Dynamically change background color in SSRS reports using custom code

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  • High Marks for you, Stan. Low marks for SSRS, though. I can't believe that there's nothing built in for this very common requirement. It's amazing how much code you had to write in at least three languages to get this done.

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  • This is a good example of creating a custom code in a report, but for this, particular task - to set a "greenbar" effect on a list, this approach IMHO a bit complicated. You can achieve this by simply adding in the row properties -> Background colour expression something like:

    =IIf(RowNumber(nothing) mod 2 = 0, "No Color", "SomeColor")

  • tango66, I think the point was to allow alternate colouring to distinguish groups of values rather than the classic line by line greenbar. However this is still possible with an expression in the Background Color:


    RunningValue(Fields!Ticker.Value,CountDistinct,"DataSet1") Mod 2 = 1,

    "White", "WhiteSmoke"


    To be fair, this version wont work correctly if you have a different sort order than ticker. Stan's will work with different sort ordering, so if you add, say interactive sorting by Date, you'll still get the alternating bars when the ticker changes.

  • Good article, and I agree with the earlier replies that the code to conditionally set the background color of a row can be easily achieved with one expression on the detail row's background color property.

    What I was hoping this article was going to explain was how to toggle the color of rows in a grid on the client side, after the report was rendered. (Think of a javascript solution using mouseover and mouseout, or a CSS style using "hover"...) This sort of row highlighting is very helpful to our users, and I've searched in vain for a way to accomplish it in a .rdlc report. Many thanks in advance to anyone who can point me to a working example.

  • Great little tool - thanks Stan!

    I was looking for a very similar treatment on a recent BI project; a bit of a tweak to this would have gotten me there - and saved a lot of time.

    Agreed - funny that MSFT doesn't just create a library of this stuff - maybe it's too "useful" or something.

    That's why I use Tableau whenever the client has it installed - so easy to get colorful reports and highlight / differentiate to your heart's content.

  • Where is GetColor() defined? Could you not set the entire row at once instead of textbox by textbox? Thanks.

  • dmbreth (10/27/2014)

    Where is GetColor() defined? Could you not set the entire row at once instead of textbox by textbox? Thanks.

    Yes. I mainly wrote this as a demonstration of writing custom code. When I haven't written any custom code for a couple of years I forget how to do it. I am sure there are lots of better ways to toggle the colors.

  • Thanks for this, it's something I have been trying to accomplish for a few weeks with a report that the normal greenbar code couldn't handle.

  • It's all good. Sadly on my monitor I can't distinguish white from whitesmoke. I think for the purposes of this demo, I would have gone for less subtle colours:-)

  • Solution -

    Simply type in "yellow" or "magenta" where it says "whitesmoke" and you'll see the contrast.

  • Excellent article thanks!! now i've resolved the issue.

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