Execution Plans

  • I actually think Phoqueme has some valid points regarding the quality of the article and the need to be succinct. Okay, doing a SoundEx on his name may be a little sad, but not anywhere near as sadly pretentious as all that 'first steps to the set based thinking shift' and 'Rebar' twaddle. I mean, where did that RBAR term come from anyway? Someone banging on about how bad cursors are, for the umpteenth time no doubt.

    Oh to be a SSC champion... perchance to dream.

  • I would like to know why non-clustered index on three or more columns does not work even when the columns are put in the same order as in the index and instead of that clustered index scan is called in the Execution plan.

    I found through search that Non clustered index is not called because my where clause was not enough selective but what if I need more data and retrieval should be fast.

  • Really a great explanation.Thak you vjy

    Kartheek Anumolu

  • Really a great explanation.Thak you vjy

    Kartheek Anumolu

  • Very nice article.

  • Good basic introduction to execution plans and optimisation but poor English really lets this article down. In many places the real message is lost by poor explanation. Simple and clear communication is hindered by incorrect English and over laboured expressions. This article should be edited by someone with better English skills to help with clarity.

    Otherwise, good job.

  • Nice article :). Thank you for explaining with examples

  • Nice article.

  • Good to Read,

    Its like a story for me to read

    English may not be a serious issue.

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