Each GROUP BY expression must contain at least one column that is not an outer reference.

  • Anamika


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    i'm raising the summary tables by using the following query,

    INSERT INTO ClientTbl_SummarySalesMonthTY















    select p.Retailerkey





    ,sum(f.[Quantity Sold])

    ,sum(f.[Gross Sales Value Incl. Tax])

    ,sum(f.[Net Sales Value Incl. Tax])

    ,sum(f.[Store Stock Units on Hand])

    ,sum(f.[Store Stock On Hand Value Excl. Tax])

    ,sum(f.[Store Stock Units on Order])

    ,sum(f.[Store Stock On Order Value Excl. Tax])



    from ClientAdmin.dbo.ClientTbl_DimProduct p

    inner join ClientAdmin.dbo.ClientTbl_DimCalendar c

    on p.retailerkey = c.retailerkey

    inner join ClientAdmin.dbo.ClientTbl_FactSalesStock f

    on p.productkey =f.productkey and p.retailerkey =f.retailerkey and c.calendarkey=f.calendarkey

    group by p.Retailerkey







    and getting the following error

    Msg 164,

    Each GROUP BY expression must contain at least one column that is not an outer reference.

    Early help is highly appreciated.




  • Mark Cowne

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    Remove 'Category' from your GROUP BY clause


    Deja View - The strange feeling that somewhere, sometime you've optimised this query before

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  • Anamika


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    gr8 it works

    thanks a lot Mr. Mark


  • sandeep.cs3

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  • Cadavre


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    sandeep.cs3 (12/13/2011)

    Good info about this topic is discussed at:


    This thread is from 2008. . .

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    and yet that link was still helpful to me today, in 2012 🙂

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    ..and that link is no longer valid, in 2014

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    but link is valid in 2016

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    Link still alive and helping lost people in 2018 :laugh:

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