Errorlog Size Alert

  • Hi all!

    i'd like to know if it is possible to set an alert (sending an email) on errorlog size growth. I need to receive a notify when errorlog size reach certain MB and then execute sp_cycle_errorlog.



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    I am wanting to know the current errorlog file size.

    EXEC XP_enumerrorlogs

    That only gives you the old cycled errorlog sizes.

    Archive #DateLog File Size (Byte)

    001/11/2016 12:520

    101/11/2016 12:5085504

    201/10/2016 23:45448918

    301/07/2016 15:40441444

    401/03/2016 23:24377226

    512/31/2015 11:55111588

    612/29/2015 16:55206408

  • refer to this post as your answer

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