this author.

    Mike Hinds Lead Database Administrator1st Source BankMCP, MCTS

  • I opened this article because I "knew I should" but wasn't really looking forward to it. Sometimes these kinds of articles get dull and then very confusing (probably because I'm having difficulty paying attention). This article was clear and well thought out.  The step by step examples with screenshots made it very easy to follow along.  Thanks for a great article.

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