Easy way to View Totals?

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    Hello everyone-

    We recently migrated from Access to SQL 2000. We have a very complicated form that we use in Access, and some of the data in the form is dynamic pulling data from a "View Totals" query. The view totals query is based on another query, and i'm having a heck of a time trying to write T-SQL for these total queries. I failed to mention that we are currently using Access as the front end since we have our detailed forms in access. is there an easy way to do SUM, FIRST, LAST, GROUP BY, etc. type queries in SQL Server? Thanks for any insight...

    Dave Oakley


  • Andy Warren

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    First and last are not supported in TSQL. Aside from that you can do group by, sum, avg, etc, with no problem. Conceptually it may help you to create a view from your sub query, then query it. If you post what you're trying to do we'll try to help.



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