• Stewart "Arturius" Campbell (2/14/2013)

    Good back-to-basics question, thanks Lokesh

    +1. Had to think for a second about it... which is about all I have in thinking power today anyway. 🙂

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  • Good question, had to think a bit.

    Stupid me, scratching my head: what is that extra "databasename#" argument doing there?

    I always use the (unnecessary) "As" when aliasing columns, b/c otherwise I..... scratch my head reading code. 😀


  • Great question to end the week and go into a three-day weekend. Thanks.

  • Thanks for the question

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  • Thanks for that


  • Nice question, thanks.

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  • A good quetion, although I had to make an (educated?) guess.

    Thanks, Lokesh!

  • Good question. I just guessed that it could be the case and bingo. I was on right track. 🙂

  • nice question.... 🙂


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  • I am proud of my "wrong" answer - I answered correctly despite cleary seeing the question was missing an assumption. Who in their right minds would work on an instance having an AdventureWorks2008 database unless coerced forcibly?

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