How to drop an SP using Tsql

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    What approach would you take if you have to delete multiple SP's from a database which are not required anymore. So, one of the option is you can go to DB - Search for that SP under specific folder - and right click and delete. However that is time consuming for each SP even with Filter settings. So,

    Please share any best practise here and let me know if below works?


    DROP PROCEDURE dbo.test, dbo.utest, dbo.ytest ;

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    First of all, I never drop a supposedly unused stored procedure immediately.  I rename the stored procedures by appending the with "_ToBeDeleted"  Such a rename constitutes a modification of the proc and so I'll delete such renamed stored procedures after "x" number of days.

    As for identifying the procs to be dropped, you have a list of stored procedure names, correct?  Just import that list to a table and write the code to generate the necessary commands.  Actually, I use a stored procedure for such a thing because I do it often enough with the only difference being that I do this same thing for tables.

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    As a precaution, I always confirm before deletion and also script the SP's and save them on separate drive for couple of days so that I can recreate them if needed.  YES, I do have a confirmed list of SP's to be removed.

    The reason for deleting was it is a specific testing environment where that SP's should not be there after couple of testing cycles.

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