Disaster and Standby Recovery

  • I currently have a local (LAN) warm standby server which I update via Log Shipping; but I also need to create an offsite disaster recovery server over the WAN. 

    It would also be beneficial if this other server could be used at the DR site, so as to speed up the apps but then again I'm not sure how much data that would then involve replicating accross the network in both directions which might slow everything down (and can you replicate the entire databases).  So I'm pretty much writing this aspect off.

    My main constraints are the network: I can not send data accross to WAN our offsite during office hours as the link would is very slow. Yet I have (when compressed) about 6GB of data to transfer.

    What would be the best way to include the DR server, would you copy the database backup and log files once they've been sent to the hotspare or would you just do another copy later on to from the live server? 

    Or would you consider clustering the standby server with the live server and then using log shipping to the DR site as the only option?

    All ideas and experiences apreciated!


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  • I would use Cluster for the LAN server and log ship to the DR server. If your pipe to the DR site is small, consider log shipping to tape and send the tapes off site.

  • When you say that you have about 6GB of data to transfer is that the initial load of the database or is that the size of your transaction log dumps during the day?

    You might be able to get away with bring up the coy of the database on the far end and then log shipping every 15 minutes from the lan. Check what size the trans log dumps are, if you run them every 15-30 minutes and they are small you could well get away with being able to send them over the WAN link without causing any issues, or even possibly send them through email.

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