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  • I have a batch process where i have to delete around 75 MIL rows out of 1.3 Billion rows table.  And then insert the new rows back. I have been told that there is no way to do incremental load on these. I believe the DELETE operation is taking very long (2-3 hours). Database is in Simple Recovery model. Any ideas how to speed up this delete? I would sincerely appreciate it.


  • Are the rows all at the "end" of the Clustered Index or are they scattered throughout?


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  • Scattered throughout.

  • That's about 5% of the table, so it's unlikely that an index will help tons. However, have you looked at the execution plan for the DELETE statement? How is it satisfying the query?

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  • Have you got a clustered index on the table? You can do a single table scan and insert the values of the clustered index key that need to be deleted into a temporary table  then use the temporary table to join to the table and delete rows in multiple batches.


  • DELETE in batches rather than all at once, as long as each DELETE won't require (up to) a full scan of the table to find the rows to delete.

    If you need to delete all rows at once, for whatever reason, be sure to pre-grow the log file to handle the DELETE.  Allowing the log file to grow dynamically during the DELETE instead will drastically slow down the DELETE.

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  • Has the table in question been partitioned (or the clustered index)?

    If so, then swap out each partition to it's staging table, run the deletes/inserts, then swap back in.

    If not, learn about it here:

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