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    Hello Everyone,

    I get this error: "The value expression for the query parameter '@eDate' refers to a non-existing report parameter 'eDate'. Letters in the name of the parameters must use the correct case."

    I use lower case in all of my queries. The parameter my queries reference is @edate. To find @eDate, I copied every query to text doc and looked for the word eDate and didn't fine any. Why does it still reference eDate? What am I missing?

    Thank you very much for any input.

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  • Spiff


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    I've run into a similar issue before. Did you rename that parameter in SSRS at any point? I've found SSRS doesn't always update the new name everywhere.

    Right click the dataset ang open properties then go to Parameters. You'll see parameter name and value. While it may look correct, click on the expression button next to the parameter value and look at the expression within. If it's in the incorrect case e.g. =Parameters!eDate.Value you need to correct it here.

  • kcha2004

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    Thank you everyone for your help! I found the error in one of the expressions. Thank you!:-)

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    Thanks Spiff - I had indeed renamed the field, and SSRS hadn't picked it up

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    old thread, but I'll add my two cents. I have also corrected by opening the xml and fixing it in Notepad++ or similar, works fine that way too.

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