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  • To be honest, I don't see anything in your article that should be different between how an application should be developed for the cloud or for non-cloud apps except that the cloud app needs to be simple, which is a serious disadvantage of the cloud.

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  • Exactly! There is nothing magical about the cloud and in fact to get the most out of it requires an attention to detail that would benefit any environment.

    I feel that the cloud has been a useful catalyst to promote disciplines and thrash out new(ish) ways of working

    I particularly like the idea of Netflix's Simian army. Randomly switching stuff off, adding latency etc. If your system keeps running then your design is robust

  • Has anyone run numbers on if this way of doing things costs more or less and where are the break even points?

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  • This was our philosophy when we built Chaos Monkey, a tool that randomly disables our production instances to make sure we can survive this common type of failure without any customer impact. The name comes from the idea of unleashing a wild monkey with a weapon in your data center (or cloud region) to randomly shoot down instances and chew through cables -- all the while we continue serving our customers without interruption.

    Unleashing a wild monkey with a weapon into the data center sounds like a ton of fun. It would be worth the cleanup afterward just to see the look on the network admins faces when that crazy sh!t goes down. However, it's probably less disruptive than having 40 million Netflix users attempting to simlustaneously stream the premier episode of a new series. 😛

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  • Chaos Monkey etc sounds like madness but the more you think about it the more it makes sense. At one time garbage collection sounded like the ravings of a lunatic but now is a "so what" topic.

    We've tested some of our stuff just randomly destroying instances as Chaos Monkey would and its recovery was almost seamless. Certainly nothing that a quick F5 wouldn't cater for. I'm delighted it worked but not so happy that it was our main source control repository that was the victim of the test.

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  • Actually I kind of got lost.

  • Great article showing that advances for one specific use helps to highlight that some previous techniques and practices were suboptimal e.g. installing a system with a specific configuration that is a simple and repeatable process shouldn't be as hard as it is for many systems.


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