Do you backup the distribution database?

  • Is it necessary to backup the distribution database?


  • I'd say its a good idea, just depends on your recovery plan. Mine is that if distribution db drops, I'll resnapshot everything. Clumsy perhaps, but simple. Snapshot not always doable or desirable - if that is the case, then you want to have the ability to restore distribution. Even though I dont plan to use it, I back it up anyway.


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    depends on how complex your replication environment is. the more complex, the more "yes" i'd suggest.

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  • We had a situation where the network admin accidentally un-installed SQL on the publishing server. We had no current backup of the distribution database, so all the transactions pending to get pulled to the subscriber were lost.  I'm thinking it would be good to change the distribution DB to FULL, and run t-log backups frequently.

    Thoughts ?

  • I would think it's better to put Distribution in a complete back up cycle. As far as TL back up is required -- again this depends on the complexety and nature of the databases involved in replication


    Utsab Chattopadhyay

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